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Found 22 results

  1. Prolog Captins report from captain Typhon on the voyige of the Dawn serpent. Exerpt from his diary “It was the 5th at sea as we sailed closer to the smokey sky, we were given orders to investigate an over growing smoke screen seeming to form by the waters of the crystal empire. Reports from the wonder bolts say the smoke is too heavy for anything that could fly over safely. No pony knew if it was land based or on the water so the ship had a ready to deploy force of medics and security. The smoke started small but soon could be seen in canterlot making it dangerous to fly. While the lad was being brought to the lower deck a cannon ball shot past my head thankfully missing me. I turn around seeing……it The black sail with Sombra’s dark crystal. “Helms man we are leaving get us out of here!” I bellowed After drying off the lad and waking him up I sat down with the doctor to see how our new gust aboard the ship was doing. “Carful cap, lads been through a lot” Doc said I nod approaching the colt, he looked tired and had the look of a ruff night’s sleep. Looking up at me the green coated unicorn had sleep bags under his eyes. “Where’s home for you lad” I asked “The..The empire” he said shaken like, “is, mom or dad around” he asked scared I exchange looks with the ships doctor he moths steady, with how young he looked saying he was the only one found. “We are looking for them” I said He didn’t break down but sniffled “well, can you find them soon…I’m scared” “Don’t worry lad they will turn up, I’m captain typhoon what’s your name” I asked The young colt backed up a bit “are you with…with..Him?” the lad asks his small horn glowing I look at our doc who mouths ‘sombra’ I shake my head “Sombra has no presence here lad, your safe” He still looked nervous, he seemed to have heard that before. To calm him I unclipped the Royal navy pin part my of uniform showing the equestrian navy crest. His eyes go big and relaxes at the sight of it “so lad what’s your name” I asked The colt sniffled but breathed out holding back tears. “Red leaf” he finally says.
  2. After a long night and a reminder of not working another Friday night my plan was just to relax and sleep soon as I got home. Unlocking the door I turned the light on "ow ow ow!" I herd waking me up slightly as I came in. Looking around I see my oc batpony Cresent rubbing his eyes, "gah a little heads up bro no?" the bat pony said tiredly. The 3 ft tall bat pony sprawled out in the living room floor had the 360 up playing on a familiar mission that was hard for me as well. "sorry cres, long night" I said "that's the thing with you humans too many of you arnt nocturnal" he wined again. "look I know halo is good but you've been playing that sense last night think you should switch games?" I asked concerned for the pony "a break is probably best" the bat pony said rubbing his eyes again then blinking. Having your OC come to life was an odd way to have a roommate but not the worst roommate to have considering things. I pull out a soda from the fridge and spot the pasta on the kitchen stove "its still good maybe need to heat it up. I tried an new recipe with the tomato's" the bat pony paused his game and trotted over to the kitchen then fluttered on the counter. "so good work?" he asked I gave him a look then realized he still didn't know much about this world or half the things humans eat or related to horse's and cows, and half the food at The Eats fast food chain is nothing but processed bits of farm animals cut this way and that to be eaten, a day I don't want to happen to this little guy. "in a sense lots of money was made, just had to deal with stupid people all day, seriously who orders 15 small fri with no salt?" I ranted "sompony who docent know what a diet is?" the bat pony asked innocently "at 1150 at night?" I respond Cresent opened his mouth...then closed it...then opened his mouth again..."I got nothing" he shrugged then blinked "fry's are those yellow sticks you all like to eat so much right?" "yes, and if you get really specific its a potato" "how in luna do you get that out of a potato?" asked the pony "black magic" "you humans don't have magic" it was my turn to open and close my mouth a couple of times, "you discovered the internet didn't you?" "maybe" he looked to the left innocently as I scooped up the pasta he made taking a few bites from it....which was really good. I looked at the pasta wondering how a bat pony can stir all this together without....until I saw the sink. "remind me to show you what a mixing spoon is, but good job on the pasta" "i do know what its is!" he said sour like I spotted a tomato covered short cutting board with everything but the handle covered in it. "had an argument with the tomato's then?" Cresent looked at the cutting board then sighed, "fine I couldn't find my blade so kinda....sorta...improvised?....." he said with a not quite shameful smile but still innocent enough to get a laugh out of me "well it worked so don't kick yourself...just ask me next time and" "but you were at work" I paused...."ok ask cory next" "he was asleep the entire time and samy is at some wedding or something" I blinked "the tablet?" I asked "ran out of batter and couldn't find the charger....." he looked down cast "sorry" I laughed much to the confusion of the batpony looking up with a raised eyebrow "what's so funny?" "honestly with how good this taste I wouldn't have thought of using a cutting board as a stirring spoon till now working" I said then gave him a hug He seemed surprised by that "your...not mad?" "good pasta after a long night at work? come on man I get cranky but not like a dick cranky" I said patting his back I felt his arms tighter around me after that, poor guy still learning the world around him its easy to forget. "thanks cwhip" "now then" I said putting him back down "about the ghost that keeps running you over" I said going to the living room, glad tonight ended on a good note after a chaotic day.
  3. Oh, fan fics, where we re we might explore interesting takes of our favorite worlds and such. Many of them use OCs for their stories and such. But what about canon characters? We know that many fics put canon characters in unlikely situations, but not all put them in said situations without resorting in making them OOC. So. Which are the most interesting takes on canon characters that are not OOC in fanworks? Mine would be: Note: please, if said fact involves a mayor spoiler, please, put them in a spoiler tag -Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, no way our favorite nerdy princess would think of killing anyone, but Fallout EG made a good take if Twi was forced to take a life. we know the Fallout wastelands are no unicorns and rainbows, so, imagine the shock of Twi once she ended up in a nuclear war torn human world once she started to get worried about Sunny not responding to the messages in the book. Once shenanigans ensues, she gets her share of fights with raiders and other douches. Her lack of experience is compensated with her gifted tactical mind, overwhelming enemies with it. However, she developed a severe PTSD for all the killing she had, having nightmares, fearing she might become evil, and facing her friends and mentor in Equestria, out of fear of being outcast. -Black Widow: There's another character in Fallout Equestria Girls, she's an assassin of unknown purposes. She killed human Braeburn for yet undisclosed reasons (making a personal enemy out of Applejack), and many more people, mostly raiders, also fell victim of her. Well equipped, skilled, and deadly. It is of great shock once, in a fight between pony Twi, pony Sunny, Spikey Wikey and human AJ, it's discovered her identity: -Eris: From Persona EG, in a similar veil as Black Widow above, she's a badass female with her identity hidden. Unlike BW above, she's openly antagonistic towards the protagonists. Not only possessing a powerful persona of the same name, but also incredibly skilled close combatant. She's the most unlikely person, EVER: -Pinkie Pie: In the Friendship is Magic webcomic by Mauroz. Once she's transformed in a magical girl, she's the usual Pinks you'd expect, cheerful, fun loving, maybe a little flirty..... just the usual. But don't hurt her friends, or her idea of fun will turn into a sadistic enjoyment
  4. Okay so this is more of me sharing the fan fic than me actually telling it due to the structure it's told in. Okay, so every week after a new episode airs, me and my sister meet up on Skype to write this fan fic. It's basically what would happen if mlp wasn't voice acted but filmed on a Hollywood set. Think of it like a Who Framed Roger Rabbit style where the mane six are the actors and there are human directors and crew. The ponies film the show where the episodes are based on what actually happened in the show. It's one of those stories that's not meant to be taken seriously just a fun little idea. Also the fan fic is more of ideas and scenarios than a straightforward story. Also the running gag is that the ponies mess up their lines so badly, you wouldn't even think they read their scripts. I know I seem like I have trouble explaining this but here are just jokes out of the fan fic Episode: Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Pinkie: DON'T WORRY RAINBOW DASH, I'LL GIVE YOU SOME OF MINE! Director: CUT! You're not supposed to give her any cider Pinkie: But, you gotta share, you gotta care. Episode: Green isn't your color Spike: I am a dragon Director: CUT! You're supposed to say you have a crush on Rarity Spike: BUT SHE'S RIGHT THERE! Rarity: Uh yeah I already know, it's completely obvious Episode: Filli Vanilli Pinkie (picks up her script and reads it): Yeah I'm not saying any of this, that's mean. Episode: Too many Pinkie Pies Twilight: I found you Pinkie! You are defiantly the real Pinkie! Director: CUT! You're supposed to find out through the watching paint dry idea Twilight: But it's the one not acting stupid I didn't go to the school for gifted unicorns for nothing. Episode: Over a Barrel All: (coughing and choking due to too much dust) Director: CUT! Too much dust effect
  5. Fan fic thread here: Okay so this is more of me sharing the fan fic than me actually telling it due to the structure it's told in. Okay, so every week after a new episode airs, me and my sister meet up on Skype to write this fan fic. It's basically what would happen if mlp wasn't voice acted but filmed on a Hollywood set. Think of it like a Who Framed Roger Rabbit style where the mane six are the actors and there are human directors and crew. The ponies film the show where the episodes are based on what actually happened in the show. It's one of those stories that's not meant to be taken seriously just a fun little idea. Also the fan fic is more of ideas and scenarios than a straightforward story. Also the running gag is that the ponies mess up their lines so badly, you wouldn't even think they read their scripts. I know I seem like I have trouble explaining this but here are just jokes out of the fan fic Episode: Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Pinkie: DON'T WORRY RAINBOW DASH, I'LL GIVE YOU SOME OF MINE! Director: CUT! You're not supposed to give her any cider Pinkie: But, you gotta share, you gotta care. Episode: Green isn't your color Spike: I am a dragon Director: CUT! You're supposed to say you have a crush on Rarity Spike: BUT SHE'S RIGHT THERE! Rarity: Uh yeah I already know, it's completely obvious Episode: Filli Vanilli Pinkie (picks up her script and reads it): Yeah I'm not saying any of this, that's mean. Episode: Too many Pinkie Pies Twilight: I found you Pinkie! You are defiantly the real Pinkie! Director: CUT! You're supposed to find out through the watching paint dry idea Twilight: But it's the one not acting stupid I didn't go to the school for gifted unicorns for nothing. Episode: Over a Barrel All: (coughing and choking due to too much dust) Director: CUT! Too much dust effect All right here's more I just remembered Episode: Dragon Quest Twilight, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash: (beat the crap out of the dragons) Director: CUT! You were supposed to run away. Twilight: But we can take them, I know magic, Rainbow Dash has kicked a bigger dragon in the face and Rarity looks like she's ready to attack. Episode: Putting your hoof down. Ponyville citizen: oh sorry Fluttershy didn't hear you I'll let you pass Director: CUT! You're supposed to not care. citizen: But she's Fluttershy and did you not see us sing the smile song where we advertise ourselves as nice ponies Episode: Friendship is Magic part 2 The giggle at the ghosties song doesn't work Mane six: AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Director: CUT! Nightmare Moon, your trees are supposed to disappear upon their laughter. Nightmare Moon: Do you really think after all that time on the moon I would make trees that vulnerable? Episode: The Ticket Master Twilight: I give the ticket to Applejack! Director: CUT! You're supposed to not give it to any of them. Twilight: But Applejack has the most non selfish reason to go Episode: Flight to the Finish (scene where Diamond Tiara is bullying Scootaloo) Rainbow Dash: (getting held back by 2 crew members) LET ME AT HER! LET ME AT HER! Episode: It Ain't Easy Being Breezies Twilight: (accidentally turns them into dragons Rainbow Dash: ALL RIGHT! Fluttershy: AAAAAHHHH! I'M SCARED OF MYSELF! Twilight: Sorry this spell is hard. Twilight: I can't get the spell right maybe they'll buy mane six dragons Director: Sorry not cute enough for Hasbro to sell. Spike: I am deeply offended!
  6. Here is the fan fic that me and my sister wrote if you haven't read it yet. So, tell me what you think.
  7. So, when I was 13, I was so into Pokemon that I wrote this fanfiction. Looking back on it, there were some funny bits, but it was mostly just cheesy and a bit mean spirited. So guys, check it out especially if you're a fan of the Pokemon anime.
  8. Behold, the best shipping since sliced bread! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GrauWitz was casually walking down the street like he usually does every Tuesday morning. The sky was blue and no cloud was in view. Birds were chirping and ducks were singing. Morning dew made the grass glisten in the sunlight. But then something seemed to have disturbed the usually calm animals. They were scrambling and squarking and squeaking all over the place. They hid in trees. They hid in bushes. They hid in ponds. The people nearby noticed this, but paid no mind. GrauWitz, however, decided to investigate this strange happening, being the curious person he was. He walked in the direction of which the animals were running away from. CRASH BOOM PPPPPP SCREEEEEEE SCRAAAPE BOOM KAPPPOOOGH (cuz everyone knows that's how an explosive sounds like) FOOOOOOO KRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE CRAAASH CRACKLE [onomatopoeias intensifies] CRRAAAAAEEESSSHSHHSHEUAUHEUAHEUAUEUAEUASUSDHOAWDJN They people in the area covered their ears so they could stop hearing the horrifying screeching of the unknown phenomenon. They all fled like pussies. But GrauWitz was brave! So he went towards the source of the strange noises. What he saw there was not a pretty sight, that's for sure. There was fire and smoke. Destruction, doom, darkness, disaster, dilemma and danger took over the area. Debris of vehicles were falling out of the sky. Ambulance sirens could be heard from a mile away. There were injured people that were part of the catastrophic accident. GrauWitz just stood their, aghast. There was so much destruction that was caused by the vehicles. Ambulances had come to pick up people that were injured in the accident. Just when GrauWitz thought that everyone was gone, he heard a muffled noise coming from under pieces of broken metal and other miscellaneous materials. "help me" GrauWitz couldn't even tell if the sound was human, never mind knowing what it was trying to say. "help plz" This time it could be heard more clearly. GrauWitz went towards the sound and looked around. "over here" Said the voice. GrauWitz immediately went over to the voice and started picking up bits of rubble to try to find out who was stuck there. After a bit of searching, a person could be seen attempting to get out of the rubble. GrauWitz pulled the guy out from the dirt n stuff. "Are you alright?" GrauWitz asked. "No...but now that you're here I am perfectly alright. C: " replied the guy. "What's your name?" said GrauWitz "I am Doc Volt" said the guy. "Nice to meet you" said GrauWitz. "You saved mah life." said Doc. Volt "ikr i got swag" said GrauWitz "marry me" said doc ovlt "k" said grauwitz "i lvoe you" said doc volt "me too" said grauwitz then they made out and had gay babies and they all lived happily ever after the end good bye.
  9. How many in your party?", the bored waitress asked with no inflection in her voice. "2! Wait, no, no! That's not right, uh, 3! Yeah, 3!", she replied while glancing around nervously. She let out an embarrassed grin, "Me, this candy wrapper, and this potato!" "How romantic...", the waitress mumbled in a sarcastic tone, "Right this way please." The mare followed the waitress to the back of the crowded restaurant to a booth next to a window. "Here's your menu, n-...", she was interrupted mid-sentence. The mare whispered and pointed to the rest of her inanimate friends, "We are gonna need more than just *one* menu". "Oh, silly me", the waitress rolled her eyes and grabbed two more menus off an adjacent table and placed them in front of the mare's friends. "Now what can I get you to drink?" She took out a notepad and pen. "I would like some moonshine". "Ma'am, we don't sell moonshine here, *sigh* this is a family restaurant". "Then, I would like a glass of white wine, please". The mare looked over at her guests, "What would you two like to drink? Mhm...mhm", she looked back over at the waitress, "They would both like water please". The waitress finished scribbling down the orders and left. The mare reached into her sack and got out a small bag of white powder which she placed next to her, then she reached back into her sack and pulled out a small index card. She glanced around making sure no one noticed her and proceeded to pour a small amount of the powder onto the table. She made three neat lines of it. Pressing one nostril shut, she leaned over table and exhaled deeply through her one open nostril, vacuuming up the three lines in a rapid succession. She shuddered and twitched a few times before dusting the remaining powder off of the table and placing the baggy and index card back into her sack. "D-do I *twitch* got any on my nose", she asked jerking her head over to the potato, "..." "Wha- I do!", she dusted her nose off, "better?" "..." "Alright, good." *Clack*, the sound of the wine glass being set on the table startled the mare. She jerked her head back around staring into the waitresses eyes for a few seconds, her nose bleeding, her mouth leaking with drool, and her chest rising and falling rapidly. "Uh, ma'am, are you O.K?", she said setting the remaining glasses onto the table. "Yes, YES, *chuckles then twitches*, I am 100% A-O.K *twitch*." "Whatever, do you need more time to decide?" "Mhm!", a very wide grin formed on her face stretching her cheeks, "Just - a - few - more - MINUTES!", she replied in staccato. The waitress left the crazed mare. "Food, food, food... What food is th-there?", she whispered to herself unfolding the menu. "Hay fries, hay shakes, hay salad, why the hay is everything saying hay to me", she looked in the middle of the menu, "Oh, this looks good!", she said under her breath. She turned herself in the booth and raised her hoof, "Ms. Waitress, yoo-hoo!", she did not hear the shrieking mare; this made the mare very irate. "MS. WAITRESS!". Silence had now befallen the restaurant, everypony now stared in her direction. The waitress stomped her way over to the booth. "What the BUCK do you want!", the waitress said seething. "I'm ready to order...", the mare whispered, now drenched in sweat. The blood had dried and her mane was a mess; she kept twitching and glancing every which way. The waitress took out her notepad and pen. "I would like the 'eating raw or under-cooked foods may increase your risk of food-borne illness', please!" "Ma'am *facehoof*, that is not even a food item". "Really, well buck. I'll just have the *twitch* hay fries", she replied speaking rapidly. "I-is that a-", the mare took the green mane of the waitress and tugged her down so that she was nose to nose with her. The waitress shrieked and squirmed about trying to get away from the mare's grasp, but with no avail. She could feel the quick, warm breaths of the mare brush against her face. The mare twitched a few times before staring right into the eyes of the waitress. "Let me go! You motherbuck-"... The mare turned her head and interlocked her muzzle with the struggling waitress's; the waitress went quiet and became still, closing her eyes. The mare's tongue pushed through the mouth of the waitress's and soft moan escaped her now penetrated mouth. The mare grinded her tongue against her's and then pulled away leaving a string of drool between the two ponies, which the mare had now slurped up. The waitress was frozen in place. She did not know whether to be aroused, scared, embarrassed, or pissed off. "What the buck was that for!", the waitress yelled throwing her hooves up. Drool dribbled down the mare's neck and she smiled back, "What!", her sides went into orbit. "IT'S NOT BUCKING FUNNY!" The customers were disturbed by what they just had witnessed. Well most, one blue-maned pony from the crowd let out a wolf-whistle and shouted, "That was bucking awesome!" "You're just so... hot, that I couldn't, help myself!", the mare chuckled. "Leave... Now!", the waitress said with bloodshot eyes. She grabbed a butter knife from the table, "OR I WILL BUCKING CUT YOU!", she pressed the blade of the butter knife against the mare's throat.
  10. Ckat_Myla has done a very interesting video about how to follow up after finishing a story. Find the video link and transcript below. And feel free to share this with others that might benefit. The video also includes a contest for a copy of the Pony Tales Comic Vol1 which includes the single issue comics for the mane 6. Free shipping within the US. Find the video here. Imagine if you will: you just completed a very big story (or other such entertainment project) and you are filled with the relief and elation (or perhaps 'reliefalation' ;P) that such an occasion brings. Though as the completion euphoria dies down, you realize that you can't simply sit on your laurels and not do anything else. You are a creator, you must create! A writer writes, and all that. So you begin to wonder to yourself, 'what should I do next?' This is where you might just find yourself in a place quite similar to the one you were in when you began writing and planning your last story. Now however, there are some new questions to ask. Should I do something completely different from my last story, something totally unrelated? Should I continue my story and write a sequel? Can I even write a fulfilling continuation to this last piece of art? There are two different ways you could be coming from in this situation; either you are finishing one story in a series and moving on from it, or you are finishing something to go onto a new story completely separate from the last. From either of those scenarios, you could be feeling a bit of performance anxiety. That's especially if your last story was popular or successful in some way. You might be feeling like you want to give your readers something different, but also not alienate them by going so far away from what made your last story good that you run the risk of losing that same audience. That's why determining what your readers like about that last story (and what you liked too) is so very helpful. That's not to say that you should try to include every thing and every character type that made your last story a hit. There are far too many examples of writers and directors of popular works trying to incorporate all of the things we loved about one book/movie by stuffing it all into the succeeding ones, or incorrectly guessing what it was we loved so much. So don't just do market research. Again if it was successful, you might be feeling a little like that first hit was a fluke. How can you repeat success? Are you just a one hit wonder? Well, I can't give you advice on the former, and probably not on the latter either. I can offer some help on trying to figure out where to start when you hit this new and nervo-citing time. `-`-`-`--`-`-`-` If it's a sequel to their last story usually writers have – if not the entire series planned out – at least some semblance of an outline or a general idea of where the series is headed. But let's say that maybe you don't have as much as you probably should for an outline regarding the entire series (no offense to those that don't do this, I'm more of a plotter than a pantser) or maybe you hadn't considered making a sequel when you began. A good place to start would be to look at the emotional state your characters are in at the end of story 1. Then consider where you could take them to further the story in an interesting and entertaining way. This is an opportunity to take the current ending (however happy or sad) and go 'now... what could go wrong here?' They may have overcome some physical and emotional strife in story 1, but in story 2 they might still have some insecurities or things to face. You might possibly be able to develop new ones for them based on how the last story shook out. The really great writing podcast 'Writing Excuses' (of which I have been borrowing some points for this video article) brings up something they call the 'Yes, but/No, and'. Meaning that you can take your ending and ask the question 'does it get better?' You can give it a Yes, But and then adding some sort of twist or complication/cost that can feed into the next story and start a whole new adventure. The No And works similarly, only in the reverse. The ending did not go how the characters planned, and now something else has happened/been revealed to add onto this predicament. Your Beta reader/PR (or writing group, or any other person who will help critique your work) can be very helpful in determining what those bits other people enjoyed were. They can tell you what they liked, and what they felt resonated enough that you should probably address in the next story. `-`-`-`-`--`-`--` If you're attempting to make something completely new, it might still be worth having a chat with your Beta/PR. As mentioned before you might not want to feel like you're trying to repeat success, but focusing on general aspects/tropes you enjoy reading about can help in discovering where you want to go next, writing-wise. That's also good if your new story is in the same vein as your last but not a straight-up sequel. Don't be afraid to shake things up a bit too though, to go way out there and try writing something completely different from your last thing. I like the idea of making a list of your favorite media (shows/movies/books/etc) and then trying to isolate what are the core things that make them lovable or memorable to you. What is it that you love about that thing? You might – like me – find some common threads that can help pinpoint an element of storytelling or a trope that you would enjoy including or working with. When looking for new ideas and new inspiration/motivation, consuming media is a very good method to try (long as you don't go over board and lose that motivation). Once you've gone through the things you've already seen and know you enjoy, branch out. Try new things that you haven't seen or read or heard, and then try and determine why you like those new things. All that fun discovery and 'research' will help you make a nice list of things you might want to use. If you're still stuck, there's another cute little exercise you can try. Write down five character archetypes (Bruiser with a soft center, Trickster, Cynic, Princess, Cloudcuckoolander, etc.) and then make a list of five problems that need to be solved (The washing machine is broken, the monster hibernating in the center of the planet is awakening, they discover their love for and then their allergy to peanut butter, they have to babysit a whiny eight year old, their boss is coming for dinner and also their boss is a T-Rex, etc.). Pair them up and write a page on them and see what flows, see what you're drawn to. And if you are indeed still feeling somewhat worried about somehow not living up to your past success, or 'letting down' your readers, just try and remember that your last story was able to find an audience – however big or small – and even if this new story doesn't attract those same people, if you put the love and work into it it can find an audience possibly all its own. As long as you are pleased with it, it has the potential to please others. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you do after finishing a story?
  11. Hey everypony! I'm going to start writing some fan fiction soon and though I have a few ideas floating around in my head I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or ideas that might help me get started. I am an experienced writer, but this is my first try at MLP fan fiction
  12. It was a bright sunny day and pinky pie just woke up to a knock at the door, pinky eager to see who it was opened the door and saw a large dark grey pony standing at the door, kind of scared pinky said hi. the dark pony opened its mouth and there was a flash of light and pinky passed out upon awaking saw was rocks and gray shadows scared pinky asked were am I , a sound came from the rocks like morning but higher as a black mare walked over and said welcome to hell
  13. That is a prototype title. This is a small part of the beginning and I am on my iPod so I apologize for any spacing or indentation errors in advance. One day in Equestria a wealthy family has received the daily newspaper, Canterlot Times. On the front page was an article of a criminal being let back on the streets. A young adult around the age of 25, an earth pony, saw this article and was furious. "How can they let him get away with the murder? You know I sometimes think this city is corrupted." His younger brother, he too was a earth pony, came in, he was only 22,"Calm down. Like you can do anything to reverse time." "I can't." his older brother was really frustrated."I wish I can just take the law into my own hooves and give these criminals what they deserve." he threw the paper down. "Well you can become a judge. Father practically owns the law offices here in Canterlot." "I don't want to put ponies in jail. I want to put them in the ground." " your head on straight brother because to me it sounds as if it were on backwards." "Ah be quiet. Hopefully this doesn't happen again." The next week. "What the heck is this?! He was arrested for armed robbery and he is to be in jail for two weeks as a warning! Somepony needs to stop Bigshot." "Father will fix this." "He can't fix anything. He barely raised us when mother passed away. You know what I am going to take matters into my hooves. I will kill Bigshot." "Oh sure like you have the stomach to kill somepony." Two weeks later. A body was discovered in a house by the Everfree Forest. Investigators searched for clues to help answer who did this crime. "Detective a suicide note was found on a table sir." "How can this be a suicide?" "I have no idea. Who commits suicide by stabbing themself in the head?" "Exactly. Just ignore the note." "I think you should read it. It's quite humorous." "What kind of suicide note is humorous?" "Just read it." The detective used his magic to hold up the note. He read aloud,"Tell my dog- Did Bigshot ever have a dog?" "I don't think so. Keep reading." "that I loved it when he licks my ears at night. I like putting bananas in my mouth when I rest to help me sleep. What the heck is this? It looks to me that Bigshot was some kind of pervert or something." "He was no pervert sir but we did find something else." "What is it?" "Hallucinogens. It looks like they were used up to." Around 15 hours prior. "Dude brother what is that?" "What?" "By the table look, its a pink fluffy unicorn." "Ohhhh my gosh that's so it on a rainbow?" "Yeah, what's it doing on it?" "Skipping?" "No maybe it's dancing on it." "Whoa. A pink fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow. Excuse me!" the older shouted,"Can we join you?" their hallucination kept on dancing without a response,"Great! C'mon brother!" In reality the two brothers were dancing on top of the body of Bigshot. They danced merrily until the effects started to wear off. End of the little passage. Thats the basic story for that scene, of course I'll touch it up and add names and descriptions. This fan fic will be alot longer and is the next in line for being written on my fimfiction account. Leave some feedback, questions, and/or suggestions.
  14. A story I've been working on for a while. It's a relatively short one, but it's pretty good. I plan on publishing this along with others after a few minor edits. Hope you like it. Warning: this is a moderately graphic fic and may not be appropriate for sensitive viewers. you have been warned. A House in September.docx
  15. So thanks to My little pony and it's fan base i have been thinking about romance recenty. I always ignored it until this new year. Now Romance roleplays arent something i am good at, or maybe i am and im just selling myself short. The point is i am horrible with romance ever since my last girlfriend who practically destroyed me. To make a long and otherwise boring story short, I almost did it with her until she was cheating on me and saying that i was just practice. that was 6 years ago. i have tried to get into countless relationships but i always get denied for being to malicious. I even tried the nice guy approach. They said i was too nice for them. So i have sworn of girls and turned asexual. That was going great until MLP showed up and had its countless shippins that were downright adorable. Then came the roleplays then came February. Now im thinking of romance and its annoying. although a swig of Jack Daniels will help me forget.
  16. So... uh.... I wrote some stuff This story is more or less my first try as an ACTUAL fanfic writer, since I've only done RPs so far. This was sorta inspired by the Titanic and The Devil in the White City So, uh, basically, Twilight gets help from a "private investigator" named Rook. They need to find this Serial Killer on the Leviathan, the largest Air Ship ever made. Hopefully, it's a likable Story. Feel free to comment and stuff, but I warn you, I dont respond all that well to critisism I'm basically fluttershy in that respect. Anyway, enjoy?
  17. not finished but here is what i have note i do go by BloodBlader on many other sites. EQUESIRIAN BLADES By: BloodBlader aka blades knight Prologue In the beginning there were the three God Alicorns Ryoku, Galaxia, and Cosmos. The three alicorns had control of the three elements Wisdom, Courage, and Power. With the elements they created the world and all things on it, Cosmos created the Pegasi, Galaxia created the Unicorns, and then together they made the earth ponies. Ryoku went about making creatures like Dragons, manticores, and many other dark creatures. After some time Galaxia and Cosmos fell in love, the made Ryoku angry, for he too had fallen for Galaxia. It was not long after that Galaxia gave birth to three new Alicorns, two fillies and a brave little colt. They named the fillies Celestia and Luna, and then they named the little colt Ken Kishi. A few years passed and Ken was given the three Elements of the Beginning, Celestia was given control of the sun, and Luna was given the moon. A few years had gone by when a young Pegasus fell in love with Celestia, the young colt made a wish aloud one night Chapter One: A Forgotten Blade It was a dark stormy night in Ponyville, as Twilight Sparkle was getting ready for bed; Spike was down stairs getting a drink. “Finish up Spike, get to bed, we have a lot to do tomorrow.” Twilight called out. “I’ll be up in a minute.” Spike called back as he filled a glass with water. Twilight had jest nodded off when there came a knock at the door. Spike set down his glass and walked over to the door, “What pony would be up at this hour?” Spike muttered to himself. He opened the door, standing there was a figure in a black cloak. “Um, can I help you?” Spike asked. “Yes, is twilight still up?” the strange pony asked. “Sorry, she just went to bed.” Spike answered. “Oh well, can’t be helped. So mind if I come in out of this rain?” the strange pony asked. “Ok, but keep it down, if Twilight finds out I let somepony in at this time of the night, she’d …” Spike said ending in a large yawn. “Thanks, now Spike, you should get to bed, you have a big day tomorrow” said the strange pony coming inside and sending Spike off to bed. After Spike was upstairs the strange pony went to a bookshelf and pulled out a large book on myths and legends. He sat down and opened the book and looked thru it the whole night. Twilight awoke the next morning to the sound of rustling downstairs. She got up and looked at Spike’s bed to see he was not there. “That must be Spike trying to make breakfast.” She said stretching. Once downstairs she found Spike sitting at the table waiting. “Spike, I thought you were making breakfast?” Twilight said walking up to the table. Just then three plates of pancakes magically floated out of the kitchen, one plate had pancakes with small gems in it. “Well, good morning sleepyhead.” A voice from the kitchen said. Spike quickly started stuffing his face, Twilight sat down confused. “If I remember correctly you like yours like this.” The voice said as a butter knife magically put a small bit of butter in-between the pancakes, then the syrup bottle poured out a small amount of syrup on the pancakes. “Um, who are you..?” Twilight asked. “I’ll tell you after breakfast.” Said the voice. A white unicorn with blue eyes, and a blonde mane and tail walked out and sat at the table. Twilight sat down but kept an eye on the unknown pony sitting across from her. When the unknown pony and Spike finished their plats the stallion magically took their plates to the kitchen, and then patiently waited for twilight to finish, who was now enjoying her pancakes. When she finished the plate magically floated away, “now I have two questions, one who are you, and two, who taught you how to make those pancakes?” Twilight asked, “Well, no one taught me that recipe, it is my own creation, and that should answer both questions” the stallion answered. “But, that would mean…. BLADES!” Twilight said. “Ah, oh!” Blades said as he ducked down just in time, for a book hit the wall right were his head was seconds ago. Blades jumped from his chair and ran in to the main library wing, all the while dogging flying books. After a few minutes of dogging the books stopped, Blades looked at twilight then up, right above him was a boat load of books floating magically. “oh, bugger” Blades said as the books fell on him. Blades poked his head out from under the books just in time to see twilight ran to her room, spike ran after. Blades got up and started repairing and reshelving the books. After he put the last book away, something blue burst through the door and tackled him to the ground. “Where is Twilight, Tell me what you did to her, before I pound you.” Said the rainbow manned blue mare that was now had him pinned to the floor. “Settle down sally, let him explain himself” said another mare’s voice. “Rainbow, please get off him” came Twilight’s voice as she come down stairs a few stray tears running down her face. Rainbow hopped off, “So, I take it you have calmed down.” Blades said getting up. “Shut up, I’m still mad at you” Twilight said throwing another book, hitting him square in the head, just then Rarity and Fluttershy poked their heads in “Twilight, are you ok dear, I heard a loud racket coming from here earlier so I went and grabbed Fluttershy… and who is your handsome company” Rarity said walking in. Blades got up and brushed some dirt off himself “it seems we’re only missing one pony from the look of things.” He said “What are talking about, and also why are you here even?” Twilight asked. “Well, Princess Celestia sent me, she was looking for somepony to send here for as a bodyguard, and when I heard you were here I volunteered myself.” He said. “Who are you supposed to be guarding, sugar cube?” said Apple Jack. “Well not sure if it is you girls, or not, but I was told to protect the element users.” he said. “Well, look no farther, we are the wielders of the Elements of Harmony!” Rainbow Dash said in her normal cocky way. “HELLO TWILIGHT, OHHHH, DO I SMELL PANCAKES?” Said Pinkie Pie bouncing in and heading right in to the kitchen, moments later she came bouncing back in with a plate of pancakes and a bottle of syrup on her back, she sat down with the others when she finally noticed Blades. Pinkie Pie let out a gasp and went to run out the door but Applejack had a hoof on her tail.
  18. Okay so i always loved writing and if anyone has an idea i can do scripts lyrics even captions ! anyway i started this piece and its about a pony who is wrongly accused of stealing the elements in his prison he befriends discord and then even sets discord and himself free ! using the elements of chaos he decides to confront his evil twin convince everyone discord is changed and do it all while running from the mane 6 who still dont understand his noble intentions (the elements of chaos are like the evil side of the elemens of harmony but can be used for good) so should i continue and publish or just scrap the idea its my first published piece so it maye be a bit rough but id like to produce it ... um if thats okay with you ...
  19. My niece requested that I make a MLP - FIM Fan Fiction, so I put all my projects aside and got right to work. Well, everyone, you'll all be the first to see the completed works. I will post the Prologue tonight and pieces of each chapter every following day. I hope you enjoy this as I did creating it. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ MY LITTLE PONY – FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC LIGHT AND SHADOW PROLOGUE In the land of Equestria, all the ponies live happily throughout the land under the guidance of Princess Celestia. Long ago, Princess Celestia governed the land with her sister Princes Luna. However, jealousy and spite changed the once fair princess of the night to go against her duties to the ponies of the land and follow a far more selfish desire. The desire of dominance at the sake of the happiness of all Equestria. With no other options, the benevolent Princess was forced to act and confront her younger sister, now the evil Night Mare Moon! Using the Elements of Harmony, She banished her sister into the very moon she refused to let rest. Taking responsibility for the actions that governed the sisters to go down different paths, Princess Celestia took reign of both the sun and moon to bring night and day to the people. However, on the longest day of the thousandth year, Night Mare Moon escaped her lunar confinement with the help of the very stars themselves and tried to bring forth Eternal Night. In an act of bravery and duty, a student of Princess Celestia by the name of Twilight Sparkle, who had been researching the events leading to the crisis went forth to find the Elements of Harmony and with the help of her new found friends Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Rarity. Together, they defeated the malicious Night Mare Moon, once again returning her back into Princess Luna.. Order was then returned to Equestria and everypony continued happily. Since then, Twilight Sparkle and her friends have had many new adventures and mishaps, side by side. However, they did not expect that somepony would stumble into their lives and kick off their latest adventure. *CHAPTER 1 BEGINS TOMORROW* CHAPTER 1 PT 1 MY LITTLE PONY – LIGHT AND SHADOW CHAPTER I Ponyville, in the land of Equestria. It is a simple, peace filled village that was no stranger to amazing merry-go's of mishap and misadventures which never failed to bring those who would avoid everypony and bring them to new found friendships. However, the story does not take place here... Well, not yet anyway. This story begins a little way away by the sea. It was unusual for anything to ever wash up on shore other than the odd seaweed covered piece of wood. Today, however, was not one of those days. A slumped over colt wearing a heavy cloth over his head and body had found his way onto the sandy shores. Slowly, he opened his eyes and coughed hard as he recovered from his washing up on the beach. Looking around weakly, he asked, “Wh-where... Am... Where am I? Am I alive?” He stumbled to his feet and quickly fell over. He looked down and stared at his hooves blankly. Sighing, he placed one hoof on his head and said, “I won't learn anything here. Where am I? Where did I come from? Maybe somepony around here might know.” Taking a quick glance in the sea, he looked at his silver pony form and said, “I wonder where the closest town is?” Noticing the road a little way ahead of him, he moved along at a slow trot. And now we turn to Ponyville. Twilight Sparkle was in the library with her baby dragon companion Spike. Applejack was on the ranch harvesting the apples that her family were famous for. Rarity was in her home trying to find a fashion breakthrough, Rainbow Dash was moving through the sky at an alarming pace that, quite frankly, made her friends a little worried when she descended to ground level. Pinkie Pie was hopping around the whole village in her usual upbeat fashion thinking of her next party. Finally there was Fluttershy. None of her friends had seen her all day for some reason. Nopony thought too much about the absence, but they did wonder where she headed the minute the sun rose. The truth was, there was a small trail she knew of that led to the sea. She had stumbled upon it recently and would go daily to see the water breaking on the shore. This was also the same path the mysterious colt had found and the two of them were blindly heading towards each other for an encounter that would not go well for their easily startled nerves. Fluttershy trotted along humming a cheerful tune with her head up and a smile on her face. No more than thirty yards away, the mysterious colt traveled with his head low and his cloak impairing his vision of anything higher than his nose. As they neared each other on the forested path, they remained oblivious of each others presence... even when they were right in front of each other. Seconds later, the two of them collided with a mighty crash! Slowly, Fluttershy got to her feet saying quietly, “Ouch...” v~Sat. April 21~v The colt lay there completely dazed and unable to do much more than let out an awkward groan. After a short moment, their eyes locked, eyes wide and alert. They stared at each other longest of moments, taking in the face of the one the collided into. Their faces turned red and. calm, then in a sudden reaction befitting the two strangers, leaped into the air letting out a loud scream of shock and surprise as they ducked behind the first obstacle they could find. Fluttershy and the colt yelled, “I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!” After a moment of awkward silence, they opened one eye and again in unison said, “You're not mad?” Shuffling awkwardly, they then muttered, “Well, I'm not mad. Are you hurt... or anything... if not, that's good...” About that moment, they realized they they had just mirrored each other for the past two minutes and started laughing awkwardly. Fluttershy said shyly, “What's your name?” The colt replied, “I... I'm... His voice trailed off as he finished his answer. The timid pony said, “Hi, Starburst... I'm...” This time, Fluttershy trailed off and the colt replied, “Nice to meet you, Fluttershy. Do you know where I am?” The question caught her completely off guard. It was very unlikely anypony could be this close to Ponyville and NOT know where they were. She looked at him and asked, “You don't know?” Starburst shook his head and replied, “Not really. All I remember is waking up from a long swim.” Smiling shyly, Fluttershy said, “I guess you don't want to see the Sea then.” The two laughed at the obvious answer. Starburst pulled a piece of seaweed out from his hood and said, “No. Not for a while. Is there a town nearby? I'm a little lost.” With that question, Fluttershy knew for certain that this colt was from far away. Perhaps even beyond the horizon the sea drifted into. Smiling, the pony said, “Ponyville is the closest to here. Do you want me to show you where it is?” Starburst smiled and said, “I'd like that.” As they walked to the village, Fluttershy smiled and said, “I can't wait to introduce you to my other friends.” Laughing awkwardly, he said, “They're not going to scream and run away, are they? I don't thing I could handle that again.” The two laughed and continued along the trail. Over in Ponyville, Applejack was pounding on the library door. Twilight Sparkle had once again locked herself inside to research something that her friends thought... As well as Princess Celestia, who agreed in a formal letter, was just over thinking things that were not worth getting her hooves in a hustle. Spike was running around the library trying to find books that related to the young scholar pony's restless need for answers. Spike turned to her and said, “Twilight, I don't think there's anything strange about a shooting star.” Twilight sparkle turned to him and said in her usual scholar-ish fashion, “A shooting star, no. But this one Exploded before falling into the sea. That's... well, That's just plain strange. Anypony can see that.” Spike said in a tone of surrender, “I don't.” Twilight used her magic to take the book that Spike was holding before he could let go and the two flew in front of the researching pony. The book hovered as she looked at it while Spike crashed into the ground. Applejack finally managed to force the door open, which had been blocked by a bookshelf, of all things. Looking at Twilight, she said, “Well, golly, Twilight. Why'd you go and lock yourself up in here?” Twilight shifted through the book and said, “Sorry, Applejack. I noticed something last night and it's got me worried. I'm just trying to...” They were interrupted as Spike belched out a scroll with the royal seal on it. Turning to Twilight Sparkle, he said, “You got mail.” The two ponies looked at him with an expression that clearly stated he should have worded that differently. Sighing, Twilight said, “Who's it from, Spike?” Looking at it, he said, “It's from Princess Celestia!” v~Sun. April 22 2012~v The two ponies crowded him eager to see what it said. Clearing his voice, Spike said, “To my dearest student. I noticed something early last night that has made me very concerned. I ask that if you see any unusual colts bearing a red star on their head and matching crescent moon on their nose to inform me immediately. This is not a matter to be alarmed, but it is im... impa... iiiiimmmmmm....” Twilight Sparkle and Applejack rolled their eyes and said, “Imperative?” Smiling, Spike said, “Yeah! That. It is that you inform me right away. This is a.... personal matter? What does she mean by that?” Twilight shook her head and said, “I don't know, But something tells me this is bigger then she's telling us.” At the entrance to Ponyville, Fluttershy and Starburst had finally arrived, however, the colt looked like he was about to pass out from the walk. Pinkie Pie headed towards them and Fluttershy said in her usual silent joy, “Here's one of my friends now! Oh Pinkie Pie!!!” The pink pony hopped towards them when she noticed Starburst. Letting out a loud scream, she bolted. Starburst, on the other hand, had taken refuge behind one of the fencepost. Fluttershy looked at him and let out a giggle. “Don't worry, silly. She's just excited.” Starburst said in a terrified voice, “And I'm scared. I hope the others aren't so jumpy.” Fluttershy had to think about that one for a minute. The look of an idea crossed her face and she said, “I know! I'll introduce you to Twilight. She never screams... unless she's upset. I don't think she's upset though.” Starburst came out from behind the post, shaking like a leaf in the wind. Fluttershy smiled and said, “I think she's in the library. I'll show you.” Meanwhile, in the library, Applejack said, “Well, I'm sure that if it's a personal problem, we shouldn't get too worried about it, right?” Sighing, Twilight said, “Night Mare Moon returning after a thousand years was a personal problem too. Remember?” Applejack was about to comment about the two situations being different when Rarity's voice came from outside, saying in terror, “This is an absolute Disaster!” The two ponies went to the door to see what the commotion was about when they saw Rarity had just moved in at full force on the apparently fashion impaired Starburst. “This look!” She said in horror. “No. It will absolutely NOT do. A hooded cape? That is SO last century. You need to let people see your face. And the color. It's completely horrid!” Twilight Sparkle eased the overeager Rarity to the side and said, “Hey Fluttershy. Who's your friend?” Smiling, she said, “Go on. They're friends.” She looked at the colt and saw that he stood there shivering in terror with bugged out eyes. Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy all stood there for a moment before the timid pony said, “Oh yeah... He's not so good with other ponies...” Spike looked at the colt and said, “Hey, Twilight! You should take a look at this.” Pulling the hood back, he revealed that on Starburst's forehead was a golden star and a crescent moon near the nose. Applejack looked at Twilight and said, “By golly, Twilight. That sounds like those marks in the letter. But these ones are the wrong color.” Starburst started coming out of his daze and Applejack laughed. “You're more timid than Fluttershy. You always like that Pardner?” The colt said awkwardly, “Only around people I don't know...” Looking at him, Fluttershy said, “I just remembered. I never asked where you're from.” The colt thought for a minute and said, “Uh... I don't know... I guess really far away. I honestly can't remember.” This answer only brought more confused looks. Sighing, he said, “I don't have any memories before today.” Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy seemed to take the answer, but Twilight decided certainly look convinced.
  20. If you have been in the chat room lately you know that i there have been people with dark in there name taking/giving each others "shadow", anyways soarin the dark threatend to kill us all, i stepped in we traded words and both succumbed to vashta nerada (yes this is a kinda doctor who fan fic since in the role im kind the docter) we both died and we were revied by super muffin derpy, but he limited soarins powers so he is but mortal, not a day later dark whooves says he will hurt those who hurt him, i engaged here was our chat also some other users are involved (dont read the notes that are in (( these )) but you can after): [facehoof warning] King Dr. Dark Whooves I don't make me jeffJeff The Killer LXI darkyou need to knowKing Dr. Dark Whooves I come on I like you and killing is...beneath me...Jeff The Killer LXI [shouts] IF YOU EVER WANT TO CONTINUE EXISTENSE THERE IS ONE THING YOU NEVER PUT IN A TRAPKing Dr. Dark Whooves I you think I exist?AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!Jeff The Killer LXI do you know what it is?King Dr. Dark Whooves I I CONTROL ALL! YOU THINK SUNNY IS A GOD! YOU KNOW NOTHING OF MY LINE THEN!Jeff The Killer LXI and you know nothing of me so we are about evenKing Dr. Dark Whooves I WE CAN NOT DIE, WE CAN NOT BE TOUCHED, AND WE CAN NOT BE AFFECTED BY YOUR REALM!Jeff The Killer LXI kingeven gods dieeverything dies at one pointKing Dr. Dark Whooves I I am no god. I am higher than that.Jeff The Killer LXI HAKing Dr. Dark Whooves I do it Jeff. I dare you.Jeff The Killer LXI that is funny12:10 AM King Dr. Dark Whooves I **smiles** you may be a time bender but there are things you do not know of Jeff.Jeff The Killer LXI by the way remember what i said before about traps and what you never put in them? well do you know what you never put in them?King Dr. Dark Whooves I I honestly don't care.Jeff The Killer LXI the awnser is: medoc i know when i dieand its not nowif i die noweverything including you will dissapearKing Dr. Dark Whooves I I'm not going to kill you Jeff.I'm going to make you suffer.Jeff The Killer LXI doc i dont have to kill you or get rid of youi just ask you dont hurt anyponythat you*King Dr. Dark Whooves I **lets vashta nerada loose on Jeffs legs**Jeff The Killer LXI oh docyoure funnyKing Dr. Dark Whooves I YOU TELL ME NOT TO HURT ANYONE WHEN ALL WAS TAKEN FROM ME!?!?!?!Jeff The Killer LXI YES INFACT I DOKing Dr. Dark Whooves I HOW DARE YOU!Jeff The Killer LXI HOW WAS ANYTHING TAKEN FROM YOU?King Dr. Dark Whooves I I WILL MAKE THEM ALL SUFFER UNTIL THEY HAVE FELT THE PAIN THEY HAVE CAUSED ON ME!Jeff The Killer LXI NO ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING TO HURT YOUKing Dr. Dark Whooves I then you truly know nothing of me.Jeff The Killer LXI THEN WHO WAS IT? WHOAND DONT SAY EVERYONEI NEED TO KNOEKNOW*King Dr. Dark Whooves I you want to know?Jeff The Killer LXI yesi doKing Dr. Dark Whooves I First it was Holiday bending me around her finger LIKE A FUCKING RING!WE HAD A SON AND FOR ONCE I WAS HAPPY!then she left and took BOTH of my sons with her and she ran away with who? ONE OF MY OWN SONS!Jeff The Killer LXI i need to know who as in one personwho may have caused ALL of thisKing Dr. Dark Whooves I Nopony caused all of it. but they put all the pieces of the puzzle together!Jeff The Killer LXI ((this is real life i have to record this give me a sec)) Top of Form Jeff The Killer LXI WELL EVERY PIZZA IS WITH A CHEF, A PERSON WHO PLANNED IT TO HAPPENKing Dr. Dark Whooves I LET ME FINISH MY DAMN BACKGROUND STORY!Jeff The Killer LXI OKWHY ARE WE YELLING?INNNNNSIDE VOICEKing Dr. Dark Whooves I I HAVE NO BUCKING CLUE!fine!Jeff The Killer LXI Igoodgood*(( ))King Dr. Dark Whooves I the second! was my own son! I raised that child and he took MY WIFE AWAY FROM ME!Jeff The Killer LXI have you seen her in court for custody?King Dr. Dark Whooves I and told me to go to hell because he said I cheated on her! WTB! I never cheated on her! and no I don't want the little brat!Jeff The Killer LXI again court?King Dr. Dark Whooves I NO! I DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH IT SHE IS HER PROBLEM NOW!HE*the third was Soarin!Jeff The Killer LXI the shadow-mortal?King Dr. Dark Whooves I my own little brother who I taught all that I knew! who I made and gave his very own shadow! betrayed the family and KILLED our eldest sister!Jeff The Killer LXI i killed him...King Dr. Dark Whooves I he is still immortal sadly.Jeff The Killer LXI nothere were witnessesKing Dr. Dark Whooves I like I said we only stay dead if we wish it.he put that on as a ruse we can die. but we don't stay dead.Jeff The Killer LXI dark, i pratically deleted every bit of his existenceexcept for his essencesmd resurected us but made him mortalKing Dr. Dark Whooves I that is a FACT of the family...the only way we can truly die is with an ancient sword of our forefathers he took it and killed DS with it!do not contest me on my own family!or now...lack there ofJeff The Killer LXI dark, have you heard of the time-void?it was on my home planetKing Dr. Dark Whooves I MOVING ON! and I could handle all of that, all of it.Jeff The Killer LXI it is literally a hole in everythingi held him in ithis life writhed away including his historyhe was almost just deleted all toghtheri dont beleive in death though12:35 AM King Dr. Dark Whooves I in your plane of existence. we are not bound by the laws of this may have deleted all he was here but you never thought "what if he came from out there?"Jeff The Killer LXI this sword you speak of?i beleive i know of itKing Dr. Dark Whooves I it is one you shall not have any knowledge of other than what I have told you! it is our most guarded secret!Jeff The Killer LXI when i fought soarin, he tried chocking me to death, a older me went back and stavved myselfstabbed*i used a sword, given to me by a close close friendKing Dr. Dark Whooves I what did it look like?Jeff The Killer LXI she is a archiolgist she gave it to me and said it didnt feel naturalKing Dr. Dark Whooves I WHAT DID IT LOOK LIKE JEFF ANSWER THE QUESTION!**bangs staff on ground**Jeff The Killer LXI it was a longsword with a shiny blade, it had a golden hilt with a strange looking mineral at the base, it somehow felt aliveit almost seemed to surge with energyKing Dr. Dark Whooves I ah that is one of our creations but not the one that can kill us.Jeff The Killer LXI when i stabbed myself it went through soarin when i stabbed myself, i dont know how but it felt like it weakened him(( i notice that i said when i stabbed myself twice))King Dr. Dark Whooves I the sword you describe was ther'droc the champion sword. it was forged by the first king of our order to wage war against all will hurt us...but it will not kill us.((I know I know))Jeff The Killer LXI is it possible that i weakened him enough for the time-void to effect him?King Dr. Dark Whooves I no. the effects of this realm have no effects on us... you would have to come into this realm to do any real harm with it but, that is impossible.Jeff The Killer LXI the time-void is not from our realmit is differentstrange to explainKing Dr. Dark Whooves I nor is it of ours. and that is my point, nothing but the weapons of our realm can hurt us...not even the time void...we are getting off topic though...Jeff The Killer LXI a galifreyan myth i learned when i was a child was it was like a rip in the fabric of everything, your realm and ours,even othersKing Dr. Dark Whooves I and nowno. a myth it was and is still. just that Jeff...a myth.Jeff The Killer LXI not a myth, wrong word, a better word is a theoryyesthats itdark i have lived a long time not as long as you but 925 yearsi literally travel in a portal simaler to the voidin my tardisanyways anything can get through these "rips"anythingKing Dr. Dark Whooves I Jeff. you can't comprehend our world. it doesn't obey any of the laws of anything you have come to know that is why it is so hard for you to understand...we are new to you.Jeff The Killer LXI that is true but understand this, i have seen race after race you name it ((tons of text warning))Adweam Ageless Alien Ambassador's species Alpha Centauran Anchrola Anubian Arar Jecks Arkonide Arucha Ascinta Astracane leech Atraxi B Balhoonian Balumin Bandersnatcher Bane (Dominion) Baracta Basprali Benelisan Berrus Berserker Boekind Boor Breeble Builder Buukvirm __N,N__ Caballan Callicon Canisian Caskelliac Ceccec Cerulian Chaktra Chantri Golem Charon (species) Chlorian Chorodoron Chronomite Cimliss Cineraria Citdbtbed Clockworks Collector Concepton Constructors of Destiny Council of Eight The Cran D Dark Dark Horde Deathsmiths of Goth Decevion Demon (Dalek Empire) Dentraal Devgherrian Dibinian Doovari Drexxon Drolag Drornidian __N=N__ Elemental Shade Ellillian Eskoni Esqueekeemmian Euterpian Eyeless F Feathered people Fleshsmith Flower Cultures Fodoran Fostarone Fushari G Gaijin Galatean Gandagum Garynth Gastronaut Gell guard Gendhi Geomatide Macros Glasseater Glob Go-Ray Goblin Grace Grelladian Grellig Grilon Grutcha Guldreasi Gumpii H Haemogoth Halldon Hanakoi Harrowkind Haxalian Hedenexian Hipocci Histrix Huduct Hufko Hurgalnook Huskian Hussuloofian I Iarcho Iq-Qaba Isari Iska'lanz'rm J Jagdagian Jariden Jathaa Jax Jell Jullatii Julsaen K Kaftakkrofakian Kagananaga Botizoid Kaldarean bedmite Kapteynian Jal Karath Keltan Khameirian Khorlthochloi Kladdavoreesh Kolranis Kork Kosnax Krakenite Krampus Krashok Kreech Super Krillitane Kulan K cont. Kusk L Lacaillan Lamadine Lammasteen Lava Snake Leppo Lom Lords of Jelsen Lurlak M Malakh Malevilus Mange Mites Mantocristolian Martian (The Last Resort) Medes Medusoid Melkene Mim Mirrorite Monasticy of Slom Monopod Moog Mutagenic protobioform Myakian Myloki N Narg (Tempest) Nekkistani Nerauinan Nightmare Creature Null O Oblongooni Okk Onihr Ontraag Oolian Oon Ooolatrii Oraapi Oroborous Worm Oshakarm Osirian __N%N__ Padrivole Pallushi Pantachian Rock Skipper Paragrolli Pen-Shoza Perganon Pipe person Plasmaton Plath Plutonian Plutonian microbe Posicarian Process Profiteer of Ephte Psionovore Pyron (species) Q Qetesh Quarsian Quintani Quirkafleeg Ralafean Raltean Ranfo The Remote you get the point right?but never have i seen a race like yoursKing Dr. Dark Whooves I you haven't. Jeff The Killer LXI how old is your species?King Dr. Dark Whooves I hmpf not to be biblical her butJeff The Killer LXI i know the weeping angels are as old as the universe and some olderKing Dr. Dark Whooves I we are form ever lasting to everlasting we always are and always were, we, are true gods.I don't remember how old I am lost count in the trillions of billions of millionsJeff The Killer LXI even gods die though like in greek myhology how the gods could kill one anotherKing Dr. Dark Whooves I haha they were but enlightened beings toying with the lives of mortal men. You know Zalgo won't admit it but he is a part of our race I doubt he even remembers.Jeff The Killer LXI that almost makes your race seem bad, no offencehe can only destroy a measly planet like earth and he is part of your raceKing Dr. Dark Whooves I he is a sheep lost from the herd. a youngling he doesn't truly know anythingJeff The Killer LXI also does your species have a name? its annoying to refer to it as "your species"King Dr. Dark Whooves I ...we are Dark...names do not suit us.Jeff The Killer LXI a bit dramatic, dont you think?King Dr. Dark Whooves I names would imply something singular we are not.· we are everything but nothing, large but small, a shout of life and the whisper of may call us that is the only thing which relates. · Jeff The Killer LXI does your species have anything planned, i mean on a large scale · like the destruction of, oh i dont know? everything · King Dr. Dark Whooves I no. we aren't violent unless we are pushed if we wanted to we could destroy everything. but what is the true point I have become violent because I was wronged. and I am done with the injustice of this was not an "easy" choice... · Jeff The Killer LXI let me askk you a few things · King Dr. Dark Whooves I proceed. · Jeff The Killer LXI is this universe a threat to the dark? · King Dr. Dark Whooves I no. · Jeff The Killer LXI ((awnser with yes or no)) · has this universe violated the laws of the dark? · ((say no)) · King Dr. Dark Whooves I no. · Jeff The Killer LXI okay one last one is this world protected · hello im the doctor · basically, run · King Dr. Dark Whooves I if my enemies come here, no if they stay away, yes · Jeff The Killer LXI ((yay epic moment )) · am i enemy? · for i am not hostile nor friendly · and not nutreul · ((fail spelling)) · King Dr. Dark Whooves I AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA you don't know enough or have done enough to be an annoyance to me! · Jeff The Killer LXI oh please, there have been SO MANY · i have killed a dark before · and if it comes to it i will do it again · King Dr. Dark Whooves I like I said. it twas a ruse. you still can't comprehend that which can not die unless by it's own hand! you. are. nothing. · Jeff The Killer LXI and it doesnt help that i have a friend who was informed about that bit of your races "exit" sword · and she just so happens to know how to fly the tardis · ((yay river )) · King Dr. Dark Whooves I you are but a speck on the existence of this universe, and we are a force greater than you can imagine, come, bring your tardis to my realm you will not survive. · Jeff The Killer LXI like i said i dont want to kill you or anyone · but if i have to, i will · King Dr. Dark Whooves I as nothing survives in your universe survives against the might of a black hole you will be crushed if you enter our world, the pure overload of knowledge in your brain will kill you. · Jeff The Killer LXI heh kill · what a funny word · its a roll of the tongue · *makes clicking noises with tongue* · King Dr. Dark Whooves I so many neurons making new connections, burning their way through your brain will...quite simply, "fry it" as you might say · hmpf you are amusing. · Jeff The Killer LXI as to you, anyways like i have mentioned i am not human, im not saying i will survive, but i will have time · and time is in my races name · King Dr. Dark Whooves I but I will take my revenge, first upon the traitor, then up on the royals who destroyed my trust! then...I will leave, you may not even see one of us ever again. but it is possible you will. · Jeff The Killer LXI no · i dont want one being to be hurt · even if its but a single celled oraganism · i dont want anything hurt · King Dr. Dark Whooves I well then you should have worked harder to save me. · Jeff The Killer LXI (thinks: i have to buy time where are you river?) · King Dr. Dark Whooves I I have wasted my time with you long enough, this conversation is over. **disappears** · Jeff The Killer LXI what if your race was not meant to tamper with my demension · perhaps only to moniter · NO · get back here · King Dr. Dark Whooves I (whispers in Jeff's mind your thoughts are no secret to me can not save these people, they will not die, but they will wish for it. the time has come for me to retire I am truley sorry we could not be allies) · Jeff The Killer LXI *the tardis appears with river song stepping out of it carrying a broad sword * · GET BACK HERE YOU COWARD! · i did not want it to come to this but it must · my friend here is the archiologist i mentioned earlier · King Dr. Dark Whooves I **reappears** let me show you my pain for a moment then! · Jeff The Killer LXI **unshealths sword** · Jeff The Killer LXI is this the so called blade of your race? · King Dr. Dark Whooves I **floods Jeff's and river's minds with so much information they are both stunned** · Jeff The Killer LXI heh · funny · alot of this i know that is what we have so far, me and soarin are making the sereis into a fan-fic
  21. I can't write for crap, but we need to honor our Forum's first Eldritch Abomination by writing a fan fic centered around it. Anyone game? [Original:]
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