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Found 32 results

  1. Just like the title says. What is your opinion on facial hair? If you are a guy, Do you have facial hair? If so, what kind and why do you? If not, why not? If you are a girl, What do you think about guys with facial hair? Which way do you prefer males, clean-shaven or hairy? (These are just some ideas to get you going. Feel free to express your opinion on the topic.) I personally have facial hair. Have had a full beard for almost four years now. I usually keep it about 1/2 an inch to 3/4 an inch long, but I haven't trimmed it back down since No-Shave-November, so it's quite a bit longer now.
  2. Have you ever or do you currently struggle with bad skin? i.e: blemishes, scars, etc.?
  3. I come back yet again to the MLPForums to... ... Just show some art I've made over the past half a year. Been working on drawing digitally so I'm just curious what you all think. Feedback is appreciated, thanks!
  4. When I meet a new special friend! When I get to the con, I hope to make this face a whole bunch of times!
  5. I recorded a brief video of our Jack O' Lantern.
  6. When you have nothing going on in life, what do you do? F-F-F FACE REVEAL Yep, this is a totally legit face reveal 100% no lying complete real photo taken by experts and their mothers. Is this image real or fake? -RealityPublishing (with yet again, another bad blog entry)
  7. Wanted to try painting Pinkie Pie on my face today.... It came out cute! And a smidge creepy....? Oh yeah...and her cutie mark!
  8. Anyone else have an issue forcing a smile? Come out all weird? What about folks who can do it well?
  9. Just the other day I received a notification from a few people irl. It sounded somewhat like this: "Freckle, why are you so angry and serious all the time? If you don't like us just say it, we will understand". Well, that was a real surprise to me and I decided to look at myself in the mirror. I became really relaxed, chill as a cucumber and I took a look at myself. To my surprise, even though I was in my "neutral mode", I did look quite angry and mad, while I didn't really feel angry nor mad. So, I did some research and found out that it's pretty common for a person to have a neutrally angry grin/facial expression. So, my question is: how does your neutral facial expression look like?
  10. People honestly ask me if I am ok sometimes because I cant help but make this face.
  11. What do you think of the way the animation and physical anatomy of the ponies? Something about this show that we must admit is that... it uses Flash animation and some pretty basic, large, soft designs for easier animation There's quite a few animations, poses, facial expressions, things that the pony and equine characters do, but especially the pony characters do that... has variable aesthetic appeal visually. Do you ever feel that you have trouble getting a feel for exactly where their limb joints are located? I imagine that the ponies have skeletons and bones, but sometimes, the actions they make with their hooves start to use cheap cartoony anatomical inconsistency and their front limbs in particular start acting like human arms with functioning elbows. The picking up of things with hooves I don't mind, since it is depicted so blatantly that we have to just assume that their is some unspoken granular jamming or some suction mechanism at the bottom of their hooves, but there's quite a few other things with the animation and anatomy. What bugs you, and what anatomical aspects. bodily design aspects do you like? I do like it that she show bothers to animate their manes moving around and bouncing around realistically.
  12. Am I the only one to notice that pinkies face turns pink one scene, skip a scene, then the very next scene is the same but her face is back to normal?!? If I can get the time right; around 54:24 in the movie when they are getting ready for their big night. After Rarity polishes her nails and etc, pinkie is spraying something (perfume I guess) over her face and she turns pink, then they are shown the box of their elements as accessories, the scene is the same but her face isn't pink anymore. Anyone else see this?? its at about 0:37
  13. Tasuni

    Ask my face

    Do it, ask my face whatever you want.
  14. Just a lil' bit of family life You know sometimes people say "Think fast" and you turn to see stationary or pencil cases flying towards you? Yeah. Well there I was, just walking around the house with my book, and I hear my dad say "Think fast". I turned to see a full sized living room chair hurtling through the air towards me. A.Chair. :okiedokielokie: Needless to say the ensuring impact managed to knock me (with the chair) into a wall, and pictures then fell off said wall, one of them ending up with smashed glass. The only reason my face was saved was because the book somehow got in the way and cushioned the impact, although it wasn't much better xD I don't think he's stopped laughing yet Tbh, I haven't either P.S this used to be on the forums, and since I'm an idiot a mod took it down xD Thanks
  15. im asking this question cause im bored and want to now what most people have on there ipod i have everything from reggae to dubstep except metal and classical i mean classical is ok but i prefer keeping my ear drums from exploding
  16. SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE! Took about 40-50 minutes to draw, maybe an hour Sort of used a Base, bust, like the last one, mostly hand drawn My artwork, Basically. Also The Horn, the feet, ect cut off, due to the paper size being so small
  17. This is my face, after I have clean shaved my face. Should of washed my hair first, but oh well. Shoulda Coulda Woulda. Enjoy looking at it (yeah right)
  18. Hello everypony, I got around to working on more origami ponies! Origami and MLP collide once again. Here's Fluttershy. I know her color scheme is not right, but I haven't been able to get my hands on some double-sided paper with the right schemes. Custom-made paper is also a bit pricey because most places have you buy it in bulk. I'm thinking of just finding someone who has a color printer. Anyway: I asked my roommate to help me draw in some faces for the ponies too (I'm terrible at drawing). So this is her drawing of Fluttershy's face: I asked her to do Rarity too: They were two different Rarity's. I haven't asked her to draw in Applejack yet. So again, questions, comments, and feedback all are welcome. I'll tend to them as best as I can. Do you think they look better with a drawn face? Or should they be solely origami, faceless ponies? I can't decide. When I find an easy way to get double-sided paper (or custom paper for Rainbow Dash) with the right color scheme, I'll be making more. I apologize for the oddly-colored Fluttershy.
  19. I saw revolution threads about bellybuttons and clothes. I decided that they both suck. Scrunchy Revolution is best revolution. 'K, bro? Scruchy Emperor Brushie Brush: Hansel
  20. So after wathing countless pewdiepie videos i got the thought of hey, anyone can do this, in my head. All i need is a full version of Fraps and i will bet set. Hopefully. Now i know there are hundreds of people on youtube trying to do the same thing but failing horribly. I know how to do this successfully. step one is to have an entertaining personality, which i do have when im not around people. Be good looking, which im not; i will be wearing a mask so i don't have to worry about that. Im pretty sure when i start out there will be a lot of people hating on me and writing me malicious things in the comments. In fact, im pretty sure thats all the comments are going to be. I'm still going to go through with it. Just for the Lulz.
  21. Hello random person i am getting new music software on friday and i have been using the trial to get use to the controls and i was wondering what type of music i should focus on like classical and old school or modern dubstep, and stuff like that here a like to my channel i can use the help also aren't these pictures AWESOME !!
  22. Hello Random strangers on the internet assuming your still here and haven't clicked the back button I hope you enjoy the song bellow I spent a lot of time making it would like your opinion on it I hope you enjoy
  23. M. Bison is the most frustrating boss to me in Street Fighter SNES: The World Warrior. Wait. I think he's the ONLY boss in that Street Fighter game... Ah well, I love using the Psycho Crusher in Super Street Fighter IV. The only thing that will creep me out about him is his fighting style. But best not to explain that now. http-~~-//
  24. hello i just finished this new song of mine and i hope you enjoy this i put a lot of time into making this and would like to know your opinion on it