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Found 3 results

  1. Note: Over the last month-plus, some content originally leaked (e.g., the Student Six's names, episode titles, some summaries) have been officially revealed, and chances are more will, too. But as always, please keep all leaked content not officially revealed yet — and/or if you're unsure if you're revealing too much — under the "spoiler" tag. (Hit the eye icon to trigger it and type within it.) Title: Fake It 'Til You Make It Air Date (U.S./Disc. Family): April 7 at 11:30am Writer(s): Josh Hamilton Summary: "When Fluttershy is the only pony available to look after the Manehattan boutique while Rarity is away, she takes on a series of characters to cope with the intimidating clientele and learns that she was already the best pony for the job just by being herself." Remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on! Episode will be linked after it airs. DM:
  2. Fake It 'Til You Make It isn't very good. The episode has an array of major problems that progressively worsen the more you think about it. Fluttershy is out of character for being abusive to her customers, friends, and especially Smokey and family. Rarity continues to display major incompetence as a business owner: asking her friends to manage her shop at the 11th hour and then talking crap about her Manehattanite customers behind their backs. The Manehattanite customers are all stereotypical representations and very unlikable. Rarity becomes out of character by talking shit about Saddle Row and Manehattan as a whole, implicating she opened Rarity for You for self-fulfilling purposes rather than to extend her generosity outside of Ponyville or Canterlot. On top of that, the jokes don't land, and the story treats her transformation of character very seriously, yet FS outright states she was pretending the whole time, absolving her guilt and making her apology really hollow. As fun as criticizing a crappy episode is, FITYMI can be much, much better, whether it's rewriting bits of it and keeping the format or scrapping it in favor of a brand-new idea. What ideas do you have for improving Fake It, and explain how your ideas will improve the flaws featured in the episode? Here are some of mine. Make the tone far less serious. The more laid back, intentionally sillier, and looser the tone, the better you can intertwine the jokes. The Saddle Row Review's format, surprises, and tone are why the jokes so well. Plus, clearly establish to both the characters and the audience that FS is only acting. Try to incorporate some jokes and lighthearted banter between Fluttershy and the Manehattanites to establish communication. Establish Fluttershy's moral compass. To echo @Scootaloved in the discussion thread, Fluttershy's abuse to Smoky and family makes no sense, because it disregards hr character. Rather than back the Manehattanite, when the Manehattanite spits her tea on the raccoons, she defends them and tells them to respect them, whether the tea is cold or not. Speaking of which, less caricaturing and way more genuine variety of the Manehattanites. As a New Yorker, this quarter-dimensional approach strongly indicates no one knows a dime about NY. My city is a mosaic of many people, some good, some bad, but are all real people. Treat the Manehattanites like real people instead of caricatures of people, and maybe establish that many of them are Rarity's loyal customers. Make Rarity much more responsible. Instead of willingly asking them all at the last minute, how about having to go on an emergency after an assistant (who's co-managing the Canterlot fashion festival) at Canterlot's sick, and she has to ask someone she trusts while she's gone. FS is the first to pop in her mind, who accepts.
  3. So, is any hardcore Rarishy shipper willing to fangirl and chat about tomorrow's episode? I've been waiting for this since Filli Vanilli, so the hype is more than real.