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Found 74 results

  1. Hi Everypony!! I'm looking for free or affordable music software to muck around with and perhaps make my first FM do you have any recommendations? Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated (Brohoofed)
  2. I feel like I really overachieved with this one. One of the instruments is disguised as another - I'll be darned if you figure it out!
  3. I did this because I hadn't made anything for a long while.
  4. Well, here it is...the first composition of 2017 from me. Envision yourself in a paradise of snow as you listen to this original: Winter's Magic. As always, critique is wanted.
  5. Happy December! We are 25 days away from Christmas, and we are on a great pace to meet or exceed our goal! As of right now, we're at $1,179, and until 12/7, I personally am running a matching promotion, So let's drive to get there. We can have our goal met two and a half weeks before Christmas! Also, to help kick off December and Christmas month, I would like to present to you an original song composed by @C. Thunder Dash. It is called "Everlasting Joy" and is the official theme song to Making Christmas Merrier V. Enjoy!
  6. -No images avilable. I want the journey to be made with your mind. Also, the "Guitar" is actually my 6 string bass . Let that seep in.
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen...the time has come. Prepare for an immersive frightful experience...I present to you...Nowhere To Run, Nowhere to Hide. You find yourself in a forest being confronted by evils... Critique is wanted!
  8. This is a song I am currently creating; the lyrics have not been created yet; just instruments. The song is inspired of Stefan Petrusic's rendition of i Hav Kozak Za Dunai. The lyrics are going to be about an unlucky pony who yearns back into Starlight's "Utopia", and her journey to create a similar one. They have not been fully written, and only the bass has been recorded, everything else is MIDI for reference. Please critique the mix, and the compisition. Thanks!
  9. Having been around the fandom for a while I thought I had heard most of the genres people had made pony themed music from, well I was wrong as I have found some awesome ska/punk music.
  10. Lately, fan music has been a big part of my life. Here are some of my favorite fan made songs: Favorites (no order) 1.Princess Celestia Being Deep (not sure who it is by) I heard this today for the first time. Perfection! Thanks: @techoh 2. Discord (Euro-beat Brony remix by The Living Tombstone) Know all the words.... Very addictive 3. Nightmare Night (Wooden Toaster and Mic The Microphone) Really catchy for rap lovers... the chorus is the best part 4. Children Of The Night (?) So catchy. A little creepy, in the best of ways. One of the best.
  11. Nymira

    My Pony Song

    I produced this song today. I hope you all like it. I don't really get many views so I hope this helps. Maybe one day I get featured on EQD. Thank you all! /) Both links lead to the same song but the bandcamp is higher quality. /) :D
  12. I'm wondering what is you guys' favorite piece of music the fandom has offered us so far. Mine is a tie between Chant of Immortality (4everfreebrony ft. Chi-Chi), Harmony Ascendant (ponyphonic) and Great to be Different (Forest Rain ft. Decibelle) yes I love sad songs. Remixes and "pony version" of songs (for example Mad Mares by Feather) also count! please let me know if this is the right place to post this
  13. I can't exactly type in "Good Fan Music" into YouTube and get a list of songs that would suit me. There is also an overwhelming amount of Electronic Dubstep songs that either the lyrics suck, or there isn't any at all. Now I don't mind some dubstep or electronic music, in fact I enjoy it if it is done right. As a beat, not the focus of the song. It shouldn't be overpowering the actual singing, or if its without lyrics, then it shouldn't be overpowering the melody. But I do prefer more Soft Rock (I think that's a thing)... Yep, just looked it up, that's exactly what I like, or whatever genre you would put these I have listed below. (if you know the genre of these below and could educate me that would be AWESOME, because I am a music Neanderthal. My music expertise comes down to: Does it sound good? Yes or NO?) I enjoy: MandoBrony, Acoustic Brony, and MandoAcousticBrony (go figure). I pretty much love everything from them. Aviators, and some Living Tombstone stuff, but a lot of that is right on the edge of too much electronic, I do enjoy Discord (remix) and Wings from LT, and One Last Letter from Aviators along with many of his remixes, especially Helping Twilight Win the Crown. EuroBeatBrony, I love the original Discord especially. I also love the acoustic music from the fandom like Evening Star. His music is AMAZING. Especially the more orchestral pieces, like Friendship is Magic, or Lets Build an Army, but the electronic stuff is no joke either. If you know another channel that makes music like him, I would very much like to know. I listen to some ElectroKaplosion, but a lot of his stuff is unlisted for some reason. One example would be As Happy As You. So links for him would be nice I listen to some PonyPhonics stuff off and on like Lullaby for a princess. Which just got an animation for it I believe. Mathematic Pony, however little she has made is very good. So with that extensively detailed list... What other Brony Musics/Songs/Artists are on Youtube that I would enjoy?
  14. I was thinking we could kinda make a brony hall of fame, for all of the greatest figureheads and content creators of all time. I'll start by pointing out the obvious ones.... 1) Digibrony Aka Digibro 2) Tommy Oliver Aka Brony Curious 3) Saberspark 4) Gibbontake 5) The Living Tombstone 6) ILoveKimPossibleALot Aka KP 7) Drwolf 8) Jhaller 9) Anypony 10) SilverQuill Add any more you think I missed!
  15. I see trees of green, red roses, too, I see them bloom, for me and you And I think to myself What a wonderful Equestria I see skies of blue, and clouds of white, Celestia's bright blessed day, Luna's dark sacred night And I think to myself What a wonderful Equestria The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky, Are also on the flanks of ponies going by. I see friends shaking hooves, sayin', "How do you do?" They're really sayin', "I love you." I hear colts and fillies cryin'. I watch them grow. They'll learn much more than I'll ever know And I think to myself What a wonderful Equestria. Yes, I think to myself What a wonderful Equestria.... Ooo yeahhh.... *To be sung to the tune of Louie Armstrong's What a Wonderful World* Just a random idea I had listening to the original song. I may vocalize it and record a version...depends.
  16. Submitted for the lols of the fan music council I give you Pinkie's Brew Stallion Version Karaoke
  17. Hey y'all! It would be an honor if you could check out my analysis. I have been doing drawn analysis for a couple months and just stepped into the realm of video analysis! It's all hand-drawn. For the first one, I decided to take advantage of the audio aspect and do a top 5 songs. But I couldn't resist singing along XD I hope you enjoy the thoughts, the drawings, and the singing!
  18. A track I composed a few years ago, but finally got around to mixing recently. I'd like to make a video for it, but when time allows. The lyrics, that are slurred for the most part, are pretty much a combination of the phrases: "Derpy's Gonna Derp", "Who's Derpy Hooves?", and "Do you wanna, Derpy?" Let me know what you think!
  19. Kejos

    My first song

    Hi It was my first song in FL Studio and Magix Music Maker 2013. How you like it?
  20. Hey guys! I'm curious to hear what y'all think of Stactics new song, the MLP Theme Remix!
  21. Have you ever read, listen to or look at a fan project and find a couple of problems that you tend to get a little annoyed by and find it a bit hard to get immersed into the project? I tend to find these issues a lot when it comes to fan-made animations and audio dramas in particular. Issue #1 - With some voice actors you can hear their voices echo in the room they recorded their lines in. While this is a problem with the actor the bigger problem is the person who allowed these actors to be cast. Just today I was listening to an audio drama and I heard one of the main characer's voices echoing in the room they were in. When this comes up it's really hard to get immersed in this fan project and I end up wanting to ask whoever was in charge of editing this video "How could you and why would you accept recordings in this condition?". If I were in charge of a fan project and heard this, I would say to the actor "Listen, I can't work with this, I can hear the echo and when I hear it I don't believe that your character is performing on a stage in the center of town, I imagine her speaking in an empty room. "Listen, I can't work with this, I can hear the echo and when I hear it I don't believe that your character is performing on a stage in the center of town, I imagine her speaking in an empty room. Re-record your line in a place where there isn't an echo and send it to me or else I'm going to have to replace you." Issue #2 - When the voice actor or actress sounds nothing like the character he or she is supposed to be portraying. This is one of the most common issues in fan-projects within this fandom. I don't mind if it's a character that very rarely talks like Derpy, who's only ever talked in one scene, or BonBon who's voice seems to change with each appearance but when it comes to main characters or secondary characters who've talked for an extended amount of time on the show, that's when I take issue and find it rather hard to believe that it's the character they say they are. Take people in fan projects who try to voice Twilight Sparkle for example, I'm not saying you have to sound exactly like Tara Strong's portrayal of the but at least try to sound close to it! There was one audio drama where the person voicing Spike sounded like Louis from Left 4 Dead and I really wanted to ask why they cast that voice actor for Spike! Even today, same audio as I mentioned in issue #1, that voice actress was playing Trixie who was a main character in this audio. Now we've seen Trixie in the show, she's had two episodes where she's the antagonist and she's had a speaking role in Equestria Girls, that's plenty enough time to get really familiar with her voice. Again the actress didn't even sound close, I was actually thinking that she sounded like Peri from Classic Doctor Who. A word of advice people making fan projects, if the voice actor or actress can't even sound close to the character being portrayed, DON'T CAST THEM!! It can make the fan project a little difficult to get into.
  22. This is another demo for song, but this one I plan to include lyrics in it. However, I'm not the best singer so I was wondering if there were any singers who'd be up for this. Also, I'm hoping to get some help with the lyrics. Livin' Day at a time (Reworked Demo).mp3 (Note: I posted the wrong version with this post and was unable to correct it beforehand.)
  23. Hi there! It's been so long from the last mlp stuff I've done This time I've made kind of story of sisters reunion, which is separated on 5 key parts/steps: 1.Nightmare 2.Confrontation 3.Banished 4.Forgiveness 5.We must rule together Steps of this story not particularly follow the original story, but..who cares?) Btw, it would be curious to know which part or parts you like the most, so write it in the comments. Hope you enjoy!
  24. This is a update on a forum post I made back in March. To summaries, I said I wanted to make a Power Metal My Little Pony Band, (cuz ya know, they're like bread and butter) and the main idea I talked about in the that forum post, was a concept album all with music following a storyline, about: The first main track being an epic power metal song called "Lands Beyond Equestria". Since then, I've gathered some awesome musicians ( , , , Keyboardist), written a couple more songs, planned out the storyline of the album and ALMOST finished everything for Lands Beyond Equestria. Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars, Bass, Drums and Keyboard have been recorded, and footage has been recorded for each part (except for keys...he was busy ok) But as I said, it's almost finished, all that left is vocals. Which I think most people can agree, is pretty damn important! We've had complications with finding a vocalist. Complications I would rather not get into, but to say the least, everyone is busy. But I'm hoping that everything will be for Lands Beyond Equestria will be finished by next weekend (The 3rd of July), but of course there's is no promises. After that I'm hoping that can release songs, covers and parodies on some sort of time bases'. An example of one for these, is a parody I've written called "Stop the Bronies" which is a parody of "Stop the Bats" and is basically about the hate and butthurt that people experience from Bronies. Now I should probably bring something to your attention, the drummer and Keyboardist are only temporary members, in fact they're good friends of mine, IN FACT they aren't even Bronies. What basically happened is I was having trouble finding member for this bands, and both of these guys wanted to do some sort of collab with me, so I thought this would be a good time to do that. They both liked the song, and they agreed to help me out. The reason I bring this up is because, I'm still looking for a drummer and keyboardist. so if you're interested please contact me via e-mail. Although you won't be in the Lands Beyond Equestria recording, you will however be in later ones (hopefully). And...I think that's about everything you need to know. ... Well okay, I'll show you something from the video, this is the prologue part of the song, so this will play before Lands Beyond Equestria. Although it's only a draft, take a look anyways. And that's about everything; hope to update you all with something next week!
  25. I made this (doubtless your new favorite piece of music) in Jeskola Buzz using recorded voice samples of RD, FS, and PP. Pretend it's really good. xD Oh, and some Buzz screens for no reason: