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Found 4 results

  1. Do you have favorite ponifications - canon or fan-made? We can find so many ponifications in the show, comics and especially in fan works. Some are very well-done, some are unexpected and some are just clever. So do you have any favorites? For example, I really like how they ponified Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song for Season 7 promo: As for the fan works, I'm always glad to see ponifications of Heroes of Might and Magic, as I'm a fan of this game series:
  2. Hello there, i'm UncleRemil And i'm an animator. I'm just here to inform you that the first episode of my mini series is almost ready, i'm in the middle of the episode, and i have great expectation of it. The series will be made by Adobe Flash CS6, the design of the characters (and zombies) are not so good, but it will be improve with the time, the first episode will be more like a pilot. And, that's all, i hope you like th idea, if you do, please suscribe and give me a Like to my Facebook page, i'll give information of the show (when the first episode will be on youtube, new things, etc) By the way, i may need some voices, so if you're interested (i need both male and woman) please, contact me on my skype (UncleRemil) Some Screenshots. See you next time
  3. Remember this animatic a year back? Well, the frick'in thing is finally finished! OMYGAWD It's BOOTIFUL! My favorite fan-made pony video to date. For as long as I was following the blog to the fan-piece, It's so satisfying to see it finished. If you haven't, please watch it. It's absolutely stunning.
  4. We've all seen those ads on Equestria Daily at the end of the Nightly Roundups. We all know that these ads open a window for us to see the boatloads of awesome merchandise made with the loving care of the creative fans in this community. We all want some of those things that they're selling. This sparks an interesting question. What do you, the consumers, like these creative fans to, well, create? When you're in the mood for some merchandise, what do you look for, be it plushies, custom figures, articles of clothing, and any other creations? I'm interested to read your responses.