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Found 6 results

  1. Lets post here some paused moments of episodes that looks funny! also edit if you want (Image retired from the clip: "Friends Are Always There For You")
  2. Wow, feels like forever since I've told an actual story! This one's new, and in fact, during my hiatus. I told you it'd come in handy! I haven't really told anyone this, but I'm a big fan of Creepypastas. I love them! They're like the next level of horror material, and if done correctly, can be used to keep you on your toes for the next week! But there's a problem (there always is) I have somewhat of a "sanity meter" built into my mind. If I listen to too many readings, I become scared of the world around me. Even if I know it's fake, or there's no way the events described are possible, I'm still terrified of my own shadow. So I established a "three-fiction" rule (I only listen to three a night, if desired). But of course, I'm an idiot and wish to listen to as many as I want. Rest in peace, sanity. This "sanity meter" is nothing new. I've had it long before I became a brony. The catch is that I listen to, and read, things that are related to what I like, and at the moment, that means ponies. So OF COURSE I'm going to listen to some PonyPastas! Yeah, that was a bad idea. I was on the Ponyville.FM when I found out Scribbler was doing a reading on, "Does it Hurt to Sleep?", a rather well done fiction. Anyway, the video was about a day old and I was curious. As I explained above, I'm a sucker for that sort of thing, so I decided to give it a shot. Like I said, it was very well written and somewhat believable. Of course, there was a bit of descriptive issues near the end, but that's all fine and dandy when you've got a reader building up the atmosphere. When the first story came to a close, I was intrigued to listen to another, then another. Finally, I stumbled across psychological horror fiction by the name of, "The Hole in My Face" Now, normally I'd laugh at something like this, and I did; but it really got in my head after a while. The bad part about this? It starred Applejack, my fiance. (If you don't get that joke, look back for a previous blog entry, "Telling My Brother How Unworthy I Am". I still don't know where that ring is going to go. . . anal rings) Let's just say, after the creepypasta, I didn't feel myself. I went to bed and stared at my AJ plush for more than an hour. For some reason, I couldn't quite get the thought out of my head. Her face was as plush and cute as usual, but what if it was an illusion like the story described. I touched it just to make sure. My insanity lasted a good three days. I couldn't think, or bear to look, at my fiance for as long as there was day. No, I didn't have nightmares. If I did, I'd put them down, but I think that's a good story for another time. Lesson of the day is to not read sp00ky stories without adult suppervision (see what I did there? The title's name has "Dinner" and the ending lesson has "Supper" ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º) ) -RealityPublishing
  3. My favourite emoticon is ' c: ' Mainly because it's just a cuter alternative to ' : ) ' My least favourite is ' - _ - ' (without the spaces) Depending on the topic and situation, using this emoticon makes you look like a pretentious douche sometimes. (Sorry if you use this emoticon often, I don't mean to offend you, don't take it personally). You guys?
  4. Well another one of this blogs now with my Main OC and "ponysona", well at least in a way. It has been hard to work with Colt in the RP world, normally RP owners are not very open towards dragons a d my poor poor drake ends up rejected in many RP's. Yet it has been fun when he gets accepted and I have find amazing friends in the lines of dreams and fantasy from their minds and my own. As with Emi I used some of his original art created by Space-Kid and the help of Pridark to bring this series of emotes to life. I have been working his appearance to fit in the world of MLP and I think its pretty close yet keeping his own looks original and fitting his personality. What do you think?
  5. I'm sure you've gone through this: But have you ever looked at yourself in a video or photograph, and just kind of, but looked at yourself in the mirror, and just kind of, At yourself? _______________ Well there's a reason why you like your reflection in the mirror more than how you look on camera. Our brains adjust what we see more often, and chances are, that you see yourself in the mirror, more than on camera (unless you're those type of girls who keep posting selfies). With that being said, your brain is used to (and 'likes') your reflection in the mirror, than on camera. 'But what's the difference?' you may be asking. Well, a mirror, isn't like a camera. A mirror, shows you an inverted version of your face, but only on the horizontal axis. Therefore, you view you face this way: (Let's just use Keanu Reeves as an example) Rather than how you really are: Now, both images are quite different, however the first one is the one Keanu would have preffered, as that is how he viewed himself in the mirror most frequently. __________________________ So there's your answer. That is the explination as to why we prefer our reflections over photographs/video. For more infomation about this, check out this video by VSauce. I have no idea how to carry on with this thread.
  6. So when the hell was the last time I posted something? September. What happened? Everything including the Apocalypse. Did I survive? Uhh, if I didn't, how could I be posting this? And showing you these two things? Yeah, I've hit the point where I can't effectively draw on Inkscape unless I have a template drawn out on paper already. Maybe at a later time I'll revisit these images and have them vectorised. But let me explain. Past images of mine had the faces/heads drawn in a rather static fashion, which was also the fate of some past images of mine from before the Era of Ponies. So I tried practising on a character of mine (Nova), and then tried to jump to my other three characters: Ganaram, Gem, and Tenna. A few of you may have seen the first image already, but the second one is a bit more complex. It's a drawing of 8ight selected characters (Tenna, Ganaram, Gem, Nova, /Electrobolt, @Jadefire[/b]/Jade Flare[/b], @Umbreon/Synth Pulse, and @MandelSoft/Vector Mark) with the same facial expression throughout. It's more of seeing if I can actually draw out male ponies, and I think it worked. The one thing that strikes me is how eerily similar the manes of every character is similar, particular my characters (the four to the right). It's especially worse when Jade looks like Synth and Ganaram and Gem look like they're related (they're not related). I have no coloured pencils. Also take note at what each character is thinking: - Take out the second N from Tenna, and now you're referring to incontinence products. Trust me, I checked. - Why else would I use my camera and not an actual scanner? - CMOS. Do you even lift? - Teh Big Dipper. - Bolty be tired, or does he wanna rest under a tree somewhere? - Yes, I drew the Fire Nation insignia. - Music note. Typical. - The insignia of the NAM Team. What else? Please a comment on what you think.