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Found 8 results

  1. There is absolutely no sex, violence, horror, language, drugs, or gambling whatsoever in this game, and the ESRB wasn’t established until 1994. Nevertheless, the game was still banned anyway! How in Equestria did that happen?
  2. Hey, all! Back with another cover, this time from Legends of Equestria! It's probably one of my favorite themes of the Evershade, if not of the whole game, so I knew I had to cover it. (And not to sound like I'm bragging, but this also got featured by LoE's Twitter this morning, which still has me squeeing internally) Link to Soundcloud: Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it!
  3. Hey, all! Back again with another song (that's a few days old, whoops). This one is a gift for a dear friend of mine. He's been going through some rough stuff lately (though he informed me earlier today that's he's feeling better, so yay), so I thought I'd write something to cheer him up. (And he let me know he loves it, too, so double yay.) Therefore, it's a soft and relaxing song. It also, to me, feels kinda like background music, and while it's a little on the repetitive side, I'm proud of it. Here's to hoping you get some enjoyment out of it as well. Thanks for listening!
  4. So after a month of nothing, I've released a new song! This one was written at the beginning of Season 5, and is about Starlight Glimmer. It was technically written before "Just a Fraud", but I had to rework the lyrics a little, so it got delayed. It's here now, though, so please give it a listen if you wish! Any comments and feedback is much appreciated! And the obligatory SoundCloud link, for those who prefer it. Thanks for listening, and enjoy!
  5. Back with a new song! This one is dedicated to the pony who I'm sure is quickly becoming best pony for many of you. I had a bit of fun writing this song, especially coming off the knowledge I gained while writing Canterlot Heights. Here's hoping you'll have as much fun listening to it. Any comments and feedback are much appreciated! And, as usual, an optional SoundCloud link for those who prefer it.
  6. I made another Trixie song, this time based upon a line said in "Magic Duel." This is also the first song I've released that has lyrics, so if you want to check those out, and/or sing along for some odd reason, they are in the video description. Any and all comments are appreciated! Thanks for listening, and enjoy! Also, here's an alternate SoundCloud link for those of you who wish to listen this way instead.
  7. Hey all, I'm back with a new song! This was the result of me attempting to make a house track, as I've never successfully made one before. While I'm not sure if I succeeded or not, I will say that I think the song turned out alright nonetheless. Please, tell me what you think!
  8. Thought I'd post this here for some feedback. I started this not too long after I made my Boooring! cover, and since the Assertive-ness was still fresh on my mind, I figured I'd try to create an original in the style of Assertive Fluttershy. Hopefully, it lives up to the name! Please, tell me what you think of it!