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Found 441 results

  1. RISKY BOOTS - " IF ISN'T SHANTAE HALF HERO LAME BUTT GENIE ANYWAY I GOT SOME MAGICAL PONIES I CAPTURED AND NOW THIER LIFE WILL FULLFILL MY TINKER AIRSHIP "! SHANTAE -"RISKY BOOTS LADY BAD PIRATE I WILL STOP YOUR PLANS AND SEND THOSE INNOCENT MAGICAL PONIES BACK TO THEIR WORLD" ! -RISKY BOOTS HAAAAA HOOOOO GOTTA HAUL BOOTY ? SHANTAE -"YOUR JOKE ARE ALWAYS FALLING FLAT RISKY BOOTS " CHAPTER 1 - TRY TO SAVE THE PONIES FROM RISKY BOOTS THE LADY PIRATE It was clear night outside very quiet as Shantae half hero genie is puzzled to why her arch nemesis Risky Boots the bad lady Pirate would want some magical ponies from another world to do her evil bidding. Meanwhile Risky Boots has caged up all the mane six ponies at Hypno Baron's creepy castle with disgusting eyeball blocks above terrifying spikes. As the mane six talk to each other saying who hell is this pirate bad lady anyway ? " I'm Rainbowdash who is that sexy purple haired awesomness goddess say's her name is Shantae ?
  2. From July until September 2017, I wrote a (very long!!) fanfiction for the show in which the Mane Six discover that Princess Celestia and Luna have a brother, Stellas Spatium, who is returning to exact his vengeance on the pair after being banished to another dimension. Now, at the time I wrote it the newest episode was The Perfect Pear and the movie was still a long way off. There are certainly things that have since been explored in the show that mean my fanfic no longer works as if it were canon (there's no mention of Twilight's school in my story, nor of Spike having wings), HOWEVER, there are things I wrote that have since come true in the show!! In my fanfic, Lord Tirek reveals to Twilight that Starswirl the Bearded is alive and hiding somewhere outside Equestria! In Shadow Play, Twilight discovers Starswirl is alive and attempts to free him from prison. In my fanfiction, Queen Chrysalis teams up with Tirek to get revenge on Starlight and her friends. In the newest episode, Chrysalis creates "The Mean Six" for the very same reason. There's other things too like the fact that Tirek is returning later this season and I'm pretty sure Starlight becoming an allicorn (which happened in my fanfiction) will be happening at some point, too!!!
  3. No, not the fanfic you think would work best in the universe, and not the one you've been writing in your spare time, not even the fic of your choice, but simply your favorite. Lauren Faust tweets that the events of that fanfic are now 100% canon and totally happened in the FiM world. What are your reactions? How well do you think this fic would fit into the universe? Finally, how do you think it would affect future episodes of the series? Would the show get better, or worse in the wake of this new piece of canon?
  4. I've thought about this for years now, and I REALLY wanna make a fanfic like this. (Though it isn't gonna be like most in which a Brony visits Equestria, and this story is also gonna be pretty long, and a LOT darker than the show.) It's not really gonna be a slice of life story like most HiE fanfics, but it's gonna be a "hero's journey" story. Something like that. Something else I should point out is that the Equestria in this fanfiction is different than the Equestria in the show (A small example is that some place that are in the show don't exist here, and there are places that exist here that aren't in the show.) A lot of people I've seen who complained about HiE fanfics is that the human character is a "self insert", and that they don't have much, if any, flaws. (Though I'm not 100% sure what character flaws are.) And I've also, seen some people say that it CAN work, but it would have to be a really talented writer and it would need a LOT of creativity. (Which I'm not sure if I am or have those things.) But I've seen a lot of people say that the concept in and of itself is just dumb. But I dunno, is HiE fanfiction just cringey?
  5. I read a lot of MLP fanfiction. Notably romance. I like putting the Mane Six in awkward situations and seeing how well the fanfic writer knows the character's personalities. It also explores various different scenarios that reveal a lot of insight. Strangely enough, I don't like actual romance novels. Or romance in general. Do you read fanfiction? Favorite genre? Why?
  6. I just love Letters from an Irratated Princess. I am listening to it right now. What about ya'll? What are your favorites?
  7. Casting Call Club link to submit auditions: 18 open roles Lead: Rainbow Dash Supporting: Narrator to Mevs: An Explanation (Chapter 2 exposition/lore) Starlight Glimmer Fluttershy Rarity Applejack Pinkie Pie Twilight Sparkle Spike Discord Minor: Gallus Ocellus Sandbar Silverstream Smolder Yona Celestia Luna Info: The Master Mev is a My Little Pony fanfiction, starring Rainbow Dash, my top favorite character in anything, ever. I am the author and will be narrating the non-dialogue portions with the exception of chapter 2. I categorize it as a drama and consider it light-hearted in nature for the most part. Here is the long-description form for this fanfic on Mevs are magic-eating vampires. There are two types: master and fledgling. Rainbow Dash becomes the master type one night, not long after the School of Friendship has recovered itself from a rough start. She and her friends learn of a way to help keep her properly fed. She needs a pack, and six fledglings are the recommended number. Being a master mev has obligations. There is work to be done, and despite a little drama or tension that may arise here or there to continue life as a regular pegasus most of the time, Rainbow Dash grows to love her new role. It's actually awesome, fun, and rewarding. *** The Master Mev is slated to have 100 chapters total. Up to 31 are published on This project is an audiobook narration that covers only the first arc (chapters 1-11), which is the establishment of the mev pack, Team Awesome. I am starting with only one arc due to the size of the cast and length of story if I tried to do all 100 chapters for one project. All characters would appear again in later projects. Selected actors would be welcome to continue on with future projects, but I will re-cast if we find it necessary. Every chapter has at least one image (a quality inspired by the Harry Potter books) and as such, this audiobook will be published on my YouTube channel, KazamaCat, with these chapter images. You can find them in this DeviantArt gallery: More at the link. Thank you very much for your time. Again, the link to audition is:
  8. --- Horror fanfiction of cartoon shows? Like MLP, there are infamous horror fanfictions of every cartoon. From demons to cannibalism, there are horrible things written about even the most innocent cartoons. What are some horrid fanfictions have you read/hear of in other fandoms? What do you think of fanfictions like those overall? Tell us!
  9. Artwork by the very talented Justasuta Introductions: Do you think my English teacher will let me use pony character analysis as a replacement for Shakespeare? Hello, folks. My name is NavelColt, also known by my old monicker, CD, C.Discord or ~Chaotic Discord~ if you're an OG boy from 13'. I am a fanfiction writer and lore analyst who's been in this glorious fandom since the near beginning, and I am here today to bring you my first proper, lengthy lore analysis since sometime in 2015. That analysis is for the changelings - specifically, the modern changelings. The fairy bugs, the rainbow buggos, the pastel beetles and their beetlemoose overlord. The changelings have been my focus of interest since season 6, when I was catapulted back into this fandom after my initial leave in late 2015. It started with Thorax's debut, a character who quickly rose to become my favorite character in the show, even dethroning Discord, himself. Since that time I have documented nearly 120,000 words in fan fiction, exploring the changelings, their lore, their day to day lives and Thorax's role as the changeling's new patriarch. What began as a few headcanon ideas has since expanded to an entire headcanon universe surrounding the modern hive. With the show now over, and no new canon content to be introduced, I felt it was time to sit down and actually put those ideas down on electronic paper. So please enjoy my headcanon universe for the modern changelings! If you find yourself intrigued, links to specific works will be found near the end. But first...a few points. Important Pointers: The MLP Comics are fantastic. However, I do not now nor have I ever considered the comics to be on the same plane of canon as the show, so everything here is crafted exclusively from the FIM cartoon. As a writer, reader and consumer of creative content in general I am someone who enjoys Slice of Life, closeness, feel-good stories and stories that focus on relationships between characters. If you're looking for a heart attacks and humor, you've come to the right place. If you're looking for adventure and excitement, she's in another castle. At the end of the day, these are just my interpretations. Feel free to see things differently! -- Key: Red Titles - Headcanon built off of pre-established canon Blue Titles - Pure headcanon, crafted in the spirit of the show's canon -- Backstory Tie-Ins: Thorax, a Source of Inspiration: "Evil? Oh, no, not me. All I've ever wanted was a friend." ~ Thorax, 'The Times They are a Changeling' Artwork by Cloureed From the moment 'The Times They are a Changeling' aired I knew Thorax was one of my newfound favorites. Thorax is the softest, most caring male character in this entire show. Not only is that a glorious stab in the face to gender stereotype norms, not only is it a perfect antithesis to Chrysalis - possibly the most ruthless villain to come out of this show - it is also part of what makes Thorax so enjoyable as a character. He seeks nothing but to help and protect those precious things around him, while he, himself is a precious thing in need of protecting. Thorax is like a modern, male spin on the trope Fluttershy's character was initially based on. This loving, caring changeling was then made the newly-crowned king of his species - a species scarred by a long, harsh rule under Chrysalis. A species he had never truly felt a part of, but could now nurture and care for. A home where he had never felt welcome could now be freely crafted into something that all changelings could enjoy. It was a redemption on a kingdom-sized scale, and it was a beautiful story waiting to happen. The King of Love Bugs was my very first changeling story. It ventured to show the ongoing, day-to-day process of the changelings rebuilding their hive, and working with Equestria's princesses to become a citizenship of Equestria. The story had one goal - to stay as canonical as possible, while building lore around the changeling's daily lives, newfound forms and magic. Most of all, it ventured to show the budding relationship between Thorax and his estranged kin. From Ruthless Queen to Paternal Patriarch: "Lately you and the other nymphs have made me feel more like a dad than a king. But, you know, I don't think they have to be so different." ~ Thorax, The King of Love Bugs, 'The Summit of Love' Artwork commissioned by me, and done by the very lovely Circus-Cinnamon Perhaps the most endearing concept surrounding Thorax becoming king is that he could now act as both a leader and father figure to the changelings, both the young and mature. What else would you expect from a cinnamon roll put in charge? Thorax had always wanted friends - presumably in the hive, at first, before he'd been pushed away by the state of Chrysalis's rule. Having the chance to not only make friends with other changelings for the first time, but to help other changelings make friends, themselves would be something he'd adore doing. The changelings denounced Chrysalis after discovering a better way to sustain themselves. They followed Thorax because they were ready to finally put themselves first, to become more than an extension of Chrysalis's will. This idea of sharing love, making connections with each other and sustaining themselves without the need to prey on others had become enticing, and Thorax was the greatest expert on the subject among their entire species. This is the basis for the relationship Thorax and his subjects would build. For adult drones Thorax became a voice of reason, a gentle, guiding hand and a willing friend. To the nymphs of the hive he became a playmate, a big, exciting jungle gym, and an attentive caretaker. The traits about Thorax once seen as weak in the old hive would now become advantageous in helping the hive grow, and helping the changelings adapt to a more peaceful lifestyle. * In 'To Change a Changeling', Thorax did just this by introducing a creative renaissance to the hive. Changelings were able to think for themselves, and discover hobbies and interests they'd likely never explored, before. He also introduced a space for changelings to communicate freely about their troubles. Though comedic on the surface, this approach speaks volumes to the kind of culture shock the changelings were working through, as they adapted to feeling and sharing emotions rather than feeding on them. Wholesome buggos, 'To Change a Changeling', S8 * Thorax's caring nature with his subjects can be seen in plethora via Ocellus - a nymph of no obvious relation to him, but whom Thorax has shown parent-like affection for on more than one occasion. Ocellus & Thorax, 'School Daze', S8 Ocellus & Thorax, 'Uprooted', S9 From Swarm to Pack - the Modern Hive Social Structure: "Why are you still here?" "Because I'm having trouble leading my pack, so I don't really wanna go home." ~ Ember & Thorax, 'Triple Threat' During Chrysalis's reign the hive operated autonomously as a singular unit, a hive mind. Individual drones did not have distinguishable features, and in nearly every appearance, changelings were presented in groups, moving and attacking as one. Very few times did we get to see changelings acting as individuals, other than Thorax. During this time, the changelings were referred to as a 'swarm' by Chrysalis and other characters. But following Thorax's ascension to the throne, things changed. Changelings were encouraged to pursue individuality. They were given the opportunity to explore unique interests and enjoy things that did not directly benefit the hive or its leader. Through Ocellus, we were shown that, like ponies and other species, changelings do in fact have unique parents, rather than being spawned in mass by a singular queen. Following this logic, it was safe to assume that the hive was a large community made up of smaller groups of families, all lead by a king/queen. The hive mind mentality and community structure of insects died with Chrysalis's status as queen. With Thorax's rise to power the hive took on a social structure more similar to pack animals. A tight-knit community that lives together, and whose members look out for each other, but is ultimately made up of smaller groups of families. The changelings had evolved socially just as much as they had physically. * The topic of whether Chrysalis is every changeling's mother is, and might always be up for interpretation. My stance is that the introduction of Ocellus's parents is proof that this concept is false. Changelings always had unique parents. Chrysalis forcefully collected all eggs birthed within the hive and had them raised together as a group of uniform warriors. In Chrysalis's hive, who you were born to or with was less important than the hive's strength. * Ocellus's parents were introduced in 'The Hearth's Warming Club', but were not titled as such until their appearance in 'A Horse Shoe-In'. Sharing Love - Modern Changeling Magic: "If my kind learned to create love for one another, maybe they wouldn't have to take it from others!" ~ Thorax, 'The Times They are a Changeling' Artwork commissioned by me, and done by the talented Underpable "After we transformed, we discovered something else," Thorax continued, looking around as the last of the group settled. With a glowing smile he rested his hoof on the head of a young changeling that had decided to curl up in front of his chest. "While long-term relationships sustain us from hunger, physical acts of affection and resting together rejuvenates our bodies from fatigue in the present." ~ 'An Elegant Discussion', The King of Love Bugs Love has evolved to be more than a food source for changelings. Like the Crystal Ponies, it has become an integral part of changeling culture, taking on a form of magic all its own. When a changeling is loved, be it through friendship, family or romance, they are eternally sustained from hunger. Though this process can occur with any sentient creature, when two (or more) changelings are each other's recipients, it creates an infinite circuit, a symbiotic relationship. Furthermore, when two or more changelings express love through affection, even simple gestures such as napping together or embracing each other, the bodies of all changelings involved are rapidly absolved of fatigue, physical pain and even minor injuries. The effectiveness of shared love magic is determined by three factors: time spent performing a loving gesture, proximity to loved ones, and the depth to which that changeling is loved. The exception to this rule is the hive's leader, Thorax, whose range of provided love magic is far wider than the average changeling. By merely being near his subjects, Thorax is able to restore their energy, regardless what he is doing. However, this process is still sped up through acts of affection and mutual rest. It is for this reason that Thorax created 'cluster naps', the concept of changelings sleeping in groups, rather than alone in individual bedhives. Perhaps the first major example of physical pack animal behavior in the new hive. Sharing Love in the Modern Hive, Reception and Adaptation: "Some changelings like the idea of communal energy restoration, while others think it's frivolous and degrading." "And others use it as an excuse to be lazy?" Twilight asked slyly. "Yeah, there are lazy changelings who try to use it as an excuse to sleep all the time," Thorax chuckled, rounding a bend in the corridor. "There are also changelings who get jealous when their friends share love with other changelings they don't know. And though I'm doing my best to curb it, there's still some bullying going on towards those changelings who enjoy communal resting. Trust me, if I'm not the one instigating it, even resting together can turn into a real mess." ~'Mornings are Never Easy, Twilight Sparkle', The King of Love Bugs Though Thorax was able to eventually convince the entire hive to accept the idea of sharing love, taking it a step further by physically spending more time together was a mixed response. During the hive's rebuilding, a massive internal chamber was built in the lower part of the hive, the part below ground. Thorax dubbed this 'the Nesting Chamber', and it would become not only the location where hive-wide cluster naps took place each night, but also a panic room of sorts, a secure place for the hive to commune in case of a large-scale threat. Thorax began to sleep here every night, along with every changeling in the hive who enjoyed the additional benefits of cluster naps. Those changelings against the concept of cluster naps remained in their individual bedhives, hollowed out holes along walls throughout the hive. Over time, as changelings grew more accustomed to spending time together, and growing as social creatures, cluster naps became more widespread. The nesting chamber is now a nightly routine for more than 80% of the hive, something Thorax couldn't be more ecstatic about. The Mental Effects of Metamorphosis & Pharynx's Relationship with Thorax: Flashes of past attempts to embrace his brother rapidly filled Thorax's head - the nightmares, fear and loneliness from his nymphhood, all met with a cold apathy. But as Thorax shed a tear down his brother's carapace, he could already feel the difference. No hoof pushed him away, and no disgusted tone reprimanded him. Without a word Pharynx had made him feel welcome - he was comfortable, and felt safe. The chamber, once ringing with a joyous laughter now echoed with an isolated sob. "P-Pharynx, I-I don't know what's changed with you but I'm, I'm so thankful for it," Thorax expressed, a tremble in his voice. ~ From Your Brother, with Love Artwork by my amazing friend and fellow bugbro fan, Rossmaniteanzu When a changeling undergoes metamorphosis, the very magic that allows them to consume and gain energy from love alters. It becomes a transmitter and receiver. The 'reformed' changeling is able to freely transfer love energy without conscious thought, and gains the ability to physically recover from concentrated doses of it. This is not, however, all there is to metamorphosis. By transforming and changing the very way their bodies handle love and other emotions, many changelings experience a moment of clarity upon transforming. The easiest way to describe this clarity is like stepping out of a several year long depression, and suddenly having levels of focus and patience you never thought were possible. It is a subtle, yet powerful effect. The greatest example of the phenomenon is with Pharynx. Prior to reformation, Thorax and Pharynx had a completely detached relationship. The bare extent to which Pharynx interacted with his brother was protecting him from bullies, or lightly bullying him, himself. Not long after Pharynx's metamorphosis, Thorax quickly found himself regularly interacting with an older brother that had, historically never given him the time of day. Though retaining his attitude, grumpiness and sarcasm, Pharynx's once ice cold demeanor has since thawed. The hive's guards can actually carry a half-way pleasant conversation with their captain now, and Thorax gets to revel in the joys of having a more attentive, albeit occasionally irritating big brother. * This clarity played a part in the alteration of the changeling's demeanors, going from ruthless hunters to artists, dancers and theatre performers seemingly overnight. It gave the changelings a clearer presence of mind to think about themselves, and what they wanted in life as individuals, rather than the wants and needs of warriors as part of a greater swarm. Love and Strength, Balance in the Modern Hive: "Thorax is way too touchy feely for the stricter aspects of ruling a hive," Pharynx went on. "He oversees the hive's social aspects, he resolves internal problems, and he helps look after the hive's young." ... "What Thorax lacks in toughness I make up for ten-fold. Since I...'evolved' or whatever, I've taken on all roles relating to hive defense, including training new recruits, overseeing patrol routes and maintaining the hive's grounds. But yeah, I'll also help Thorax with political tripe when he needs it, even if it's just talking him out of a panic attack every time he gets invited to a political event." ~ Pharynx, Mine is Dorkier Than Yours Another stellar artwork by Rossmaniteanzu Thorax's character was designed to be the antithesis of Chrysalis in every possible way. Where Chrysalis is self-absorbed, arrogant and manipulative, Thorax is kind, unassuming and naive in an innocent, almost childlike way. At a glance, Thorax is a far more desirable leader than Chrysalis, but his style of ruling is not without its problems. These problems came into play in, 'To Change a Changeling'. If Chrysalis is the far right then Thorax is the far left. The hive went from a group of alert, hardened warriors to utter pacifists who fell out of practice and couldn't even defend themselves. This is the basis for Pharynx's character. Just as Celestia and Luna each govern one of two important celestial bodies, together completing the night/day cycle, Pharynx completes Thorax by combining his loving nature and social wisdom with discipline, strength and pride in one's own strength. Pharynx reintroduced to the hive the only things Chrysalis had going for her entire rule, and those are security and strength. Alone, Thorax is no more efficient a ruler than Chrysalis, but together, Thorax and Pharynx are a better leadership than Chrysalis could ever be. Terminology & Fanfiction Entries: -- Conclusions: If you've made it this far, you've either skimmed and earned a hard , or you've worked your way through several years of one fan's organic interpretation of some truly adorable MLP characters. Either way, I thank you for taking an interest in this topic. Whether you've read my works or not, please feel free to provide some feedback, thoughts or your own ideas on changelings, their lore, etc. Whatever your response, here's to hoping I've had an impact on how you see the modern changelings.
  10. Obviously, soo, soo much fanfiction for MLP is written by bronies and pegasisters alike, but has anyone tried to write their story ideas in script form - like write their own episode? I think I'm gonna give it a try - there's a free-to-use website named PlotBot which formats your script in the correct format and everything!!
  11. Hey everypony I'm looking for an editor/co writer for my fanfic because my writing is poor according to someone in the comment section of my fanfic and he said "....Will need a fair amount of work, Luna (at the very least) seems out of character, and the characters themselves seem to parrot the other when given a suggestion. The plot seems good, but it's written poorly, and could use an editor...". What he said is true because I actually need help on working on the characters and probably the execution and the story even though the plot seems good. I even went to the forums under the name of 'Looking for Editors' at the Fimfiction website a week ago to post my request for editor but no response lately so Facebook MLP groups and MLP Forums is the only option I can do to find an editor/co-writer. So if youre interested in helping me on my fanfic then reply by commenting on this post or pm me. Thank you Before you guys reply here's the link of my fanfic if youre interested in helping me on this fanfic project.
  12. So recently I have been reading some mlp fanfiction. And by that I mean FlutterDash fanfiction. Just FlutterDash. Only FLutterDash. Umm yeah that's all I have an interest in reading. Anyways I realized why I put off reading it for so long. Fanfiction can be cringy as hell. And no I’m not insulting any writers out there. It’s just that certain annoying as hell tropes pop up more in fan fiction than in normal stories. So have you read any cringeworthy fanfiction? Or fanfiction that had cringeworthy moments? So one fanfiction for me is a WhiteRose fanfiction, basically Weiss stripped to her underwear, and Ruby was like oh too sexy I faint now. I don’t know , I know that not everyone doesn’t want to focus on sex, but at the very least handle it maturely. Don’t just pass it off as some f**king joke. And in basically every FlutterDash fanfiction I’ve read, Rainbow Dash kisses Fluttershy on the mouth. And they're both like “oh that's just because we're close friends not because I love her or anything.” F**k that. If you make out with your best friend on a regular basis, and there isn’t a cultural reason for that, one you are either very curious sexually, or two you love the other person as more than just a friend. The only other place I see that stupid f**king trope is in anime. It’s so absurd that I think “so if you two literally started having sex right now would you be like ‘oh that's totally normal to have sex with your best friend!’”. And since I’m reading FlutterDash fanfiction the cringey overreaction from their friends. Oh no Fluttershy is Rainbow Dash abusing you?! Granted the people writing these fanfictions obviously ship FlutterDash but I still find it annoying. If only because that is an actual argument people have against FlutterDash. Saying Rainbow Dash would abuse Fluttershy is a complete misrepresentation of their relationship. Also I guess the other thing for me would be Fluttershy getting picked on in some way and Rainbow Dash not kicking their ass.
  13. So, how you guys feel towards your OCs. I mean have you ever felt something akin to affection towards them, like in sense of that you should treat them with kindness. Or have you ever felt bad or regret over making your OC go through devastating situations. Do you think that your OCs are fragments of your own personality or have you guys ever felt treating them like as if they were your child if they were IRL. I might be super weird but I feel to much affection and compassion towards some of my OCs. NOTE: This don't include the OCs which were introduced as villains or such. These OCs has to be some others like main characters, supporting characters and such.
  14. Do you have a voice you can use?! Do you have a microphone of any kind whatsoever?! Do you love, or at least tolerate fanfiction?! Can you imagine combining all three?! Then do I have an offer for you!! ...okay, toning it down some. In short, I'm looking for volunteers to help with the Golden Oaks fanfiction reading project. At this point I'm mostly looking for folks to lend additional voices to the fics I'm reading, but I imagine the whole project should also be able to grow on its own given interested contributors. So, if you are interested, drop a line here. I don't care about the quality of hardware you have to work with, and if you're worried you're not good enough, I care even less. The only question I care about is whether you think you'd enjoy it. Everything else is insignificant. I hope to hear from you, in more ways than one. Quinch
  15. Hoo, boy, do I have a lot to say. If you didn't know, I'm working on a fanfiction for MLP: FiM. It's gonna be a human in Equestria fanfic. Right now, chapter 2 is about halfway done. I'm gonna write up to Chapter 10, and then I'll need some people to read it. So please can a few of you guys read it? I'll pay you if I have to! Anyway, I'm really hyped for this fanfic. After I've fixed up the first 10 chapters, I'm gonna publish them to or or something. I'm also gonna make official artwork and an official wiki for it. And if it's successful enough, I'll make a web manga, and if it's REALLY successful, then I'll make a web anime series. (Though that probably won't happen.) As for how long it's gonna be, it's gonna be VERY long. I'm talking longer than Fallout: Equestria long. Probably even longer than the entire Lord of the Rings series. If you wanna hear more, leave a comment or send me a message. Cheers!
  16. Dear Professor Charles Xia Xavior, That is horrid to know but explains too much. I assure you now he is jailed now. If he starts with any of his shenanigans, I will deal with him swiftly. I will be honest, there isn't much I have done. I am afraid No poni really wants to talk to me. They have many and I mean MANY prejudice against dragons. Worst of all I ate some ham I purchased from a griffon and the ponies around me gave me nasty looks. There was no away to escape them. No matter where I went, the store, the library- truely a horror. They even had a few unchoicely words for me and for no particular reason. If any thing pops ups, I'll let you know.
  17. Dear Kendroth, What?! That poni you confronted was a poni by the name of St. John Allerdyce. He is a nasty poni who have been giving my students and I a hard time for years! Ithought he was in jail but I thought wrong. I am sorry for my ignorance and should have known. Did you really have a speak prepared? How long was he out and how long did it take you to make and memorize it? Most likely not long, but still, an hour or two is still something that could have been used for much else. I am still glad you were able to deal with him but still sorry you had to. The Business Poni you got that IOU from is a poni by the name of Filthy Rich. He is one of the biggest and best known in our town. The reason you don't know him is because you have been with me until recent and I have yet to do business with him. I don't know what you can use that IOU for but it can be handy in the future. IOUs are used to signify someone wanting to pay you back for something kind you did. It isn't rare but isn't extremely common either. Just don't be surprized when someone give you one and don't expect it from everyone. I hope that helps, please write back soon. Charles XiaXavior
  18. Dear Professor Charles Xia Xavior, Today is 12/10/2018 and at the start of writing this, it is 18:12. Today was a very strange day. I knew something was off the moment I left the X Mansion, I just couldn't tell why- that was until later! It was horrible! There is this pyrokentic poni, I believe his name was Pyro- so unoriginal BUT point is, he went around burning things! Such an hooligan! I had to put him i his place. I confronted him a 12:30 sharp with a whole lecture ready and he goes head and burns it! Luckily I had it memorized, the only reason I had it written out was so he can take the copy home and evaluate it when ever he felt necessary or felt when he was going to slip, clearly he didn't care for the written work but soon I realized he didn't care at all! As I go on about my lecture he began mocking me. I tried to go on but he was laughing so hard on some points that I had to repeat myself a few times. After he settled down, I finally finished and I thought that was the end of that BUT HE TRIED TO BURN MY FACE! When I appropriately freaked out, he laughed some more and went off. I may not have gotten burned but heavens forbid I did! He would have to have lived with that! I went after, I let no fool cross my path and NOT learn their lesson after all and I caught him threatening a business poni! I could not believe it but I saw it with my own two eyes! I huffed over there and noticed even the business poni couldn't talk sense into him. I got in Pyro's face and he had the nerve to say I was no threat. I felt a boiling fire but I kept my cool and took his gadgets! He maybe able to control fight but he can't make it. I was stern but he got physical. I will not lie, this was a terrifying first but I got physical with him in the public square! I wanted to call forth a talliman but he didn't give me a chance. For a solid five minutes he got really nasty to me, even said words only the jailed would say. Honestly, I got sick of him and like Icemon, I ended our battle with a swift hit to the Breast plate to knock his air out. The business poni thanked me and gave me a specialized "IOU" card. Said I can redeem it any time. I tried to give it back and explain but he insited that I keep it.
  19. So this was a fanfic I started writing a long time ago and I just never got around to finishing it(or getting very far for that matter). The main characters are the CMC. I basically wanted it to be about them finding some type of magical waterfall that transforms the CMC into their future selves(I would love to see an actual episode like this is in the series). The twist was going to be that there "future selves" were not really their future selves, but idealized versions of their selves. So, Scootaloo for example, would be able to fly even though she would not have actually been able to. Anyway, this is as far as I went with it. ----- It was a scorching hot summer day in Ponyville and the Cutie Mark Crusaders were seeking shelter from the heat in their clubhouse. They lay on the wooden floor of the clubhouse sweating and looking miserable until finally Sweetie Belle spoke. “It’s so hot! There’s got to be something we can do to get some relief from this heat.” “I know! Why don’t we go to the lake,” said Applebloom. “Great idea,” Scootaloo said jumping up enthusiastically. “Alright then, let’s grab our things and meet up at the lake.” They parted ways from the clubhouse to retrieve the things they needed for the lake. When they arrived at the lake, it was full of other ponies, including Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Twilight. All of them waved at them from the water except Rainbow Dash who was lazily drifting in the water. Of course, everyone in Ponyville would be here, Applebloom thought to herself. She frowned. They trotted over to them and said their hellos. “It sure is a scorcher,” said Applejack. “Yeah, no kidding,” replied Applebloom. “There is hardly any room for us in here.” “Sure there is, right here next to your big sis,” Applejack said motioning her hoof right beside her. Applebloom frowned and made her way towards the spot where Applejack had pointed. The water felt cool on her warm fur. She sunk down into the water until only her eyes were visible. “Sweetie Belle, did you remember to bring sunscreen?” asked Rarity. “Yes Rarity,” Sweetie Belle said in a sarcastic tone while rolling her eyes. Sweetie Belle quickly put the sunscreen on and attempted to rush into the water. Rarity used her magic to keep her on the shore and made her way out of the water. “Hold on Sweetie Belle, let me make sure you didn’t miss a spot.” Rarity used her magic to apply the sunscreen all over Sweetie Belle until she was blinding to look at. “Okay, I’m good now, right?” asked Sweetie Belle looking rather annoyed. Rarity nodded and they made their way back into the lake together. Scootaloo laughed and Sweetie Belle stuck her tongue out at her. Rainbow Dash was floating in the water on her back wearing her trademarked black sunglasses oblivious to what was going on around her. Scootaloo entered the lake and stealthily swam up to Rainbow Dash until she was right next to her. At which point she rose up at of the water and used her wings to jump right on top of Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo both sank into the water like stones. When they reemerged Rainbow Dash looked furious at Scootaloo who was now wearing her sunglasses. Scootaloo laughed. “Scoota-!” Rainbow Dash said angrily, half choking on the water she had swallowed. The other ponies laughed. Rainbow Dash sighed and smiled. She rubbed her hoof on Scootaloo’s head and said “Good one Scootaloo.” Scootaloo handed Rainbow Dash her sunglasses back. She attempted to wipe the water away and put them back on. She floated for awhile before bumping into another pony. “Sorry, about that.” “Wow, it seems like all of Ponyville is here,” said Scootaloo. “Yeah, no kidding,” Rainbow Dash replied, sounding rather annoyed.
  20. Fanfiction is one of the backbones of just about any fandom, but sorting through it all can be a freaking nightmare! Bronies have a well-organized and dedicated site in FimFiction, but most other fandoms aren't so lucky. Everything is crammed into just two sites really ( and Archive of Our Own), and navigating them can be a chore. First, 99% of what you find is GOING to be yaoi; great if that's your thing, annoying to slog through if not. Then there are the innumerable bad crossover fics, dark fics, self-inserts, etc. All can and HAVE been done very well in the past, but most of what you'll find isn't really up to an avid reader's standards. Unfortunately, ordering by popularity is rarely a good option, as you'll inevitably find that being "popular" doesn't necessarily mean "well written". You can check the TVtropes fanfic recommendation pages and occasionally turn out something you'll like, but those usually very limited and skip a lot of great stuff. You can ask a friend who's an avid fanfic reader for suggestions, but we don't all have those. You can try checking the fanfic-talk threads on the SpaceBattle or other large forums, but some of those are thousands of pages long and super intimidating for a newbie. Worst case scenario, you end up just reading bits of various stories to see if they appeal to you, but that means countless hours of reading stuff that you'll mostly end up dismissing (and even if you find something interesting, a good start doesn't necessarily equal a good story). I'm honestly out of ideas myself. If I want to find a good "Kingdom Hearts" or "My Hero Academia" story, I look at the sheer volume of what's available, get intimidated, and give up almost immediately. I've gotten too used to just having popular fics pop up in a neat sidebar for me and sorting through just a few new stories each day, and can't bring myself to spend an afternoon searching a massive archive for a single story to entertain me. So, what do YOU do when you're searching for something to read? Is there a place you go to get recommendations? A method you use to help make browsing more effective? A special site you visit? I'm eager to hear what you have to say! P.S. Please note that I'm not dumping on "bad" fanfictions here; just pointing out that there are a lot of readers who are very picky, either due to limited interests or high standards.
  21. (Note: She's an OC from my HiE fanfic. I wanted to make a topic for her so I made one.) Hiya! My name's Bubble Heart. But you can call me Bubble. I've been living in Canterlot and Manehattan. I'm a singer and a supermodel. But mostly I like to look simple and plain. Singing isn't only my job, it's my passion. I love to spend time with my coltfriend. (Yeah, he's a human so what!?). He's the nicest person in whole of Equestria. If you want to know something about me, my friends, or my dear coltfriend just feel free to ask. (I'm new at such things so please go easy on me.)
  22. Warning: This fanfiction contains letters, spaces and words. Read at your own risk. Dead Hooves: Survivors(take 1) Chapter1: The End Greetings. My name is Thunder Strike. And, today I am here to tell you a story. My story. Are you ready? What? You don't want it? Well, that ain't stopping me. Eleven years ago, there still were the good times. Well, not perfect. Still had some problems. But at least no bloody monsters running across the street. I was eleven. I remember it like it was yesterday... it was the first day of school A.K.A. The anti-student day. *ring* And the sound everybody hated. The sound of an alarm clock. A bright yellow hoof reached for it and pressed a button to make it stop. That was me. I let out a groan, and tried as hard as I could to get on my hooves. In the end I did it, leaving some of my feathers in my bed. "*sigh* Another school day... another torture day..." I went out of my room and went to my bathroom, the fluffy clouds on which I was stepping reminding me of my bed. I brushed my teeth while looking at my mane. I have low to no standards, but this was below them. When I finished, I spat the toothpaste foam out and cleaned my toothbrush. I tried to order my black mane a bit. Still messy, but it looked better. I took a look at my brown eyes. Then I tought why I did that. I took a quick look at my cutie mark. A thunder cloud. I got it at a flying race. *Flashback* It was race day. Sure, just a race for the P.E., but I was so excited! And nervous. It was a big day. I really wanted that trophy. I needed it. Why? I don't know either. But I needed it. I was ten at the moment, it was normal to want shiny stuff, right? Right? Anyways, I took my mind from the trophy and put it on the race. I had to focus. And the pony that was doing the countdown 'til the begining of the race was already counting. 5... I was thinking of a good route to get first... 4... "Good luck!" I said to the other ponies... 3... I took a take-off stance... 2... Opened my wings... 1... Motivational self talking. Start! I took off. The race was made from four parts. Each was testing diferent skills we had. Part one was the climb. It was made from a straight climb where the route was blocked by a wall made of climbs which lead to a higher section. After that were the hoops. Just some hoops. Then was a steep descend and the last was a simple race on who's faster. I was going higher at the climb. Flying in circles seemed like the best tactic. So, we all were doing it. When one pony gets in front of me. A grey colt with a black mane. Hmm... How do I get past him? Making a tighter turn sounded like a good ideea. So I did it. It actualy worked. We were at the same distance apart of each other. Now, I only needed to catch a portion where I can descend, and I'll gain enough speed to get ahead. The climb was over. Hoops! I goed up higher. Once I had the height I wanted, I began aiming for a hoop that was lower down. The descent should give me enough speed to get ahead. And so I did. Now it was the higher descent. I had this in my hoof. Or so I tought so. The same pony that got ahead of me a few minutes ago. I knew what to do. I took a steeper descent. More speed. I was first again. Now, this is the part where there are no descents. There were clouds to stop that. So, it was simply who gets first. Once again we where next to each other. He began talking to me. "You've got no chance to win." He said. I was thinking of a thing to say. An ideea came in my head. "Look! Your tail fell off!" I said as I pointed a hoof to a cloud. "Huh?" He said as he stopped and looked at the cloud. I was laughing so hard. I couldn't believe it! He bit it! Anyways, I did it. I won. I just passed the finish line when I was blinded by a flash. "Wha-" I said before spotting the new thing on my flanks. "I got my cutie mark!" *End of Flashback* I finished first. And I got the trophy. And something so better than a trophy. A cutie mark. Anyway, let's get back to the story. Skipping some unimportant details, I took a school hot air baloon to get me to school. The school looked exactly the same. The playground, a hallway to the classes, the class, everything. (This is the end of the piece, I will keep editing the things I got wrong and you pointed out and expanding itwhen I got time. Let me know if you like it , if you don't like it and where I could have done better. Thank you for reading my giberish)
  23. Hi everypony, I was just going over my DA favorites dragon art folder and wondered: are there some good (good meaning well-written and popular) fanfics featuring humans transforming into dragons? (They can be MLP or non-MLP. Cuss-filled fanfics are fine, just no NSFW stuff. ) I've seen a few on DA and Fanfiction but there are so many out there in the wide wide internet it's hard to find a good one. I'm looking into this because I want to write a human-dragon transformation novel (non-MLP) myself. Thanks for taking your time to read this and I look forward to your replies.
  24. alicorn shadows, part 1: the birth of time and space. this may sound a bit religious, and a bit weird, but it will all make sence in the end... In a universe like ours, two alicorns were born: one filly with light blue coat, dark blue eyes, wavey purple mane with look through edge. She had a large yellow crown with a miniature globe in it and black lacey shoes. Her cutiemark was a piece of space: dark blue with stars and a planet in the middle. She was Cosmic Nebula, the queen, the being of space. The other was a colt named timekeeper. He has a brownish yellow coat, grey spikey mane and tail, light blue eyes. His cutiemark was a clock with radars around it. He wears a black, spikey, steampunk crown and black steampunk shoes. He also has a working clock around his neck. He was the being of time. They both took care of planet Munton (my fantasy planet i.r.l.). Later on they got two sons, also alicorns: prince Solaria, the being of the sun and moon. He had a light blue coat, purple eyes and purple mane and tail, with pink edge. He wore a black neckless and a smaller black crown, with two amethyst gemstones in it.His cutiemark was a sun and moon comibned. The other son was prince Journey, a green alicorn with curly grey mane, look through edge and medium blue eyes. His cutiemark was a compass, he also wore a compass around his neck. He wore a dark blue crown and shoes. Now, both sons had a girlfriend. Journey had a greenish unicorn, named Chrysalis. She was mainpulative and wanted only two things: Journey's love and more power. Later on, Solaria, afraid of what Chrysalis might do, fled to planet Faust (the planet were Lauren Faust her creatures live). There, he met an alicorn named Lauren, she had a white coat and straight red mane and tail. She got pregnant, and they later on got two fillies: Luna And Celestia. I'm going to have to stop here, because it wouldn't fit under the same title anymore... BUT let me know if you want to read more!