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Found 22 results

  1. Hello darlings. Finally, the powers that be at Poniverse have decided to take this community in the fashionable turn that has been just way too long coming. I know everypony has been desperately pining for the day when the most fabulous pony has taken over our, shall we say, quaint group of ne'er-do-wells. Finally, the horrible wait is over, and I, very proudly I must add, hereby present: Rarity Forums: Chic Couture, Fabulosity, and Generosity for all! Oh my, what a perfect time to present my line of personalized handkerchiefs, embroidered by hoof, imported from the finest silk of Saddle Arabia, to my adoring public? I believe these are the happiest tears that any mare has dared to tear. Have fun at your new home, darlings. EDIT (2017-04-02): It was fun playing Rarity for a day, I hope you all had a fun April Fools
  2. Watched the season 6 finale last week, immediatly thought of this character in this fabulous pose, so I drew it. Upped the contrast because despite the fact that the sun was blasting into the room, the picture still looked dark. I hope to someday start drawing on a cintiq to improve quality and add color. This is the reference pose I used. I need tips on shading because up until now I've just been guessing it or not doing it at all, also need help on anatomy because I tend to somewhat ignore it and certain drawings end up looking derpy. And I'm still working on those jagged lines Unrelated question, I'm still kinda new here, but does anyone know when the latest stuff stop needing a spoiler, if at all?
  3. TailsIsNotAlone


    Rar-efied! Carousel Boutique being closed for the day is about as common an occurrence in Ponyville as a Parasprite invasion. Yet on February 10, 2015, one is likely to see colored lights flashing behind the shaded windows, Pinkie Pie's confetti flying out of the chimney, and a sign on the door reading "CLOSED FOR FABULOSITY--FRIENDS, GAWKERS, AND WELL-WISHERS ONLY." The proprietor has earned her day off. Being the Element of Generosity, the most popular clothing designer in Ponyville, the most ambitious social climber in Canterlot and Manehattan, and the most eligible bachelorette in Equestria was not enough for Rarity. As usual she desired something more, an accomplishment so great that not even the fourth wall could contain it--and as usual, she got exactly what she wanted. Rarity is now the Most Attractive Pony of 2015. The journey was not an easy one. Her treacherous road was strewn with the doubts of those who had overlooked her since 2010. It echoed with ugly words from those who derided her in 2014. In the past two weeks, a challenge from the seemingly unbeatable Princess Luna herself plunged it into darkness. But through it all, the pearl pony missed not a single graceful step. The Conference Championships It was like a rerun from 2013--veterans Twilight Sparkle in the EFC Championship and Fluttershy in the PFC Championship--until you took a closer look. Instead of upstart Cinderella contender Lyra Heartstrings, this time Twilight found herself muzzle to muzzle with one of the most loved ponies on MLP Forums, the charming and enigmatic Princess Luna. And where elegant earth pony cellist Octavia once stood, Fluttershy saw a pony she had beaten multiple times before: one of her best friends, the vivacious and ever-fashionable Rarity. Once again Twilight came "so close, yet so far" from a Magic Bowl, as she was simply outvoted and outclassed by a pony who turned the entire tournament upside down without really trying, while Fluttershy met a rare defeat at the hooves of an opponent whose determination neutralized her well-known ability to come from behind. When the dust settled, the thousand-year exile and the Little Drama Queen That Could were the last two ponies standing. LUNA, 123-78 RARITY, 114-87 The Magic Bowl No one knew just what was going to happen next. In a game that featured two remarkable competitors with bend-but-don't-break defense and dynamic, high-scoring offense, the result was a thrilling shootout. For two weeks and nearly thirty pages, Luna and Rarity had one of the most closely-contested games in playoff history. As her fans mobilized and a belief that it was her time swept across the board, Rarity had a strong start that set the tempo of the game. But as the denizens of the Lunar Republic promised, her lead did not last; Luna fought back aggressively and took the lead going into halftime. After that, the battle truly began. Pictures flew back and forth like snowflakes in a blizzard. Bets, promises, and proclamations of love reverberated from Canterlot Castle as each pony repeatedly counterattacked and took the lead. But then came the fourth quarter, when champions are made and one pony must step up. That pony was Rarity. The forum-wide awakening of Rarity's fan base catapulted her to a stunning victory. "Oh dear...I don't know what to say! So much success. So much love. So much...I...I can't stand it!" Rarity wailed rapturously after the game, collapsing onto a fainting couch. She promptly stood up two seconds later. "...Well, perhaps I can. But I must admit that for a time, I wondered if even I was fabulous enough to win an honor like this one. My little setbacks in the last few years have been...difficult. But as any fashionista worth her little red glasses will tell you, the rigors of conception and design must eventually lead to a beautiful final product. And I mustn't forget: to everypony who so faithfully supported and appreciated me...thank you." Luna, Woona, Moonbutt, call her what you like--just don't forget to add "strongest runner-up in M.A.P. history." "Attention, loyal subjects!" Princess Luna said after the game in her own special, and very loud, way. "We must address thee in the Royal Canterlot voice! We are, and shall always be, the loveliest pony in Equestria. None must be allowed to decree otherwise! As punishment for this outrage, We declare that the night...SHALL LAST...FOREV--" She paused as her fellow princess Twilight Sparkle stood up and whispered urgently in her ear. "What We mean to say, of course, is congratulations to Rarity. But We shall win next time!" She shared a civil hoofshake with her worthy opponent and departed to raise the moon, while Rarity retired to the Boutique for her beauty sleep. And with that, the second Magic Bowl and Most Attractive Pony Tournament came to another storybook ending. RARITY, 151-144 Look back on the Divisional round games here... ...And the Wild Card games here! Finally, see the 2015 tourney thread here.
  4. Summer Breeze

    fabulous new year!

    Hey everypony! Here are some sketches I made, I know they are not the best but I'm still learning and I think they turned out quiet good The first one is rarity in het new year gala dress and the second is rarity wishing all of you a fabulous new year These drawings go especialy to ooBrony for being such a fantastic friend
  5. HoneyShimmer

    Human Rarity Line art (WIP)

    It's not quite finished and I have to clean it up a little because I don't have a scanner but yea. Human Rarity in her studio about to take a client. Would that be you darling?
  6. V1NYL_DA5H

    Pony Plushies!

    I saw these amazing Plushies by EpicRainbowCraft on DevianArt and I was wondering if anypony made plushies themselves! If you do make sure to tell below! I'm sure everypony would love to have one themselves!
  7. kanashimi purinsesu


    My newest yet older (I made it before Rocks XD) track that I'm sharing with everypony. It's a house-ish remix? I don't know the genre but it reminds me of House. As usual, I had a lot of fun making this one and I hope you enjoy it^^ I remixed some Rarity soundclips from youtube in my style of making nonsensical sound sensical with a kinda irratic beat to go with Rarity's drama vocals. Remember, if you download it you can do whatever you want with it, just give me some credit and link to the download incase others want it.
  8. TheBluScout

    Ask Yuki!

    Hi This Is Ask Yuki! Feel Free To Ask Me Anything But First
  9. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    How come Rarity is associated with these?

    Often in fanworks, Rarity the Unicorn Pony is associated with these: "FabulousFabulousFabulous" "Bend over, darling." "IMMA SNUGGLE YOU, DARLING!!1" "worst pony" (a serious lot of times) How did our beloved fashion designer end up like this, for each "trait"?
  10. Literally Snails

    How fabulous is the user above you?

    It's a lot like 'how famous is the user above you?' Only this time were rating what actually matters, FABULOUSNESS! Remember kids, personality isn't important as long as you're fabulous! On a scale of 1-10 how fabulous is the user above you?
  11. So in Pokémon Y version I unlocked every hair cut for my Furfrou. I personally love the look of the Dandy Trim and wished that the haircut would last for more than a week in the game. This poll/thread was made so that you could discuss your favorite Furfrou haircuts, haircuts you wish you could give them, or just your love of Furfrous (style, in battle, etc.) in general. For those that don't know here is what all of the furfrou trims look like: From top going clockwise: La Reine, Diamond Trim, Debutante Trim, Kabuki Trim, Dandy Trim, Pharaoh Trim, Heart Trim, Star Trim Center: Matron Trim
  12. CloudsdaleCompanion

    A fabulous marshmallow

    Behold, the fabulous marshmallow known as Rarity! Not much to say here. Just another vector. I hope this pose hasn't been done before. Had a few problems with the layers but I resolved that issue by placing some stuff on the same layer. As always you can see all of my work on my deviantArt page.
  13. Here's a very Le Knight Club-styled (if you don't know them, you haven't achieved maximum cool) track that took about 7 hours. It's the first where I used audio from the show! Honestly, it's not one of my best. But I tried.
  14. Motion Spark

    Valentine's Rarity

    with an unexpected growing success on deviantART, I want to show you all my latest Rarity's painting. I made the sketch of this one back in february for valentine's day but at the time I lacked some skills and I was lazy as hell. haha. I would say the hardest part was Rarity's mane, her many is difficult no matter what style you pick lol
  15. Acoustic Cloud

    Fabulous Feld0

    Unfortunately I had to finish this one too early due to my schedule of the 'morrow (sorry 'bout that). Nevertheless, I put this together for our overlord himself. Feld0
  16. IMPORTANT I visualize Rarity in our real world like a very vain and fashionable woman, yes, In my mind, I like the idea of her dying her hair in purple with a very fashionable mohawk that she can comb and prepare in any way she wants and that doesn't mean that she has to be punk rock and other stuff. Also this was a nice practice for my very average painting skills, I should watch tutorials in the future. Enjoy
  17. Seriously folks! xD It happened in the Season 1 premiere and is still the funniest thing she's ever done, IMO. And she's done a lot of funny things. Everybody talks about how badass it was that Fluttershy killed a bear...Rarity stabbed a dragon!! "I simply cannot let such a crime against fabulosity go uncorrected!" (.........So I'm going to put you out of your misery.) *SLICE* I laugh my plot off every time I see it. That moment needs more love!
  18. I made this as a gift to Obsidian_Winter for her birthday, a dress fit for the gala and I feel the Stallion who would get the honor to be at her side for the event would be very lucky indeed :3 anyways I'm posting this here so everyone may enjoy
  19. first of all I want to thank @Grendo for his amazing work in vector art, I know that you probably don't know me, but I've seen couple of your vectors at the MLP resources vector group on dA and I'm in love with your vectors of different objects in a MLP style. I hope you don't mind that I took your amazing barrel! I think I'm going to be a regular custormer of yours! if you are ok with that of course ;_; so this is an artwork I did like last week, because that I wanted to show everypony that Beat Spark can do hard work to (and still look fabulous XD). He's carrying heavy stuff BTW, still don't know what it is though :/ in case you want to know more about him, I FINALLY have his OC page ready! (thanks @InfinityWhale) make sure to show him so love!
  20. Spitfire22

    Rarity drawing

    This is my Rarity drawing i know her eye shadow should be lighter but i didn't have a light blue, i think it looks ok Rarity is one of my favs shes not the easyest to draw this only my fourth picture of her and the only the second in colour one hope you guys like it
  21. Beauty is not just for women. Looking fabulous is for everyone to enjoy. Got acne? Dry skin? Flakes? I can help. When I first hit puberty I had terrible acne, it was horrible. Now I have perfect skin, and you can too :3 . Dos&Don'ts 1. Avoid touching your face as much as possible. The less oil and dirt, the less breakouts. 2. Wash your hands often. The average person touches their face hundreds of times a day, so keep it clean. 3. Wash your face every morning and night (I like to use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser or Exact facial cleansing gel). 4. Take shorter showers in medium cold water. Hot showers dries skin out like crazy, leaving it wrinkled and dry. 5. Use facial moisturiser (I like to use Clean&Clear advantage oil free moisturiser). Gets ride of flakes instantly. 6. Take lots of Vitamin A (the recommended does is one a day, I take 5-7). Vitamin A is key in skin health. 7. Don't eat chocolate or other high sugar foods (pop & juice included). Knowns to cause breakouts. 8. Don't drink milk. Known to cause break-outs. 9. Sleep on a difference surface every night (either chance your pillow case every night or sleep on a different towel, on top of your pillow, every night). Dead skin cells and oils from past days are known to clog your pours. 10. NEVER go to bed with make-up on your face. This gives the make-up time to lock dirt and oil into your skin. 11. Use 'zit cream' even if you don't have any zits, they prevent break-outs. (I use Clean&Clear advantage plus 3-in-1 cleanser, but what is most important is that it says 5% benzoyl peroxide) Apply to your entire face, (excluding the 'circles' under your eyes) leave on for about 30 minutes to an hour and a half and then remove with WATER ONLY. There will still be a thin layer on your face, go to sleep with this and then wash it off with a cleanser in the morning. 12. If you have a 'white-head' pop it with a sowing pin ON THE SIDE of the white head. Then using a tissue paper, squeeze all the puss and blood out. If you have any specific skin problems quote this post and I'll try to help out ~
  22. Kaborer


    I just drew Rarity I my opinion this is one of my best drawings, and it's been one of the funniest to draw. I'd love critique, but one thing I will say though, is that I won't colour it.