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Found 50 results

  1. Hub Welcome to the Rainbow Dash fan club! Rainbow Dash claims to be the fastest flier in all of Equestria, and she isn't just boasting. She is able to break the sound barrier and once performed the famous stunt, the Sonic Rainboom. She likes living life on the fast lane and enjoys adventures. She may be the fastest flier in Equestria, yet she will slow down to help her friends and Ponyville. She likes sleeping and eating and is the element of Loyalty. Kyronea's analysis on Rainbow Dash Rules of this thread -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" -I have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. This is the Rainbow Dash thread, please only post her. If you have recomendations for another pony club, go to the hub (linked at the top of the screen). Fan Art Trophy Case
  2. Is anyone here looking forward to G5 of MLP? According to some leaks I may or may not have seen they're going to look alot like G4 except as Clydesdale horses. If anything, I think G5 is going to strengthen the brony fandom and give new life to this series.
  3. I've been a Roller Coaster enthusiast for 8 years. It's remained a biggest hobby/interest Anybody else here love roller coasters? or have interests?
  4. I don't know if there's already a Star Wars thread I can merge this with but I just don't know about all these post-Disney Star Wars spinoffs. I'm probably going to see the Solo movie but the franchise is starting to wear thin for me. I didn't like the Last Jedi, Rogue One was just okay, etc. I feel like they're running it into the ground at this point. They retconned the Expanded Universe and the new sequels feel like more of a rehash than anything else. I'll always be a fan of the original trilogy but it just feels so gimmicky at this point. Thoughts?
  5. How would everypony like to participate in an open mic event? Here’s how it works: 1. On Thursday you go to an assigned location, and pay $15 to buy 5 minutes of time with the mic (there would be more than one mic provided, in case you came with a group). When you pay the evening before, your name is written on a small foam ball. The ball is then added to a bin (or something). You can enter your name as many times as you want (meaning you can put it on as many balls as you want). The more you have in the bin, the more likely it is you’ll be picked. 2. On Friday at some point, a special guest digs through the ball bin for exactly 1 minute, and plucks out balls. They read the names of the people/ bands that have been chosen. Remember the more you have, the higher your chances of getting plucked. You might even get plucked twice. This is especially awesome, because for each ball with your name on it, you get to perform 5 minutes longer. Imagine getting plucked 5 times and getting to play a 25 min set. That’s why it’s so expensive. At most the actual event on Saturday would only go on for an hour and half to two hours, and we want as many fans to be able to participate as possible. 3. If your name/group is called out, you will be asked to come to the front of the room and wait to be harshly judged (I’m just kidding). Actually you’ll be lining up to go through a second round of plucking. 1 minute may not seem like much, but our special guest could potentially get a lot of entries in that time. Therefor the field must be narrowed. All the participants chosen, will be divided into groups that must play a pony based game (to be devised by the Con-Staff). The winners of each individul game, will get to perform on Saturday (some time before The Grand Galloping Gala of course). 4. You are not required to perform songs from MLP. It’s encouraged of course, but not required. If you have original material, by all means share it with the group. The one requirement is that all material must be G rated. If you swear or say something lewd or violent, your mic will be cut, and you will forcefully ejected from the stage. This idea may need some fine tuning by the staff at EFNW, but how does everypony like the basic idea?
  6. Is it really so hard for some of you people, to enjoy a show for colorful ponies, without throwing a hissy fit and scream "RUINED FOREVER"? Can't you be more respectful towards the writers, without throwing them all under the bus and spitting on the work they put into it, which YOU have never took part in? No? Well, maybe i expect too much of this fandom then. Today was another one of those moments where i have to ask myself "Is it really too much to ask to have a civil discussion?" Apparently it is, because Spike is not in the upcoming episodes and this is apparently worse then the holocaust. Some advice: grow a hecking spine, you're not 4 years old.
  7. For example, after I finally admitted to liking FIM, my older sister kind of teased me about it, which I expected. And even through she has accepted that fact, she still questions and wonders why. And her defense in her questioning why people between our age range (if not a bit younger or older) like it, is just seems a bit unusual for us to like a show meant for little girls and if not little boys. So my question to you fellow fans, is this, : Do you get the same questioning and wondering from others, even after you have admitted to liking MLP : FIM?
  8. A topic inspired by a recent EQD post. Apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forum, I tried. During my time in the fandom, I've seen and heard of multiple fandom content creators stopping work on MLP content, even in the midst of big projects. Many of these creators have stated that creating MLP content has held them back from their artistic pursuits and/or they no longer like the fandom or show. Some artists may create nothing but MLP content for a period and then completely drop it, causing fans to wonder why and the artist may suffer backlash for it. So my question is why do some artists limit themselves to only MLP content for a long time, to the point they feel that it is restricting them? Do they feel obligated to create fanart? Do they wish to maintain their reputation and fanbase? I'm not an artist, so I apologize in advance if I may seem ignorant of such things. The same with fans, some fans will only ever pay attention to MLP and nothing else, to the the point that if MLP content is lacking they will feel lost. Why just MLP? Expand your tastes and interests, that way you do not suffer from "burnout." Finally, my last point of discussion is how can we increase awareness of this? I know a lot of the pressure artists feel is from fans themselves, pushing them to create more and more content causing them to ultimately dislike the fandom for it. How can we decrease the chances of this occurring? So many artists just come and go, it's sad to see them leave.
  9. deleted post deleted post
  10. Better start doing a topic on My Little Pony topic. There been people who like Equestria Girls, there been people who hate. The character who got the most hate was Flasn Sentry, who Twilight gotten a crush on and I thought fan hating the Archies comic Sonic and Sally paring was worse. The main reason bronies are hating on Flash is because he pair with Twilight and they want to pair their gary sue OCs with her. I find this Flash hate to be ridiculous, what wrong with Twilight having a crush on Flash and what wrong with he being on the series. It not like he was in love with Twilight in Equestria Girls, he just wanted to help Twilight. I get that bronies like Twilight Sparkle, I also like her as well, but not too much and don't want to pair her with a OC's character. Why would they want to pair their OC with her, why do they fall in her with Twilight, and why would Twilight like their OCs, she have to know them. Back to Flash Sentry, I really want to know about his character, his strength and weakness. I do want to see him in season five. What are your thoughts ?
  11. Why aren't people posting in the fan clubs? Or, at least, the Mane Six fan clubs. Is everyone genuinely here - a PONY forum supposedly centered around PONIES - just to play critic (when new episodes are actually airing) or debate politics and other such bullshit? I've long since thought that the fun was being slowwwwly sucked out of the damn place, but this is "giving up" on an unprecedented scale. Does everyone feel as though they've met their quota for celebrating the reason(s) they supposedly came here in the first place? Oh. Oh, wait. Your meaningless post count doesn't go up when you post into a fan club. You can post into some ridiculous topic about the bathroom habits of ponies and get a plus one (good job!), but posting art or positive messages into a fan club gets you zilch in that regard. However: There's no minimum character count for posting into a fan club. You can just run in, post a friggin' image of the appropriate pony, and then run your ass back to the Debate Pit if you like. How hard is that? Seriously. And don't tell me you've stuff to do: You're on a forum. You either have nothing else to do or are putting off things you'd ought to be doing. Fans are gradually drifting away from what actually matters about the show. Hardly anyone's here to actually enjoy what it was that they gravitated towards in the first place. It's just any other forum now; except it's pony-themed. It's not a pony forum.
  12. i was looking through fimfiction yesterday and saw that there were very few romance stories including the main character and applejack what gives.
  13. The anime Seraph of The End: Vampire Reign has become incredibly popular since it's original airing early this year. So, I figured i'd make a discussion thread for it!
  14. Hey, are you a Creepypasta fan? come talk about your favourite characters, stories, and more here! My favourite character is Ben Drowned. I love how the story is about haunted games, it really interests me. Who is YOUR favourite?
  15. Guys his pc needs new fans Heard rumor this was his machine so new FANS JOIN IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Seal Fan Group Hello, MLPForums! After realizing that there is a Rarity Fan Club, a Tea Fan Club, and there's probably a Makusu Fan Club, I've decided to make my fellow seals proud and create, the Seal Fan Group! In this group, I hope that we can all unite as a sub-community of MLPForums, bonding together due to our love of seals. Anyways, I hope you all decide to join, or else. Anyways.. Rules No seal h8ters. No clubs, or references to clubs. No clubbing. No eskimos. There's lot of political tension between us. No Makusu. Welcome to the club, fellow Pinnipeds. I hope you enjoy your stay. Love, Otty~ <3
  17. Welcome, fellow Matorans, to MLP Forum's official Bionicle fanpage, The Temple of Worship. As you may have guessed, any and all fans of Bionicle are welcome to commune here and share their stories. If you owned any Bionicle/still own any Bionicle, be they Gen 1 or Gen 2, feel free to tell us about them. Allow me to write the temple's first manuscript. A long time ago, I owned two Bionicle. They were Tahu and Gali. Both were Toa Nuva, although at the time I thought they were Toa Mata due to the similarities of their Kanohi. That and I was a boy who was madly in love with them both. Anyway, after freeing them from their cryoshells and building them, I set them atop my shelf. They spent their time watching over me, as well as occasionally sparring with each other to alleviate boredom. Alas, both Tahu and Gali ended up lost in the winds of time. I don't remember if they got thrown out or if they were donated to the local charity shop, but what matters is that I miss them both. Since then, I have made it my mission to reclaim Tahu and Gali, as well as gathering all the Toa I failed to collect in my youth, including the Turaga, Takanuva, maybe Mata Nui, and the Gen 2 Toa. Once that is done, I will then construct an altar made of Lego, displaying all six Kanohi of the original Toa as a tribute to my love of Bionicle.
  18. Title says it all. Anyone who does not watch Top Gear is welcome to read this thread, and try your hoof at making your own. Basically, think up your own intro to Top Gear, and a description for the Stig. Both can be as random as you like. An example is shown below. Top Gear intro Tonight on Top Gear, I wear a hat, James wears a hat, and Richard wears a hat. Stig description Some say, that he invented an new energy drink from the urine of a baby tapir. *brief pause* Others say, that he invented a time machine using a ladder, and a shoe. *Another brief pause* All we know is, he's called the Stig. Now its your turn!
  19. Do you call yourself a brony, pegasister or a fan and Why? I called myself, a brony cos I'm a fan of the show, love ponies and do look into fan-made arts, videos, fics and listen to brony musics and look into Equestria Daily and MLP Forum every day, Aslso think it's a great name for a fandom and fan of MLP/Ponies. Even I don't go to any cons (maybe yet) and go to any meets-up. (Maybe you disagree?) I do think see some called themselves fan, cos they shame of the fandom, or don't like the term 'Brony'.
  20. I'm a Moonbaby myself ... She's an Estonian singer. Look her up if you don't know who she is
  21. If you don't really know what it is, I can explain. It's when the maker of the video otherwise known as the "pooper" takes a piece of media as his/her source and sort of reshapes it, does a few thing with it. Basically makes a new thing. Here is an example of it.
  22. Do we have any Siracha freaks? What about those of us who love the mantis shrimp? Anyone who is convinced their cat is trying to kill them? Link to TheOatmeal:
  23. Wow, this is long. Oops. ; I know Equestria Girls gets a lot of flak for being…well…Equestria Girls, but I really don’t think it’s as bad as people say it is. I really like the movie and my friend and I are planning on seeing the movie next weekend. Now, I know and respect that not everyone will like it, but I just don’t think it deserves all the hate that it gets. I remember one commenter on EQD had said he’d wished one of the theaters showing Rainbow Rocks would have a shooting like what happened in the one showing that Batman movie. Do people really hate this harmless movie that much that they’re willing to wish DEATH on people who go to see it? We’re not the only ones who’re going to see this movie, kids and families will be watching it, too. I swear some people act like it killed their grandmother or something. Kinda reminds me of anti-bronies and how they judge the show and its fans, only looking at the negative and ignoring the positive. I also kinda wonder if Hasbro had given us an actual pony movie first and then EqGs after would people still so hateful towards it? Cuz every time there’s new info about it, like on EQD, there’s always someone going “I still wanna pony movie”. Every. Single. Time. I believe the writers said something about it at this years’ ComicCon, and that they would like to make one if they could think of a good enough story and got the go-ahead from Hasbro. But, constantly whining about it ain’t gonna make it come. And Hasbro doesn’t owe us nothin’. Anyway, a lot of people keep saying Equestria Girls is just a boring high school flick with nothing but clichés. Really? I don’t think it’s boring, and I don’t think it’s as clichéd as people say it is. Besides, it’s not like FiM doesn’t have clichés. The clichés I see complained about most are the fact that it takes place in high school, the school dance, the battle of the bands, and, of course, Flash, or “Brad” as people call him. So, does that mean that anything that has one or more of these things is automatically considered cliché? But, how the hell is a movie taking place in high school considered cliché, it’s a setting. Are we not allowed to make high school shows/movies anymore? And just having these things alone doesn’t make it cliché; it’s what they DO with it that determines whether or not it’s cliché. If it was cliché, the first movie would’ve just had Twilight go to the high school, deal with the Mean Girl, get voted Princess with the help of her friends’ counterparts, retrieve the crown, and leave. The End. But that’s not what happened. This was Twilight’s first mission as a Princess. She didn’t just get the crown and leave, she saw that this school needed her help. She helped her human friends get back together, and then they helped her rally the school to vote for her, which resulted in all the cliques coming together and helping the girls fix up the gym. Twilight, as a leader – a Princess – brought people together, even though she didn’t know them and didn’t have to. And then there was the Fall Formal dance. Twilight could’ve just stolen the crown and left, but that wouldn’t have been very smart, especially if she got caught. So she decided to run for Princess to get her crown back, and to keep Sunset Shimmer from getting her hands on it. And yes there was a scene of the girls getting ready for the dance; I know people complained about that, how it was girly and whatnot. But, what’s wrong with that? It may be a bit girly, but so what? Why is being girly still such a bad thing? You’d think people wouldn’t dislike it so much since, you know, we watch a show that’s still pretty girly. And then of course they arrive at the dance, but it kinda gets interrupted by Sunset Shimmer turning into a she-demon, destroying part of the school and turning everyone into zombies. And she was going to take them to Equestria, where they would turn from a teenager army to a pony army, probably to get revenge at Celestia. And then Twilight and the gang defeated her with a rainbow blast, like in the pilot, and Twilight is given her crown. Last time I checked, I’ve never seen a school dance end quite like that before. I do admit that I wish they had done a little more with Flash, or they could’ve had one of the girls defend Twilight from Luna, like Rainbow Dash since she was on the soccer field with her. But, that’s just a small part and doesn’t really matter to me. I still enjoyed the rest of the movie and it tided me over until Season 4. And now in the sequel, we have a battle of the bands, which is, apparently, also cliché. Except, from the video shorts and the trailers, it looks like it’s literally gonna be a BATTLE of the bands, with the girls having to defeat The Dazzlings. I’ve never seen that before, so it’s definitely new to me. And I’ve listened to the soundtrack and the songs really aren’t that bad. I’m happy that Rainbow Dash got a solo, Awesome as I Want to Be, which is my favorite song on the album. I also love Rainbow Rocks, Let’s Have a Battle (of the Bands), Under Our Spell, Welcome to the Show, and Shine Like Rainbows. I just can’t stop listening to them, they’re really catchy. I love the Dazzlings’ songs, they could release their own album and I would totally listen to it. ;P Anyway, I know people are complaining that it’s “not rock music” and it shouldn’t be called Rainbow “Rocks”. Um, it sounds like rock music to me, it’s just pop rock. Were people expecting metal or punk or something? o.0 Just because it isn’t the kinda music you’d listen to doesn’t mean it isn’t rock. And according to the recent trailer that just came out, there’s gonna be a little slumber party scene, and it looks like some people were complaining about that, thinking it’s just another girly slumber party. One, no one has seen it yet, so we don’t know what’s gonna happen in that scene. Two, there was slumber party in Look Before You Sleep, and there were pillow fights, makeovers, and everything. And girls just love slumber parties cuz their fun. I enjoyed them cuz how often does one get to sleepover with their friends? And then there’s the whole Sunset Shimmer having a book that can send messages to Celestia, kinda like Spike. Maybe Celestia gives books like that to all her students so they can stay in touch, and Twilight already had Spike, so she didn’t need one. And maybe Shimmer brought it with her so she could use it to get information about what’s going on in Equestria. But we won’t know for sure until we see the movie. Y’know, I have faith that DHX can do good things with Equestria Girls, just like it has for FiM. They were able to take a typical girls cartoon and turn into a girls’ cartoon that’s actually good. So why can’t they do the same for a high school movie/series? I believe they can if given the chance. Think about it, with how we have demons and sirens, maybe this will allow DHX to use more human-like mythological creatures in their stories. Sounds pretty cool, if that’s the case. I was pretty much on board with Equestria Girls from the beginning, back when it was just a rumor and some concept art was floating around the web. I’m a fan of humanized ponies and always kinda wondered what it’d be like if there was a series with them, and to my surprise, it actually happened! So, while almost everyone else was moaning and groaning about it, I was all excited just waiting for more info about it. And now we might have a whole series coming up called Equestria Academy. I don’t know if it’ll be a TV series or a web series, but it sounds exciting either way. Anyway, I just felt like venting my feelings on all this. I know Equestria Girls isn’t perfect and has flaws, but I tend to look past the negative and see the positive. I try to defend the things I like when they’re getting lots of hate. Kinda like Rainbow Dash, who, I’ve noticed, has been getting quite a bit of hate lately, but that’s for another blog. tl;dr - Equestria Girls really isn’t as bad as fans say it is and I don’t think it deserves all the hate it gets.
  24. MLP rightfully has a ton of young fans, but are there any bronies out there like myself who are of the older persuasion? I turned 31 in August and vividly remember watching G1 when I was a little boy in kindergarten. Just curious.