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Found 33 results

  1. So I am wondering about the origin of Dicord, and his specie (Draconequus). What's your thoughts about this? How do you like to think Discord came into being? Share your thoughts and opinion whether they're canon, your headcanon, or even fanon (by this I mean Discord's origin which is explained by bronies or pegasisters in fanfics or art). Let's unveil the mystry behind our little draconquus.
  2. I've seen plenty of fanfics where Luna calls Celestia "Tia" for short. Does she ever actually do this in canon?
  3. Within the show, "Pinkamena" is just simply either a very sad Pinkie, a Pinkie with an alternate hairstyle, or a Pinkie who instead lived like Applejack. But sad Pinkamena's wild face, combined with an association with the murderous Pinkie of "Cupcakes", made such a cute, long-maned pony into a ridiculous little horror. This resulted in three interpretations of the Pinkamena character: "Pinkamena the Monster", as in the grimdark Pinkamena that sends chills up some bronies' spines "Pinkamena the Punk/Emo", apparently a bit influenced by fanon Pinkamena's sombre, moody attitude "Pinkamena the Sweet", Pinkamena minus the horrific parts of her fanon -- now she has become into a cute character, like Pinkie. (As for me, I imagine Pinkamena to be like Rarity, due to her mane being a bit stylish.) Which of these do you imagine Pinkamena to be?
  4. It occurred to me that each of the season premiere/finale villains (not counting "Princess Twilight Sparkle or "The Crystalling", which don't have active villains in the same way) can be defined more or less as an opponent to one of the Elements of Harmony: Nightmare Moon: Selfishness, opposing Generosity Discord: Divisiveness, opposing Loyalty Chrysalis: Deception, opposing Honesty Sombra: Cruelty, opposing Kindness Tirek: Powerlessness, opposing Magic Starlight Glimmer: Insincerity, opposing Laughter. Obviously, some of these are stretches (e.g. what are the opposites of magic and laughter?), but is there any validity to this view of the world? Could having to deal with each of the antagonists be connected to a different aspect of their friendship?
  5. With the possible exception of Chrysalis (whose backstory we know nothing about from the show, comics notwithstanding), all the major villains were defeated originally by Celestia and Luna. No villains have been introduced that were defeated by Celestia alone during the thousand years that Luna was gone (except NMM herself, for obvious reasons). Is it possible that the major villains were somehow connected to Luna, or that Luna attracts dangerous magical threats?
  6. So after Celestia is defeated by Chrysalis, she tells the Mane 6 to get the Elements of Harmony. Supposing they hadn't been captured by the changelings and actually got to the Elements, what would the Elements have done? Personally, I like to think they would have changed the changelings' food source.
  7. So it has been apparent that Twilight has mastered friendship (Magical Mystery Cure) but what has grasped my attention,are the ponies who willingly accepts to learn friendship from her (A.K.A the reformed antagonists), mostly consists of Discord, Sunset, Trixie, and lately, Starlight; I'm not forgeting anypony am I? So I've narrowed down the most likely "Twilight's candidate apprentice" who just might, just might join the mane 6, along withmore screentime next year on S6. My money is on Starlight, since Trixie is travelling magician, Sunset an Equestrian Girl, and Discord, who just loves being a troll :c Anypony got any theories/thoughts on this? I'd love to hear 'em ^.^ ..and I made this photo just for lols =DD
  8. So, I was wondering, what do some of you think the backstory is of Diamond Tiara? Does anyone have any theories on why she acts as she does (other than the "she's a royal b**** line)? Considering how much depth so many of the characters in the show have been given, it seems likely that there's reasons for why she's mean to everyone. A theory I have is that originally, her family lived in Canterlot, and in her early days she was bullied by the children of the Unicorn nobility there, (because while she was the child of someone rich, she wasn't of noble blood) or some such, and that when they eventually moved to Ponyville, she brought along with her the memories of being bullied, and decided that rather than be bullied, she would bully others. Any thoughts anybrony?
  9. So apparently somebody made a very well convincing comic about Fancy Pant's trophy wife, Fleur De Lis where he's actually her body guard right here: Anyone else thinks that this should be canon? I mean what else could her cutie mark even mean? That she's French?...and that's it? Sure she has the body of a super model, but she also has magic at her disposal so there's that.
  10. Since there are more fan theories I like than dislike, I decided to make this thread. My favorite fan theories/ships are: - All of the background six (not sure if this is really a theory, per se) - Doctor Whooves is The Doctor - Doctor x Derpy, Celestia x Discord, Chrysalis x Fluffle Puff, etc. - Daring Do x Indiana Jones (don't give me that look ) - Applejack's parents are dead - Colgate has time-warping powers - Celestia trained Twilight to be a potential successor (but without her consent)
  11. I was wondering if there was any near-universally accepted headcanon/fanon for Doctor Whooves? Like, is he actually an Equestrian pony, or is he actually a Gallopfreyan-like alien? Does he actually time travel? Does he possess regeneration abilities? What time period is he from? Sorry for the barrage of questions. I am trying to come up with a story for this guy, Derpy, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  12. Hey guys this is a question I've been think I would ask you . Do have any unpopular pairings either perky rom MLP or crossed with another ? I'm pretty sure everyone has had at least one . Anyway here are mine Twilight x applejack Rainbow dash x trxie Rainbow dash x lightening dust Trxie x lightening . Dust Spike x chrysalis King Sombra x twilight Rarity x Rover l Diamond tiara x Scootaloo I Discord x Dadh is growing on me but I favore Pinkie x discord Luna x King sombra Sweete belle x silver spoon As far as crossovers go I pit the South Park boys with some of the human ponies . Feel free to express you opinion
  13. Everyone likes to say Dinky is Derpy's daughter. Despite their race difference of pegasus and unicorn they look very similar. When Sisterhooves Social came along Amethyst Star/Sparkler was added to the Hooves family as Dinky's older sister. Makes sense. But wait! In the Mysyterious Mare Do Well episode we see Amethyst having a picnic with Tootsie Flute Granted, it doesn't HAVE to mean they're related,(she could be foalsitting, after all) but given the way the fandom hitched onto Derpy/Dinky/Doctor Hooves and then added on Amethyst it's a shame poor Tootsie doesn't get more love.
  14. "Screwball" is the name of a certain pony floating in the air during Discord's havoc. In fanfiction, some authors identify her as "Discord's daughter". In that case, if she is Discord's daughter, surely she ought to have powers of her own. Can you provide some examples of what kind of powers or abilities Screwball can have?
  15. Why does Noteworthy randomly turn into a cyclops in the Galloping Gala episode? Possibilities: a) He is actually an ponyoid alien, and his pony disguise fell off for a second. b ) He is an incubus/changeling who takes the shape of your darkest desire to lure you in, and Rarity is a closet xenophile. Lucky for Spike. c) Twilight Sparkle is an actual real-life horse, unknowingly trapped in a Matrix-like simulation meant to enhance her intelligence a-la Lawnmower Man, and the program glitched visibly. Share your own crazy headcanon, or your thoughts on this one.
  16. this got real weird. Now keep in mind you use to be a human. your now a pony, and I don't just mean earth pony dating a unicorn. what about a griffin? a changeling? (i mean technically dating a changeling would be easy to get around how they look). a zebra? or something of the like? I don't go for the whole pony waifu thing, i just thought it would be a funny thread.
  17. Well, it's finally here, my first two installments of my new mlp piano improvisation series: Take It For A Spin. First two vids Art of the Dress: Eurobeat Brony: Luna More to come soon!
  18. Thought i would share this here since a thread would be kind of silly. A few things that floats around as fanon that i dont/or refuse to accept 1: lyra and bon bon couple (or any same gender shippings really) 2: Berry Punch as a drunk...never going to accept that, cause well its a kids show and its just a dumb fanon thing. 3: Dinky as Derpies daugter...I still dont get that one... 3.5: derpy as not so bright. Mostly cause ive been around people with acutal mental issues and they are okay people so I really just see derpy as clumbsy. 4: ??? thought this list was going to be longer guess not. As a last note i know these are all just fun fanon things that people latch on to, i dont take them too seriously and this was just to get my thoughts out to anyone who cared.
  19. Is it just me, or have some of this fandom's memes havebecome way overused. I keep seeing the same jokes over and over again on brony sites such as My little Brony, and EqD. It's all the same thing: Lyra being obsessed with humans and other fanon that's been done 100000x before, chicken and other pony re-imagining jokes, and of course, all this #savederpy bullshit (seriously, it's been a year, and people are STILL butthurt about a cartoon horse!). The worst part is that if you even suggest that maybe, just maybe, that these memes are overused to the people in the comments section, you'll only get a bunch of hate and smartass responses like "hurr durr no fun allowed!" This really annoys the crap out of me. Don't get me wrong, I still like (some) memes. I think that they can be very funny if used for responses and reactions in forums, but only in moderation. But a joke is only funny the first few times you here it. After that, it stops being funny, and you eventually start to cringe every time you here it. Am I the only one here who's bothered by this? Surely I can't be alone. What do you think, MLPforums?
  20. There is no Humans in their world, yet some fans think there once was. If Equestria is Earth, or as in the fanon name Equis, wouldn't that mean the Human race is extinct? I have seen this a common fanon theory. Perhaps our fears of nuclear war did happen, thus the Human race became extinct. At any rate MLP FIM Pony archaeologists finding the remains of Humanity would be a dream come true. If fanon Human loving Lyra Heartstrings is an archaeologist, she would probably cry seeing the bones of Humans, and may want to find a way to resurrect (in fan fiction/multiverse it can happen) our race. All this leads to another question, where the hell did all the magic come into existence? The only logical answer as nonsensically silly as it sounds that literally magic leaked into our universe from another universe through a portal or something. Thus the sapient Ponies were created along with all the other sapient races by some sort of God. Also the our sun and moon is affected by the magic. Back to Human, if we did not destroy ourselves and the Pony archaeologists found an AI like Vigil from Mass Effect, that tells the fate of race going on along the lines of this video below. They would be terrified, seeing how even a galactic race could fall.
  21. Fanart, Fanfiction? Every fandom does that, no problem. Making and selling T-shirts, dolls and sculptures? We're large enough for that to work, so why not? Hosting over 5 Cons and meetups per year, producing/creating/funding our own animated spins on MLP....I'm starting to grow concerned. I've always enjoyed the better half of the fan content we put out, but now I'm starting to think that it's getting to be a little much. Won't be long until a group can make another show in the shadow of Hasbro and DHX and keep that going far past MLP's inevitable end. Now, I've been in fandoms where animations have been made, they're bound to happen. But they've never been so numerous and so perfect, so seamless. Add that to this growing mindset running rampant in the brony community that fanon ≥ canon and they(Show people) be twisting around to please us and I'm starting to feel a threat of rampant fan of the fandom elitism creeping across the interwebs. So yeah, anyone else sharing my dread, or is it all unfounded?
  22. Yeah, so earlier today at work I started thinking about my own headcanons and I just thought what ideas has the fanon or fan-canon given you about MLP characters or world? About characters I'd say some of the biggest things I've gotten from the fanon are the sexualities of some of the ponies. For example, in my headcanon Braeburn is homosexual, due to the mass of fanfictions pointing that way Also because of the same reason I think of Rainbow Dash as a lesbian or at least bisexual. This might be just my own thinking, but I think that earth-ponies have much longer lifespan than the other pony races (except for alicorns) This is because of Granny Smith of-course. When you think about the episodes "Winter Wrap-up" and "Family Appreciation Day" they make her look like she's at least 200 or maybe even 300 years old. Also another one that stems from fanfiction is the idea that changelings weren't always like they are now. In my headcanon changelings were once some other race of ponies who were transformed to look like they do now by Discord. (Read the fanfic "Becoming Whole" by Chivalry for explanation on this. That has the best backstory for changelings I have ever read.) So yeah, here's some of my crazy thoughts Share your own fanon to headcanon experiences
  23. Serious question for you bronies. As the fandom, we seem to have decided as fanon fact that pegasi preen their feathers regularly. This makes perfect sense for any animal that has large, feathery wings, as evidenced by the behavior of all birds everywhere. However, something else about all birds to note, is that all preening necessitates an oil, sometimes called preen, which is secreted by glands birds posses near the base of their tails. Without this oil, that is to say, 'dry-preening', would be almost impossible and not very effective. So, the question becomes: do pegasi have oil glands? This bothered me for quite some time today. I mean, the idea of oil glands doesn't quite sit right with the primarily equine nature of pegasi. Furthermore, physiologically speaking reaching their head all the way around to the base of their tail would be more impossible than licking one's elbow. Besides, pegasi don't have beaks or bills, they have wide mouths with molars. It would almost make more sense to say that their saliva has the oily properties required for preening, because in most fan-art when pegasi preen they actually appear to be biting down on their feathers. Which one would have to do to actually get the barbs together and clean out old feather sheaths and such. It's way more than a matter of nuzzling bent ones into place. But if this was the case, kissing a pegasus would be disgusting. And no one wants that. I can see some possible outs. I can see head-cannoning that if you walked into a cloud-house and looked in the bathroom cabinet you'd see a jar of preening oil, and maybe one just holds some between one's teeth and goes to work on one's wings. But that doesn't really explain how pegasi got along for the thousands or millions of years before the advent of civilization and petrol-based products. Unless you have some really strange idea about the origin of ponies, that leaves logical holes. I thought, maybe some other, external, naturally-occurring source? Such as how elephants depend on natural salt deposits that occur in certain places? Clouds come to mind,since pegasi deal with them regularly, but no matter how I view them they're somewhere between cotton candy, mist, and water vapor...none of which is even oily, let alone has specific properties. So I was stuck for a while. But then Pinkie Pie broke the fourth wall of Fallout Equestria and made ghosty noises and whispered to me like Obi-Wan, "Sunshine and Rainbows, Littlepip...sunshine and rainbows..." And then it hit me. Rainbows! Primordial pegasi preened their wings with liquid rainbow. Problem. Feathering. Solved. This is weird, and interesting. It changes Rainbow's house--maybe that rainbow is there for a non-decorative reason. Maybe some flight fanatics swear by the natural methods, although there'd definitely still be synthetic preening oils at least for foals--since, you know, reaching rainbows generally requires flying in the first place, and also, as we all know, rainbows don't taste very good. And there'd be bubble-gum flavored preen for foals, too. Just like toothpaste. Other explanations? Thoughts? To any whose head-cannon / life I just ruined, apologies.
  24. The brony has very deep roots in of itself, but one where it's very deep is the fanon. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has a lot of worldbuilding, but the information is vague enough to let the bronies create fanon ideals. So, my question is which is your most favorite fanon? It can be a very popular one, obscure, one rooted to the fandom's days when it was confined in 4Chan, or a more recent one. But don't merely tell us and run off like a drive-by poster. Explain why thoroughly. The two I like most are: The Derpy/Dinky mother-daughter relationship. Whether they're family by blood or not doesn't matter to me. What was a random, silly fanon to start with had a path and mind on its own. With the brony fandom, the fanon turned it into something that's extremely believable despite having no evidence in the canon. There is plenty of great work associated with it, particularly in fanart and fanfiction. When it comes to this fanon, this is one of my favorite fanfics, and this is my most favorite fanart. Woona. Luna in her cute, filly form. We don't know what she was like as a filly, but whenever she's depicted, she's a cute, happy filly willing to let you smile. In addition, Woona is easily the most versatile of the Luna fanons: It can fit in canon and fanon, and you can overlap other Luna fanons over Woona.
  25. Are there any ideas or theories from the fandom that legitimately offend you? As much as soccer moms were offended by Derpy? Here's my list: The idea that Fluttershy is shy because she was abused as a child- This one particularly bothers me because they are suggesting that Fluttershy is only shy because she must have been traumatized. Any kind of personality trait that is unfairly seen as negative is supposedly due to a bad childhood. "That pony is different from the rest? She must have awful parents!" Seriously, this is one of the most offensive things to ever come from this fandom. I am just as shy and timid, if not, more than Fluttershy, and I was never abused by my parents. This one really offends me, because not only are they accusing Fluttershy's parents of abuse, but they're sort of accusing MY parents of abuse, and the parents of other painfully shy people. Molestia- Sex jokes are one thing, but whenever someone takes it to the level of rape or molestation, it's just wrong. It's unnecessary, and I seriously doubt that any sane person finds rape/molestation jokes funnier than normal sex jokes. If you do, than you need to see a doctor. The following kinds of shipping: Incest (Applejack X Big Mac) Pedophilia (Self Insert OC X Sweetie Belle) And both of these at once gets an obvious disapproval from me. Rainbow Dash Is Gay- This is the strangely homophobic side of the fandom. I really don't understand why there is such thing as a homophobic brony. We watch a show for girls and openly mock gender roles, for crying out loud. After being accused for so long of being gay because you watch this show, why would you go accusing Rainbow Dash of being gay? Just because she's a tomboy and she has a rainbow colored mane? Sounds pretty hypocritical if you ask me. I have nothing against homosexuality, and I wish that kids shows were allowed to portray it in a positive light, but our society is homophobic and deems that as "inappropriate." If you want to fight for the rights of homosexuals, go for it! But don't use Rainbow Dash in your campaign, because you're doing nothing but promoting stereotypes. So that's my list. Are there any fandom ideas, theories, etc. that offend you?