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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! My name is Fangirl Mode. I also go by Kimi or Adorbz. :3 You can ask me anything as long as it's not some overly silly question. I'm pretty open to anything you ask, but it might take me sometime to do so. My mind is slow, and answering might take me a little while... don't be alarmed! Ask away~
  2. Like the way it should've ended, stupid ships, etc, etc. like finnick shouldve lived in thg, I dislike the big 4 ships with Merida because her whole movie is about her not wanting a man, and Disney needs to stop using dove Cameron in their movies. I was looking forward to decendants after I heard about it 2 years ago, but I saw the trailer, and it looked really lame and stereotypical. The names were so stupid. Mulan wouldn't have named her daughter Lonnie, just sayin. Oh, I dunno, maybe something less prissy and more Chinese?! Plus dove Cameron is so annoying, FEEL FREE TO RANT MY LOVELIES
  3. If you had a daughter or sister in your care, and you don't want her to fall into the dreaded realm of "blind fangirlism" (e.g. Bieberism, One-Directionism, Twilightism, etc.) how can you stop her, and save her life? Plus, (aside from MLP:FiM) would you like to recommend any good subcultures for her to join?
  4. I tried to make that title distinct enough. On the Internet and life in general, the phrase "fanboy" and "fangirl" have notably different connotations. Fanboys are fans of certain products or media or famous people in popular media. Fangirls can also like those things. Nintendo fangirl, Disney fangirl, Maroon 5 fangirl. However, women place more emphasis on unashamedly finding certain humans in popular culture to be beautiful and handsome, so they fret and swoon when they meet their favorite actor or voice actor or watch shows with suave and dashing anime guys. This is happening over multiple generations. My ma likes Patrick Jane the Mentalist, played by Simon Baker. My grandma just calls NCIS the "Jethro" show. Think about Elvis Presley fangirls and Perry Mason fangirls. But guys don't fret and fawn and swoon and squee enough! For example, look up any reasonably pretty female human fictional character that a guy could have a crush on, and add the word "fanboy". Hermione fanboy. Samus fanboy. Why do those not link to guys openly saying that they would blush and fawn if they met Emma Watson??? Because guys are not romantic enough these days? They need to react to the female characters in popular media more ecstatically!!! Link fangirl, Nathan Drake fangirl, Sora, L Lawliet, Marth, Ike, Pit, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Tony Stark, Draco Malfoy, Ron, Harry, and Snape. All well-known for making women and girls swoon! But guys are like, Durrrrrrr, that's a detailed drawing of Samus Aran in her Zero suit. uhhhh hot. Be more fascinated by women, guys! Be more like Spike!