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Found 6 results

  1. -No images avilable. I want the journey to be made with your mind. Also, the "Guitar" is actually my 6 string bass . Let that seep in.
  2. I'm not entirely sure that this would belong here, but I digress! I've made a post like this earlier this week and didn't get too too much feedback, so I'll try again! I need a collection of favorite show songs and fansongs from MLP and the brony fandom, to help inspire various adoptables and other drawings for OC ponies. What do I need from you? Your favorite song from the show, favorite song from the EG movies (optional), and then your favorite song that the brony fandom has produced. I would love to know why you like the song, or how it makes you personally feel or think about! From time to time, for your participation, I'll choose one person on every page to get a doodle of their favorite pony! Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it!
  3. I know this kind of stuff is very old (or nostalgic, depending on how you look at it). But I recently managed to transcribe all the themes of the Mane 6 from Fighting is Magic as accurately as I can! Some parts were difficult but I gave it a try. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy! You can click on the ponies if you want to skip to a certain song. Click Here for my Youtube Channel Sheet music of my exact arrangement can be found in the description of the video if you want it. It uses 2 piano parts which explains the empty space. Playing only the top part will still make it sound decent. But feel free to play it how you want.
  4. Hello everyone! My names Locrois and I'm new to this site well so new I just started today infact but when I found this section I wanted to share something I've made it's kinds terrible and very rough but I feel if anyone could help me its you guys my fellow fans! now then I'm very nervous about posting what I have because I just feel like it might be awful but at the same time feel like if I can get the help I need it could be a great song that I just want everyone to enjoy so before I post my awful work who's interested?
  5. Hey everyone, I was inspired to write a new original MLP song. Music is in the pop/soft punk/alternative style not unlike blink or fountains of wayne. Please subscribe to see further developments of the song as I will eventually step into the studio to record. This is just a demo with guitar, bass lines and effects. Song has lyrics, but no vocals or drum track. I am looking for a drummer that works with midi or a possible keyboardist/synth and eventually an animator to do an animation. Please comment and subscribe. Thanks and rock on ~ AudioWave Dasher
  6. So my Cowboy bebop OC, is named Lucy Jones, she likes to play the sax and her father doesn't have the best relationship with her when she's a teenager- or so she thinks- and then she leaves her home planet when she's a teenager and then her father is heartbroken and actually before he dies he writes a song about her. This is the song I wrote/he wrote: Lucy Why did you leave me? Was it something I said? Was it the way I dressed? Lucy. I think I understand it now. While writing this song, I understand it, why you had to go. You had to leave because- every little birdie spreads their wings and flys away. They fly, fly, fly, until they cant fly no more. They fly, fly, fly until they crash to the ground. And Lucy, when you read this, I betcha, girl, you've crashed, and cant fly no more? Isn't that right? Well, I wont be here anymore, to face the world- you and me- like we promised on that day- Lucy- dontcha remember? On that day, you and I, Promised... We'd face the world... We'd embrace it... We'd defeat it... With... Love... And on the back of the card it says: From dad- I love you Lucy, my little wingless birdie. <3 So yeah, even if you don't know about cowboy bebop, can you still give me some feedback? I don't play any musical instruments and I don't write lyrics often... I've tried several times before, but I wanna know if I can keep writing lyrics. T_T