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Found 23 results

  1. This is my first time doing a fandub of mlp so I chose Fluttershy since a friend of mine wanted me to try it out. Please like and subscribe and let me know what you think of the voice I used. Arigatou ^.^
  2. Oh god, why? These vids i am about to show you, are 5 years old. I was going through a hardcore disney phase at that time and i liked to sing disney songs all the time. After awhile, i thought i could maybe do Fandubs of some of these movies. I did very Amateurish, with a cheap webcam microphone. Here they are: Me singing "Friends on the other side" from the princess and the frog. The movie that gave me this hardcore disney phase. Me singing "Hellfire" from Hunchback of Notre Dame. One of my favorite villain songs, not just Disney. Me dubbing Scar from the lion king, during the gorge scene with Simba. Well, give me your opinions on it, i guess... XD
  3. F.G.H. [MLP ABRIDGED SERIES] Abridging The Return of Harmony - both episodes : Trailer : This is the trailer for it all. This abridged series was mainly just a side activity for something that I didn't quite put out there for when I was a brony at the time. I'm gonna let you all know ahead of time, when I was brony, I did some pretty stupid things. This would be one of them. I thought to make an MLP abridged series that doesn't get copyrighted and contains one of the most loudest and ridiculous censoring and references there is. And so it was done. Warning ; this is very stupid, like literally stupid and entertaining. There is a lot of swearing in here [18 and up] and the noises are quite robotic. Probably one of the most edgiest things I did. Call myself toying with the idea of fandubbing something. I just did my own thing. I had fun doing it though. I'll upload some of these episodes per blog post. But it depends on who wants to see it more often. I don't do any brony or MLP related stuff anymore, but I thought I should put this out there just in case someone is as curious as me to see how far an mlp abridged series can go. Sincerely, Sine The Lamia Friendship Goes Hard Channel :
  4. Hello and welcome to this thread if my neither my username or this topic's title tipped you off i am a massive fan of the official My Little Pony comic series from IDW and am currently holding auditions for a fandub of the queen chrysalis arc. the thing is me being one single male voice actor i am unable to voice a majority of the roles and that is why i have decided to ask all of you lovely people here on the forums for assistance. Lines should be sent to please send me it as an mp3 or wav format and with your name(so i can credit you) and character. Deadline: June 15th(subject to change) Characters: Twilight Sparkle Female Lines: everypony is acting so strange today! ive been trying to plan a viewing celebration for the secretariat comet this week and I cant get anyone to listen to me at all.... we need to try something else! we need to take them all down at once! wow pinkie! how did you know that cake batter would get all the changlings to stop dead in their tracks? Pinkie Pie Female Lines: The cakes didnt open up sugarcube corner this morning! at first I thought maybe they were planning a party because mr cakes birthday is in 43 days and thats cutting it way close to just be starting to order in supplies....but when I asked about it they looked at me like I was crazy. okay girls! ..and dragon...we are going to blend in. we are going to sneak behind enemy lines! well of course im coming..and dont worry fluttershy we can leave gumi in charge of your plant! Fluttershy Female Lines: um..i would be okay with waiting until the princess is available." how dare you hit my friends!! you and your friends should go home right now! have any of you seen cheerilee? I just heard she didnt show up to the schoolhouse today! Rarity Female Lines: was I that odd when I was her age? I dont think I was.. where are they keeping all these? this is the only ive seen so far... theres no sign of sweetie belle, apple bloom or scootaloo anywhere, and weve opened all the pods! Applejack Female Lines: err...well maybe you can try something else? Twilight says there's some fancy comet flying overhead in few days, we could set up a tent in the orchard. You can try your hooves at astronomy! my sister is missin' and if those things are responsible, we need to find out what is going on! lets start letting everypony out of these pods and find those fillies! Rainbow Dash Female Lines: hey, scoots! wanna help me work on that trick I was telling you about? I need someone to hold the stopwatch! well, it looks like we are on our own for this, its clobbering time! I feel like daring do! a pony of adventure! were off on a quest! Spike (appears in book 1 and end of 4) Male Lines: it wasn't easy, look at how many times I got a "please try again later" responce I rode one into the center of town and saved the city! It was awesome, I had a trident! mayor mare gave me a medal! Apple Bloom Female Lines: This is a great idea, we can get out cutie marks as zoologists! what would a cutie mark being fillynapped look like? hehe.. I don't think I have the nessary koalafication to work with you Sweetiebelle Female Lines: Hmm...did you know the study of ponies is called 'hippology'? what should we do out here to try and earn our cutie marks? Lion taming? Oh! We can try being pet pychics! hey...wait, what's that group of animals with glowing eyes doing staring at us? Scootaloo Female Lines: if this doesn't get us our cutie mark, I don't know what will. Hey! She about to start monologuing! I bet she about to reveal her entire twisted plan! I don't know id I want a picture of you on my flank for the rest of my life. Princess Celestia (This character only appears right at the end of book 4) Female Lines: twilight sparkle! Spike got to me as quickly as he could...what happened here. oh, a horde of gaint magical cockatrice attacked canterlot during the comet so many villians tend to show up during events like this! manehatten had a gaint magical marshmellow pony attack there town Queen Chrysalis Female Lines: (Evil laugh). My, My, you did have any trouble seeing through my minions at all, did you, twilight? Clever girl. I'm sure you're all clever enough to see who missing from your little village. I have them here..... in my kingdom you may want to come and collect them quickly.... cause I don't know how much longer I can put up with this How about three days? Otherwise something bad might happen to you little friend.... something like.. Changling commander (Appears only in book 3) Male Lines: my queen we're far ro weak to launch another attack on canterlot right away, what do we do? We need to regain our strength! Regroup! Form another plan... well have the rest of this place converted over to our needs within the month. it may still be a while before we can attack celestia again. Shell be expecting us. Cave troll (Appears only in book 2) Male Lines: Pwetah ponay! Pwetah har on dah pwetah ponay! I wiw cawl dis one george! Auditions recieved:
  5. Okay, after 2 years I made this. No, I took this long because I had 3 Twilights, 4 Rainbow Dashes, 3 Spikes, 2 Rarities, 3 Applejacks and 2 Fluttershies. I had too much work to finish this. So, here is:
  6. Hey everypony I'm trying to do a fandub/demo of Fluttershy and I just want some feedback! I'll attach the file to this thread and anypony interested can download it from here and leave a comment below! Fluttershy demo fandub.wav
  7. Like you had 4-5 people together and you could dub over abridged or other wise what episode would you re do? Just a fan project? I'm not sure but i think i'd make it a cmc.
  8. I don't how to explain this... But... I'm just shocked...
  9. The preview of the first full fandub episode of season 4. I working so much on this... I planned everything... Twilight by: Spike by:
  10. I did a dub of Tell me how I did! If you enjoyed, leave a comment, like or subscribe!
  11. Hello MLP forums... I lurk in and out of the site every now and again and sometimes I enjoy doing covers or dubs and I do enjoy voice acting too. Doing both together is extra fun Here's my take on this song doing 5 different voices. Obviously there are certain characters I voice better and others not so much, but it's all for fun. I apologise if you feel offended if you think I didn't do the voices enough justice but um... I did my best. xDD Thanks for watching (and potential comments). I always appreciate those.
  12. i did a fandub of Scootaloo in the Sleepless in Ponyville episode : D that's it, really. any tips or critiques are more than welcome!!
  13. Hello guys, I decided to try my hand at these two. They're my favourite characters within the Mane 6 This song was indeed a lot of fun. I like how the song has a bunch of singing and talking haha. It's good practice both ways I hope you like it and comments are very much appreciated!
  14. I'm trying to make the 19 episode of the second seson fandubbed. But I still need help... I need help to take off the voices from some characters in the background... Like when Iron Will stars to talk for the first on the show. I also made a fandub of the most background characters... The sailor... The old poney... And the postpony... Here is the videos: If someone could help... I would be very thankful...
  15. I was the dub director . It's took a lot of time to make this. It took more than 1 month. This work made me very happy and proud. Characters: Pinkie Pie: Rarity: Twilight Sparkle: Fluttershy: Spike: Guard:
  16. So, who is into fandubs/abridgings of MLP:FiM? By far the most popular episodes for fanmade dialogue are the pilot episodes, as any search on Youtube will reveal. The one I'm posting here, though, is a personal favorite of mine because my roommate did the voice of Twilight Sparkle. The writer, Autobot V, usually does fandubs of Transformers episodes. But she likes MLP too so on this occasion she decided to have the cast of Megatron the Perv lend their voices to My Little Pervy. The visuals belong to Hasbro and the script was written by Autobot V aka Angelic Demon 767. Be aware the video contains some cursing, adult humor and content not suitable for younger audiences.
  17. Let me ask you this. I have a couple of fandub/abridged MLP:FiM videos on Youtube I really like, including one where my roommate does the voice of Twilight Sparkle. What is the appropriate forum for stuff like this? Sugarcube Corner or Media Discussion? Feel free to freeze once my question has been answered.
  18. I played all three dogs and a friend played Rarity. I hope you enjoy! Share to all bronies! P.S. If anyone tells me about missing sound effects, I know of this already. No need to tell me.
  19. Me and a few other people have recently put together a channel devoted to My Little Pony Fandubs! Our first project is A Canterlot Wedding! We're looking for people who can voice (and sing for, if needed) one of the character's in it. The only character taken is Evil Cadence, and possibly Good Cadence as well. All other parts are open, including: Twilight Sparkle Shining Armour Spike Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Rarity Applejack Princess Celestia Luna Chrysalis Additional Voices (Bridesmaids, Title Singer): Here's the link:
  20. Someone suggested I do a fandub so here it is.
  21. Hi everypony! For the last week or so I've been doing vocal covers of some of the MLP songs and youtubing them. I've never had a youtube channel before... or even done anything like this so I'd really appreciate any feedback that anypony wants to give me. Here's a few examples, but I have bunch more on my channel. Link is in my signature. So Many Wonders Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram Thanks for watching.
  22. Anypony else think the music in this show is way too catchy for its own good? If you've been stretching your vocal chords or playing your heart out I'd love to hear it! ♥ ♪ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♪ ♥ I'll start us off with a vocal cover I did of the opening song. I hope y'all like it! http-~~-//