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Found 2 results

  1. All of these story ideas are what I hope to write for NaNoWriMo. I feel pretty confident with writing these stories as a whole. It's just the little details that I probably will have the worst time with. Please let me know if any of these story ideas stand out to you in any way or any sound like they would be fun to read. Also, if you would be interested in hearing more details I have for these stories and would like to help me better mold the story or characters, then feel free to PM me or mention so here. My Story Ideas Beauty and the Beast Retelling Characters - Original Characters (Brazen and Avi) Genres - Drama, Romance, Action, & Dark Setting - Las Pegasus Condemned by his family and rejected by his peers, a stallion victimized by "vanishing twin syndrome" tries to make life bearable through gardening, running, and being accepted into a gang. Everything he thought he knew about family, friends, identity, and love is shattered when a new filly moves in next door. Rock Statues No More Characters - Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Twilight, & Discord Genres - Drama, Comedy, Romance (Possibly - Celestia x Discord) Setting - Discord's Dimension With all four leaders of Equestria having experienced being turned into stone, it isn't surprising that it haunts their nightmares. Celestia deals with past guilt. Luna tries to overcome her new fear of flying. Cadance seeks to gain back her control. Twilight wants to conquer her former feelings of helplessness. Each Princess attempts to seek out solace by finding counsel with the master of turning into stone - Discord. You Again!? Characters - Pharynx, Luna, Celestia, Cadance, Twilight, Starlight & Thorax Genres - Drama, Romance (Pharynx x Luna), Comedy Setting - Canterlot Castle The leaders of Equestria and the Changeling Kingdom come together to discuss the threat of Chrysalis and the future of Changeling and Pony relations. But, when old hostilities arise between Luna and Pharynx, the meeting doesn't go quite as planned.
  2. This is a silly idea that's been roaming about within my noggin, but I've kind of wanted to write something that's like a TwiDash romcom, especially considering the myriad of TwiDash fics that have emotional fallings-in and out, or otherwise have large plots - the focus, of course, would be on the trials and tribulations of a new relationship and getting it to work out, without all of the intense drama that usually comes from TwiDash fics where the two of them figure things out, if the focus is ever on that at all. The beginning ideas I have are henceforth: Rather than having a massive build-up at the beginning, I'm going to start out with the confession to give the impression that the relationship doesn't end at the confession, and in fact that a relationship can develop afterward. Leaning on the idea of Twilight confessing and Rainbow giving it a bit of thought before going, "well, sure, why not?" and then Rainbow trying to be an impressive marefriend (to varying degrees of success). Of course, there can't be no conflict, so there will be drama somewhere in there. But it'll be the typical relationship stuff, rather than something huge like it would be in other fics; the whole point is that it's mocking the ridiculousness of more real, down-to-earth relationships rather than reflecting a tumultuous one. It should be clear throughout the narrative that Rainbow and Twilight care a lot about each other and they're simply having hiccups due to lack of experience more than anything. Debating on having cheesy "lessons" at the end of every chapter, but not certain if that won't inundate the focus. Honestly, the idea of this was spurred on by the thought of it being funny having Rainbow trying to be smooth toward Twilight, because we all know she would, c'mon. Especially if she's a bit of a nervous wreck about certain aspects of that relationship.