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Found 22 results

  1. Hey guys, I need some help with this project called Perfect Turnabout. It's a sequel to Turnabout Storm that me and my friend are making. But we don't have any animators to help us out. The animation should be similar to Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. Also we still need 6 voice actresses since all the male roles are taken (Phoenix Wright might be available but we're not sure yet). So if you would kindly help us out, I'd really appreciate it
  2. This is a song I am currently creating; the lyrics have not been created yet; just instruments. The song is inspired of Stefan Petrusic's rendition of i Hav Kozak Za Dunai. The lyrics are going to be about an unlucky pony who yearns back into Starlight's "Utopia", and her journey to create a similar one. They have not been fully written, and only the bass has been recorded, everything else is MIDI for reference. Please critique the mix, and the compisition. Thanks!
  3. Hey there fellow bronies i am jwow i enjoy making music and im in the process of making a song, and id like some help with lyrics if anyone don't mind, its a mlp song that im making called Friendship basic what i want it to be about is friendship its a bit sappy so... yeah. ~JWOW Heres The Demo
  4. Hello everypony! My name is BooshTheBrony and I am the director of Royal Pony Studios! We are currently looking for animators for our new upcoming fan made spin off series of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.Experienced animators who can work with puppets as well as special effects. If you can do the following well, then send me a message via Skype and we can work on the details! Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you all soon! -Boosh Walking Galloping Lip Syncing Attached bellow is an audio file of the promo script that you can use to test your lip syncing skills. (Mature language warning) Royal Ponies.wav
  5. Hello everypony! My name is Boosh and I am the director of Royal Pony Studios. I am currently looking for somepony who can voice the end credits of our trailer. We are looking for a deep voice like the one in the example I will provide down below. Narrator needs to sound like this, but in English: If you could sounds like that, please contact me via Skype @ booshthebrony for more details! Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon! -Boosh
  6. Hello! My name is Boosh and I am the director of Royal Pony Studios. We are working on an original web series that involves our own characters and animation style, so we don't get copyrighted by Hasrbo! The team and I are currently looking for new background artists who can do both 2D and 3D if needed. Please add me on Skype @ booshthebrony for more details about the project! Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon! -Boosh PS. We are also looking for storyboarders!
  7. Im like 2 years late for this but, I just finished watching the fan-made masterpiece called "Snowdrop", I would link it, but Im not sure if im allowed to do that here. (So if you haven't seen it, just look up 'Snowdrop' on YouTube) Anyway, it was amazing , some fans are really diehard, because in my opinion, this 14 minute, fan made video was better than any episode in the main series, or at the very least, better than any one-parter. It was so heartwarming . I cried more watching this, then the ending to The Walking Dead video game, and I bawled my eyes out then. So to any Mlp veterans that have seen this, or people that have seen it recently, or anybody really, what was your opinion? Was it as awesome as I described (correct answer) or did it (somehow) not get very far into the feels section of your heart?
  8. Not exactly sure where to up this. Mods please move if need be. I just got done watching the fan made animation Snowdrop by Silly Filly studios. It was one of the best fan made animations to date, has a great story. Double Rainboom has some competition for best fan made video this year. If you missed the livestream of it on Brony State the creators have said that they will be putting it on youtube. I would highly recommend you go watch it. Then please leave a comment here about it.
  9. Does anyone remember this notorious YouTube crossover series? For those who don't, here is the 1st part to recap (or if you have never heard of this crossover series before): For those who do remember watching this crossover series from the beginning to the end (if you have not finished it yet, then do so by clicking to check out the official playlist!), why not discuss down below what you liked and did not like about the series and your overall thoughts? I personally loved this crossover. It's hands-down my most favourite fan-made crossovers to date! Go ahead and post away!
  10. Last year, I wrote a bunch of MLP-inspired background music for an upcoming radio play. Unfortunately I can't share any of it until the project is finished. So I did the sneaky thing and scored a small section that I wasn't assigned (there are five or six other composers on the project).
  11. Just wonderin', any of you guys make music? It doesn't have to be pony-related. Preferably EDM, but I'll listen to anything. If so, mind posting a link to your YouTube channel so I can stalk it? Thanks!
  12. Audition Closed! Thank you to everyone who participated, it was very tough choosing just one applicant with so many wonderful submissions! Announcer: Trevor Palczynski An animatic is being created (80% complete) to aid the audition process, watch it here; As the topic title suggests, I am going to be animating a new fan movie entitled "Caring for your new pony" and am in need of a male voice actor to play the part of an announcer and a female to play Applejack. Caring for your new pony is meant to be a spoof informative piece about how to properly take care of a pony; feeding habits, bathing schedules etc. Download the script here As you will see, the piece is tongue-in-cheek and pokes fun at My Little Pony fanatics. Don't worry, I'm a huge MLP fan and this is in no way meant to be malicious, it's just my own dark way of injecting humor into the brony community. (I really wish the spellchecker would stop underlining brony with a red squiggly line) I am planning on playing the guy myself and I have Apple Bloom cast already so please do not bother auditioning for them. The Announcer: Your role is to explain to a lucky fan the best way to properly care for their new pony. You must speak clearly and cheerfully, I had pictured him having a deep voice but please try a variety and I will pick the most suitable candidate. If you can make your lines sound as though they are coming from a small tape recorder then please do, it saves me the trouble of learning how to do it myself. Applejack: What can I say? You all know what this gal sounds like. As for direction, you're stuck in the same predicament as Apple Bloom and have resigned yourself to the situation. Submitting: Please read the script for lines, announcers you don't have to record all lines for the audition, just pick whichever you like. Please send all auditions to dilarus(at) with the subject "audition" in .wav or .mp3 format. Thank you everypony and good luck! <3 Thought I'd add some of my sketches to show you the style I'll be using, enjoy! Apologies for the quality, my scanner isn't compatible with my new Windows 8 laptop, grr.
  13. Have you ever wanted a poseable pony? Are articulated models offered by Hasbro a little, let's say honestly, lame? Heck, I sound like an advertiser, but what this guy on etsy is doing is downright awesome! He has combined two awesome things- ball jointed dolls and ponies and the result is..... Tadadadamm! BJP's or Ball Jointed Ponies Behold! You can even get an alicorn! Of course, later comes all the fun with painting, wigs, and creating your very own perfect OC, everything that ball jointed dolls are all about! click here, this guy deserves appriciation EDIT: the actual link to store
  14. I'm only aware of the one that Hasbro put up on Facebook as an 'app' where you can easily make a pony oc of yourself but I recently found some that...look a far bit more elaborate than the dinky one I made. I don't draw anymore so I can't make one but if there's another way to go about it can anyone link me to it?
  15. Hay, my first mix, I made it from what i think is the best music out there. I don't know what to write so... Thanks for watching and pony on! /Celery
  16. I think we need an official MLP Forums Youtube Channel where we can add fan made content made by MLP Forum users. All fan made projects made by forum users could be uploaded to the official Youtube Channel. This could encourage more fan made projects, invite people to the MLP Forums (if we link in description or whatever), and influence others to make more projects on the forum.
  17. MLP fighting is magic WILL be my favorite probably but its not out yet :< I didnt know where to put this or if this exists already but what are your favorite MLP fan made games? Two of my favorites are: Faithful farmer Faithful farmer This game is soo addicting when you get used to it. I cant stop playing it... Derpy buddy V2 Derpy Buddy V2 This game is just pretty fun. I dont know why though.... I have more but ill add them later.
  18. my friend made me a rarity plush as my graduation gift! on a scale from one to actual tears running down your face how jealous are you
  19. So.... Many of us came to like MLP because of the endless amounts of gifs, videos, music, art and most important, internet parodies (abridged series also), fan made shows (Dr, whooves and co), etc. But I've a question for you all? For you, which one is the best abridged series, parody video or fanmade show out there staring my little pony (obviously fan made video.) Why do I make this thread? Because I want to see all mlp related parodies out there!!! Well....I start (this one is obvious):