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Found 129 results

  1. Hello all! Returning fan here; I find myself in need of your reading recommendations: what are your favorite comic/fanfiction series from the last half-decade or so? After getting caught up on the series after a 5 year hiatus I'm seeing that there are a lot of fan-created works that I have missed out on. Like, a metric ton of them. I can't reasonably get caught up on 5 years worth of fan content, so I figured I'd open it up to suggestions! Treat this as if I were a blank flank slate - if you could recommend any fan series from any point in the fandom's history, what would it be? It could mystery, action, adventure, human-in-Equestria, or even just some feel-good/slice of life/platonic/Hallmark ending type of stuff. (Bonus points if it's a long-running series.)
  2. Well here it is, a Colgate fan club! Q: What do we do here? A: In the Colgate fan club, we show our love for Colgate. :3 Q: What should I post? A: Anything related to Colgate! e.g; Music, fan art, fan fictions..! Q: Are there qualifications I have to meet to join the club? A: Nope! If you love Colgate, feel free to join! So yes, just post anything on here related to Colgate and show your love for her! Who is Colgate? Colgate is a female unicorn featured in many episodes as a background character. She is usually known as a dentist, due to her costume on Nightmare Night, and that her hair literally looks like toothpaste. Anyway, I'll start off with some art of her.
  3. This might be considered a lazy post. Are the new seasons worth watching? I stopped at 7, and kind of just stopped watching after I heard about all the new characters that were being added, although that isn't the reason I stopped per se. Have you guys enjoyed the new stuff? I guess I'm just feeling a bit timid about giving the new stuff a try!
  4. So, who on MLP Forums is the biggest fan of [insert thing here] (Does not have to be MLP-related) Inspired by this topic: Name anyone aside from yourself! Biggest fan of Tobi? @@Crescent Light
  5. I dedicate this to that one special pony in my life. @Cyclone 1066, the short time we've been together has been the best time of my life. You're truly my everything, I love you more than words can say. I didn't ever think I'd find someone like you. You're funny, cute, so sweet, and just an all-around great guy. I consider myself very "lucky" to have you in my life, and now, nothing would be the same without you. It's a funny story how you went from just my biggest forum crush to my special somepony, I mean what girl is "lucky" enough to have that happen? I can't wait for the day I get to meet you in real life, which I know will be very soon. So with that, your biggest fan dedicates this here fan club to you. Welcome to the Cyclone 1066 Fan Club!
  6. Introducing.... THE_GOBO!!!! @The_Gobo has got to be one of the funniest and coolest people on this entire forum! There should be a story about his little slimey creations. He is so awesome, he's even got his own song: I wonder how he'd feel about this fan club?
  7. Hello everybody! This is a fan club for all brony car lovers. Stuff to post: Cars you like Things that you wish could change with cars Car problems Car jokes Current car Dream Car First car Etc. Rules: No spam. No degrading or racist comments (e.g. Japanese cars are gay, Mustang drivers are *****, V8s are the only practical engines, etc.) Memes are allowed though. No NSFW content (e.g. woman's boobs atop Dodge Viper hood) Keep to the topic of cars (i.e. don't talk about cheese or what music you listened to last night) No hating on another fan club. All rules of the site apply here. Share and discuss! Let's make this big!!
  8. Hub. Welcome to the Big Macintosh Fan Club!!!! Big Macintosh is the older brother of Apple Jack and Apple Bloom. He is more often than not on Sweet Apple Acres, collecting apples and running the family business. A pony a very few words he answers questions with his trademark Eeeyup or Eeenope. Rules of this Thread -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" -I have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply.
  9. I don't usually give Youtube shout outs but this was really well done in my opinion. This is a fully animated short that parodies the end of the infamous Evangelion anime movie from the 90s and just like the movie is bizzare (and also full of MLP fandom references including Gak). The sad thing is he gave it a clickbait title and no one understands the joke. Some people are just too young for Evangelion I guess.
  10. This show is awesome. I've only watched two episodes, but it is quite awesome. Who agrees with me?
  11. This is a special piece that involves you traveling into the great cyberhall of history and entering the new reformed Cyber World of Equestria. Critique is wanted! Note this is a completed track.
  12. For example, after I finally admitted to liking FIM, my older sister kind of teased me about it, which I expected. And even through she has accepted that fact, she still questions and wonders why. And her defense in her questioning why people between our age range (if not a bit younger or older) like it, is just seems a bit unusual for us to like a show meant for little girls and if not little boys. So my question to you fellow fans, is this, : Do you get the same questioning and wondering from others, even after you have admitted to liking MLP : FIM?
  13. Hii welcome to the flash + twilight sparkle shipping fan clubb all mlp forums rules apply here:)
  14. While some people might be fine with labels that separate gender and generations, I'm not. I don't like the terms Brony or Pegasister, because why the need to put sexes at opposite sides of the room, rather than one umbrella term? Additionally, since I am a fan of ALL the My Little Pony generations, these g4 specific labels do not apply to me. Who is a fan of all gens, and content to just be a fan, rather than squeezed into sexist labels generated by g4's male following? Thoughts on these labels, as a g4 Only fan?
  15. I'm sure I'm not the first one who has thought of this.. The real hardship of Celestia is simply that.. She has not slept while Luna was banished Evidence: If you look at Lesson Zero, The sun was ticking down as the day went on. This would mean that Celestia had to constantly move the sun, Which would be fine beside the fact that she took on the responsibility of raising the moon and sun since Nightmare Moon was banished. If she didn't there wound't be afternoons or dusk, If a beloved princess turned villain was forgotten in a span of a thousand years, surely a simple concept of dusk could too. Which would also give Celestia an Alibi on why she didn't help the mane six on the first episode. She had to keep the balance by constantly using magic. (Yes, I do know that her horn didn't glow all the time, but consider her age and knowledge living for thousands of years, She could have found a way to conceal her magic to keep her citizens from worrying about her well-being) I'm sure there are holes in this theory, please let me know what you guys think and I'll try to improve it to the best of my abilities..
  16. Even though Gilda caused many bronies to hate griffons, it (or appearances of other griffons) also led to the creation of many griffon OC's, and a fascination with the locals of Gilda's homeland. Considering that griffon fans are usually either fantasy or mythology geeks (like me) or furries, I think it is like the show's griffons attracted more fans to the show. I wonder, what makes them like griffons like Gilda (before Season 5)? And what about you: why do you like griffons? Is it because of their majestic shape (unlike the cutesy ponies), and their glorious wings? Is it because of their mythological associations? Is it because they are beautiful, or even cuter than ponies? Is it that Griffonstone (or the griffon empire, or their nation) used to be intriguing and mysterious, that fanfiction will fill that gap?
  17. I have often held MLP in to a high regard like I've never done to a TV show before. But I always feel threatened by the others' words saying it is imperfect, whereas I expect it to be, in a hyperbolic way, godlike. As my question implies, does MLP deserve to be erased from human memory because we are all angry with it being not flawless, or at least, because it's not like the "superior" shows that I probably have or have not heard of?
  18. I have noticed among some old comments made before "The Best Night Ever", in which they refer Prince Blueblood as "Prince Astron". How did he get the name "Astron"? Was it because of the star-shaped cutie mark?
  19. It's my first time being here but I needed someplace to vent out. I've been trying to watch Season 6 but everywhere I look on EQD and here, all I see is nothing but hate for the season. I get reasons like Twi is acting OOC in NSP, ND was the worst conclusion for RD and all that. Honestly I get cardiac pains from reading, NO JOKE. It goes against my perception of the show and even though everyone's words are not directed at me, it's convinced me that my view of the show is wrong. Am I wrong in liking Season 6?
  20. This is the first fandom I've ever been in. I've always enjoyed any show in complete isolation, away from the world. I personally feel like my analysis skills when it comes to any show are not really like a professional critic, and I feel like because of that fact, my statements and perceptions of the show are wrong. Here's my own reasoning. "I like MLP (the general show and the episodes) for this and that but I have not-good-but-not-bad or poor reasoning skills to say why, therefore I am wrong. "I am able to deduce the flaws in the episodes, therefore my deductive reasoning is superior to everyone's and that I'm right. Conclusively, MLP is a factually horrible show and should be cancelled. At the very least it should be improved but the chances of that happening are absolute 0 because the writers don't care about what is good writing and they are in the wrong." I can't help if my analyzing skills are not good but I feel like everyone just shoots down my opinion even after hearing them. I don't feel welcome at all. Should I have unequaled analyzing skills so I can see the show for what it really is, even though I may not be capable of improving? Should I stop treating it lightly and treat it seriously because treating it seriously is the "proper" way to approach it and that I should never look at it with a lighthearted view?
  21. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I wasn't sure if it was just for posting, or if discussion counts. Anyway, this thread is to discuss your favorite fanfictions, genres of fanfiction, authors, etc. For me, there have been a bunch that I would call my favorites, but if I had to pick one, it would be "Today, Tomorrow, and Forever". It was one of the first fanfictions I read, and it brought me close to tears. It is a sad Derpy and Dinky story. I try many different genres, but rarely read Grimdark. I also like Conversion Bureau stories and any story by Ciroton.
  22. Why aren't people posting in the fan clubs? Or, at least, the Mane Six fan clubs. Is everyone genuinely here - a PONY forum supposedly centered around PONIES - just to play critic (when new episodes are actually airing) or debate politics and other such bullshit? I've long since thought that the fun was being slowwwwly sucked out of the damn place, but this is "giving up" on an unprecedented scale. Does everyone feel as though they've met their quota for celebrating the reason(s) they supposedly came here in the first place? Oh. Oh, wait. Your meaningless post count doesn't go up when you post into a fan club. You can post into some ridiculous topic about the bathroom habits of ponies and get a plus one (good job!), but posting art or positive messages into a fan club gets you zilch in that regard. However: There's no minimum character count for posting into a fan club. You can just run in, post a friggin' image of the appropriate pony, and then run your ass back to the Debate Pit if you like. How hard is that? Seriously. And don't tell me you've stuff to do: You're on a forum. You either have nothing else to do or are putting off things you'd ought to be doing. Fans are gradually drifting away from what actually matters about the show. Hardly anyone's here to actually enjoy what it was that they gravitated towards in the first place. It's just any other forum now; except it's pony-themed. It's not a pony forum.
  23. Okay, a lot of you have probably seen the fan animation "Button's Adventures," and have probably noticed how popular Button's Mom has gotten. (If you haven't seen the animation, here is a link: ) Anyway, she has yet to be given an official name by the creator, so I thought it might be fun to think of name ideas for her. Post below what name you think might be nice for her character.
  24. Some people say that "Pinkie fans are annoying, Twilight fans are intellectuals or loners, and Fluttershy fans will hurt you for making her cry". What do you think would be the typical behaviour of any fan of each pony of the Mane 6.
  25. By early days, I'm talking about S1 -S3. Year 2010-early 2013. I just want to know what you think and if you have felt the same thing as I have. I'm very strong and passionate about my obsessions. Like I get really serious about a series or hobby and my obsessions are long term. I've been a proud brony for 3 and a half years and I've been a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean ever since the first movie. I'm starting to feel effects of being involved in fandoms for a long time. It seems that these fandoms just kind of die and I feel like the only person who is still standing strong. A lot of people I knew in these fandoms when I first joined moved on to another obsession or fandom. The fandoms I'm in are getting old and I've been watching them be replaced by new ones. I've easily felt it every time I walk into a Hot Topic. Each time I walk in there are less and less pony merchandise and the wall where the MLP section was has been replaced by The Avengers and Doctor Who. Don't get me wrong, MLP is still popular and the brony fandom is getting bigger everyday. Idk. I became a brony during season 2 when the fandom was at it's peak. I guess I just miss the fandom the way it used to be when I first joined. How do you feel? Do you miss that peak? When everyone shit themselves over Derpy, AliTwi, and EQG?