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Found 15 results

  1. This is it. The Endgame. On November 1st we will have our last Movie Night. The following is a schedule of all Movie Night and related events leading up to Nov. 1st. All showings begin at normal Movie Night times. 5pm CDT. will still be up, but movie nights will end Nov. 1st. Wednesday Oct. 16th: The Blues Brothers and UHF Friday Oct. 18th: Back to the Future Trilogy EQTV Supercut Monday Oct. 21st: Rifftrax Live: Manos The Hands of Fate and MST3K: Space Mutiny Wednesday Oct. 23rd: Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy ...... (Did a double take did you? I joke. I joke.) Wednesday Oct. 23rd real movies: Space Jam and Hook Friday Oct. 25th: My Little Pony The Movie, Spirited Away, and The Princess Bride Monday Oct. 28th: Ghostbusters 1 and 2 Wednesday Oct. 30th: Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas Thursday Oct. 31st: Ghost Stories (Eng. Dub) Marathon. All 20 episodes. Friday Nov. 1st: Avengers Endgame
  2. Well, unfortunately I can't remember what it was I originally had typed up. My computer decided to crash, and I lost what I typed before I had a chance to create the topic. We here at EQTV have decided on a final Movie Night, for it is time for us to move on. To focus on our own lives. We have found less and less time to put into EQTV. And as time has gone on, attendance has lessened and lessened. Our Endgame is upon us, November 1st. I hope to see former and current EQTV staff, Old and New EQTV'ers, and anyone else who wishes to join, at our final outing. The EQTV site will still be up and running. This pertains only to Movie Nights and other streaming events hosted by EQTV staff at the CMC Clubhouse Channel. EQTV'S Endgame Full Shedule. It has been a long and fun ride, but it is time to bid our farewells. I will miss our Movie Nights, but at the same time I am relieved. Thank you to the Forums, EQTV'ers, and Staff.
  3. Voltex Pixel - Farewell "Never say Farewell with a sad tone because Friendship is going to be forever."
  4. Hey. I've been pretty inactive as of late. There's a reason for that. I'm leaving MLP Forums. I've become disinterested in staying here and talking, posting discussions, and making new friends. On top of that, and the increasing drama I see, e.g. "My opinion is better than yours", The increasing amount of "Why do people like this character" some members assuming every MLP fan has to conform to certain standards, the list goes on. I'm also not going to pretend the staff are perfect, either. Far from it. I see why members like Ghostie, and some others left. While I haven't had any run-ins with the staff, my point still stands. This is not the air we want to have for new members. They'll be turned off and go somewhere else. I could stay and post in the two topics I follow, but the one is pretty much dead, so that's a no-go, and the other one is getting the same way. Anyway, it's been a decent 2 years here, but I'm done, and I probably won't come back. I'm not leaving the fandom, just this place. Good-bye.
  5. Everybody I have bad news: We all know now that Brian Lenard has already left Hasbro to work for Disney?!? Ugh why Disney?!? This is why we hate losing members of the show in the first place! I mean, I do like Disney, but I am NOT going to work for Disney for the rest of my life! I rather stay at Hasbro & DHX than Disney instead! But the question is: How are they going to find a replacement for Brian Lenard now? I mean, maybe they will find a replacement, because it will probably take a few weeks to interview candidates and things like that or to make things easier they'll promote someone who knows his work well in-house. But the point is: We don't even know who will take his replacement will be so everyone calm down and R-E-L-A-X.
  6. I'll keep this short; though "sweet" doesn't necessarily enter into it. Things, unfortunately, didn't work out for former member Candy Star (his last user name being Tom Snyder) here at the forums. Since he's not in a position to do so himself, he asked me to express his goodbyes to MLP Forums. "Thanks for all the fun and your support."
  7. I've recently heard a rumor about NASA ans the sun. It has a big solar filament, the biggest recorded solar filament and the second biggest thing in the solar system, only the sun itself being bigger. Solar filaments cause solar flares, just like sunspots, but the solar filament will cause a huge one, and maybe it'll point to Earth and wipe us all out. Farewell, at least a possible farewell. Be prepared to die a very painful death, and prepare for blindness too, it's extremely bright and hot.
  8. Hello everyone... Yes, that day has finally come for me. We might as well start by looking at my past. So over a year ago, say, in January 2013 I practically became a brony. It was the time when I first learned about the newest incarnation of My Little Pony. I still remember when I was a kid my sisters used to play with ponies, and THAT, my fellow bronies, is when I last heard/thought about ponies. Really. I mean it! For some reason I had been able to avoid all the pony stuff up until that day. Sure, someone might've simply said "pony", or that but I never looked at MLP videos or any material related to the My Little Pony franchise. In real life it's a whole other story than in internet. As I received my own PC at the end of 2011, I eventually began using the internet more, eventually leading to the point I see ponies everywhere, so I had to find out. I had not been a member of any fandom before, except Sonic, although VERY casually. I didn't have any online friends. So, back to the point, I first thought it was another of those memes I also saw around, but then I found out it was a legit thing. I watched a few episodes and got hooked. Ever since I've kept it a secret, although I DON'T consider myself a brony, since I'm not into the franchise/merchandise. I just like ponies. But nevertheless, that's what developed my interest in ponies and I also joined my first pony forum in July that year, when a new friend of mine, also a brony, introduced me to it. We however cut our friendship later, when we couldn't be together... Now, onto the actual point of my goodbye message. So when I joined that forum I learned more and more about the brony community, as I grew with it. I was a very fresh brony since most have been with it since 2011/2012. I loved the forum so much I spent most of my time there and even bought a subscription. By also this time I had been starting to use Steam more, in which I also created an account around the same time I got my PC. But what I mean is I started logging in more regularly. In fact, I had no use for Steam before, and I don't remember any of my account's creation. Anyways. One of my friends in that forum let me know about MLP Forums, so I had a peek. I always thought the community of that forum was a bit more casual, not so much for RP and the MLP atmosphere, so I wanted a change and created an account here too. I eventually left that forum for keeps a year after registering. I just had enough. But now, unfortunately, I will wave goodbye here as well. Why? Read the below paragraph. I now learned something about myself. I'm not a forum person type. While that first forum created the base for my online friend network, especially by having a chat, I now noticed that Steam is the place I like to be at. It's great for privacy, and it has the chatting system, which MLP Forums lacks. And as I just mentioned, I'm not a forum person type so I haven't spent much time here. I thought I would've blent more and more into the MLP community but I didn't, after all. There was also some dramatic events that prevented me from coming here. Even so, I haven't been around much lately, haven't posted or done anything. Just checking if I have any notifications. This is like a second Facebook for me. I don't chat there either. So all this time I've been using Steam and I have to say it's my main focus now. ALL of my online friends are there. I made all my friends there, and kept just a small part of the friends I made in the first forum. But now, it's over. I give up. Not because I haven't spent much time here or that I should, but it's just, I only use forums if I need them for something. I didn't need MLP Forums. I just signed up to see if I would come up with something. I found it hard to make friends, too. But before I go, I have to thank the forum, it was really refreshing and is incredibly active, on a whole other level than the other forum (which I loved too, considering the subscription and all). I wanna tell that keep up the good work on being a child-friendly forum which has nice people around (even though I did not witness all of it). So, that's all I had to say. I'm not abandoning the brony fandom, nor do I consider myself a brony. Sounds weird, but basically means that ponies just helped me get friends, as it's such a friendly fandom. Now it only serves should I put it. Well, I just like ponies. If you wish to chat, find me on Steam. Link on my profile. P.S. I even sent an application to join the administration but I wonder why I never got a reply... "2-3 weeks" they said but it has already passed. But I don't care anymore, I wouldn't have been a good mod anyway. ^^' Farewell~!
  9. Well, the title says it all. I'm leaving the brony fandom. There's not much for me in it anymore, and I have far more important things to focus on. Most of the things that have come out of me being a brony are negative, and I really don't want to have to deal with it anymore. This will be the last thread that I post in here.
  10. Oh man, I've been thinking the past several days how I was going to write this thread. I wish to make this as clear as possible. Please read the entire post before asking questions or making judgements. But first, why am I telling you this? You guys have treated me, and pretty much everyone here very well, so deserve to know, unlike other internet communities I am a part of. If you haven't already figured it out, this is a good-bye thread, but a little different. Of course, let me explain. I am a member of the LDS church, otherwise known as the "Mormon church" (a common nickname). Every young man of around 20 has the opportunity and duty to serve full-time for two years as a missionary for the church. Crazy huh? Well, I've made my decision about this a while ago, I'm just telling you that's why I'm leaving the forums. Every person who gets called to a mission receives a letter from the leadership of the LDS church telling him where he will serve, and what date he will start. I'm called to serve in Boise, Idaho, but people get called almost everywhere in the world as well as the US. Feel free to ask about this process if you wish. Most importantly to this forum, is when I am leaving; November 7th of this year. So I have about two months before I leave. The next question you may have is so what? Can't I come on the forums on my mission? Here's your answer: I cannot. What I mean is, I do have access to the internet but it is against Church missionary rules to do so. Anything pertaining to entertainment is disallowed for missionaries because it will distract from the purpose of sacrificing two years of our time. This means no television, no radio, no internet (for entertainment), and yes this includes MLPforums and watching MLP:FiM. Part of making a decision to serve a mission like I am, involves sacrificing our time, possessions, and money for a two year period. When I finish my two year mission, I will resume my life hopefully the same way I left it, just two years older. Perhaps things will change during this time, but that's life. My point is, I consider this mission, as we call it, a blessing and a tremendous opportunity to serve God. I wouldn't do this for just a church, I'm doing this because it's what I believe in. Alright, with all this said, my purpose in letting you know does not involve trying to shove my religion in your face and down your throat. Although I would LOVE for you guys to go to and read about my church, this thread's real purpose is to merely inform those of you who know me on this board. What I don't want is people to think I left for good without explaining why. Without this thread, some of you might be wondering, "Hey, where did that My little pwny guy go? I haven't seen him in 15 months." Oh... and another thing... I look like an attention whore huh? With my donation (which I haven't regretted for a second) I seem like a very volatile person. To be honest, the two year mission thing is not uncommon. Some of you may already be aware of this concept, in fact, I bet some of you may even be a part of the LDS church. Another reason why I was willing to tell you guys about this is because I know the brony community is very loving and tolerating. Some communities out there would make fun of me, my religion, and my decision but you guys are very mature and understanding. I thank all of you in advance. So starting November 7th 2012, you will not be hearing from me until November 8th, 2014. I look forward to seeing you guys then, as well as all the movies, t.v. shows, and all the new MLP episodes I will miss during that time. I hope that the brony community will still be going strong in 2014, so keep the seat warm for me!!! I love you guys, and if I don't get a chance to say it before I leave, consider this my.... See ya later MLPforums! I love you all! -My Little pwny __________________________________________________________ A few side notes about this thread. Once again, please read everything before you post. I know some of you won't but it's worth mentioning. I will not be discussing this topic outside of this thread or on PMs, so please treat me like a regular poster in the meantime. Please do not hijack this thread into a religion discussion, I'm not here to have my mind changed, or to convert you. I ask you to respect that. You are free to ask any question you like, but if it has something to do with the LDS church's doctrine or my personal beliefs, I will only respond with a link and a short sentence, if I respond at all. PM's are welcome if you have questions, I'll be more likely to answer them if you do that. Thank you all
  11. Please read all of this! It's important! (tl;dr note: I won't be off constantly, I'll still get back on every once in a while. But I'm just kinda taking a break. ) I'm taking a hiatus. There. I put it bluntly. I'm sorry, guys...I just need to take a break from the Internet for a while. There are these two projects that I'm working on right now, namely art for an amazing contest thing [insert link] and my mom's Christmas book. But the past few days, I've been completely stalling on those, preferring wasting time on MLPForums and deviantART doing basically worthless little things to getting any of that done. (And no, I don't include talking to my friends in the category of time wasting!) I've also had this problem for a long time, but I've never been candid about it like I should have been...I'm homeschooled. And I've been skimping on my schoolwork, doing it shoddily or not at all in order to get on the computer faster. I've been avoiding bringing up doing the stuff my mom and I should be doing in the morning for the past few weeks so I can get on the computer as soon as possible. It's really irresponsible and terrible of me, really. I should never have started shirking my schoolwork just to get on the Internet...but once I started I just kinda couldn't bring myself to start up again. My single focus became getting in my room as fast as I could, with the least amount of work to do, so I could get on the Internet. And this started about a month before my relationship with Nathan. I don't know if this seems bad to you, but in my life, it is bad. It's actually really the worst thing I'm capable of doing at this So now I've just made up my mind that this is no longer acceptable. Basically, I just need to eliminate all Internet-related distractions from my life so I can focus solely on the things I really need to get done. My mom and I are gonna be changing up my school schedule soon, and I want to be able to start the new way of doing that with a new mindset. A new way of life, if you will. And I also need to start learning things again. :/ For most of my life, I haven't shown much emotion (as long as my hormones weren't going crazy ). Sometimes at night, I would quiet my mind and just try to feel if I felt anything at all, and afterwards I joked that I had a heart of stone. But in the past couple months, someone named Nathan singlehandedly opened the gateway, breaking the stone wall between me and my true emotions. If this was six months ago, I would probably not be writing this right now. I wouldn't feel anything about what I've done. But now I actually feel guilt, in an oddly matter of fact way. I tell myself what I've been doing the past few months and I wish I hadn't done it. There was no reason for me to start not doing much school just so I could have an hour more of time on the Internet. No reason for me to start getting on the computer at night when I should be in bed (which led to me almost getting caught last night - luckily I managed to convince my mom that I was turning my computer off!!). I'm tired of telling her I'm not on the Internet all the time, I hardly ever have to turn my computer off late, yeah I've been doing all my schoolwork when none of those are true. As much as I'll miss you guys, I just feel that this is the right way. And unlike all the other times when I've said I've been leaving on deviantART and have come back a few days later, I know in my heart [and that's NOT a cliche!!] that this is the right thing. I also know why I always did come back a few days that Nathan and I could find each other, and so that he could break down that wall and help me to stop joking and believe fully that I am capable of loving. And I will always be grateful, to my Heavenly Father for the role he played in this, and to Nathan for his role. I will forever be indebted to him for destroying that wall. So, basically, this is the last time I'll update my status for a while. I'll probably get on here for a few seconds on Wednesday to wish partywithpinkie a happy birthday, and I will get on every so often. But I won't be on all the time, and I probably won't post any new statuses. I don't know exactly how long I'll be (mostly) gone, just that it'll probably be a while. I won't be on deviantART either, or any other website. So...that's basically it. I don't know what else to say, except thank you. Thank you, Nathan, and all of you for giving me the happiest time on MLPForums I could ever have. I hope that you all will stay well and happy, and I hope to see you all soon! yayayayayala, signing off. ;U; And remember: Never stop smiling!
  12. I got this idea from another pony site i'm on, that has a section for those who want to say their goodbyes. May it be leaving for vacation, temporary time off, or for good...they can post their farewells there rather than make a topic, or a blog. Not sure if you would consider, but I think it sounds like a good addition to add to the site.
  13. Yes, I'm sorry to say, this may be the very last time you all shall hear from me. I have contracted a disease know as Appendicitis, and it is very lethal. I have no money to pay for this operation needed to fix the problem, so I, relying on the government to provide the money needed. If they give me money, I will live. If not, I shall depart. I wanted to make this blog post to express my thanks in all of you, for accepting an outsider like me into such a loving and absolutely awesome community. If I do die, I will die knowing that at least 1 or 2 people cared about my existance. I know not many of you will care, but I do wish you all the best. Best wishes to all of you. I'll miss y'all. For the last time: ~super2379
  14. DITR


    I'm leaving this forum, goodbye. Now before you complain that I'm "leaving the fandom" or any of that BS, let me explain why I am doing this. I thought about it for a while and I realized, there's no point in staying here anymore. I'm nothing at all like most bronies. 1. I couldn't care less about fandom shout outs. 2. I don't have a paternal instinct towards Derpy or FlutterShy . 3. I consider dubstep to be a plague upon the music industry. 4. It took me more than half of the 1st season to become a fan. 5. I didn't mind alicorn Twilight. 6. I thought watching Equestria Girls was like watching a demon violently burst out of my best friend's stomach and impersonate them. 7. I didn't like the con I went to. (Ponycon if you're wondering) 8. I don't feel the show has made me a better person, changed my life, or changed me for the better in any way shape or form. Lastly, there are things I'm currently experiencing that I'm having much more fun with than I ever would've had with MLP: Tales of Xillia, Homestuck, Breaking Bad, making my game. There are also things coming out in the future that are infinitely more exciting to me than season 4: Tales of Xillia 2 and Lightning Returns come to mind. I'll still watch season 4 if you're wondering but I have a nagging feeling it will be not unlike having to kill a beloved pet.
  15. Im sorry to break this to Everypony but, Elder Uribe - Trixie`s Lover has been forced to leave & delete the forums by his parents due to what the say is full of Strangers, Molesters, & Murders. I was talking to him on Skype when he was telling me this. I tried to ask him why they would think that but he said that it was his Parent`s house & he will go by their rules so i can`t say anything about that. & he might have to get rid of Skype too. So in honor of Elder Uribe - Trixie`s Lover. I hope you will take the time to read this & give a vaild response towards this. Thank You. By Quan - The Cosmicwarrior From Elder Uribe - Trixie`s Lover