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Found 21 results

  1. Been a while since I posted, forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong section. A while ago I put together a video of me reading off some of DJ PON3's lines from Fallout Equestria. When I posted it on the Fallout Equestria Amino, someone asked if it was a mod they could download. Obviously it's not, but what if it was? I'm curious to know, because I have no knowledge of mods or modding in general, is there anybody here who might like to do something like that? Like, make a mod that swaps out the usual DJ lines in between songs in Fallout 4 with DJ PON3 lines? That may be a tall order, I have no idea, but I figured I would ask anyway. It's not something I'm dying to have done, but I thought it'd be cool. Here's the original video, if anyone cares to listen:
  2. Ad Victoriam! Alright everyone, Fallout 4 has made some serious changes to the Brotherhood of Steel and I'd like to hear what you think. Also, I am adding a video that I happen to Agree with. I hope you enjoy!
  3. I have been playing fallout 4 a lot recently ( yay PS4 mods are finally out ) and I have a question.... Who did you side with in fallout 4? I usually side with the Brotherhood but recently I decided to side with the Institute, I actually like both factions and I really wish you could replace the elder with a synth so that you could keep the BoS around if you side with the Institute. As for the other two I find the Minutemen annoying and I despise the Railroad.
  4. So on top of the recently released Nuka World DLC for Bethesda's Fallout 4, it would seem that GPU manufacturer Nvidia have decided to release their own custom mod for the game titled "Vault 1080", and are basically using it to showcase some new volumetric lighting effects that could be utilized by their '1000' series of graphics cards and implemented into future Fallout games or similar titles (Elder Scrolls with that lighting, anyone?). Now I know this is something that will probably only interest players with top of the line PC systems right now, I know for sure mine couldn't run this without a significant frame rate loss, but my real question here is; What do you think of these companies using mods like this to test new graphical capabilities? Do you think it could be more than just a glorified tech demo? Does it show that you could potentially go back and get much more out of games like this, even after they have started to age in a few years? I personally think it's a nifty feature to take advantage of, to let players themselves experience the effects in a properly finished title rather than just pre-generated imagery or a 'built for display' game that will never actually be released. Here's a couple of more images from the mod itself. I must say that it definitely lends itself to making the environment much more atmospheric:
  5. I remember when this game was nothing but a legend a folktale to pass around on the internet. When it finally it was hyped up big time and made it look like it was the next big game. Oh how we were wrong, dead wrong. Today I'm going to review Fallout 4 in two categories the good and the bad. The Good +The Character Creator is really, but I mean really good. I like how it’s no longer a menu screen and you can select the part of the face you want to customize. +You can customize the color of the flashlight and the Pip Boy screen +Junk has a point. You can use said junk to build a variety of stuff like buildings and weapons +Weapon customization is amazing, and you redesign and heck you can even name it. Heck I even named a shotgun “Boomstick” +VATS is vastly improved and no longer a “pause screen”. +SPECIAL has a point. By that I mean in 3 and NV it was just there and it didn’t really impact the game that much. It’s also now tied into the perks as well. +The gun-play is fantastic as well. +The Open World is vastly improved on the last two games. The world has radiation storms and weather in general and has different environments fitting to Boston. +The Settlement mechanic is really fun and you build own fort and community. +The Mods are fantastic. If you have a PC please check Nexus mods. The Negative -I heard this enough and I agree: The story sucks. It’s pretty much Fallout 3’s but in inverse and whoever is the head writer for the story should be fired because he is terrible. -The Factions have no point at all and The Minutemen are as annoying as that one friend that pokes you on Facebook. -The game has quite a few loading screens. -The Companion A.I. sucks and is glitchy as all hell. -The Dialogue. Bethesda tried to do the Bioware/ Telltale approach to it and it FAILS big time. The voice acting from mostly everyone feels stilted and flat, and it brakes the immersion that that the main character of this story is supposed to be you. -Some perks are pointless such as one that gives immunity to radioactive water. -DLC sucks and half of them are workshop content. My question is why couldn’t all the workshop DLC be one big DLC? On a similar note, the only DLC worth noting is Far Harbor and Nuka World (Maybe, as it hasn’t come out yet as I type this.) -Here’s one thing I think I hate most about Fallout 4: There is little to no horror. Yeah a post-apocalyptic game with little to no horror, allow that to sink in. When I think Fallout I think of a Lovecraftian theme park. On top that, in previous two game (3 and New Vegas) Vaults were the game’s version of a haunted house and you also felt someone was watching you. Now, Vaults are just futuristic looking bomb shelters and that’s it. Yeah they are experiments done each vault, but none of them are really that creepy. Overall I will honestly say that I did uninstall FaIlout 4 at least three times, but I won’t say Fallout 4 is up there with Sonic 06 or Duke Nukem Forever of being the worst game ever made. I will say however Fallout 4 is good game trying to come out, but is bogged by missing the horror atmosphere that was in all the previous installments, a terrible story, and lot of other things. Do I still recommend this game? In strange way, yes, but now. It’s not worth the $60 or $110(with season pass) price. I would wait until there is a “Game of the Year” edition is out and then wait for that to go on sale. Grade 78/100 C+
  6. I mean, honestly. Think about it. Ignoring the already well-connected references present throughout the game, from Arlen Glass's office, to the Minutemen-ending conversation with Preston, there are an incredibly large number of similarities between the books and the game. Which is odd, since the books came out first and the game was in production for upwards of 6 years. Pink Eyes had a giant airship, just like the Prydwen. Project Horizons had an entire story arc surrounding the Institute, even if it turned out vastly different in actual canon. Can anyone think of any other connections? I know there are a ton more, but none are coming to mind right now.
  7. Like the title says, your OC is a companion in Fallout 4. What are his/her likes/dislikes, are they romanceable and what is their romance/maximum affinity perk? Also, are there any special easter-eggy things that could affect your OC? That'll be explained more in depth as you read down. Me first: Kronos: Likes: Killing raiders Being given weapons The Lone Survivor using Cannibal perk Critical hits When you pick locks/hack terminals (will comment on your deft ears/intellectual capacity) Loves: Being given legendary gear Being given heavy weapons Being given energy weapons Being given the Alien Blaster Pistol (this is a quick and cheap way to quickly gain his max affinity/romance) Being given a legendary heavy energy weapon (legendary gatling laser) Pacifying enemies Dislikes: Attacking settlers/pacifyed enemies Sarcasm (dude couldn't take a joke) Use of chems Use of alcohol Hates: Killing settlers/pacifyed enemies Flirting with others (only when romanced and will call you a "cheating snob") Addiction to chems/alcohol Maximum affinity/romance perk: Ragarokian Upgrades--Gain +50 Resistance to all forms of damage and deal 25% more damage with all types of weapons Other: If you're a male character and you name yourself "P-21" or "Braeburn", you can romance Kronos as a male character. He'll even call you by name or, if romanced, by "babe" Also, if something like this has been made, please inform me so as kindly and politely as possible.
  8. As a fan of Fallout series and lore, I was fascinated by their story and their world that is different from ours. I'm also a history nerd as well. I was reading about the transistor that wasn't invented in their world till ten years before the Great War. I only do know that the Resource Wars were started because of oil and other resources to use for their own gain such as creating robots, cars, factories, guns, etc. My question for this topic. If the transistor was invented like our timeline did, would that prevent the Resource Wars and Great War? Or it wouldn't? Would the outcome be any different? That is my question and I was wondering if any of you fans here have a theory about this.
  9. A very happy new year to all of you! We here at the Manehattan Project hope that the holidays treated you well. As for us, ironically half of us were sick during most of them and the other half spent a bit more time in Fallout 4 when we should have been working in GoE. Such is the way of gamers. But don't worry, we're almost completely back on track. We've made some internal changes to the way we're handling the workload that should bring things to fruition much sooner. At the moment, I'm happy to say that we even have a general goal for launch. While we're not ready to share that just yet, know that this is coming. Soon, the Manehattan Project will invite you to head back to New Pegasus and save two worlds. It's in that vein that I'm here today. We have a couple important openings I'm sure you will be interested in. Artist: The MLP and Fallout: Equestria community is filled with gifted and talented artists. Thankfully, many folks have given us permission to use their material, giving us the opportunity to create some truly awesome customized items for GoE 1. But there's still a lot of work to do. We're looking for someone with experience in GIMP, Photoshop or a similar program. It doesn't need to be extensive. There are two sides of our artistic endeavors: Retextures: We're looking for folks who are adept at changing existing in-game elements to fit the FO:E asthetic. For example, you would change the primary image file for the signs says "Overseer" to "Overmare." There are a lot of little changes that need to be made and we need someone to make this happen. We're also looking for people to create higher-resolution versions of the existing material (such as foodstuffs and drinks). Original Artwork: We're also looking for individuals to create original artwork for the various skill books, magazines, Ministry posters and other Fallout: Equestria-style material. We need them to be high-resolution (at least at Fallout 4's level) so we can reuse them for GoE 2. There's a lot of freedom in this role, but we do have a few critical projects. You'll be working hand-in-hand with our Lead Artist, Littlepip/FancyCat. In addition, if you already have some art like this (or know of people with art like this), please let us know in the comments! PMV/Visualizer/YouTube Effects Artist (After Effects): This is a completely new position we're just announcing today! We're looking for someone with some minor experience in After Effects. We have several big trailer projects (including a totally epic Launch Trailer for GoE 1) along with our music announcements. Heck, if you want to even add some cool effects to the audiobook videos, that would be great! All you need to have is After Effects and a willingness to make epic things. Those are the two big roles we have open at the moment. If you're interested, please drop us an application! Thanks to Reddit, we have our new Calamity tentatively cast already. Polyphonic is over the moon about this potential candidate. In addition, massive work has been done on the Rock Farm Sector 3. Let me just say that the Rock Farm is by far the most complex and ambitious level I've ever designed. It's utterly MASSIVE. (It's six stories tall with numerous labs and facilities on each level!). There's an enormous amount of custom material. I've actually created unique Maneframes for the Ministry of Arcane Science, the Ministry of Technology and joint MAS/MWT Maneframes for this, complete with custom glow colors and actual ministry logos. That's all with a completely recolored purple glow version of the glowing blue utility set from "Old World Blues." It's epic. Seriously. That's all we have for this week. But now that the holidays are over, the kid gloves are coming off. We're making this happen. We're going to give you an awesome reason to head back to New Pegasus...and make you wonder just what we have in store for you in GoE 2 in Buckston. Until next week folks, have fun and stay safe! -Novel Idea
  10. OK, in Fallout 4, there are shops, and beds you can sleep in. Is the shop Restock time the same as skyrim? Or is it longer due to the new technology of the xbox one? And does it take a month in-game for the environment to respawn? Yeah, does anyone know the answer to this? Is there a difference to time because of it being on Xbox One? Or is it the same system as Skyrim?
  11. I can't wait for it to come out! I have already pre-ordered it on PC. Any other pony pre-ordered Fallout 4 or going to buy it?
  12. If anyone does not know, but Fallout 4 is getting some big hype for the (technically) working real life pip boy. It connects to PC, PS4 and XBONE and has the same internal OS as the pip boy in the game. You stick your smart phone inside it to make it work. "Perfect for cosplaying" as they say. I followed it up with getting a text message reminder from for when Amazon will get more of them in. Bethesda might be the next best place to buy a legit $120 Pip-boy edition when it comes out. Ebay has a bunch of disgusting vile resellers selling the pre-orders at an inflated price. So I do not know if I was a fool for not pre-ordering Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition. It is true that I can just use my smart phone to access the Pip-boy interface, but the immersion man! The immersion! What do you guys think? Sorry if there was something like this, I google searched it.
  13. This thread is just to talk about any and all of your adventures in america's wastes.
  14. So, my brother has decided to save up some money for a PlayStation 4, and Fallout 4. One thing I hope is that you can free roam AFTER you finish the final mission . . . that's what I hate about Fallout New Vegas. But either way, anyone else excited as hell for the game?
  15. Bethesda recently put a timer on their Fallout section of their website ( which probably means that something big regarding Fallout is coming. Maybe 4, or maybe a remaster of the earlier two games? Or New Vegas 2? Here's a (now irrelevant) leak
  16. How I felt at the start of E3. How I feel about it now. I'm honestly just waiting for the AMD 300 series graphics cards to be announced.
  17. Ok im gonna go super fanboy right now, that bethesda e3 conference was incredible. Dishonered 2, doom etc, and something else... Oh right, FALLOUT 4 Did you see those weapon and armor crafting screens Or the dialogue wheel(a personal favorite) Or House building Or dog commands Or the way the guns worked and looked and felt so real Or or that each armor piece was separate (i.e. Shoulders, kneepads, etc) Or The new pip boy and vats Or the other stuff Or JUST EVERYTHING, it just works Fanboying aside, or amplified depending, what did you guys think?!?!
  18. So we all know the Bethesda is coming out with Fallout 4 for October 23 2015. (from this most resent video posted thursday here) So my biggest question, to all those FEQ readers. Do you thing Kkat will make a follow up series based off of the new fallout game? Maybe a new fanfic to add the rest of the fallout equestrian universe? Post your thoughts below, and share to the rest of the pony fandom! P.S. Always Follow the form rulez~! P.S.S. Im so hyped for the game!!! (thank you for the move @PathfinderCS) Night Spark.
  19. Is no one still wondering what the next fallout game is going to be about, So far there is little rumors and information about the game. It is most likely to not be out until 2013 due to there being no news about the game. All that is known is that it will probably have a new graphics engine like skyrim's and it may be a online game. The only thing about fallout I want to know is more about the Vault-boy
  20. My uncle's friend knows Todd Howard, the president? of Bethesda, who is supposedly beginning Fallout 4 or a Fallout MMORPG. I thought it would be cool if we shared our ideas for what we think the story should be about. Remember, in Fallout games, the story IS NOT, i repeat IS NOT the entire game and cannot completely overtake the entire playthrough. My idea is that at first, you begin in the medical clinic of an opened vault community. Apparently one of the scavengers who passed through town found you in a ditch on the side of the road. As you explore through the wastes and do quests and missions and just randomly come across info and people you learn that you are a top secret Enclave experiment. You were once an Enclave soldier but due to being charged of treason, you were to be put to death. On death row, you are chosen to be part of an experiment where they would completely whipe your mind of everything and moniter your activity throug the wasteland. As you have traveled they have been deciding whether or not they are strong enough to return. At this point you cab try to reunite with the Enclave(probably evil faction), join the Brotherhood of Steel(probably good faction, simply assist the Brotherhood(neutral way to go), or simply go it alone(another neutral path). In the end, each path has a different ending, such as with the Enclave, you take back the wasteland and eliminate anything in the way of returning America to it's former state. For the joining the Brotherhood, you help locate and eliminate the Enclave and take complete control over the wasteland making it a safer and more technological place. Simply helping the Brotherhood will make it so the wasteland is basically the same, with the Brotherhood and Enclave hunting eachother down, and the chaos (and occasional beauty) of the wasteland as it always has been. Simply ignoring both factions has them burn eachother out until both sides are eliminated and you begin a conquest of the wastes, whether it be to unify it or destory it. **Important: This takes place 15 years after the events of Fallout 3, however in an entirely new wasteland that has not been unified or taken over or affected by the BoS and Enclave yet. Well that's my thought, what do you guys think?
  21. Alright, well there have been a TON of new game releases coming out at the end of 2012 and around the beginning and middle of 2013. I just figured I'd share my opinion on some of the games . So, let me start by showing my most wanted and least wanted: Most Wanted: Halo 4. Basically, seeing I'm a huge Halo fan, Anyone would figure Halo 4. It has breath-taking graphics and the Demo seemed like it has good gameplay. Of course, there were some flaws, like some graphics being a little peculiar and Master Chief's model not being the Official announced one. Also, even though the gameplay from the E3 was spectacular, Most demos a cinematic, so I can't tell if it really has the content Halo 4 will have. Overall, I think Halo 4 will be a big success. 9.5/10 Least wanted: Call of Duty: Black ops 2 This Game really catches my eye, don't get me wrong COD fans. However, it basically has the basic story like the original Black Ops, only with a new feel and that you're playing as the protagonist's son. It's not bad, I mean I would like playing as the son of a character in the future, but there aren't many changes in my opinion. the E3 demo seemed the same as Black Ops with a Futuristic feel, like I said before. The game has amazing graphics also, definitely eye-catching. Overall, I don't think Black Ops 2 will be a failure, but it wont be a must have seeing the similarities from Black Ops in my opinion. 7.5/10 EDIT: Thank you to @irobern2857 for pointing this out: COD Black Ops 2 also has a new thing to the storyline, which gives it a more inclusive feel to it. It's like events from games like fallout and skyrim, where when you do certain things in the story it affects the overall turnout of the actual game. This is new for a COD game, but let's hope for the best of it. There are also events that focus away from the story, completely discluding the story. I don't exactly remember what they are called, but it would help put more time and work into the game to make the win feel much better in my opinion. New rating: 8.5/10 And for my other games, My middle game is Fallout 4. So, what games are you wanting to get? Brohooves to all the Bronies and Pegasisters!