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Found 31 results

  1. ~WELCOME TO THE LYRA & BON BON FAN CLUB!~ Feel free to share anything to do with these two cute little ponies, whether you ship them (if you dislike shippings and art/love for them, feel free to turn back now ^^) or see them as closest friends! Forum rules and commonsense apply, and please try not to just post about only one of them; there's a fanclub for both Lyra and Bon Bon individually if that's what you're looking for~ ~FANWORKS~ ~Have fun!~
  2. I read a lot of MLP fanfiction. Notably romance. I like putting the Mane Six in awkward situations and seeing how well the fanfic writer knows the character's personalities. It also explores various different scenarios that reveal a lot of insight. Strangely enough, I don't like actual romance novels. Or romance in general. Do you read fanfiction? Favorite genre? Why?
  3. So fan fiction in general has earned a bad rap. Seems like no matter the property, the fanfics are not received well, even by the fan community itself. We haven't really seen that with MLP. Fan fiction is treated with indifference at worst and hailed as master works at best, revered even more so than the show cannon. So what is it that MLP fan fiction is doing right? Is it the works that are better or is it the communities attitude towards fanfics in general?
  4. Test your memory and relive awesome moments by saying what is that fanfic that made you smile the most! Mine? Well it was called Lost and Fallen, it was about a swat agent that arrived in an equestria in which humans enslaved ponies. Unfortunately, it was uncomplete but it was awesome anyway!
  5. ~WELCOME TO THE FLUTTERSHY <3 DISCORD FAN CLUB!~ Feel free to share anything to do with your favourite pony and draconequus couple (or friends, if you prefer :3); forum rules and commonsense apply~ ~FANFICS~ Have fun!
  6. So I am wondering about the origin of Dicord, and his specie (Draconequus). What's your thoughts about this? How do you like to think Discord came into being? Share your thoughts and opinion whether they're canon, your headcanon, or even fanon (by this I mean Discord's origin which is explained by bronies or pegasisters in fanfics or art). Let's unveil the mystry behind our little draconquus.
  7. Hi everypony, I was just going over my DA favorites dragon art folder and wondered: are there some good (good meaning well-written and popular) fanfics featuring humans transforming into dragons? (They can be MLP or non-MLP. Cuss-filled fanfics are fine, just no NSFW stuff. ) I've seen a few on DA and Fanfiction but there are so many out there in the wide wide internet it's hard to find a good one. I'm looking into this because I want to write a human-dragon transformation novel (non-MLP) myself. Thanks for taking your time to read this and I look forward to your replies.
  8. So I'm sure not too many of you know this, but I am a fanfiction writer. Actually, just a writer/author in general *insert shameless plug to my book* Getting off topic here, my bad. So I've been writing this 7-part MLP fanfic series for quite a while now and I've finished the first book. (don't have direct link at the moment but use this if you wanna look: It's the 5th result) Now though, I have writers block for the second book! I mean, I have the whole plot planned and whatnot, I just don't have any clue how to put it down on paper. Bleh, rant-ish-thing over I guess.
  9. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I wasn't sure if it was just for posting, or if discussion counts. Anyway, this thread is to discuss your favorite fanfictions, genres of fanfiction, authors, etc. For me, there have been a bunch that I would call my favorites, but if I had to pick one, it would be "Today, Tomorrow, and Forever". It was one of the first fanfictions I read, and it brought me close to tears. It is a sad Derpy and Dinky story. I try many different genres, but rarely read Grimdark. I also like Conversion Bureau stories and any story by Ciroton.
  10. ok so this is kinda weird, but I figure you know what, I usually try to google this stuff, and it never seems to exist, so why not just ASK someone to write what I wanna read hahaha.. so im gay, and I like really burly characters.. so like.. iron will, bulk biceps, tirek, big mac, big leboswky guy, etc. All the romances everyone writes about them involve them being the big agressive brute to some waifish female.. usually fluttershy.. and naturally this doesn't do much for me. Now I am a tall slender guy, and I like, bigger guys, so I would love to read fanfics relating to mlp that I can relate with in that manner. Man to man.. maybe tirek/iron will, or any of the colts with a nurturing role towards any of the bigger "usually" villians.. I know this is kinda shipping.. but I will admit, part of why I watch the show is cuz I enjoy watching those characters sometimes its nice to see someone you always picture as strong needing a loving support from someone you would not picture as strong, but can be emotionally strong. I dunno.. I just want more gay fanfics with the beefier characters I have no idea if that is against the rules or not, and it doesn't have to be posted here, buut I'd still like to read it wink wonk
  11. Guys... I just realized something. There isn't a general Fallout Equestria thread! *commence running in panic* Let me explain this: Fallout Equestria is a really long MLP and Fallout crossover writen by High Exalted, Lord Kkat. You really wouldn't expect something as lighthearted as MLP going with something as dark and depressing as fallout, but The High Exalted, Lord Kkat managed to pull it off excellently. The plot centers around Littlepip, who has just escaped from Stable 2 looking for an escapee, Velvet Remedy. They meet some people and do some shit until they discover the real villian- no, not gonna say anything more. Read (or listen) to it. Now. If you've read it already and this is entirely irrelevant to you, go gush about it below.
  12. Hi Everypony!! If you want to read some stories about the couples of Equestria check out my story First Dates! I hope you enjoy! I plan on writing more in the future just so you know!
  13. <<This is the rebirth of a contest inspired by a previous contest>> HOLIDAY FANFIC CONTEST! Hello forums, here I have decided to bring a fun contest that I haven't seen for a while. It's time for the members of this forum to bring forth their creativity and show what the show has done to inspire their work. Forum rules can be found here The Contest: The challenge this time is to create a well written fanfic with a Holiday twist. The category (comedy, adventure, etc.) can be written about anything that falls under the forums own guidelines (I must be able to post your story here on the MLP Forums) and is related to pony/pony culture and the Holidays*. *I am not forcing religion** into the situation, just be festive with your entries. **Yes, religious entries are still accepted. The Guidelines: You will have one week to complete this story, no more, no less. Final applicants will be taken Dec. 8, at 9pm GMT -8. Final story submissions are due Dec. Dec. 18, 9pm GMT -8 There are no exceptions to submission-time standards. Story must relate to Pony or Brony Culture. Contains Holiday Spirit. i.e. Presents, Christmas, Cookies, Snow, Family, etc. (be creative with the concept) Story must be 800 words minimum, and no longer than a 10,000 word maximum. (novella standards) Story must fall within MLP Forum rules and guidelines, i.e. no overbearing sexual situations, no hate, no racism, no prejudice, etc. (use common sense [if you aren't sure you should post it, don't]) Majority of text must be in English. (As much as I would personally love to see Portuguese and Hebrew, those will not be accepted as text in a whole [others should be able to read it]) Do not steal another writer's work. Entries must contain the tag of proper categories. Multiple people may work on a single project, but only one place, and one reward will be given to the team (includes editors, creative processes, etc.) Tell me if you change your username. Have FUN. Failure to subjugate to rules will result in intimidate expulsion. (from contest) Entering: Send your story to me and ME ONLY in Personal Message form. Text will be entered as is. Please make a post within this thread showing interest to join. Entries will be kept anonymous to judges. (aside from me) What will be assessed: Proper grammatical conventions. i.e. punctuation, syntax, capitalization, etc. How well your story matches your categories. Did you follow the guidelines? Is there a "Holiday Theme"? Did the story seem creative? Deadlines: Final applicants will be taken Dec. 8, at 9pm GMT -8. Final story submissions are due Dec. Dec. 18, 9pm GMT -8 Winners will be announced Christmas Eve. You do not have to be at the announcement to receive your placement. Entering as a Judge: If you wish to enter as a judge, please post below. You may not be a judge and contestant. Improper conventions as a judge-applicant will result in not receiving the position. If I personally know you for poor grammar mistakes, I will not give the position (sorry) Judges must have the urge to read a large number of entries. Judges must have a desire to read and take part in this contest. I and I alone am the one to excommunicate judges. Prizes: 1st Place: Premium art from Rainbow Dashey (Digital or Traditional) + MLP Comic book + glory! 2nd Place: MLP Comic book + Blindbag + Sketch. 3rd Place: Blindbag + Sketch. Judges: 1. 2. 3. 4. @ping111 Contestants: 1. @repsol rave 2. 3. 4. @KatieHooves 5. 6. @AfTeRwArDs 7. @FlutterShay 8. 9. @Dsanders 10. @CloudFyre 11. 12. @Rocket
  14. = inspiration A father gives his daughter a blueberry pie, as she is playing very violent games in her computer. After saying those lines, Pinkie Pie emerges out of the pie, and glomps at the girl's face. The infuriated girl screams, curses away, and throws the poor pony to a door. As it drops and slams down to the floor, what reaction will be most likely Pinkie's reaction against this pony-hating girl's violent insolence? IT should be based on the show, never the fanfics or headcanons! (In case if you're wondering how did Pinkie get into the pie, she teleported herself into the pie's interior as soon as the father takes the pie into the room. )
  15. Now, I've been planning on writing a Metro 2033/Roadside Picnic inspired fanfic for, oh say, a year now. I'm really passionate about it and I've been painstakingly trying to figure out the universe, characters, etc. But now the question I have is, would anyone even read it? I tend to see this big hype over everything Fallout Equestria related but do any other fics in the genre of post-apocalyptic get any recognition? I'm just worried that I've spent all this time for something that will only end up getting less than one-hundred readers and it's kind of starting to destroy my hopes of actually starting it.
  16. So I recently tested myself with a small fanfic and quickly fell back in love with writing and making up stories that were all my own. I've created an original character that I love to write, and his adventures keep even myself guessing. Writing for the other parts of the Mane 6 that are involved (And in my recent story the CMC) has been challenging but not daunting. I really enjoy all the energy I spend on my work. That being said... Lately, I'm having a hard time staying motivated to write. I want to. I know where I want my story to head and I've got tons of ideas floating around, but every time I sit down and think about writing I just can't seem to pull myself to it. My feelings toward the stories and my writing haven't changed, I still love it, but something just keeps me from working on it. Like, I sit down and say, "I'm going to spend some time working on this." But as soon as I go to open the story all the wind just blows out of my sails, which is frustrating. Anyone else ever have this problem? And how do you stay motivated to work on your stories?
  17. I request opinions. Lots and lots of them. As many as possible, and then even more. More. MORE... Which is why I cam to a forum. Looking for a name for the planet which contains Equestria. It's not necessary, it's purely aesthetic. It's to make it more special, like all the other make-believe worlds out there... It can have a name. The World of Warcraft has Azeroth and Outland Draenor, and there are plenty of others which I can't remember right now. Why can't this one have one? It doesn't need to be Earth, or Equius or anything that blatant. It can be something impressive. Something that means something. Something that all the many creatures in it might call it proudly and fondly. That something is a name for a world in which Equestria is but a small part. It's for a world that is much more diverse. It's definitely bigger than this, anyway... What even is that? A small island? A peninsula? A country for ants? So whatever... I'm looking for creativity here. The more outrageous the better... but within the limit of it still being feasible. I know, I'm asking a lot. But, maybe someone else already did this?... I... also needed a name for a new species I've included in this world. It's a race made up of lightning-powered draconic creatures that speak Japanese. All I've got so far is the Lightning Tribes or Storm Drakes... And they live in a massive fortress-like city, several miles above the Western ocean of Equestria.... more details here, starting where you get sent when you ctrl+f the words "pearl clouds".
  18. I am a huge fan of Vinyl x Octavia. I can't deny it. Even if it's lesbian, I'm fine with lesbian shipping as long as it doesn't the involve the Mane 6. Canon shipping only for the Mane 6. But back on topic. I have read a lot of Vinyltavia fanfics, Playing With My Heart, Allegrezza, Vinyl and Octavia: University Days to name a few, but I NEED MOAR!! Does anybody have any recommendations for well done Vinyltavia fanfictions? Even if you don't, post on here about how much you love Vinyltavia. Some Great Vinyltavia fanfics that I've read (in order of Greatness): 1. Playing With My Heart 2. Vinyl and Octavia: University Days 3. Allegrezza 4. Identity Theft 5. Who Am I 6. These can all be found on FIMFiction Note: I put this in Sugarcube Corner since Octavia's hall seemed like a place to post the actual fanfics, but if I'm wrong, feel free to move it there.
  19. I am asking for assistance on a fanfiction which I am planning to compose. It is a Rarity grimdark slasher fic. I have resolved everything except for one major detail about my story.I need to figure out the title. The general synopsis is that Sweetie Belle died of an incurable illness and Rarity resents all of her friends for not trying to saver her hard enough. Her mind also broke when she received the news, and each chapter will be her killing one of the Mane Six and sewing a doll out of their skin and fur for Sweetie's doll house. The doll house was a gift she had promised to Sweetie for when she got out of the hospital. This was all inspired by this song: Anyways the titles I came up with are: The Doll House Curse of a Shattered Heart Generosity's Destruction. Please tell me which one is best or if you have a better name please post it in the comments.
  20. hello everypony. i've been writing a fanfic for a few days now,but my inspiration is kinda running dry. i got a huge amount of inspiration from music, especially this one so i was wondering,is there any pony out there who knows some good music te write to? cause i kinda got sick of listening to the same songs over and over again.
  21. Can anypony recommend any good Luna fanfics? I've already listened to readings of Resurgence by Unlicensed Brony and I Love You, Princess Luna by DontWannaKnow. They're both very beautiful and heartwarming and I would like to read more fanfics like them. Any suggestions?
  22. So I've been wanting to read some fan fictions, but most of the ones on the featured page on fimfic either aren't appealing to me, or I've read them already. So if you have fanfics you want me to read, feel free. I'm open to just about anything.So go ahead! Send 'em in. I'll give you my review of it after I read the first chapter and give you any advice I can. If you haven't posted it anywhere yet, then go ahead and send it to this email. *EDIT* Holy moly...I didn't think I'd get a lot in one day. I'll try my hardest to get to all of them and tell you guys what I think!! It may take a few days though depending on how many I get per day
  23. I was wanting to write a fanfic, but then I realized that I have no writing skill at all. I was wondering if someone could write it for me, because I would really like this story out there. I already have a basic idea of how it should begin but I have no idea what to do after that. If interested please help me. Oh and the main characters are King Sombra, Queen Chrysalis, Discord, and Nightmare Moon.
  24. Below are the links to three stories I've written that crossover MLP with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I hope you enjoy them. So far only one is complete and, yes, I will write ones for Captain America and The Avengers Iron Mare Soar (co-written with a friend, it's basically Thor, couldn't come up with a better name as embarrassing as that sounds) Flutterhulk So far on FIMFiction they've gotten good reaction. I don't intend to submit them to Equestria Daily though, they're a tad stuffed up I think. But, if you can, tell me what you think and all.
  25. Hi again everyone One of my friends wrote "ghost stories" and "Shifting Shadow" and I think they turned out nicely. So I have the idea to write my own maybe. I have an idea, but I have a few questions first to see what would be preferred in a fanfic/story: Use the mane 6 and OC's or only OC's? What should the "vibe" be? (Or however you would explain that?) Then should I stay clear of using things/items actually used in the show? I found some pony name generators and got a decent list using my name and my username lol. My problem with using the mane 6 or items used in the show is that if something new comes out in the show, then the story becomes outdated or wrong. It has given me something to think about today I guess