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Found 23 results

  1. UPDATE: The survey will be closing by the end of the month! Try to spread it around, the more people the better! Hey everypony! Thanks for clicking this topic, and I'm sure you're curious as to what could be in store after… Whelp! GUESS WHAT?! There's a survey going on right now on the web for "How has fandoms affected your life?" The survey is pretty short and to the point, and it's to help tally up the results of how positively fandoms affect our daily lives. If you're a brony like me, go ahead and put in your two bits. Don't be afraid to mention you're in other fandoms too, I mean I'm a true trekkie when it comes down to it. Here's a link to the survey~~…/1OXpMtwct7OnQRrVslxudlOY…/viewform The people running it are a non-profit organization called,"Manifold Creators Society". The organization was made to support fans from fandoms, and help to educate what fandoms are truly about. This survey, if we have enough people submitting to it, will prove that fandoms are overall very positive to be in. Please tell me what you think of it after you've clicked submit as I am one of the members that helped to create the survey. It's my first survey,too. Thanks again for reading, and I hope you're willing to help support the survey. Share it out to all your fandoms ;3
  2. When I think about fandoms, I think about not only the controversy and theories these fandoms bring up, but I also look at the reasons why we join such groups. Is it for attention and popularity. Is it to seek others with similar interests, or is it something more? Me persoanaly, I see people in the fandoms I join as family. I look beyond what makes them different and treat them as individuals. While we will always have a few classic and expected black sheep, even they play a role in what our fandoms are. I love am one who has been open minded since I began to walk a path spirituality and I've began to see the pros and cons of our world. Fandoms are by far more a positive thing than a negative thing when it comes to what we like and enjoy. We all are together in liking something similarly, if not entirely. Yes fandom war will break out but they rarely harm anything other then the pride and ego of those that do battle. It's not like we all will become unibombers and destroy the world for not seeing our vision. That is what makes me pissed off about those who refuse to understand fandoms. It's a fear of the unknown. No I'm not saying all who are not fond of certain fandoms are bad. Oh no. That is something we as people part of a fandom and those that are not part of one need to understand. Well, enough of my rambling. What do you think? Why did you join the fandoms you did? I kinda gave you my reasoning and a bit of a rant on the basis of fandom. Sorry, I didn't intend on it taking this long.
  3. So, talking to my friends in a Skype call, and we get on the subject of fan bases. It sparks a huge discussion on how outsiders would see into a fandom. We've all heard the insults before, and for most people, none of them hold up to be true. The media (like the Fox News station who said we quit our jobs to watch this show, like how does that even make logical sense?), portrays bronies as mostly just strange people. But are we? They enjoy shows, just aren't as active in it as we are. The furry fandom, I don't quite understand it, but I don't see them all as some cult of crazy people. Apparently there's a Steven Universe fandom as well. Spongebob. Pokemon. You name it, people have websites, accounts, ideas, art, etc based on it. I mean you don't call somebody a low-life because they wait a week to watch CSI, do you? I wouldn't, because it makes no sense to. Bronies are just 'out of the norm', I'd guess you'd say. But is that a bad thing? How many times have you seen a girl watch what would be considered a dude's show? And how does that differ from dudes watching what they say is a girl's show? The outsiders of fandoms need to at least go into the fandom to understand it. If they don't like it then, oh well. But I bet if the haters legitimately tried, they'd join or stop the hate. If they continue to hate, then there's another factor in them that isn't surfaced. I'm done rambling now, but I want to know, What's your opinion on the haters and how fandoms are portrayed?
  4. I want to known your fandoms, so what are they?
  5. I was wondering which cartoons that you guys watch, not counting MLP!! Some of my favorites are: Gravity Falls Wander over Yonder Star vs The Forces of Evil Over the Garden Wall Adventure Time (though i haven't watched most of the newer seasons) Voltron: Legendary Defender Wakfu Rick & Morty Samurai Jack (primarily season 5) We Bare Bears Regular Show How about you? ^^
  6. April 10, 2017 7:55 Dear Blog, So I'm at school waiting to go to class. I basically have nothing to do and thought why not start a god damn blog. So this morning I start watching Sherlock while eating pancakes. I'm going to start ask me thing so you guys can ask me questions and personal questions. Well that's all I have to say right now. Join the swarm, Queen Chrysalis Servant
  7. So the following all comes from a discussion i had with someone on the topic of fandoms, in which we hammered this idea out over a couple of days and constant rules and ideas being put into place. You can choose one of the following: A. Bring ANY one fictional character of your choice here to this planet. They appear directly in front of you as if you had just summoned them somehow. They retain ALL of their memories, abilities, powers and skills, EVEN IF they defy this world's physics... If it is a character that relies upon gadgets like Batman for example, they will only appear with what they can carry on their person and would be most expected to carry from their usual appearances, however their gadgets will operate exactly as they do in whatever medium they come from. Thus a character that has a gun that never runs out of ammo or needs reloading like Dante from Devil May Cry, will have infinite ammo and no reloading necessity here as well, despite how illogical that would be. Remember they will also have all of their same weaknesses. Also, if there are multiple incarnations of your chosen character, all attempts will be made to merge relevant personas into one acceptable archetype of said character. Furthermore, you are not changing the world itself, just bringing them into it.... thus the world would suddenly possibly have to deal with a very real Spider-Man, Kool-Aid Man, Goku, etc... thus try to visualize exactly how the world would react if your said choice just suddenly and randomly appeared able to do the incredible things they do. B. You can go to any fictional place of your choosing. You will immediately appear in a random "safe' spot within your chosen universe or setting. Thus you will not appear in deep space or under the sea with no way to breathe, or in the middle of some wild battle if you choose a world like the Marvel universe for example. You will be exactly as you are and have only the clothes upon your back and any items you can reasonable carry upon your person. You will retain all of your memories and knowledge of this world, but you will also be physically exactly as you are. If you choose a world or setting hostile to humans, you will be reverted to as close a facsimile of yourself as can be reasonably attained or you may be placed within a safe zone away from where you actually may be trying to reach and left to your own devices upon how to get there. So for example if you chose Pandora from Avatar, if there were a human settlement upon it with the proper shielding and life support systems, you would be sent there. However, if that was unavailable you would be reverted into a Na'vi. However you would have no experience or skill in this new form. Any world you choose where the main inhabitants are human you will be able to go relatively unnoticed unless you decide to reveal yourself or choose a setting where you are very much out of place (like for example the Starship Enterprise), where as worlds without human inhabitants (that we know of) will treat you as alien. Again, you are not changing the world you are just appearing within it as you are. You do get to send them back if it does not work out, or return to this world if you do not like it there... but once you do, you can not bring them back, summon anyone else or return to that or any other world. It is one shot, so choose wisely. I think I covered all of the rules and explained them the best that I could. So have at it. Who would you choose and why.... or where would you go and what would you do? I'll have to write mine up in a bit but am curious to hear your thoughts. Also if I missed something or did not clarify something, please let me know so i can fix the original post.
  8. Hello MLPForums! I wanted to bring your attention to a fandom that often goes forgotten. Over 350 Million Rubik's Cubes have been sold worldwide. Even if you have no clue how to solve one, odds are you have one sitting around on a shelf. The Rubik's Cube is considered the best-selling toy ever made, but just as with a certain pony toy line, the cube is not nearly as interesting as its unprecedented adult fandom. During a discussion on Discord, a brony friend of mine was surprised to find that I too enjoyed Rubik's Cubes. While I'm just a passive enthusiast, he is practicing to improve his solving speed in the hopes of jumping into competitions. I on the other hand am much more interested in getting into designing my own cubes in the upcoming year. As we talked, I began to make some parallels with the brony fandom. Both fandoms are male-dominated with a rising female interest. Both fandoms are filled with all sorts of people - creative types, gamers, intellectuals, social personalities, artists, etc. Both fandoms are driven by an insane number of conventions. Both fandoms took the whole world by surprise, upsetting long established cultural expectations. Most importantly, both fandoms are often completely misunderstood by outsiders to the fandom. More on that in a moment. The iconic table from the "If You Give a Pony A Rubik's Cube" comic series. Intrigued, I started asking around on brony forums and on Canternet IRC. How many bronies were cubers as well? To my delight, I found several of the twisty puzzle enthusiasts hiding amongst artists, musicians, and writers. Though many of the cubers that I found were coders, I was much more interested in the creative-type cubers, since it's almost expected for programmers to be knowledgeable in puzzles. The friend dug around himself and came to the same conclusion: these two fandoms are standing side by side with no bridging subcommunity. So, we made a server on Discord for that very purpose. Generically named "My Little Cubers", the server stands to be a place for brony cubers to unite, as well as a place for curious bronies to learn more about the puzzle and the incredible fandom behind it. I've left an invite link at the end of this post for those interested. "Pony Puzzle" by Axian-Art Now, back to that comparison on how both communities are misunderstood. As any brony will know, people have preconceived ideas about the show. "That show is for little girls", "Grown adults should not be collecting pastel pony toys", "Clearly, there must be something wrong with those people" and so on. That being said, people have preconceived ideas about Rubik's Cubes as well, the most harmful of which is that "the Rubik's Cube is a difficult puzzle made for smart people". Well, I've got news for you - learning to solve a Rubik's Cube is no harder than learning to navigate Facebook for the first time, or memorizing a poem. While the puzzle may require out-of-the-box thinking, that requirement can be well met with the intellect of an average 10-year-old. I would know, I was first 10 years old when I picked up a Rubik's Cube and took the time to work it out, and I'm just as average as the next man. Hundreds, if not thousands of beginner guides exist that will take you through a series of 7-steps to solving the cube, each step having one or two "algorithms" (an instructional pattern) associated with it. If you get these handful of patterns memorized and know in what order to apply them, you can solve a Rubik's cube in under two minutes with almost no mental effort. It's true that the fandom is filled with a lot of smart people. However, these people are not all the same. There are artists, seeking to express creativity through the puzzle; engineers, looking to create new derivatives of the puzzle; speedsolvers, creating and practicing longer and more complicated algorithms to cut down solving time; critics, examining and contrasting different cubes and algorithms; etc. In short, all of the diversity that the bronies love is present within this very different yet strikingly similar fandom. "B.B.M.E.F" by PsychoDikdik If you have never solved a cube, or have solved a cube but have never checked out the community behind it, I encourage you to do so. It's a fun toy, and an incredible community! And if you are interested in hanging out with a bunch of bronies who also enjoy Rubik's Cubes, check out our Discord Server "My Little Cubers":
  9. This wasn't an essay I did for school or anything, it was meant as a critique sort of thing for a popular youtuber I watch. I dismiss most youtubers who have videos saying something like I HATE BRONIES in their uploads. But I Hate Everything, IHE, actually has some reasonable opinions in most of his videos. They're all mostly negative, but he actually thinks about what he says and has good rant etiquette. Most of the time. I just hate it when people make very general opinions on fandoms and groups of people and the like because, well, read this email I sent him and find out: I'm hoping this message provides some legitimate critique that you can use to improve your future videos, but I'm not going to lie by saying this isn't me venting or partially acting out of emotion rather than reason. I think your videos are great. They're very honest, to the point, and can provide new insights and perspectives on things that can potentially make your viewers more cynical, but substantially better informed and reasonably minded. However, I do not agree with your philosophy for ranting about fandoms, or general groups of people that you strongly dislike. I haven't seen all of your videos on fandoms, but I find the idea of making entire videos titled I HATE BRONIES or I HATE FURRIES or THE WORST FANDOMS or the like inherently flawed and a bit bigoted. I know in your video I HATE I HATE EVERYTHING you mentioned that a lot of your viewpoints or terms for expressing viewpoints are hyperbole, or simply exaggerated greatly for comedic effect. But you can forgive some of your viewers if they watch a video titled I HATE (x type of people here) and get miffed when it contains nothing but purely negative opinions. Why nowadays, when the word HATE, something that used to be used to describe an emotion of unprecedented dislike and revile towards something or someone, is spoken like just a stronger, purer term for DISLIKE, should people expect you to feel any different about your opinions than what you state they are in your titles and videos? From the way you present most of your I HATE FANDOMS videos, it seems like you truly dislike, hate, or despise those fandoms in a general sense. But I don't think you do. Say a complete stranger you see walking down the sidewalk is wearing a shirt that obviously makes it out to seem they're a brony, or a fan of Sonic. Maybe you ask them if they're really a part of one those fandoms, and they say "Yes." There is no doubt in your mind that they are. Could you say to yourself, in seriousness, that you hate that person? Could you reasonably think at that point that you just dislike that person? No, you couldn't. Making statements like that, even to yourself is extremely prejudious. Makes you seem like an [curse]. You don't know their personality, you don't know how they act, how they treat other people, you don't know much about them. Saying "Oh, but I've encountered a lot of these people and see the kind of stuff they create, they're all bad," wouldn't make it any less fair either. Even if you've seen hundreds of [curse word here] drawings or fan creations from the brony fandom, you've barely seen a fraction of everything they've created. Even if you've encountered numerous bronies that are stupid, spiteful, rude or just plain [curse word here], you haven't encountered nearly enough to say that all thousands and thousands and maybe even millions of bronies are bad people. No matter how much bad art, unoriginal videos, examples of disturbing cosplay or stupid comments you put on the screen in your videos, not just from bronies but of any fandom you are discussing, you can't cram enough pieces on the screen to show that these entire fandoms are bad. It's just way too genralized of a statement to be backed up by good evidence. I say I don't think you truly dislike these fandoms because of the way you act in your videos, and some of the statements you've made in the past. Like in your I HATE TUMBLR video, you were responding to comments saying that you should make a I HATE FEMINISM video. Your response was basically, in my eyes, "If you think that people who advocate for gender rights and equality is a bad thing, then you're a [curse word here] retard. Just because some of the feminists you've encountered are terrible people doesn't mean all are." You perceived the term 'feminist' as its base concept, for what it means. Wouldn't it be equally fair to say "If you think someone who really likes a certain show or game and participates in the community for that show or game is a terrible person, then you're a [curse word] retard. Just because most of the fans you've encountered are terrible people doesn't mean they all are." You may hate some of the fans in the fandoms you mentioned, but you seem like too smart of a guy to simply say "I HATE BRONIES" or "I HATE FURRIES". It's a bit wrong to misrepresent something and only show the bad of it to your fandoms, when there's a good side to it as well. You can probably guess by now that I'm an irritated member of one of the fandoms you apparentally hate or dislike, and yes, I am. I'm a brony. And I know for a fact that there's a large collection of artwork, animations, music and stories that bronies have made that is fantastic. Some stuff that shows how much effort a fan can truly put into something they're great at, something that they love and have a passion for. These works I've seen put the full potential of a creative medium on display. And not only that, there are some incredibly generous things bronies have done too. There are bronies who are truly kind, tolerant and caring. Some really nice people. Do I deny that there is [swear] stuff we've created or done, that there are some things that show how much of a complete [curse] we can be? No, there's plenty of that. But you need to look at both sides of the coin, maybe realize that fans are more than just a coin too. There are many sides and ups and downs to fans. It's not black and white. They're human beings There's [curse], great people and everything in between. You should show that in your videos. And I don't agree with your whole "overexposure, the stuff is everywhere" thing either. Seeing fandom stuff in your recommended section or in your searches isn't going to ruin your mood. It's easy enough to avoid. You can still find what you're looking for. I really hope I got my point across, I really do. This could be important critique that provides a new outlook on the way you view groups of people or completely useless drab from a raging fan that just wants to vent. I don't know. Please let me know if this is valuable to you at all. I appreciate you reading this far, at least. Thank you. --- And that's the whole thing. Censored the curse words because this is no place for that. Please let me know what you think.
  10. What do you think is other fandoms think of us? Are you in a fandom? If so, do they have a positive look on this fandom, or a negative outlook? If they are an isolated fandom, list the reasons why. I am in the UNDERTALE FANDOM.
  11. Take a look at this: To this I say, BRING IT!!
  12. Hey everyone, its Paradox here! Last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend yet another AFW Con! And I have some pics that I'd like to show off share with you all! Just a warning, yes, Paradox/Luigi is horrifying without his facial hair. Also, LAG WARNING. THERE ARE A LOT OF PHOTOS IN THIS POST, SO IT MAY TAKE A WHILE FOR THEM TO FULLY LOAD!!! But now, on with the show! This Splatoon Inkling was just awesome! You'll see why later! My buddy's friend dressed up as Ryu, and... Well, I have to say, he looks like a mix between Ryu and Reggie Fils-Amie. Look at his face! This Cloud was pretty nice, but he forgot his sword at home. XD Now if only I had found a Panty and Garterbelt set of cosplayers for a group photo... Awesome Dash is awesome. HOLD ALOFT THE MIGHTY PONE SWORD OF FRIENDSHIP!!! He was looking for his wookie. XD Adorable Kiki cosplay! Hey, its the mane six! And Big Mac! And... TRIXIE!? Hey, Quote, ready for some spelunking? HELLO? HE-HELLO? More Sploon girl! This was actually a pretty good cosplay. ... What? Were you expecting something else? And oddly enough, the only blurry photo I got... If you don't know this hero, you're too young to be here. Luigi's friend just had some dirt behind his ears. Awesome Sailor Moon cosplay! The ONLY way to deal with those ghastly ghosts! And there's shorty! I apologize, I don't know who this is, but THAT COSTUME THO! Dunno what he wanted to fix at the con, but, by golly, he'll fix something! The next one miiiiiiight be a bit... Bad... So I'm just gonna put it in a spoiler. Not that there's anything showing, it's just the stuff that's there... Well, if you open it, you'll see. DOG BOY! CRITIIIIIIIIIIIC!!! Again, another unknown cosplay, but pretty cool to me. And now your computer has crashed. Squid away, little Inkling! LUIGI WANTS THE MYSTICAL PONE SWORD!!! A Foxy Foxy. Who stole her leek?! A cutie Pinkie Pie! Welp, seems ya can't win 'em all... AH'M A GET DAT DERE KIRBY! Cause I'm CRAAAAAYZY! Do you have a spare ocarina? WARFSTACH SELFIE!!!!!! A couple pics of the rave before it started. Stick of Truth style Kyle and Stan! A decent Ness by a buddy of mine. Seems like a dynamic duo to me! I wonder if her hair is chewy... Haven't watched the show, but here's Dipper and Grunkle! Ok, you all know who THIS is. CURAGA! Naruko, anyone? Contract? DEM WINGS! My buddy with his hommade Foxy plushie. No, he isn't hiding, he wanted me to take a pic of the plushie. On that day, humanity recieved a grim reminder... To make capes that don't look like tents. XD And now, CON SWAG!!! Dunno who this is, do any of you? I got it in a grab bag! Random stuff friends got me! [iNSERT POKEBATTLE THEME HERE] WARFSTACHE! Got this in the grab bag as well! Pretty good read! Ehehe...Eheh... MY FRIEND MADE ME THIS AT THE CON!!! LOOK AT IT!!!!!! And so ends the stream of random con pic by Paradox. Hope you liked 'em!
  13. Dear Bronies, staff members and convention organizers, I'm just new here to join the herd, since I also like the series and the fanart and projects you guys create. But not only for that. Today I'm writing this short open letter to you about future conventions and mlp events if it's no problem for the Gaming and Comic Community to join. And to not ban them for having an other opinion or style. Because since last year both communities where attacked by a notorious group of people who participate in making politics out of entertainment and slandering fandoms. Most of them are like Starlight Glimmer, but even worser. Many people inside the gaming Community where attacked by antigamers and self-proclaimed SJW's over their opinion and artistic work. But they also started fights against famous youtubers like Totalbisquit and Jon Tron. For the Comic Community, it became more terrible. A Comic veteran called Alison Tieman was falsely accused, banned and bullied away from the Calgary Expo by the "Staff" for being herself. She eventually broke down during an explanation video, since she never had met with a horrible treatment like that. The Expo is being sued for their actions. And that's why I'm asking you to not exclude gamers and comic fans from the forum or conventions. We have much on common. We love our series, create artwork and go to Conventions. But you guys also got trouble with the same hatefilled group and I'm afraid they'll destroy other people and bronies for their opinions and works. And one certain MLP comic writer was an anti-Brony and tried to damage the fandom. He/she didn't met the goal and was eventually fired after they saw his/her true nature. I really hope the Brony Community and the rest is still open minded for the Gaming and Comic Community. Never forget the message that was created by Lauren Faust about tolerance and friendship. Because excluding, slandering and bullying others is not magic and never will be. Limeblossom. P.S. English is not my native language, but I hope you guys can understand the message.
  14. Like the way it should've ended, stupid ships, etc, etc. like finnick shouldve lived in thg, I dislike the big 4 ships with Merida because her whole movie is about her not wanting a man, and Disney needs to stop using dove Cameron in their movies. I was looking forward to decendants after I heard about it 2 years ago, but I saw the trailer, and it looked really lame and stereotypical. The names were so stupid. Mulan wouldn't have named her daughter Lonnie, just sayin. Oh, I dunno, maybe something less prissy and more Chinese?! Plus dove Cameron is so annoying, FEEL FREE TO RANT MY LOVELIES
  15. I have a ton of merchandise for a ton of different fandoms. Most of them are my little pony but i also take interest in alot of other things. The thumbnail is just a picture of my desk. Turn around and you see a whole room full of this stuff. Should i start a shrine, i know that sounds stupid but why not. These fandoms have become a huge part of my life and many times have helped out of dark places. What do you guys think. Also here is a little challenge, comment down below if you can find mordecai from regular show.
  16. Did the Brony fandom change you, if so, how did it change you? For me, I was a brony quite a while ago. I had a period in which I went through hard times, became a tougher person, but at the same time started loosing my humanity (Not caring for people or their lives, hating people who think they are what they do is challenging compared to what I did) The brony fandom changed me, because through watching the show, I started seeing value in other people, and the small, more gentle things in life- while still managing to keep the strong willed, serious personality I have. I'd love to hear other peoples stories similar to mine.
  17. What's up, everypony! This blog has every fandom from Doctor Who to Markiplier to Pokémon to Hunger Games! Youtube and shows and books and movies and video games! Everything! Im here to join fandoms together and share the love of fanmares and stallions. Im here to share news and show you awesome pictures and crossovers and what not. Im pretty much here to show you everything I can get my hooves on from every fandom I know anything about. So don't fret! I will do everything in my power to share the knowledge and love of the fandoms! So to start, here are some crossovers.
  18. Hello there everypony! I'm Ami. Writer, illustrator and Rarity fan. Now, while I'm more writer than artist, sometimes, I draw things. And I like doing it, though mostly it's been a good handful of Kim Possible art since I started up my long arc fanfiction again. So I figured I'd start with that, because this piece, which I consider one of my best, is what got the gears turning and made me want to draw more. It was my first real picture in forever and the first time in four years I've drawn her. AND it's EQG inspired, because, yes, I actually liked that film. I'm just going to post the pics in order, including the WIP ones that amaze me. I'm like, "It started out like that?" More to come later...If y'all are interested. Also, be warned, I whomp at backgrounds, so I usually do the lazy and just choose pretty colours.
  19. DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying you're not allowed to like Sonic or whatever fandom you're a part of. I'm simply curious WHY so many people are still fans of Sonic. No offense intended! Again, You can be a fan of whatever you want. I don't care. I'm just CURIOUS why people are fans of Sonic. Alright, so. As most people know most of the newer Sonic games have been... well.... not up to "speed" with the older ones. (GET IT?! SPEED?! :3 ... I'll stop now..). Don't get me wrong, I love the 2D Sonic games from way back when, and I'm even a fan of Sonic Colors. But I think most people can agree most sonic games that have come out since they made the switch into 3D have been... not very good... or just really mediocre and never really brought anything new. Basically what I'm asking is WHY people still stick with being Sonic fans even after games like Sonic 06, or that one where he turned into a werewolf, or that hover-board one.? (Werehog, whatever.) I just don't understand it. GOTTA GO FAST Found this gif while searching for a suitable Sonic image for this thread. It'll suffice.
  20. I sometimes love fandom rivalries, watching them, in their rage and comparisons of "best franchise" or "BEST SHOW EVAR!!1" Do you know any fandoms that are rivals to the Brony fandom? If so, list any. >
  21. Look at this. This is one of many signs of growing anger directed at anyone who gies references to MLP:FiM, just anywhere, and almost everywhere. Do you know ahy other fandoms that are as annoying as the MLPFiM fandom, shoving images of themselves everywhere, and being referenced here and there?
  22. Let's Talk about Bronies and Fandoms Hello, my name is Simon (At least, this is what I prefer to be called.) And I am doing a "Let's Talk" series on these forums. It's a project where I talk about different subjects, then when I'm finished, I leave it up to you guys (and girls) to talk about either with me or amongst each other. Now, you've probably already noticed what I'm going to be talking about because of the subject title. And that subject is "Bronies and other Fandoms". Now, first of all, many people already know what a "Brony" is. But for the sake of those who don't, I will explain. Bronies are an ever-growing fandom of late teen to adult male and female people who like to watch the show, My Little pony: Friendship is Magic. Now, you may either think that this is ridiculous, or maybe you think im lying, or maybe you already know about the fandom, or are even a part of it. But the fact of the matter is, bronies exist. They are a growing part of our society and they have been mentioned in many places such as television, the news, the internet, and celebrities talk about it. It's becoming more and more known throughout the world. Just like other fandoms, there are multitudes of bronies that range from Musicians, to writers, to artists. And every day this fandom is growing and growing, there are thousands of people that are becoming bronies every single day. Some people are rather skeptical about bronies, and they ask themselves, "Why, and how could something such as My Little pony, become so popular, especially amongst the fandoms members?" Seeing as how most of the members are in there late teens to adults. But before we get into that, I want to talk about other fandoms. And no I don't intend on "Bashing" anyones fandom, i just want to talk, How and why you probably got into the fandom that you are in now. Considering of course your even in a fandom, which in this case you most likely are. How people get into fandoms, is actually pretty interesting. These people who, before they ever joined any fandom, nowadays, have been essentially peer pressured into it. And what I'm getting with this is that these people who stumble upon these fandoms look at them at first and say, "Look at these people, how could they ever like that thing, or watch that show." But these types of people are ignorant, they don't know anything about the fandom. They're just judging it on what they think they know about it. But then they see this fandom growing larger and larger and before they know it, they want to be a part of it. It's popular, they want to be one of the popular people. They want to be accepted by a large number of others. Now let's take a look at the fandom that your most likely in, and that fandom is Video Games. Online games, PC Games, Console Games, Board Games. It's all part of one fandom that we all joined as kids. And the only reason we joined was because it was growing and growing, we saw that all the cool kids at school had a SNES or a Gameboy and we wanted to be a part of that. We wanted to be one of the cool kids, we wanted to be accepted. Now, let's go back to the brony fandom. Now, you have a different visualization of this fandom. Just like other fandoms, it is ever growing, it is becoming more popular. Just like the video game fandom. These people, bronies, that joined the fandom. They looked at it and at first they thought the same thing you probably do. "What is this? Is this a joke?" But they saw that it's members were growing and growing, these people read facts about it, even started watching the show and before they knew it, they were part of the fandom. A fandom where grown men and women like to watch the show, My Little pony: Friendship is Magic. And we ask them, "why?" Why watch a show that was originally and still is meant for little girls. and most of them reply with the same thing. The animation is great, they music is fantastic, the stories and the lessons learned are enlightening. But they don't know what theyre talking about. They're only saying this because the people who originally saw the show and liked it said these things first and so now. Everybody else in the fandom is saying it. But the fact of the matter is, they joined because it was becoming popular, and they wanted to make it more and more popular. They want to be accepted in a large quantity of people, just like other fandoms. And I have to tell you, theres nothing wrong with that. whats wrong with wanting to be accepted? Nothing! These people, these fandoms, are a gateway for people to get to know other people, like a cafe or an anonymous online chat room. We do so many things to get people to like and accept us, because thats who we are. Thats what humans do, they form colonies, groups, fandoms. all in order to forge a strong group of people together. And the brony community, is just another colony, forming together and making acquaintances. But let's say I'm wrong in all of this. Let's say that you joined the fandom on your own accord because you like what you see? If this is the case, then chances are, you probably didn't know it was a fandom in the first place. You like it for what it is, not to join a group. But later, you read up on it, and you realise. You realise that there are more people who like the same thing you do, and you get excited. Because you find out that there are others who enjoy the same thing you do, you have something to relate to with these people that you don't even know. But you want to get to know them, you want to be a part of their "Group". Their fandom. But let's say I'm still wrong about this, let's go far back into a fandoms beginning. Let's talk about Hipsters, the people who started it all. The people who first got into the fandom without realising what they were creating. These are the people who either first watch a new anime or get into a new hobby. These are the people, the origin of it all. And these people, look at what they're doing, and they see something. an idea comes to them and they tell their friends about their hobby. Suddenly they're friends start doing the same thing, and they tell their friends and those friends tell those friends and so on and so on. And after a while, the word goes out, the people on the internet find out about this through social media. Before we know it there are all these people who are doing this hobby, or watching this anime because this one hipster had an idea one day, and told his friends about it. More and more people join, and suddenly there are thousands of people all into the same thing because its popular. So just like this hobby that this one hipster found, the brony community came about the same way. And thats fine, im not saying its a bad thing, but an interesting concept to explore even more, so I need your guy's opinions on this topic. please leave a few messages, talk amongst yourself about this topic. and show me your intellect. Thank you for Reading.
  23. First off, I don't care about anything haters say on the Internet about our fandom. Just the one common thing I hear is "Stop ponifying and making crossovers of everything Bronies you ruin it!" confuses me. Sure, it can be annoying seeing your favorite show being ponified and crossovers made of it. Ironically, I discovered this show from seeing Futurama crossovers of it. It annoyed me at first, but then I ended up liking MLP FIM, so it didn't annoy me anymore. So whatever the crossover, may it be bad or good, or some weird crack shipping it in some way helps promote a lesser known fandom. Well if it's a very good crossover, it can help a lot. Even if you hate or like My Little Pony or anything else of that matter, whatever the crossover is, it helps those of a larger fandom discover your smaller fandoms. So even if crossover "X" with "X" annoys you, in the end it helps both fandoms. Though it might be very insignificant help if the crossover is bad. So in conclusion, if haters of "X" and "X" crossover just say something along the line of what I posted here. Or say nothing, whatever you want to do.