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Found 20 results

  1. Write a story about a time something freaked you out as a kid. I will start! As a six year old kid I had a big crush on Raven Symone; the girl how acted as Raven in the show "That's So Raven". I liked the show a lot, and thought it had an interesting premise, with her having the ability to see into the future, so i watched it whenever I could. One night, I was watching the show with my mother, sister, and brother in the living room. The episode started off normal, Raven having to babysit some girl as I recall...and it interfering with some guy she liked. Raven had a "flash forward" sequence pop into her head of her in a big pink room, as she screamed, and fell down, before the sequence ended. I remember finding that funny as a kid, but not for long. As the episode went along, and "That's So Raven" shenanigans ensued, Raven, the guy she liked, and the girl she was baby sitting went to a museum. Raven somehow fell into this giant model of the human stomach....and it just turned from funny to way too strange super fast. I remember getting up and leaving the room because of just how uncomfortable I was, and went to my room and flipped to something else. I could still hear the sequence with Raven in the stomach happening in the next room, so I shut the door and turned the TV on, it was on the Discovery Channel; a documentary about giraffes giving birth, if i recall correctly. xD I never have watched That's So Raven since then, and I don't plan to. That episode just kind of ruined it for me.
  2. Just share some random facts you know At 6 billion tires a year Lego is the world's largest tire producer Nepal is the only country without a rectangular flag
  3. Inspired by the "post interesting facts about your country thread", just post facts pertaining to the state/province you live in! Here in Florida.... It isn't all tourist traps and white sand beaches. Most of it is rural farmland, especially the more inland and north you go in the state. In fact, Florida is the top producer of watermelon in the USA, as well as tomatoes, strawberries, sugar, and, not to anyone's surprise....oranges. In terms of area, Jacksonville FL is actually the largest city in the USA. Florida has more toll roads and bridges than any other state in the Union. No matter where you are in Florida you are never more than 60 miles from the ocean. Gatorade was named after the University of Florida's football team the Gators, where the drink was first developed. The number of visitors in Orlando EVERY DAY is equivalent the population of Atlanta.
  4. After or great joy of the trailer coming yesterday, today a couple of news showed up. Namely, a third trailer will be shown one day, and that the movie is aprox 99 minutes long, which is great, the movie won't feel too short
  5. I have started a series called Ninii explains! Which is to help you guys with stuff that is mostly art related! So for today it's : "How can I get people to commission me?" ● " How can you get so many commissions? I work my butt off but I can't seem to get any" ● "How can I get people to buy my art?" And more Well let me explain you the reasons why that sometimes happen! • People might not like your art • People sometimes prefer other styles • The prices might be to high for the type of art you make • Your art might not be the best "Well that is harsh!!!" "Your so mean" NO I am not ....Maybe a little :v Jk Jk This is the truth BUT it can be because of other things like • People know that other artists take requests so they will always prefer requests over paying an artist • Many are minors • Many prefer to save up money for other stuff • Your timing might be bad YES timing is important!!! As for me I post in the afternoon when over 1000 people are online so meaningly more people will see your blog. • Many post at the same time • Also depends where and HOW you share it • Some people prefer KNOWN artists as well to prevent scam. Then how do you do it? How did you start getting commissions more often? Well!! LEMME TELL YA Many don't know his but I started drawing in January 2016. I only started to get commissions around the sixth month. But what many of you don't know is that, I draw EVERYDAY and between 6-12 ,yes between SIX and TWELVE HOUR'S per day except weekends. I practiced A LOT to get my art better and once I did I started to get many commissions. But it's not only that, that counts. Let me show you my old art and my recent art! Old: Most recent: • I advertise my art on over 20 art groups on Facebook On MLP/Furry groups Apps And many other places So learn where to share and advertise your art. •Study the market! Study what people are looking for! Cute art? Epic art? Serious art? Creepy art? • HOW is also important. Don't just say "my commissions are open THE END" Make something like "Hello!!! I'm here to share my art and to tell you guys I am open for commissions, if you are interested let me know! I can make your piece of art between these days and I am very responsive" and so on, something that just seems you want to make money and that's it. People like people who are nice,responsive and that seem to do what they love. • If it's because of your art, PRACTICE. Watch video tutorials, look up images and try to use them as reference, learn anatomy and so on. • Make something unique or funny, it attracts people!! Comics and memes is something that attracts a lot! •TIMING once again, for the people who live in Europe the best time to post is between 5pm -8 pm (I'm not sure who lives in other countries) But study what time there is more active members. Keep in mind not everyone likes your art or prefer other styles People prefer requests over commissions "Ah but you have commissions" YES but I am a little known now days (over 5500 people follow my Facebook page) and I am verified in some other communities so it's normal to have more commissions than artists that are not very known. It's sad but it's like that. Sadly that is how it works If people don't commission you There are many reasons! It's not always because of your art But as time passes by people will start to show up if you learn how and when to share you art!! Also do not get upset due to that It's hard....Yes I know, I went threw that my self... "My art sucks so I give up" NO don't give up! If it's somethig you like and love to do continue ! Practice ASK for criticism if you want to get better as well!! It helps a lot trust me My boyfriend criticises my art all the time and thanks to him I got motivated to get better! And because of that I now live with the art I make. It's normal in the beginning to not to have commissions But once people start to see your art and see that you are not a scammer and keep your word,more people will come around. Not everyone has money as well! Unfortunately there are many great artists that are not known and should get the credit they deserve. Many people also prefer digital over traditional So all I can say is Don't give up! Keep trying At first it's hard But one day you'll see it won't be as hard Artists compete with eachother when someone is looking for commissions It's normal Don't get upset if someone does not chose you Don't be mean if someone does not choose you Congratulate the person who gets the commission. So Here are the main reasons people don't commission you sometimes! Hope it helps you guys understand a little better. Don't get mad about it just continue doing what you like to do! So that's all for today! What would you like to see next on Ninii Explains? Also art by me! Don't forget to follow my FB page!
  6. Yeah, Chuck Norris' Facts still exists, and is since 2005, I guess. Because Internet. First of all, this has nothing to do with the Mary-Sue conspiracy with main characters. This is just to have some fun and share creative ideas. #1) In the episode The Return of Harmony part 1, Twilight's all-fixing magic didn't "work" just because the backstage and the animators begged her not to do. Rules Inspired by Twilight:
  7. redaxted

    Fact chain!

    Hello! I'm here to begin a forum game called fact chain! Post any fact, as long as it contains at least one of the KEY words or figures in the fact above! However, you can change the word a little to make a plural. That's the only reason you should alter a word. Eg: Me: Young ponies are called fillies! User1: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic first aired in 2010. User2: the Vancouver Winter Olympics were held in 2010! The facts must be actual facts, they must be true, and there must be some way to verify that. Just to be sure, before you post your fact find some way to clarify that it is, indeed, true. So, unfortunately, nothing like: "I ate a waffle yesterday." Please carry on from the last example fact
  8. Hello and Welcome to the Random Useless Facts thread! Here is the place to post about the random bits of trivia you know! Examples: Grapes explode when you put them in the microwave. All the swans in England are property of the Queen. All porcupines float in water. Benjamin Franklin was the fifth in a series of the youngest son of the youngest son. Have fun!
  9. WHAT THE TITLE SAYS, "Slapping people in the face is a way to show affection in Jupiter"
  10. That's right, today I'm taking on a whole franchise. I've got nothing better do with my life, except literally anything else. - The most profitable slasher series of all time. The original alone made $40 million on its budget of $500,000. - Onscreen body count: 199. The movie with the most murders is Jason X at 23, a number that's even higher if you count the 20,000 people on board that exploding space station. - The sound isn't "chi-chi-chi cha-cha-cha". It's "ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma", as in "Kill her, Mommy". - It's no secret most of the actors who have worked on this series don't view it in the best light. Some called their respective movies "c-list", and Betsy Palmer (Pamela Voorhees) hated the original. - Over 10 actors have played Jason over the years. Kane Hodder (who also played Lord Zedd on Power Rangers) was the stuntman who played him the most, in a total of four separate films. - Tom Savini, makeup artist on the first film, based Jason's disfigured visage on a mentally challenged man he knew from his childhood. - It was Savini who thought up the Carrie-style jump scare at the end of the movie. He would check out the last five minutes of screenings just to see people's reactions, which probably made the three months needed to reshoot and reshoot it. - The original was filmed at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in Blairstown, New Jersey, which still functions as a boy scout camp. - The original magazine ad for the movie was released before they had even written a script. They just wanted to see if any other movie already had that title. - The original mask was sculpted out of a Detroit Red Wings goalie mask. - Crispin Glover's awkward dancing scene in Part IV was originally set to "Back in Black", but they couldn't secure the rights. - Speaking of which, Part IV has the most nudity out of any movie in the franchise... ...or so I've been told. - Part VII was meant to crossover the series with Nightmare on Elm Street, but they couldn't get the rights to Freddy, so his role in the script was replaced with a teenage girl with psychic powers. We would have to wait to 2003 for that fight to happen. - Jason Goes to Hell features a cameo from The Evil Dead's Necrinomicon, along with the demonic dagger thing from the first two movies, implying some sort of connection with that franchise. In fact, the sequel to Freddy vs. Jason was suppose to include Ash in a three-way battle to the death, but Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell decided not to take part when they were informed that Ash would not be allowed to definitively kill the other two. - That corporate guy who gets killed in the opening to Jason X is David Cronenberg, director of The Fly, The Brood, and Videodrome, which should probably be your indication that you shouldn't be taking anything in that movie seriously... ...if this scene or the robot nipples didn't make that clear already. - In a majority of the films, there is a storm either approaching Camp Crystal Lake or there's already one going on. The obvious idea we're suppose to be taking from this is that Jason is totally a force of God killing all those horny teenage delinquents. - The 2009 remake apparently featured too much sex for producer Michael Bay, who walked out on the premiere. - Not really trivia so much as an obvious fact, but Jason wasn't the killer in the original. It was his mum. Do your homework, kids; your life may depend on it. - Jason hates all the bands you like. What a fun, if not totally stupid franchise. Let's end this with Jason punching a dude's head off.
  11. Couldn't find a good gif, so I made one. The King of the Monsters deserves no less. I've provided the following tune to establish the evening's tone. Please repeat the song how many times you need to finish reading this. - Originally envisioned as a giant octopus, before the look of a giant ape with a mushroom shaped head (because mushroom cloud) was considered. - "Gojira" is a combination of the Japanese words for "gorilla" and "whale". A popular idea has it that this was the nickname of a guy who was working at Toho at the time. "Anguirus" was considered, but ultimately saved for Godzilla's greatest monster ally. - It varies depending on which continuity we're dealing with, but as of right now, Godzilla stands at 80 meters (267 feet), weighing 55,000 tons. - The roar is accomplished by rubbing a leather glove down the strings of a bass, similar to the TARDIS sound effect. - The original was made practically at the last minute; Toho needed to make a movie, any movie, and fast. Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka got the initial idea for the movie during a plain flight by taking a bunch of random magazine covers and stories and mashing them together. The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms served as the basic idea of a giant monster, and Godzilla's origins (animal that was mutated by nuclear fallout) came from a story about a U.S. bomb testing mutating the local tuna population. - This pressure to get something done fast meant they had to abandon the use of King Kong-style stop motion effects. Thus, they brought in the suit. And unfortunately for the man inside it, it was a wearable hell. A drain had to be installed to easily let sweat out, and it could only be worn for 3 minutes at a time. - King Kong vs. Godzilla remains the highest grossing Godzilla movie ever. - Godzilla vs. DESTOROYAHHHHH!!!, which ends with our favorite reptilian anti0hero dying, really was meant to be the last Godzilla movie for awhile. That is, until the 1998 American remake sucked so freaking hard that Toho decided they needed to make a few more to appease all the pissed off fans. Within the movies themselves, the filmmakers took every chance they could manage to take a shit on Zilla (the American version), even going so far as to have that crappy version of Godzilla fight the real one in the (for now) final movie, only to be taken down in 13 seconds. Huh. Seems I don't know too many Godzilla fact-o-roonies. I am sad. I'm gonna have to make up for this one. In the meantime, have this.
  12. I've noticed a trend of sharks being thought of as monsters here just a few facts that might prove otherwise The chances of you getting bit by a shark a lower then getting hit by lightning. Also there a ways to prevent it and also to defend yourself if it does happen, first sharks use electrical signals to hunt and it also happens that a person splashing around leaves signal similar to a wounded fish that combined with the fact that sharks are scavengers at heart makes you look like an easy meal. Also sharks are territorial so just be aware of that, and a quick fun fact great whites are as lethal as you may think, Bull sharks are more aggressive and can live in fresh water as well as salt. The rest of preventing a shark attack is to just be smart if one is heading toward you swim in a calm manner back to shore splashing is going to encourage him. And if it does happen reel back a punch him in the nose as hard as you can where the nose is a major nerve center as smell is a primary sense for them and punching them there will daze them kind of like if you stare into a strobe light you really see very well for a little. But also sharks have shown to have a sense of family kind of like dolphins and shark pups have been seen behaving in a manor similar to playing and there is even an interspecies hierarchy as some species have a higher feeding priority over others and will always go for the easy meal as in sick or old sea creatures. Honestly I just don't feel they've earned their negative reputation. Any comments or missed facts?
  13. All right, I'm bored so I decided to just make a blog listing a bunch of facts about myself. Hey, it's just like that get to know x user trend from a few months back. But whatever, here we go! My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie because she is the character that makes me happy the most, she's the funniest, and I relate to her the most since I get hyper and talk a lot, due to my ADHD. My favorite video game series is Pokemon. It was the first game series besides Mario that I was hooked on. Plus, it's the only RPG I'm actually good at (yeah, I'm not that great of a gamer.) I live in St. Charles Illinois, just moved there recently but am currently staying at my Dad's house in Memphis for the summer. I have both autism and ADHD. I'm agnostic. I find pros and cons in both sides of religion and atheism. Plus, I'd rather not focus my entire life on what happens after I die nor get into any serious debates. My political views are independent since again, I find pros and cons in both Democrats and Republicans. I'm not into a lot of live action. I just can't get into it and prefer animation. I have one cat named Beatrice. She's a Russian Blue. I've been playing video games since I was 3. My least favorite pony is Diamond Tiara. I freaking hate bully characters. I tend to not swear that much unless it's to properly get my point across. I currently have 11 siblings. That might seem like a lot but here's the thing. My parents got divorced when I was 8 and my dad remarried someone with 7 kids and my mom remarried someone with 2 kids plus there's the 2 siblings I've known my whole life. My guilty pleasure is looking up flame wars over stupid things. I don't hate any of the mane six. In fact, I love them all. I really like bouncing on yoga balls and trampolines. The only sport I like is Hockey My favorite Pokemon is Chikorita because it not only looks adorable, but I loved its personality in the anime. I don't really play much games outside Nintendo since other consoles tend to be much more expensive. I don't really have a least favorite episode, just ones I don't like. My favorite episode is Pinkie Pride. I am African American I've worn glasses since I was 2. In real life, I can range from being very hyper and excited, to very shy and reserved, or even sometimes very angry and cynical. And that's all folks!
  14. Doing a speech for school based on video game violence, I need some quick facts and ideas I could jot down.
  15. I might as well make this since I've got nothing better to do. I live in northern Illinois. No I am not specifying which town due to privacy reasons. I am 15 years old and turning 16 this coming April. I am a sophomore in high school I'm down the middle when it comes to political opinions. I see both sides have good arguments and crap arguments on their political views I'm actually protestant christian but don't talk about religion that much. I have been diagnosed with autism and ADHD since I was a toddler I have played video games since I was a toddler I own a Wii, Wii U, Gamecube, N64, game boy Advance SP, 3ds, orginal Xbox, and most recently a PS2. Favorite game series is Pokemon as you can tell from my username. I like cartoons but I actually don't watch a lot of tv outside of FIM. When I became a brony, I found the cmc annoying but they grew on me over time. Also when I first became a brony, Spike was my favorite, and then I realized how super fun, awesome, and relateable Pinkie Pie was to me. I always feel the need to be fidgeting with something like the strings on my pants or the strings on my backpack. I am currently writing this blog well sitting on a yoga ball that I like to bounce on whenever I hear catchy music. I have fallen asleep well surfing the web before, I was just in such a comfortable position that I just fell asleep. Pinkie Pie is still the best super duper ultra awesome totally terrific party pony.
  16. Kinda like those question things ... but I didn't feel like doing that, so instead I'm listing completely random facts about myself off the top of my head (pretty much inspired by this thread). Let's get started. ~1. I'm 16. ~2. I'm about 6'3. ~3. My top favourite ponies right now are Rarity, and Fluttershy. ~4. My current favourite song is ' ' by Tristam. ~5. My favourite sodie pop (yes I'm calling it that) is Barq's Root Beer. A&W Root Beer is pretty darn good as well. ~6. My favourite snack is ... um ... chips I suppose, Lay's ketchup flavoured. ~7. My favourite food is Domino's Pizza. Mmm. Oh, and lasagna. ~8. I have a decently sized pony collection (6 shirts, 1 sweater/hoodie, a ton of cards, 2 vinyl figures [Derpy and Vinyl], a bunch of small figures, 4 metallic dog tags, 3 posters, and more) ~9: My favourite music genres are dubstep/electronic (or whatever), and orchestral (or whatever), though I'll listen to just about anything if I like it. ~10. I'm quite shy, though I'm probably somewhere in between introverted and extroverted. I mean, I can be sociable at times, but others I'm rather silent. ~11. I've never had any 'real' friends (not for a while anyways), as in, friends I actually hang out with, talk to often, play games with, have fun together etc. ~12. I never fall into depression or anything, I don't know why though, I just don't. ~13. I often stay up late, like 1-3 AM on most nights. ~14. I like to make things with Paint.NET. ~15. I really don't care much for Skype, the only reason I have it is because ... well I don't even know to be honest. xD ~16. My current favourite video game series is Arma. ~17. I've never been in a relationship, though I really don't care whether or not I have a girlfriend, I'm fine on my own. ~18. I actually like Gangnam Style and The Fox. Deal with it! ~19. I'm not so easily annoyed by silly things, like the aforementioned songs. ~20. Foxes are my favourite animals. ~21. I have my own fictional nation named 'The Fox Alliance'. I sort of just came up with it off the top of my head during a 'forum rebellion' (like a roleplay of sorts) I was a part of once upon a time. Even got it's own, rather plain, flag. ~22. My first forum experience was on a Tamagotchi forum when I was ... um ... 6-8? Something like that. Gosh I was so freakin' immature back then, I wonder how the hell people dealt with it. >.< ~23. Gaben is my only God. ~24. I sit in my room, on my computer, almost all day. ~25. I'm a PC gamer. ~26. Winter is my favourite season, and Summer my least. ~27. My favourite songs from MLP:FiM (including EQG) would be Smile Smile Smile, Apples to the Core, Generosity, Helping Twilight Win the Crown, and probably a few more that I'm forgetting. ~28. Most of my posts on this forum go to the Count to One Million thread, which I've been posting in since the 14th of August, 2013. The day after the game was created. ~29. I would love to be in some sort of small gaming group with friends, like LAGx for example. ~30. I'm Canadian. Eeyup, guess that's all for now.
  17. I am one who loves knowledge. Particularly, I love useless information that makes people question my sanity. Yeah, there's Ripley's Believe or Not, or the World Record books out there, but there are just some things that are proven fact that people never really think about, or are so bizarre that they make you ask "Dafuq?" over and over, trying to get the mental image out of your head..... So without further ado, post the weirdest or normal-est random facts that you think everyone(pony) should know! That way, you can learn something everyday (and impress/weird out your teachers, friends, family, and the random person walking down the street that wonders about your sanity after the fact (and then proceeds to walk into a large intimate object due to their oblivious pondering cuz its funny). Did you know? The human heart is capable of squirting blood at least 30 feet? (or 9.14 meters for those outside the US) Being scared of heights is technically a misnomer, in order to be scared of heights you have to look into the sky and freak out. Most people who are scared of heights are actually scared of depths. For those familiar with American coins, a dime has 118 ridges around the outer diameter, whereas a quarter has 119 ridges. I also know why they have those ridges, but I don't really want to go into a historical discussion
  18. Funfact: Did ya'll know that mark hamill, Luke Skywalker, has voiced various animated characters? Some include the Joker from the animated batman series, fire lord Ozai from the last airbender cartoon, Undergrowth from Danny phantom, and Evil guy and the fear eater from adventure time. And there are various others as well, some you might not even knew about.
  19. BEST. MOVIE. EVER. It's just so...just so... Ahem... - In 1983, the heads at 20th Century Fox were so impressed by James Cameron's then uncompleted screenplay for the film, they actually waited for him to complete The Terminator before finishing it up; they wanted him to write the whole thing. - James Cameron designed the Queen himself. The final puppet/animatronic/behemoth used in the film required 14 to 16 operators. - Newt, aka one of the few child characters in horror movie history who wasn't annoying as all-get-out, was the only role ever played by Carrie Henn. She currently works as a school teacher. - James Cameron wanted the interactions and attitudes of the space marines as authentic as possible, so before their introductory scene onboard Sullaco, he shot every scene that only featured them first, so their conversing and camaraderie would come from the actors being friends with each other at that point, while Ripley would feel like the outsider because Sigourney Weaver had not shot anything with them yet. - Lance Henrikson actually learned how to to do five finger fillet for the scene where his character, Bishop, does "the thing with the knife." - Every tweak to the xenomorphs' design in the movie was done to accommodate the more stunt-oriented nature of their scenes: the transparent dome was removed because it would break too easily, and the bonier look was established so the stuntmen could essentially wear spandex covered by a few xenomorph costume bits. - "Game over, man, game over!" was improvised by Bill Paxton. - The actors playing the marines each got to customize their armor. - In a rare feat for an action movie, the 15 minute countdown at the end of the movie is indeed 15 minutes. - The little jump scare in the lab where the facehugger in the tank wigs out was not scripted; James Cameron wanted a realistic jump out of actor Paul Reiser. - Corporal Hicks was originally supposed to be played by James Remar, but he left after one shot was completed due to "creative differences". So he was replaced by Michael Biehn. A shot featuring Remar actually made it into the finished film, but his back is towards the camera, so you can't tell. - Speaking of which, Hicks's shotgun is the exact same one used by Biehn's character in The Terminator. For the gag where Hicks uses it to blow away an xenomorph's head, the shot of the barrel going into the mouth had to be done in reverse because it was too hard to get it in there. - Composer James Horner felt he wasn't given the proper amount of time needed to make a completely satisfactory score. He had to start writing music before even seeing any of the film, had to rewrite entire scenes as they were reedited, and recorded the whole thing in four days. Despite all these issues, it remains one of the greatest action scores of all time and earned him his first Oscar nomination. - The picture of Ripley's elderly daughter was a actually a picture of Sigourney Weaver's mother. - Xenomorph shriek = altered baboon shriek. - The film's crew and the crew of Full Metal Jacket were working close to each other, so they often had parties, which is probably necessary when you are working with Cameron and Kubrick. - The fire in the APC created a cloud of noxious fumes that was actually suffocating the actors. - Just like in the first movie, the white substance inside inside the android character was milk. Unfortunately for Lance Henrikson, the milk he had to store in his mouth between takes went bad fast. The food poisoning followed soon after. - In all three of the James Cameron movies Michael Biehn has starred in, his character was bitten on the hand by another character. - The mechanics of the walking facehugger that attacks Ripley was modeled after the Spydor action figure from the He-Man franchise. - Sigourney Weaver gave each actor a bouquet of flowers whenever they were about to shoot their character's death scene. - Stephen Lang auditioned for the part of the main human antagonist Carter Burke. He didn't get the part, but James Cameron later cast him as the villain in Avatar. - When Jenette Goldstein auditioned for the role, she thought the title was referring to illegal aliens and the U.S./Mexican border. She was cast as Vasquez as a result, and the story ended up in the movie as a joke. - The power plant where the scenes taking place in the hive had a bad case of asbestos when the crew arrived, so the whole place had to be cleaned up to make it safe. They left the location cleaner than when how they found it, which was good news for the filmmakers behind Batman (1989), who later used the plant as the Joker's lair. The bad news is that they still had to clean up all the xenomorph crap left everywhere. - This movie explains why Ash the Android went berserk in Alien: he was a Cyberdyne Systems model. - Sigourney Weaver should have won Best Actress. This is a fact. I love you, Aliens. The risk always lives.
  20. This game is like, so imagine this sort of a scenario, but as a pony: You find the book:Facts Of Ponies. Opening it, you turn to a chapter about a certain pony and facts. This pony happens to be Rarity. The book says: Facts of Rarity Fact of Rarity 1:All fashion encircles her. and so on and so on. So basically, we're choosing any pony (and I mean ANYpony) from the show, and writing facts about them. Remember, even if someone has done a pony already, you can do that pony too! Just start off where they left off! I'll start. Rules of Pinkie Rule of Pinkie 1:She defies the laws of physics, or else. Rule of Pinkie 2:All parties thrown by her must be awesome. Rule of Pinkie 3:Her friendship is strong, or she must be depressed.