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Found 4 results

  1. So Littleshy made this Mini PMV Fad like a week ago, I just wanted to see what everybody thought about it, because personally i liked the idea so i made some bullcrap version of it. Here's the link to the playlist of all the Mini PMV's and the original PMV. Click below for the other PMV's Playlist.
  2. ~Chaotic Discord~ is trying to start a movement of avatars showing pony navels, so I decided to create my own counter-movement because of reasons. All you have to do is change your avatar to your favorite pony in clothes of some kind (preferably something fancy like mine), and then you can be in the group. Request for a special title in the group if you want. Leaders President of Gothic Lolita Awesomeness: MelancholicMemory Supreme Lord of Colorful Fabulosity: DashForever Normal Members Muffin Thief Bari Sparkity
  3. http-~~-// Hello there and welcome to the next thread in what I assume will become an annoying fad, Professor Oak's Guide to Training Pokemon. I'm your guide, Professor Oak but some affectionately refer to me as the Pokemon Professor. I'm sure your asking yourself "Professor, what the hell is a Pokemanz?" Well let me tell you as you get out form under that rock you've been living under for the past 15 years. A Pokemon is a creature that inhabits this world in great numbers. Some people use them for battling, some as pets, but others such as myself research them so that we can one day know everything about these strange yet interesting creatures. Catching a Pokemon To catch a Pokemon all you have to do is walk around in the tall grass for a bit and eventually you will encounter a Pokemon. Now, make sure you have a Pokemon of your own such as Charmander or Bulbasuar has it is dangerous to go into the tall grass alone. Anyway once you encounter a Pokemon attack it until you lower it's health enough and throw a Pokeball at it. It may take a few tries but It should work. Remember that status effects make Pokemon easier to catch. Food It is uncertain what some Pokemon eat. Though it is known that most will eat either berries, other Pokemon, or both. It is recommended that you don't have Bug types and Flying types out at the same time as most Flying types love eating Bug type Pokemon. Also most Pokemarts sell Pokemon food that all types will eat. Training Pokemon If you want to become a Pokemon master you have to train and evolve your Pokemon otherwise they will start losing battles. The most effect way to train Pokemon is through EV training. Effort Values or "EVs" help your Pokemon grow in the stats that would help them best. To help explain EV Training here is my good friend, EV the Eevee. Hey I saw what you did with that puppet...Uhhg nevermind. Once you have trained to your heart's content [or until your Pokemon reaches level 100] you are ready to participate in battles which brings us to our next topic. Battling Pokemon Now this is where the fun begins. Pokemon battles are quite simple. There are several things you need to know such as differences between physical and special attacks, how to use status attacks to your advantage, which Pokemon complement which, and a bunch of other stuff that we [won't] get to later. The main thing you need to know is about types. Each Pokemon has a type such as Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, etc. It's all very easy to understand. Fire types are weak to Water types, Water types are weak to Electric, etc etc. Here is a list of type match ups between Pokemon. Misc. info Some Pokemon can not evolve without evolution stones or until other special requirements are met. Pokemon can hatch from eggs but the best way to find Pokemon is to catch them. [that helps you fill up your Pokedex] While your training your Pokemon a terrorist organization might start attacking the region. Don't worry because as a 10 year old you are now an adult and can totally handle taking down a huge organization like that.
  4. I've been thinking, do you think bronyism is just a fad that will pass? Do you think that once MLP: FIM stops being made we will just stop? Personally I don't know. I'll except when the time comes for the show to close but this forum has brought me friends and many laughs. Will you stop when the time comes or will you remain a brony? I don't think I will stop being a brony even after the "fad" has passed or when the show stops airing. I've had to many good times on the forum and with other bronies to give it up. What do you think?