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Found 3 results

  1. This just came to my mind and I was wondering. Can we please add Fanfiction.Net to the contact methods? The reason why I asked this is because I just created account for FIMfiction and I tried to submit my fanfic work, but it got rejected do to some kind of "Script Format" in which I don't know what that is to be honest. When I looked at the rules. It said that the fanfics you make need to be based off of the MLP universe and not anything else, which kinda sucks when you I make a fanfic with a humanoid like paranormal creature I put in the fanfic almost everybody knows
  2. VIEWERS BEWARE, YOU BE IN FOR A SCARE Wow, that added no depth to the entry whatsoever. Huh. So where in the world was RealityPublishing? It's been a week an literally no one missed him! Not even the PonyCrush people! Well? I've been sitting around playing Fallout: Tactics, writing more fanfictions, force feeding Boku No Pico to my note-taking accomplice, and waiting in line for Blackjrxiii's newest hit (It features Applejack. I'll dig anything with my fiance' in it). Pretty busy week if you ask me! I'll try to post more frequently now that Season 6 is done and over (eck. That episode deserves an entry of its own). In fact, I managed to finish an entire four-page fiction in about two days! I polished it up (as best as I could) and shipped it off the next morning. I had to draw sketches, create covers, and everything! Sure, it took a lot of work, but I think it was all well-worth it. So what was the fiction? It was roughly a 28-hundred word short story featuring Pinkie Pie and metaphorical reflection. I personally thought it was one of my better works, but what do I get in return? About 80 views, 1 Like, and 2 people climbing on my back about errors that were non-existent. Now, to be fair, I don't mind criticism; in fact, I think it's one of the best things a writer could ask for. You can improve on it and strive to be a better writer, (which is what I did). The problem is that out of two people pushing the backlash, I was only able to extract a single piece of information that was actually useful. Strange, huh? Though, I'll have to give credit to the first person who commented, because he got me thinking. The statement he described was: "I'm not sure if this is a sad Pinkie, or an unhinged Pinkamena" The story I wrote was a metaphor and had neither of the two. All the characters of the story were just placeholders to better fit the message that I, the author, was trying to tell; it was all for the better visualization. Unfortunately, it seemed as though people didn't understand that. Sure, it could be that I wrote the fiction in one day and they just didn't get it, but I believe there's another alternative. . . Fans who read these sort of works come in with a pre-existing headcannon that they expect the fiction will perfectly align with. When it doesn't, they don't like it. It's as if fan directly compares the show or their beliefs with the fiction presented; it just doesn't work. Yes, we know that Pinkie Pie is a fun-loving pony, and even the simplest of stories can reflect that, but when the character is automatically classified to what the reader wants it, the moral or intention of the author is destroyed. Writing is a tool to speak the words of talented writers, not fit the demands of a reader. Perhaps it's just me being blind to the definition of "fan fiction" and maybe I should go on to write more, "Twilight rides a bus and Pinkie Pie was there" fictions which seem to be getting a lot of attention. This brings me to my second point. Scenario Fictions, as I call them, are what give fan fiction a bad name. They feature next to no originality and they still are able to breech the 1,000 view mark or receive more attention than they certainly should have. It's like the LeafyisHere or Pyrocynical of fan fictions. No effort, more views, more attention, more fame. You want to make a Scenario Fiction? Let's go through the steps. Step 1: Watch the latest episodes (hard work, I know) Step 2: Take whatever was good about the episode or whatever you thought could've been different, and put your own spin on it. Such as. . . -Spike goes mad with power (Gauntlet of Fire) (Link: ) -Thorax the Babysitter (To Where and Back Again) (Link: ) -Derpy eats a glowstick (Link: ) And last but not least, - Twilight eats stuff and Spike has to get Colgate to do something? (Link: ) Step 3 is watch the views roll in. Anyone can be horse famous now! No, I have not read any of the fictions above, but I don't think I really want to. You could say they get the views because people want a laugh or two, but for something like this to attract over a thousand fans? Seriously? And that leaves me to my last objective. ROMANCE FICTIONS Y'know, I wouldn't have so much a problem with these if it weren't for the fact they are more populated than the entire population of Eastern Asia. Let's be honest, about 95% of us would have an emotional relationship with one of the mares if given the chance. Problem is, people can't keep that to themselves. Oh, no. They decide to write more fictions than an immortal Mark Twain could. I honestly don't know what's so "special" about these quote-on-quote "ROMANCE" fictions. And no, I don't hate the writers or their work. I just hate the fact that people would rather subject their eyes to something as morbidly stupid as a Twixie Fanfic than an original IP made by some junky surrounded by CRT TVs. That pretty much raps that up. My friends and I watched the original MLP movie, so I'll be writing about that sometime in the near future. Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy! But here's my outro, So call me salty! -RealityPublishing (UPDATE: Because of my "misstep" in fanfiction, I'll be applying for Writer's Digest. Wish me luck!)
  3. Okay, I've been writing this fanfic, and I think it's pretty good, but I honestly don't know because nopony bothers to review it. I feel obliged to state up front that my character is an alicorn, but please don't judge her immidiately. I have gone to great pains to make sure that she isn't and multiple tests have proved that she is not. Here's the link.