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Found 5 results

  1. So, I noticed there's a Favourite Fansong thread but I want to know something else besides that: What's the song (or songs) that takes your mind towards the show, your friends in the community and that made an impact in your life? Explain why! Ilysabeth's Fluttershys ( This song brought me back into the fandom after I left ponychan due to personal issues. I listen to it every time I'm feeling down or very happy, and in fact it is the song that made me come back to these forums. deathaura's Tugging at the Heartstrings ( After I listened to this piece I wrote it down by ear and asked my mother to play it with me (she played Lyra's part in the piano). Around that time my relationship with my mother had been deteriorating to a devastating degree. It was a very bright moment for us, and since then everything started going better between us. TarbyRock's Ballad of Autumn Leaves ( This song turned my life upside down: I was very lonely, and bitter. I chose to write down its tabs and wait until someone would take me, then I'd play and sing this to them. It happened, and for that I'm grateful. (Note to the moderation team: I still do not fully grasp the semantics of this forum's sections, so if this topic is misplaced or does not fully differ from other threads, please remove it. Thank you! :3)
  2. So back when I had friends (It's a long story and I'll be more than willing to tell when I run out of ideas), I was really into the music genre of Vapourwave. This style of music captivated me because of just how hilariously stupid and simple it was to make and listen. Because of this, I ran out and snagged my very own copy of FL Studio just to make Vaporwave. Yeah, very good investment. Now of course, I try to learn it here and there, which, in fact, I have written and composed a few good pieces. But back to the story, I told my former friends about this new discovery and exposed them to it as much as possible. Naturally, they'd never heard of it, but immediately fell under that same "So stupid it's good" spell as I had. No, they didn't want to make it and were just happy to have a quick listen, but I was ready to go the extra mile. Now, having not been born into that "early 70's" commercial and jazz era, I had no idea where to find the source material and begin making this masterpiece. The only songs I had on hand were a few Metal arrangements composed by none other than DAGames. At the time, I just wanted to get my career on the road and didn't exactly care for quality control, so, I booted up FL, messed around with the settings, slowed it down to about -37% and... well... I'll let you be the judge of this piece. (I was able to extract it from my Google Drive before my laptop shut down. See "I AM A COMPUTER") Having embraced the severity of quality it was radiating from my headphone speakers, I soon came up with a name for this newly bred beast of a genre. I insisted that it'd be a new hit, but I never got around to having it published. So, I present to everyone here, my timeless masterpiece... Meet Deathcore, the very embodiment of emo hell. (Trust me when I say it's bad and I think runs at about 8 minutes.) -RealityPublishing
  3. Hey guys! I've just recently released a gift song I had made for the awesome laserist, Las3r! It was great working on it, and I hope you enjoy! Finally, new music! Otty~ --- --- Download (Bandcamp) : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : @officialotarine Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : ---
  4. Hi pegasisters and bronies I just finished my remix of the Song "Avast Fluttershy's tushy" original by Woodentoaster (Glace) I would like to get some feedback and I will do more music very soon. Brohoof to all of you /)
  5. I created this song at first as an experiment for mixing(I suck at mixing), but I thought that it might go well for my tribute to the FlutterDash shipping. Feedback and critique please! ^.^ http-~~-//