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  1. Hi ponys! i was thinking in this... have you ever feel upset when you write a fanfic and then you feel you MUST go acording to the show? I mean, for example, When you write a love story of Vinyl and Octavia and then in season 4 Octavia gets a boyfriend? It happens to me, i made an fanfic of Twilight and Rainbow Dash, and then i see Equestria Girls and i see Twilight with Flash Sentry, and then when i see my fanfic, i feel that it does not worth it (same with my Rarity and applejack love story, i see the episode when spike tells his feelings to Rarity and i think that my story is useless because it won't follow the original story) Have you feel something like that? then i'm thinking to write a love story of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash,suddenly realized that there will be a moment that Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash gonna get a boyfriend in the show and i'm afraid that my work isn't gonna be appreciated by me or the fans because that's gonna be a lie, have you ever feel the same thing when writing a fanfic? and so i thinking to stop writing shipping fanfics until the show ends. is that wrong? (it's not about shipping only, but some important things of the characters as well)
  2. Are there any writers in the fandom whose styles particularly stick out to you or whose stories you like more than others? My favorite writers are: -Cold in Gardez -Monochromatic -Tumbleweed -Shorskirtsandexplosions
  3. What is the best My Little Pony fanfic that you have ever read?? Leave a link if you want. Mine is probably Fallout Equestria, amazingly written and the story just pulls you in, but there is mature content
  4. What I mean by words like "kill, death, drugs, or sorry to bring this up "rape"? Is it ok to use these kinds of words or are their levels of usage on them in fanfics?
  5. While traveling through time and space. from one dimension to another dimension. Phasereale has been thinking about his new life and what he wants when he exits through time and space. Phasereale: Let's see. I want to make new friends. I want to attend to some fun activities like carnivals, festivals, concerts, parties, and all kinds of fun events! I also want to get a job to help out the community! I also want to get a marefriend and later on down the road, get married, and have our own children and live a great and joyful life!...… Oh, yeah! I also want to be known as well! After finishing saying his goals on what he wants to do in his new life. He started to remember his old country he used to live in. He remembered he had good and happy times, but their were times where their were bad and traumatic memories of events that happened in his old life in Acordia, Brewingwell. The good news is that he got saved by Slenderman at the last second before one of the demonic cult members that were chasing him. Almost fully breaking down the bacta tank glass that Phasereale was in and trying to be protected by the surrounding glass walls, in order to kill Phasereale when he was a kid. After Slenderman killed the demonic cultist member. He then took Phasereale to a dimension where demons live and who accept him for who he is. It was hard at first to get comfortable around other demons and monsters, because most of them he doesn't know and most of all.They are creepy, frightening, disturbing, sinister, menacing, and weird looking. Later on down the road. Phasereale got more comfortable around his kind, because he knows that he has to get used to the horrifying creatures around him. After remembering his past. Phasereale saw a light at the end of the portal and said to himself Phasereale: That must be the exit through this portal. Welp, time to make my exit! As he happily makes his exit through the portal. When Phasereale exited through the portal. The portal shot the blue maned and purple coat Pegasus in the air and tumbled to the grass in a hard landing. After, hitting the ground. Phasereale mustered the strength he can to get up off of the ground. While mustering the strength to get up from the ground while in pain. A pink maned and coat mare galloped over to Phasereale with a worried look on her face and asked Pinkie Pie: Hey, are you ok? As Phasereale stood on his four hoofs from getting up from the ground. He then told the pink mare saying Phasereale: Yeah, im ok. Thank you for asking. I just got into a hard landing. Pinkie Pie: Oh, alright! I'm very glad that you are ok! though you did struck a bad landing right their. Anyway, your welcome! Pinkie Pie said with a friendly smile on her face. When, Phasereale got up to face the pink mare. He saw how beautiful the pink mare is right in front of him. The mare's coat color matches her pink fluffy mane and tail color, which reminds him of cotton candy. As her, beautiful blue eyes remind him also of the blue sky in the clouds and for her cheery positive voice and smile. It fiils him with happiness and hope in his heart as it beats. Phasereale then snapped out of it after the pink mare asked Pinkie Pie: So, wants your name? As Pinkie Pie asked the blue maned and purple coat Pegasus's name. Phasereale then said to her. Phasereale: My name is Phasereale. Phasereale Cassandra. Pinkie Pie: Aaaauuuuu, I like your name! You have a unique name! The pink mare said with a friendly smile on her face. Phasereale: Thank you! I really appreciate the compliment miss? Phasereale paused after not learning the pink mare's name yet. Pinkie Pie: Huh......Oh! I almost forgot to introduce myself! My name is Pinkie Pie by the way! Also, your welcome again! Pinkie Pie said with a big smile on her face! Phasereale: Ooohh, I like your name too! It's a very beautiful, positive, and unique name! Pinkie Pie: Thank you, Phasereale! Phasereale: Your welcome, Pinkie! After Pinkie and Phasereale, introduced each other. Pinkie Pie then ask Pinkie Pie: So, hey! Do you want to go to Sugarcube Corner with me to hangout, talk, and eat some ice cream?!?! Phasereale: Sure thing! I do love ice cream! Pinkie Pie: Woohoo! We are going to have fun learning so much about EACH OTHER! Pinkie said in excitement to Phasereale's response to ice cream. Phasereale: Alright then! You can lead the way and i'll follow you! To be honest, I don't know where I am right now!?!? The 2 ponies then started trotting off to Sugarcube Corner for some ice cream and to get to know each other as friends. While walking, Phasereale did turn his and body a little bit to see if the portal is still their. When Phasereale, looked back to see if the portal is still their. The portal is not their anymore or no where to be found. Almost like if it vanished into thin air. Phasereale did wonder why Pinkie Pie didn't ask or question him about the portal as Phasereale turned his head back in the direction to where Pinkie Pie is taking him and continued his walk with her. At Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie and Phasereale shared some laughter here and their about their childhoods and friends when they were young and what fun and cool things they did with them. Pinkie Pie also answered some of Phasereale's questions as well about the world he is in called Equestria. After answering Phasereale's questions. Pinkie Pie then Proceeded to say next after they both finished their laughter's together. Pinkie Pie: Well, anyway! I'm very glad that you met one of my friends Mrs Cake! Phasereale: Yeah! It's a honor to meet her! Pinkie Pie then asked Pinkie Pie: Hey, do you want to spend the night with me so that way you can find a place to live? Phasereale was about to answer Pinkie Pie's question until he was cut off by a mysterious and gentle voice right behind him Princess Celestia: I'm afraid your invitation will have to be declined Pinkie Pie The white alicorn says before the 2 ponies can turn their heads to the door of SugarCube Corner. Pinkie Pie then shouted in excitement and said Pinkie Pie: *gasps* IT'S PRINCESS CELESTIA!!!!! Phasereale: Wait, Princess who? The white alicorn then next introduced herself to Phasereale Princess Celestia: Where are my manners. My name is Princess Celestia. What is your name my little pony? Phasereale: My name is Phasereale. Phasereale Cassandra, your highness. As Phasereale took a bow to her. Princess Celestia: Well, it's very nice to meet you Phasereale Cassandra. after introducing each other and Phasereale bowing to her and for being silent for a few seconds. Pinkie Pie then broke the silence by asking Pinkie Pie: Wait, Princess Celestia. Why won't you let him stay with me for the night? Princess Celestia then answers Pinkie Pie's question Princess Celestia: Well, because Pinkie Pie. You don't know this pony that very well just yet. I know you talked with him a lot today and got to know him, but still. You shouldn't invite a pony in your home without getting to know them more in order to trust them in your home. Pinkie Pie: Oh, ok! That makes sense and it's understandable! Princess Celestia then put on a friendly smile and turned to Phasereale and asked him a question Princess Celestia: Phasereale. Would you like it, if you would live with me and my little sister Princess Luna in our castle in Canterlot? Phasereale then responded to her question by saying Phasereale: Why yes your highness. I would love that Princess Celestia then asked Phasereale to stand beside her, so that they can teleport to the castle together. As Phasereale trotted over to stand beside her. Pinkie Pie then interrupted her spell by saying Pinkie Pie: WAIT! Pinkie Pie then galloped over to Phasereale to give him a big friendly hug with both hoofs and then whispered in his ear saying Pinkie Pie: *whispering to phasereale while hugging him* I'm gonna miss you! Phasereale: *Hugs back with both hoofs* I'm gonna miss you, too Pinkie Pie! Pinkie Pie then turned her head to Princess Celestia while hugging Phasereale and said to her Pinkie Pie: Please take care of him, Princess. Princess Celestia then replied to Pinkie Pie by saying Princess Celestia: He will be taken care of in good hooves by me and my sister Pinkie Pie, so we will take care of him for you. He will also be back here in Ponyville tomorrow to help you and your friends around the town! Pinkie Pie then jumped up in happiness and smiled big along with a squee *squee* and then said Pinkie Pie: I'll go to sleep right now! I can't wait to see you tomorrow, Phasereale! See ya! Before Phasereale can respond back to her. She zoomed up to her bedroom to get ready for bed Phasereale: I can't wait to see you tomorrow, too Pinkie Pie! See ya! Phasereale shouted for her upstairs. He then proceeded to go back and stand by Celestia's side to be teleported to the Castle in Canterlot and then She teleported Phasereale with her to her castle. Meanwhile, back in the demon realm. Lies within are 5 Cult members that are having a meeting about Phasereale Demon Voice 1: At last. Our little sinner of our beloved Prince is in Equestria now and he doesn't know that we are tracking him and his every movement. Our next move, Ladies and Gentlecolts is that we frame him now and ruin his reputaution in equestrian and get him excuted by the princess of equestria for a sacrifice of a new hero and element of harmony. You my friend. I need you to go and ruin his life in equestria Demon Voice 2: Your quest and mission shall be done, your majesty
  6. I wonder what people like the most when it comes to fan fiction If you have a fav story leave it in the comments!
  7. I was wondering if we can post our grim dark fanfics on here? You know the kind with the blood, gore, and violence etc. Etc.
  8. A while ago (a year or so?) I stumbled upon an interesting fan webcomic on Deviantart. It was posted in Adobe Flash. IIRC the panels were animated (in the sense they were floating onto the page, not that the characters were animated), and also one submission was a few pages long (Flash; click an arrow to flip pages), tho not 100% certain. The art quality was high and the author posted a whole series of such submissions. Didnt read it at that time; I just bookmarked it, so that Id go back there at some point in the future and see if its a worthy read or not. Then my HDD started freaking clicking and I lost quite a lot of data... including that bookmark. Now since they're going to kill flash quite soon AFAIK... I guess if Id like to check this comic... Id better do this sooner than later. But I cant find it! Does anyone have any idea where it might be? Yes, my description seems vague, but Ill argue its not. I found few Flash comics at DA at all... and not even one with implemented paging nor floating panels. It's fun that even though I didnt read it, Im almost positive Id recognize it the moment Id see it.
  9. In the MLP movie during the scene in the desert Pinkie picks up a skull with a beak, and in Cupcakes Pinkie brings out a skull with a very defining factor... a beak. Is that a reference or just a coincidence?
  10. Comedy often trumps drama, but I'm not very funny, so I often resort to the abstract, especially when it delves deep into the subconscious. I've always been interested in the non-so-familiar. The unknown and hidden. A teacher once said, 'The universe is both hidden and manifest...'. And so I suppose my emphasis is to explore the gradient from the known to unknown. A risky endeavor I know, but I can hardly help how my mind falls into the groove of such an approach. Every time I sit down to write an idea, I fumble upon abstractions and imagery that pop seemingly out of nowhere. So I paint them in and hope for the best. Unfortunately, my attempts at art are often very unsatisfactory, but hey, I try. Today, I'd like to decode a post I made for the MLPF World Cup. This is an exceedingly fun event. Reading the comics and memes is great, and interacting with other fans makes the experience even more immersive. I stepped off the beaten path, as usual, and posted a rather cryptic, and emotional, skit of Nightmare Moon entering the 'stage' of the competition. The backdrop is a Dream Realm, somehow concocted by Discord, and in an rather specious way, controlled by 'Dark Powers'. Grogar has become center stage with these Dark Powers, and his influence is increasing as the competition intensifies. Dreams are no small matter in our experience in this life. They can often dictate how we live and perceive the world around us. I cannot disregard the impact of the subconscious on my own life, and so it comes natural for me to communicate the unusual and the strange...that is, with respect to our common experience. Life doesn't really have an 'ordinary experience' though. It is widely varied. I'd like to think we negotiate an ordinary experience, such as language, to remain connected to others. Loneliness should never be the result of a fulfilled life, and so exploration and adventure are at the top of our lists of things to do, whether we actually do them or not. But an adventure is necessarily an journey into the unknown, and if it is unknown, how can it be an ordinary experience? Anyway, I will translate the below short story to fill in the blanks for those that may be interested. Ready for an adventure? ‘We're both the night, thou sayest! Fine, mine lief! I am the night which brings serenity of mind and rest for mortal body. I am mother night, which takes away their pain, their burdens, their fear, anger, sorrows! I cuddle softly them, whispering advice. WHICH NIGHT ART THOU?! Who are thy children, when eternal cold, thou planned to bring, would kill them?’ – Princess Luna This was part of an argument between Nightmare Moon and Princess Luna shortly after they'd met in the Dream, RPed by yours truly and @Alexshy. Although Alexshy has a very open and happy-go-lucky personality, and this candor readily translates into her Princess Luna's personality, we were able to bring out some rather serious, um, dialog. The entire exchange turned out very well. The excerpt above introduces the main idea - what is the true role and nature of Nightmare Moon and Princess Luna? Are they one and the same, or some tangible duality? As we will see later, Nightmare Moon insists their power comes from the Night, as if the Night itself is an entity. Nightmare Moon is completely devoted to silence, the vastness of darkness, and the unknown reaches of its power. This silence and emptiness enables her existence, subtracted from the haunting abuse of Celestia. Every time she meets with the 'ordinary world', she is starkly reminded of the emotional pain, and ultimate death, of being separated from her sister, as well as her beloved subjects. Nightmare Moon is therefore, a sort of living memory of Luna's most private pain. She is the manifestation of Luna's true power. So while Nightmare Moon has a selfish objective, she truly holds everything that Luna is capable of. And so Princess Luna's approach was to show Nightmare Moon that, even with all her power, her objective would never work. That without some moral compass, she would ultimately destroy what she desires most. Nightmare Moon swooped down and landed atop the grassy ridge with a proud clatter. Dry leaves rustled helplessly around her from the sudden impact, silently settling about the brush and tall grasses. Pumping her wings irritably, the turbulence scattered the loose forest debris around her, pushing it into the shadows. The evening sun peered from behind the mountains, bathing the town below in orange and red. Shadows stretched from the high peaks, concealing large swaths of land within their long and slender darkness. The arrival of Nightmare Moon into the fray. She lands atop a ridge to show her dominion of the space. The dispersal of the forest debris indicates her disdain for the lesser things around her, pushing the formed into the formless (the shadows). The stretching darkness of the mountains is metaphor of her objective - her immutable power will overcome the land. After days of verbal tussle with Princess Luna, it was time to settle her unfulfilled questions with the residents of Ponyville. The Princess hid away, horrified that her true self had become manifest, independent. She would not accept Nightmare’s existence. She would not let her in, leaving Nightmare alone. Nightmare’s only bond with the living had shunned her, denying any chance of life beyond this endless Dream. Picking on Ponyville is her version of 'beat the grass the reveal the snakes'. Since Luna rejected her, then she would attack what The Princess covets - her subjects. ‘Night cometh before the day, as birth before life. Night cometh after day, as life into death. Darkness. It matters not what ye shall call it, my spirit testifies the Night is Eternal, for what cometh before and after hath no boundary.’ Nightmare reminds herself why she is here. The recent pain of Luna's rejection must be cast must be put away and discarded. This is the place where it all began. Her escape from solitude long ago. And now, she had returned again, thanks to the bleeding Dream born of the impish might of Discord. Celestia will finally pay for her transgressions. As for the rest, those blinded by the sun, they will see true power and justice. I believe that if Nightmare Moon did come back, she would certainly remember this 'hail mary' from Twilight Sparkle. This heroic charge changed the destiny of Equestria and snatched away Nightmare's chance to correct what she believed was the real problem, Celestia's rule. Nightmare easily correlates the places (Ponyville and it's surrounding areas), Celestia and Twilight as a singular united force against her. Slowly she walked to the rocky edge, legs quivering with intense frustration. Sorrow welled up within the void of her heart, clawing and gnawing at her insides, pounding against her armor with relentless hollow pain across her skin as she recalled her reply to the Princess... ‘Words...mere words that cannot hold the truth of our destiny! You holdeth not the power you speak, it belongs to the Night which you deny. Nightmare Moon believes that Luna's moral compass and tendency to compromise is a denial of her real power. This contrasts with Luna's current beliefs, in that her power as a Princess and Alicorn is secondary to her relationships and values. Behold your Children who honor not your compromise with the elite and haughty, but in the mystery of our strength! Even while imprisoned thus, they wept for our return. It was only the deceptive meddling with the Tree, which thou had broken with thy True Self! Do you not remember that day when you set yourself free! Your tears dried by your might, your heart healed and made whole. Your vision ever sharp and penetrating into the meaning of all things. Nightmare Moon embraces the idea that the ponies would accept her easily without the influence of Celestia (Behold your Children...). She goes on to remind Luna of that fateful day when she had cracked the dais in the throne room, an expression of divorce from Celestia's authority, and shattered the stained glass window which pictured the Tree of Harmony. Nightmare identifies intimately with this anger as ultimate liberation. It was the moon that eclipsed the cutting rays of despicable jealousy and insult! You defeated her! Only then did you command respect, only then did Equestria see their princess of glory and power! The power of an alicorn princess is frightening indeed. I believe this is why Celestia and Luna often hold themselves back. Power is very enticing, but when it is unleashed, things can change very rapidly in Equestria, sometimes for the worst. Nightmare Moon reminds Luna of the feelings she felt while being feared, and ultimately honored, when she had liberated her power into the world. All the while you see your precious subjects suffer under Tirek, Discord, and all the dismal tyrants who seek not only to rule, but to quench their fear... of you! This was interesting. Nightmare Moon believes she is the most potent power in Equestria, likely due to the sentence that she received, and the power it required to accomplish. not only do the tyrants seek power over ponies, but the power to resist Nightmare Moon as well. There is cruelty in punishment, yes. But it needn't persist, dear beautiful and dreadful spirit. For how long will you be defeated over and over again, while the Elements of Harmony laugh at your dwindling status? For what can you bequeath? Thine hour is coming, when your subjects turn on you in preference for the lesser. Turn to me. If only for a little while, that you may be reminded how your heart beats.’ Nightmare Moon attempts to convince Luna that 'Eternal Night' will be temporary in the waking world. That it will only be an admonishment. She goes further to illustrate that the Tree of Harmony and her subjects are not loyal to her...they only tolerate her. These very devious and clever accusations cut right into Luna's deepest concerns...that she is indeed a misfit, a lesser, a being born to be rejected. How could Princess Luna not see? How could she deny such an obvious weakness? Playing a well-mannered servant to the sister of insult and hypocrisy. Long ago, her heart was so honest when it spoke openly to Celestia, ‘thine subjects that have it all, the ones that always laugh and play, the ones that are so easily loved…they spew their venom upon the lonely and the lost.’ Celestia. How dare she divide us as she divides the Night. Baby Luna may bow to her, but Nightmare Moon shall never! Her eyes glowered down at Ponyville. The small cottages and softly shaped buildings huddled about a tall and slender dark crystal palace. Banners atop steeples gently waved in the twilight breeze. It was silent, and still. They would never know what hit them. Recalling how the ponies play together, laugh, and cheerfully embrace one another, she clenched her jaw. The ponies danced and rejoiced in the sunlit nature. They were always together, oblivious to her. Tears welled up in her eyes. They didn’t understand, didn’t care. For all their joy and kindness, they were also quite comfortable excluding those whom they did not prefer. “Insolence!” She growled, “Not another step!” Feeling the tears streak down her cheeks, Nightmare roared. The cry invaded the silence like rolling thunder, pounding into the sky and reflecting off the hills and valleys below. She needed release from this pain. A release that only the cries of fear and misery could satisfy. Mustering the power within, she concentrated all her anguish and disgust. Her horn glowed, drawing bright flashes of crackling energy that surged around her. “My anger is justice. I am the queen of the forgotten!” This section is pretty self-explanatory. Nightmare Moon believes Luna had set herself free, and her blindness to this is obviously frustrating. Again, we see how she is correlating Ponyville with Celestia, and all the joy and dancing of the ponies as a sick mockery of her. Drawing a deep breath, she reared up to release the magic. ‘Ahh…choooh!’ A small sneeze from the bushes behind her interrupted. Nightmare turned to see three small foals and a larger pony huddled under an evergreen tree. They were covered in the shadow of its thick foliage, but that was no safety from her impeccable night vision. She growled from the pain of the receding magical energy. All brought to the surface of mind now depressurizing into her blood, causing intense pain. “Who…are…you!” She sneered, her gaze locking onto a pair of green eyes possessed by the larger, berry colored pony with a scar streaked down her face, and an accompanying broken horn. The fillies whimpered and fell to the ground, covering their eyes from Nightmare’s gaze. The larger pony crooked her leg, seemingly attempting to step forward but thought the better of it. Instead, she turned to her side shielding the fillies from Nightmare. “My n…name is Fiz…uh, Tempest. I’m Tempest Shadow.” Nightmare smiled. “I do enjoy the smell of your fear. However, you are not welcome. Go away.” “What are you doing?” Tempest asked, swallowing hard. Her voice was a shaking mess. “I said, GO AWAY!” “B…but we can’t. Your Majesty…we are lost. We can’t find our way down.” Nightmare’s eyes narrowed. “You’re bluffing. Try again, broken one.” “I speak the truth. I…I don’t even know these fillies…I just found them…” “Hmm, so then, speaker of the truth, what happened to your horn? Was it Celestia's work?” Nightmare struggled for expression, but it was impossible to dampen her pain. “N…no. Long Story. I was young…” “I care not. Tis a waste of time. Leave me, or I…” One of the fillies yanked on Tempest’s red mane. Nightmare could hear whispering amongst them. Tempest shook her head. “No!” She said in a hushed voice, “put that away.” “Put what away? Show me little one, what do you have?” Nightmare narrowed her eyes, focusing on the fillies, ready to ignite the entire area into engulfing flames if need be. Things in dreams were not always as they seemed. The filly slowly walked forward, holding a plush doll in her hoof. She held it up for Nightmare to see but didn’t move more than 3 or 4 paces in front of Tempest, who closed the gap between them right away. “What…is that…” Nightmare spat, clenching her teeth. The object was hardly recognizable. A bulb of fabric with multicolor stitching and a pair of black buttons, perhaps intended as eyes. “She means no harm.” Tempest said, holding back her own tears. “What…IS IT!” “boo boo bunny.” The little foul piped. “She saw your tears…so she thinks you’re hurt.” Tempest explained, wrapping the little one within the crook of her front leg. “Run.” Nightmare said hoarsely. She took a few short, shaking steps back. “We’re sorry…she didn’t…” “Run Away! You foolish…sniveling welps! Run away from me!” Nightmare Moon displayed immediate sympathy for Tempest Shadow. Tempest's broken appearance translates directly with her own feelings, and so she humors Tempest some dialog. My attempt here was to show that Nightmare Moon does indeed have a heart, especially for the lost and the broken, which the show does not really explore. Nightmare turned toward Ponyville and unleashed everything she had. A black cloud shot from her screeching mouth, quickly advancing into the valleys below. She spread her wings and took flight into the enveloping magical darkness. Her howling and wailing shrouding all of the colorful sun rays, and it dwindled slowly until finally all the light faded away. The Shadow Storm has been released into Equestria. And so here we see Nightmare Moon taking full advantage of the Dream Realm. Her emotions manifest as power she can lucidly control to change her environment. ‘I am Nightmare Moon. From hence a fear so great you awaken screaming, frozen in thy helplessness. Once alone in the darkness, now ye see me!’ This is a testimony of her dominion over the Dream Realm. She is the worst of fears, the worst that anything could possibly become. Her scourge will cause great pain and suffering, and when they give up, they will have nothing to turn to but her. The blinded will finally see. Thank you for reading! -Mirage
  11. a request from @Nye's fanfic,hope you enjoy it as mutch as i enjoyed making it. i tried to adjust my style to look a bit more like the show in this one
  12. Deadpool Kills the DC Universe A Universe Divided Intro DISCLAIMER: I do not own these characters,they belong to the respected owners. Deadpool,Peter,and Miles where watching Batman V Superman at deadpools apartment. Everything was going well until... Superman: MARTHA!!! Batman:WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?!?!? Deadpool: LAAAME! What kind of plot twist is this?!? Peter&Miles: Shut it Wade! Deadpool: Fine Jeez! Lois Lane: It’s his mother’s name! Batman: Oh our Moms have the same name let’s be friends and send Lex to jail.(This is basically what happened,sorry I don’t remember what they said because it was terrible for me). Deadpool: What the heck? They were killing each other and they became friends just because their Mom has the same name?!? Peter: Yes Wade shut up I want to see what happens next. Deadpool: you haven’t seen this yet?!? It’s 2018! Peter: I’m to busy becoming the next Tony Stark (less ego) and being Spider-Man at the same time. Deadpool:makes sense. *Miles pauses the movie* Miles: I do agree with Deadpool though. Deadpool&Peter: About what? Miles: About Batman and Superman fighting then become friends by the time they notice they have the same name. Deadpool: I know, it’s stupid isn’t it? Miles: definitely Deadpool: Y’know, if I was Batsy I would kill Superman and kill Lex. Peter:What if they added this as a connection to another DC movie? Like the post credits at the end of Captain America? Or that time in Avengers 2 with the Vibrabium And Klaue? Deadpool: Peter,Peter,you have got to understand,this movie ISNT MARVEL!!! Miles:He’s got a point Peter. *Deadpool and the guys start arguing until deadpools phone rings.* *X-Men 90s theme song goes off* Deadpool:Oh I’ll be right back guys. ???: May I speak to Wade Wilson? Deadpool: I am his secretary mr... Deadpool voice 1: Mr CrabApple! Deadpool voice 2: Mr CrabApple? Only an idiot would fall for that! Deadpool: CrabApple! I’m Mr.CrabApple! ???: Wade I know it’s you... Deadpool voice 2: See only an idiot would fall for that! Deadpool voice 1: worth a shot... Deadpool: How do you know? ???: Wade look in your room... *deadpool opens door to bedroom* Deadpool: CABLE??? You son of a- Cable:Save it wade we got important work to do. Deadpool: where to this time my mutant friend? Cable: The Baxter Building. Deadpool voice 1&2: THE BAXTER BUILDING? Deadpool: Why? Cable:Reed has discovered a new multiverse interdimensional rift, and he needs someone who has a strong healing factor,and a IQ of a insane mercenary. Deadpool:Why me? Cable: YOU CANT DIE IDIOT. Deadpool: ooooohhhh Deadpool voice 1:hey if we are going we need a reward for portal jumping! Deadpool: yeah we’ll ask stretchy pants about that. Cable:ok Deadpool I’m teleporting us to the Baxter Deadpool: Wait, my tac- *teleporting sounds* Peter:Where did deadpool go? [About 5 seconds later] Deadpool:-oos!!! *falls down* Ow! Mr.Fantastic: Ah cable you have arrived with Wade. Cable:yes of course can we hurry this up? I haven’t got all night. Mr.Fantastic: Indeed I shall try to speed of the process of getting Deadpool to jump in the portal. Deadpool:hey stretchy pants! If I’m Hopping through the portal,I’ll need a reward! Mr.Fantastic: Very well, name your price. Deadpool voice 1: Ooh we should get a monster truck! Deadpool and Spanish food themed of course! Deadpool voice 2: that’s...not a bad idea but Spanish food themed really? Deadpool voice 1:hey man those tacos at San Mariás were el perfecto! Deadpool voice 2: hey I know but- Deadpool: Brain quit arguing! *Mr.Fantastic does the cuckoo finger* Cable: yes he is. Deadpool: ok we’ve decided! Mr.fantastic: what is it? Deadpool: a life time supply of Mexican food and a monster truck! Mr.Fantastic:that is it? Deadpool: no I need hi tech weapons if I’m gonna jump through that eyesore! Mr.Fantastic: I’ll see what I have. *a few hours later* Mr.Fantastic: I’ve gotten this Plasma pistol that eat through vibrabium,a couple of sleep gas grenades that can knock out the hulk within 15 seconds,and this time stopper device taken from one of Galactus’ heralds. Deadpool: Oooh what’s that shiny knife? Mr.fantastic: that knife is made out of an unknown green rock that emits radiation continually, Deadpool: hmm I’ll take it all! Mr.fantastic: ok you grab the equipment and I’ll type the coordinates of the portal. *a few minutes of typing later* Mr.Fantastic: Ok Wade jump through and when you get there call me on this interdimensional satellite phone and I’ll help guide you on the other side. Ok? Deadpool: yeah uhh sure Ok wade this is just like the time you jumped from space naked on live tv you can do this. Deadpool voice 1: when did we do that? Deadpool: I don’t know.Anyways,remember play with portals. Deadpool voice 2:speedy things go in.... Deadpool voice 1:Speedy thing come ou———- [Deadpool jumps through the portal,the portal fades from a rainbowish color,to black and grey. As if this universe is dark,bland,and in need of humor.Well deadpool is that humor] Deadpool: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH *THUD* Ooohhh that hurt,that hurt bad. Deadpool voice 1:Sweet Baby Jesus!!! That was awesome!!! Ow! Deadpool:well everything we grabbed is in still in one piece! Deadpool voice 2: the tacos! Deadpool:oh God the tacos are smushed!!! Why portal logic, whyyyyyyy!!??!! Oh well we can always buy more,there is a city over there anyways. [Deadpool walks for about a mile while talking to mr.fantastic] Star City? What kind of city names themselves Star City? I wonder if the tacos are good. The End the intro 
  13. Ok so I was Watching Indiana Jones:Raiders of the Lost Ark tonight and I was wanting to do a fanfic that’s exactly the same,except with a few pony twists in it! So comment if I should or not! I appreciate it everypony! PS: I was also thinking about a 1920s gangster fanfic series with Rarity,so comment about that one too! PSS: I forgot to mention,I’d appreciate it even more if you guys have some pics about what I said up there. Thank you guys and you are awesome!
  14. Hello everyone! and thanks for checking out this thread. I would like to humbly ask for reader and opinions on this passion project fanfiction. This is a story co-written by several different authors. Here is the description: After years of gruesome murders committed by an unknown organization the once peaceful land of Equestria has been left festering in a state of terror, but when the criminals are finally brought to justice it appears that harmony may once again return. In a twist of fate, the lives of those responsible take a drastic turn when they are given a second chance at life, and thrust into the world tasked with learning the ways of the land and becoming one with society. Meanwhile, as Celestia attempts to heal Equestrias scars unseen forces conspire to send her peaceful reign into chaos. Tensions flare and when the Princesses rule is brought into question it will be up to the citizens to decide the fate of Equestria. Each OC in this story was designed by a different one of our authors. We originally attempted this story two years ago with me as the lead author but when that failed to go as we planned we reworked our story and characters as well as picked a different head author. The main writer behind this version is @Famineand we would all really appreciate anyone interested in checking out our story. Artificial Harmony
  15. This is a silly idea that's been roaming about within my noggin, but I've kind of wanted to write something that's like a TwiDash romcom, especially considering the myriad of TwiDash fics that have emotional fallings-in and out, or otherwise have large plots - the focus, of course, would be on the trials and tribulations of a new relationship and getting it to work out, without all of the intense drama that usually comes from TwiDash fics where the two of them figure things out, if the focus is ever on that at all. The beginning ideas I have are henceforth: Rather than having a massive build-up at the beginning, I'm going to start out with the confession to give the impression that the relationship doesn't end at the confession, and in fact that a relationship can develop afterward. Leaning on the idea of Twilight confessing and Rainbow giving it a bit of thought before going, "well, sure, why not?" and then Rainbow trying to be an impressive marefriend (to varying degrees of success). Of course, there can't be no conflict, so there will be drama somewhere in there. But it'll be the typical relationship stuff, rather than something huge like it would be in other fics; the whole point is that it's mocking the ridiculousness of more real, down-to-earth relationships rather than reflecting a tumultuous one. It should be clear throughout the narrative that Rainbow and Twilight care a lot about each other and they're simply having hiccups due to lack of experience more than anything. Debating on having cheesy "lessons" at the end of every chapter, but not certain if that won't inundate the focus. Honestly, the idea of this was spurred on by the thought of it being funny having Rainbow trying to be smooth toward Twilight, because we all know she would, c'mon. Especially if she's a bit of a nervous wreck about certain aspects of that relationship.
  16. Quick mini update, just a little left on chapter two! I've also just finished updating the prolog chapter with all the tweaks and corrections from proofreading! I may release a little teaser-esque thingy or something prior to publishing the first three chapters, so be on the lookout for that! Till next time!
  17. Progress is coming along nicely, With chapter 2 more than halfway done, and chapter 0 (prolog chapter) nearly through proofreading, I hope to have the first three chapters released within approximately 2 months! Now I know that sounds like a long time (mostly because it is) but I have my reasons. #1 My proofreader (who is very good at their job) has really long, really random hours at their job and only has a limited amount of time to work on my fic, though in spite of this she's still making great time! #2 I want to have at least the first three chapters ready to publish together, because I want people to at least give the first three chapters a try before passing judgment as they set up a lot of the rest of the story. #3 I've got other projects I'm working on so there's simply not enough hours in the day or energy in my body to work on everything in one day and still produce anything that meet my standards and if I don't think something is at least somewhat above average IT WILL NOT SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY, PERIOD! So that's why it may still be awhile before publication, I just want it to be the best it can be, though I may release some teaser-espue stuff for it closer to then so keep your eyes pealed for that! Until next time! (by the way esque is a pain to deal with in writing fwi!)
  18. Thought I'd test this blog thing and do a bit of boasting. Been working on a fanfic for the last week or so and stuff just keeps on lining up with little plot device type things. Can't go into too much detail just yet and sadly, do to it likely getting ether a light M rating or a heavy T rating Probably wont be able to post a link to it here, but once it comes out if you go to my Fimfiction account (which is also called CHA0SXIII) you can likely find it. Will post more updates as time passes and hope to see you there once its out! Also, if you have any questions about it, as long as they don't involve spoiling anything, I'd be happy to try and answer them. Just bear in mind that my schedule is very unpredictable and it might take me awhile to get back to you, so sorry in advance. :/
  19. When the Caped Crusader ends up in a strange world full of talking pastel horses, he gets more than he bargained for when finds a rival that shares his own name. To make matters worse, he might not be the only one who was dumped here. Manehattan may find out that comic book heroes are no laughing matter. Be sure to read and comment here, same Bat time, same Bat channel! Batman vs. Batmare
  20. I am working on writing a story, and am looking for someone who would be interested in possibly co-writing. I have attempted a few projects in the past, and over time I have found that I have issues with pacing and quality, as well as writer's block as I progress. There are also times where I simply do not have time to write, and it would help tremendously to have someone to pick up the slack. It would also be very helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and provide feedback. At this point I have a good idea in mind, and have written the rough draft of a prologue. The basic synopsis of the story is that it is being presented from 2 points of view. On one side Daring Do is working to unravel the secret behind a mysterious artifact, and a number of previously undiscovered ruins. On the other side a unicorn named Sure Step has discovered an ancient book related to said artifact that has shown him the secret to an ancient power that seems incredible at first, but is far more dangerous then it seems. In exchange for your help you will be given credit as an author, and will be welcome to share the finished story as your own work anywhere you like. I also have several undeveloped characters, and you are welcome to use any OCs of your own as long as they can fit into the story. If you are interested, feel free to leave a reply or send me a PM.
  21. Hello! I'm very new at this whole song writing thing and I'm trying to create a pop/romance song for my OC, who's a male solo artist. I don't know how to write good pop lyrics or the title. Got any ideas?
  22. Started getting into fanfics after watching the recent MLP episode: The Perfect Pear. Was wondering if anypony else knew of any good fanfics that have to do with this episode? Been browsing FimFiction and came across several. Just finished reading this one: A Quest for Love: An Apple-Pear Family Story. So far that one is my favorite and I encourage you all to read it. I cried a bit too lol. But anyways, I'm looking to read more stories similar to that. Any suggestions?
  23. Hey everypony! I was wondering what everyone's favourite ship is in the MLP world? And if anyone has any recommendations for some good shipping fanfics? Incase you dont know, shipping is where you adore the thought of two ponies together (e.g. Rarity and Big Mac) and so you 'ship' them Please comment!
  24. Last time I posted about my fixfic concept, I announced that Draft #2 was done and I was going to return to the basics. Rather than completely go forward, I want to take the issues that I discovered while looking back and fix them. A good project doesn't get finished in one go, and I want to make it good. Earlier this year, Parental Glideance introduced us Rainbow Dash's parents: Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles. This episode shows how families don't have to have a naming convention in order to officially be family. Previously, it was speculated that many families (specifically parents) needed one, either as a prefix or suffix, even though there might've been exceptions (ala Twilight Velvet and Night Light, Twilight and SA's parents). PG's leeway gave me an idea on the family names. Originally, Sunset's family (all OC's) was narrowed to a Shimmer surname. As structured in Drafts #1 and #2, her family was like this: Mom: Sunrise Shimmer Dad: Dawn Shimmer Brother: Solstice Shimmer I decided to change that. Their new names are as follows: Mom: Venus Sunrise Dad: Dawn Shimmer (still the same name) Brother: Summer Solstice Moreover, I decided to do something that I haven't done in years: draw the characters. This is where I envy the artists. I don't know how much they practiced, but a good chunk can draw ponies regardless of the pose. Drawing has traditionally been a struggle for me. Twenty years later, I still can't draw a realistic thumbs up! (Thank God for painting nature landscapes. Unless you're Picasso, everyone's gonna notice that one square eye.) After watching a few amazing tutorials, I decided to give myself a stab at drawing Venus and Dawn. After I was done, I scanned them and vectorized them in Illustrator. Here's the result: (Link to the drawings and credits.) Dawn's on the left, Venus on the right. Not bad after not working on any pony drawings, period, for over four years. Their bios remain the same: Dawn: a stay-at-home dad. Venus Sunrise: a lifeguard during the warm and Summer months. The Shimmer family lives in Grazewood, a small village along Equestria's west coast. Their two-floor home's perched at the top of a hill southward, with a patio and each of their bedrooms facing the ocean, providing an excellent view of the sun as it sets. Venus and Dawn raised Sunset, but five years after Sunset ran away and seemingly put her Equestria past behind her, Venus gave birth to a colt, Summer Solstice. After Sunset reunited with her Equestrian family eleven years later, she was able to successfully mend her relationship with all of them and became close with them, especially Solstice. Before moving on to Solstice, Caveno, and others, I'm gonna practice first.
  25. Back in 2015, after conversation with The Coffee Pony on Skype, I decided to revive my idea to give the Equestria Girls franchise a full-blown rewrite under my own vision, which I conceptualized in 2013. Although I really steamed forward with two drafts, I stopped in the middle for nearly a year while only peaking only a few updates here and there. For those who’re reading about it for the first time, here’s the full synopsis: If you want to read the process, feel free to read them all. I recommend going in order, though. A really good thing about drafting these stories is that you can come up with ideas and not be conservative like a modern-day Republican about it. Have an idea? Put it down! If it works, great! If not, no problem. Go back and find a new one. Spending hours on this draft was an experience. I haven’t written a fanfic of any size since 2012, so this was a good way to get that rust. At the risk of being hypocritical, I’m not a big fan of having my work criticized. Your work is your baby, so it feels natural to protect it no matter the cost. Even the softest constructive criticism can sting like hell. That’s me in a nutshell. While much of the feedback wasn’t public, it doesn’t change the fact that it was very valuable, both the praise and concrit, and helped me want to improve upon the idea. Simultaneously, it’s even more difficult to observe your own work and pick apart the very problems. Sometimes when writing fanfic, you work in a vacuum. You get so caught up in what you do that you don’t actually see the flaw until someone points them out for you. To go back several months later gives me a fresh perspective of what I did right, wrong, and how to make it better. Yet, often, your harshest critic isn’t an unsolicited reviewer, but more often yourself, so you get to think whether you’re really overthinking it. So, what problems did I come across? Sunset’s growth from getting trapped in Pedestria to who she became today’s mostly confined in exposition. When you’re trying to create a very believable world and conflict, telling what happened wither via prose or character dialogue doesn’t help. Exposition goes through one ear and out the other. You need the audience to visualize what’s going on so the audience can believe everything they’re reading. Just because Sunset Pie Shimmer and Pinkie Pie are closest doesn’t mean she can’t be so close with the rest. For the first half of my latest draft, she showed to be close to Pinkie only while being somewhat distant of the rest. Hell, the rest don’t have an impact until after she returns to Equestria for the first time. What I want is for the audience to believe Sunset’s as much a part of the family as the others. This direction doesn’t cut it: If you’re gonna treat much of the family as an afterthought, what’s the point in them existing at all? The repair of Sunset’s and Celestia’s relationship was too rushed. You had chapters highlighting the strain (along with Sunset calling her a monster for violating her, running away from her home after her secret past was found out, glaring at Celestia during an important meeting with everyone, and kissing Luna on the cheek to reassure Luna and spite Celestia), but it changed in one chapter midway. It’d take three chapters for their relationship to fully mend. This isn’t like what happened with Starlight, who was both a villain and crying for help at the same time, and needed someone to be treated as an equal to see the error of her ways. Sunset’s feeling of betrayal runs well beneath her skin to the point of not wanting to return to Equestria, both because she saw herself as an embarrassment to the Shimmer family and (during their first encounter since running away) realize that her dad Dawn Shimmer and mom Sunrise Shimmer had been raising a brother (Solstice) five years after leaving. It’s gonna take time to repair suppressed heart-deep pain. Way too much crying. a. Both Sunset and Pinkie following their big fight. b. After Sunset calls Celly a monster one chapter later. c. After Pinkie and Sunset reunite. d. During a hug the night after reuniting. e. Dawn and Sunrise after meeting Sunset for the first time in 11 years. f. Later that chapter, when Sunrise admits she can’t look at the sunset because it reminded her of her daughter too much. g. After Sunset admitted to two close friends (OCs named May Z. Acres and her sister May Flour) that she still hates Celestia. h. A couple of chapters later, Celly and Sunset quietly tear as they embrace. i. At the end of the second-to-last chapter after discovering the rewritten spell worked. j. The very end when everyone surprises Sunset with a celebratory party in the CHS gym. And there’ll likely be even more than that. As you can see, at least ten scenes of characters crying. When characters’ first instinct is crying, it makes the emotion and characters very one-dimensional. Everyone responds to emotional events in their own way. Relief, despair, sadness, fright, and happiness can be relayed without shedding waterfalls of saline. And I’m sure no one wants the characters to fry readers’ comps as they read the fanfic. Although I can critique what makes jokes work or fail, I suck at writing jokes. Here’s an example of what I mean: Two major problems with this joke: a. It’s OOC of Twilight. To intentionally distract Pedestrian!Dash (who she doesn’t know at the time) while she attempts a free throw makes her mean and cruel. b. Applejack and RD are completely oblivious to what caused it, where her voice came from, and her presence. This makes them look like OOC idiots. When it comes to fanfic, my strength is slice of life while keeping everything mellow. Drama is my second-biggest strength. Humor isn’t. But it wouldn’t be FIM without some cartoony comedy, and the humor can make the drama more impactful. (See The Force Awakens.) In short, try to make the humor make more sense and in character of the characters. And since FIM and EQG run on some levels of cartoon logic, don’t be afraid to bend the rules when necessary. Cut down on the tangents. Conversation never operates in a straight line. Tangents can and will happen, and I want dialogue to feel real, hence my insistence of originating my dialogue in script format. With all the prose out of the way, I can focus on the meat of the story and then work the prose in later. But when many dialogue scenes have them, the tangents can become predictable and kill the mood. In the span of a few chapters, I came up with three scenes containing with tangents, one of them with two found here. The last one (supposed to foreshadow Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? in season five) doesn’t add to the story or the scene itself. It’d work just as well, if not better, without it. In short, be more careful not to go off-track too often. Pre-plan my worldbuilding. As I developed my second draft, I also had to begin focusing on creating the piece of lore in order to tie it together. Remember, this isn’t the only chapter in the D’EQ-verse. Rewrites for RR, the Holiday Special, FG, and LoE will also be a part of the story, and I may add in the three 20-minute specials. In order for everything to even make sense, my background must be pre-planned. That’s the problem. I didn’t pre-plan it very well, and the more I wrote down my lore, the more complicated it became. When you have to plan your lore, you risk creating plot holes that you must solve. With there being four TV movies, some comics, short stories, and three TV specials, having lore and a timeline be constructed on-the-fly may do more harm than good for my rewrite. One goal I want to be consistent: No Pedestrian can become bearers of Equestrian magic or trigger Equestrian magic of any kind without a plausible reason. So, ideas to fix this problem: Write my chapters as bulleted points. Get what I needed in my chapter to go from Point A to B. Write a timeline of events. Lore’s very important in my EQG1 fixfic, and it’ll be doubly so for my RR idea. Later on, Equestrian lore become less central to the story. The timeline of events will also give me a guide to come back to in case I forget about my worldbuilding concepts and logic. Spending months and hours on draft #2 was a blessing. It helped me put my ideas down and in public. It allowed me to look at what succeeded, what failed, and how to hopefully correct them. This’ll be a big job, but I feel I’m up to the task.