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Found 2 results

  1. So Friendship is Magic is ending after next season, but that doesn't mean we have to let the story end! DHX is no longer going to be producing pony after Season 9, but who's to say we can't? I know there are plenty of Flash Animators, Storyboard Artists, Music Editors, ponies who can do nearly identical impressions to characters from the show, ect., and if we all came together to collaborate, we as a fandom could keep making our own episodes of pony, well beyond the end of it's TV life. We can save the story from ending, we can keep the Equestria we know and love to continue progressing! How can you help? If you can do an awesome imitation of a pony from the show, if you know how to animate in Flash, if you can storyboard, if you can create backgrounds, if you can edit and/or create background music, ect., we can use all the help we can get! This is no easy task, and every helping hoof well help! So make sure to spread the news of this! What if I don't have any of these skills? Don't fret! You can still help! Just spread the word about the project to anypony who might be able to help! I would like to note, that this will be all voluntary work, I want to keep this project as far away from financial gain as I can. For most of the crew, just send me in a sample of what you can do. These episodes will be made in the style of FiM itself, so keep that in mind when creating your samples. It's a little bit more specific for voice actors/actresses. You MUST have a clear mic with no white noise, and you MUST provide a voice sample of the character you are auditioning for. No foul and/or inappropriate language in the voice samples! Voice samples are accepted in MP3, WAV, OGG, and FLAC file formats. ALSO, don't be discouraged if somepony else has said they could do a voice. This is not a first come-first serve basis. I will review any voice samples I get, and choose which ones I feel are the best, and even if you don't get a mane role, you still might be cast as a background/extra voice. If you're looking for a microphone, the Blue Microphones - Yeti, or the Yeti Nano, should be two good microphone options. The voices I will need for the pilot episode are: For canon characters: Applejack Applebloom Big Mac Granny Smith Fluttershy Berry Punch (non-alcoholic interpretation) Scootaloo Twilight Sparkle For the original characters: File Clip: A nice, upper class stallion Earth Pony who lives in an apartment in Manehatten. Not much of an accent, a pretty average adult male voice, not too deep, not too light. Marble Hoof: File Clip's nice Earth Pony wife. Not much of an accent either, a smooth average female voice of a mare in her mid-late 20s to 30s. Pearl Necklace: File Clip and Marble Hoof's, (very) bratty daughter, who doesn't like the idea of being in the student exchange program. A squeaky teenage voice, who talks in a bratty tone most of the time. Re-occurring characters I will need voices for if the pilot is approved (initial occurrence most likely within the first five episodes). Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Applejack Rarity Spike Starlight Glimmer Trixie Luamoon Maud Pie Applebloom Sweetie Belle Scootaloo Diamond Tiara Silver Spoon Berry Punch Zecora Derpy "Ditzy" Hooves Princess Celestia Princess Luna (pretty sure Celly and Luna will be re-occurring) There will certainly be other ponies' voices I'll need eventually, and I can always use background/extra voices, so even if you don't match anypony on the list, feel free to audition as a background/extra voice if you wish! All proper position volunteering and voice sample auditions should be e-mailed to this address: (you can also ask in the thread, but you must have an e-mail regardless if you asked in the thread or not.) There is also a Casting Call Club page if you prefer to audition via that. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread. Thank You for taking the time to read this! -SP64
  2. I am going to announce the casting for my own My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. This is a fan series simply titled "My Little Pony FIM Adventures" and I've been planing this for a few years. After a few years of developing, (and I really do mean a few years of developing, three to be exact),starting off in 2011 as a movie with no ideas and stories to a movie in 2013 with one idea for a story and then another one in 2014 with a lot of ideas, thus expanding into multiple stories. So far for this MLP fan series, the first season will go for 12 episodes, and the second will go for 38 episodes and the third season (which is mostly Equestria Girls) will go for 90 episodes. About 200 episodes are planned. And 5 movies. And some side episodes (Similar to Pokemon Chronicles). I originally started this casting on deviantart, then on the new Voice Acting Alliance Forums and now here. No replies on either forums. So, I'm trying it here now. Also, I plan to do this series with Flash Animation, similar to many other My Little Pony fan-made episodes as well as the official series and I've already written the scripts for the first season. Episode list: Season 1 Episode 1: Choice Episode 2: Returned Episode 3: Memories Episode 4: The Unfocused-At-Start Date Episode 5: Apples Galore Episode 6: The Mistake Of Being Alone Episode 7: Trixie, Mirage, Starlight Glimmer And Sunburst Episode 8: Don’t Do Anything Too Hasty Episode 9: Princess Duties Episode 10: Darkness And An Evil Spirit Episode 11: Going With The Choice Episode 12: Adopted Cast for the first season (Voice actresses and voice actors needed) (Official Characters)Twilight SparkleSpikeApplejackRarityRainbow DashFluttershyPinkie PieApple BloomSweetie BelleScootalooPrincess CelestiaPrincess LunaSunset ShimmerFlash SentryFlimFlamTrixieDiscordKing SombraStarlight GlimmerSunburstThe Royal Pony GuardsSnipsSnailsBig McIntoshGranny SmithCup CakeCarrot CakeDoctor HoovesDerpy HoovesLyra HeartstringsBon BonOctavia MelodyMayor MareMarch GustysnowsZecoraCheerileeTwistPipsqueakFeatherweightCloud ChaserLotus BlossomAloe Also, misc fillies and colts And random ponies. (My Own Characters)Tykax (danparkerstudios)Gila (vgretro)KomodoBluebellThe Orphanage Owner Who Doesn't Like to be called Mrs. ClonkersKyotoSun GliderMountain MoronMega CrusherSuper CrusherMirageGlitterDartmouth More will be added in future episodes. Voice style: For the official characters, you know how they sound like. For my own characters, some speak in a normal tone of voice. Others are different. For Komodo, he speaks in a normal American voice (I originally offered the role to a movie reviewer, but he turned down the role.) Mountain Moron is an absolute idiot and he is not intelligent, so he doesn't talk in a smart tone of voice. For Mega Crusher, he speaks in a style like Tom Wyner and Richard Epcar. For Super Crusher, his style is similar to the late Bob Papenbrook. And I was thinking for the nameless Orphanage Owner, maybe she talks like one of Maggie Smith's characters on a bad day. Bluebell is a young, innocent filly, so, she is a young girl. A young girl may voice her. Send samples and lines here. (mp3 and wav files accepted.) email: If there are any questions, you may feel free to post them here.