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Found 17 results

  1. Why do fans hate tragic, and dark and mysterious fan characters and call them edgy?
  2. In this thread, feel free to express what you like or dislike the most about this fanbase. Now if you come across an opinion on what they think is the best or worst thing about the fanbase, please don't flame war because it's only opinion that is absolutely there's.
  3. You know, YouTube isn't the enjoyable site it used to be but still a wonderful place to watch original videos by content creators. though that isn't the case there at all, no no.... There is always that community that is actually a mix of Love, Hate, Salt, Insults, Weird Stuff, More Insults (and Flame wars), and etc. and you know what community i am talking about yes, i am talking about the YouTube Community and although the YouTube community may have Few Nice people there, that doesn't mean the same for the rest of the YT community, The YT community is probably one of the most Flaming Communities i have seen and let me set and example for this, when you watch a video regarding a console boosting up sales or PC being the biggest market for game and finish watching it you would be like ''Yes! that awesome, lemme check the comments here'' then you click on the comments and what do you see? Trolls Starting to cause Flamewars and A crapton of Console fanboys insulting PC users and you would be like ''Why'' And The problem gets worse when it comes to bronies (us). so Say that you are yourself, browsing YouTube, then you decide to comment on the video on how the video was great and etc, then you go away for a few hours, and then 2 hours later, you come back, you see 100+ replies, and those replies are people Calling You ''gay'' for having a Pony as your profile picture, and saying MLP is ''cancer'' . well, now you see my point here, YouTube may be a Good site for watching videos but the community is just salty and full of trolls that want to cause a lot of flamewars. Now I am not saying that we should insult Anti-Bronies or Try to stop these wars but these are just my personal opinions about the YT community as a whole. So, yes, this was my whole opinion on The YT community and how they treat each other in the comments. Thanks for reading.
  4. Hi, I was wondering something Why does everypony like Maud Pie so much? I'm not hating just very curious for about it . Thanks
  5. While many people view bronies as "strange and quirky men who are obsessed with a girl's show about magical horses", how does society think of the average pegasister, any woman who loves MLP:FiM? Would they, for being grown women who outgrew the targeted audience of little girls and tweens, be treated like grown men who watch shows like Ben 10 and Adventure Time?
  6. If you don't really know what it is, I can explain. It's when the maker of the video otherwise known as the "pooper" takes a piece of media as his/her source and sort of reshapes it, does a few thing with it. Basically makes a new thing. Here is an example of it.
  7. Should you: listen always to your fans, and let their fanons influence your work? prefer to do almost everything your way, risking their anger?
  8. (Example: The recent (as of 2014) movie, Edge of Tomorrow, has been criticized by fans of the novel for changing the ending to make it happier (the original ending is that the main characters die off, with no revival at all).) I would sometimes consider on whether should I make my endings more darker and worse, or can I allow them to have more pleasant endings, for fear that any fans of my future works might one day rage capriciously over whether my works should have happy or sad endings. Concerning this, I would like to ask this to you: "Are you in favour of more happy endings in my works, or sad endings?"
  9. I have been acquainted with the fanbase/fandom itself, and I enjoy researching things from their drama and behavior. Is this fanbase a good one to research about other fanbases?
  10. Seeing the drastic power of Disney's pervasive growth (and fear of "ruined content" and kiddy-safe things), and of Hasbro's treatment of the Brony fanbase (from C&D's and "girly nonsense" a la Alicorn Twi's Palace and her "cliche-filled, high school adventures"; to even banning the staff from reading fanfics) -- contrasting with the "open-ness" of Valve Studios (e.g. TF2 sometimes opens itself to the influence of its fans, and permits their artwork) -- I sometimes wonder how open should I be to my fans' influences, if I publish my works and continue them, in the future. Should my stories be a bit more independent of my fans' influence (lest it become like "the popular shows"), or should I allow my fans to storm in and do almost anything they like with my stories (with the dominant fanons simply becoming canon). Perhaps they can improve my stories. Or wreck them.
  11. Sorry if there's already a topic regarding this animation already, but as I didn't see it anywhere, I assumed that, while it may have been posted in the pinned video thread, it didn't get its' own topic. Please mods, have mercy on my post. I didn't mean to post a duplicate, I was just- Oh, wait. For those of you who somehow don't know who JanAnimations is, it's a Youtube channel responsible for some of the fanbase's most astonishingly well-done fan animations. One of their top works was a music video that went along with MandoPony's 'Picture Perfect Pony' song, found here. Which, I believe, happened not long before Hasbro and DHX found him, corrupted his soul and adopted him into their corporate world of villainy. At the time, it was also treated as one of the most show-accurate animations out there, winning many over. Even today, Jan's works win people over where Double Rainboom and others have not. During Galacon, they premiered a project that had been advertised several months previously, called 'Buttons' Adventures'. It's a series of animations based off of, you guessed it, somepony's OC a background pony seen back in this song, as our 'too young' pony. A cute little colt playing the video game box, of which sparked its' whole other discussion about where Equestria exactly is regarding technology advancement, but...that's a whole other kettle of fish :3 Point is, creativity from the fanbase + random three second screen time = animation project, once again. Okay, I need to admit, he is cute. Here's the officially released pilot, premiered at GalaCon back on August 4th. What are your thoughts on the project thus far, and your opinion of JanAnimations' other works as well? Are they superior to other animations the fanbase has produced thus far? Or are they simply on par, or even worse than others'? Isn't Button Mash simply adorable? Doesn't he have the voice of an angel? Share with us your cold, unyielding opinions thoughts :'3
  12. Battle of teh ponies! There's a ton of dominatrix on who should be best pony, but most importantly who deserves to be well loved. (In other words, a bigger fan club!) :3 I am "best pony biased", so my favorite changes A LOT. To make it fair, I think everypony deserves a spare chance. lol So forums, how about you? Who deserves to have a bigger fanbase?
  13. For example, much of my works involve these: (LOOK CAREFULLY) * absurdism * medieval kingdoms * romance * horses, ponies (especially miserable Shetties), blue jays, crows, ravens, and cockatoos doing weird things * aliens * wars * politics * a lot of anachronism * fictional kingdoms vs republics * people visiting and "civilising/influencing" exotic lands * diplomacy and international politics * space * music (and poems) * descriptions of media and services (e.g. TV stations and railways) * mockery of fangirls, Average Joes and Janes, and Shetland Ponies(* gods and pantheons) But never these (hopefully): * cliches * cliches * moar cliches * childish elements * worthless elements YA novels and Twilight (the novel) has * sorcery * sex of any form. I would fear that if a fanbase emerges from any of my works, they will fall into the twisted path of the Beliebers and Twihards. Can you help me do things to avert/stop this from happening, otherwise my future works will end up in the trash-bin/bonfire of history?
  14. May I know ways in which Transformers is commercialized? e.g. MLP: Twilicorn, Royal Wedding, Princess Skyla, "Let's Fly To The Castle", EqG. Any (infamous) examples (other than the recent Bay Movies) throughout every generation, from beginning, all the way up to now?
  15. Does anyone hear contribute to the community? By contribute, I mean do fanwork like fanfiction, art, animation, cosplay, ect. Personally, I don't. I am a terrible artist, not willing to write fanfiction, and have no knowledge in cosplay.
  16. After I started wathing the show I felt like I was a bettter, happier person. To me the lessons the show teaches them actually helps me live them out in my everyday life, to be the best person I can be. Applejack was a big inspiration for me because her dedication to her work help me out when I was slacking in school. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie too, helping me realize to be myself and not think about other opinions of me. Thoughts?