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Found 12 results

  1. Hey. You know what REALLY grinds my gears? These new digital Coca-Cola machines in restaurants. I'm talking about these f*cking garbage heaps: These things are sh*t. They are so bad. They suck so bad I don't even know where to begin. The old fashioned, hands-free, regular self-serve drink machines are far superior. One of the biggest problems with these new ones is that everything coming out of one tap causes massive contamination. Your drink will always get mixed with a little splash of whatever was last used, unless you hold the button down and just let it run for a second or two. These machines are disgustingly wasteful. But there's so many problems that I think this would be best done in a pro/con bullet point format. Old Machines Pro Hands-free, more sanitary. Can serve 2-3 customers simultaneously, depending on the size. Extremely fast and convenient. Just dink the cup against the lever. Done. No contamination. Soda is pure. Easy to use. Separate ice dispenser makes it even faster to use. Reliable, simple technology. Levers are responsive and stop immediately when released. Easy to get a small amount. Con Not as many combinations and drinks available. Oh, so you can't get Mondo Coolers mixed with Capri Sun and Diet Dr. Berry Sprite Zero? Boo-f*cking-hoo. How many varieties of crappy fruit punch do you need? New Machines Pro Lots of varieties, unlimited combos. Now you can have some piss in your fruit punch. Con Extremely difficult to use. Takes a long time to navigate the touch screen. Who needs this sh*t? I just want some soda. I DON'T WANT TO UPDATE F*CKIN' WINDOWS!!! Only one tap means only one customer at a time. One tap coupled with the length of time required to use means that lines form. You never had to wait in lines like this for the old machines. Total bulls*t. Unsanitary touch screens smeared with grease. Soda contamination. Single tap contaminates all drinks with previous selections. Ice from the same tap which means even more touch screen navigation. Unreliable. Digital interface freezes, becomes unresponsive. Touch buttons are sluggish and unresponsive in general. Digital interface means bugs, more breakdown potential. Taps have a tendency to keep running after released, causing spills and messes. Very difficult to get a small amount. Wasteful Is that enough?! Obviously, my review wasn't entirely unbiased, but it's still clear that the digital machines are horrible. These machines are so bad they suck. They're so f*cking suck they f*ck. They're garbage. I hate 'em. Case closed.
  2. I never saw anyone else on here make a topic like this, so I decided to start it for the heck of it ('Cuz why not?). I know there are a good amount of some fellow members on here who are from the state of California in the United States, so you people obviously are aware of what In-N-Out is. So as you can see in the poll I will leave up here, I'd like to see you guys have a fun and friendly discussion of which burger joint in your opinion is the best (with these two being the most infamous), no matter where in the world you are from. Can't wait to read your opinions on this topic.
  3. I honestly hate KFC, there biscuits even taste like chicken!
  4. Hey all you people! As a fast food connoisseur... I figured I'd make my OWN fast food tier list! I'm gonna show you the tier list I made, and break each restaurant down. Just letting you know, this is just my opinion, and if your favorite fast food restaurant isn't on here, that doesn't mean it's not great, I just probably never ate there, or I didn't eat there enough times to formulate an opinion. With that said, let's do it!! I'll go through each restaurant, from worst to best. F-Tier: -Raising Cane's: I've eaten here a few times, and... it's not very good. Their chicken and fries are mediocre at best, and the only thing that's good is their soda. (But to be fair, how do you screw that up?) -Cici's Pizza: Also not so good... Their pizza is pretty average, and their desserts are pretty bad... I just haven't had much good experiences here. D-Tier: Arby's: In all honesty, Arby's isn't TERRIBLE... but it's still pretty subpar... Their curly fries are good, though... but their sandwiches? Eh... Domino's: Overall kinda mediocre. Their crust is subpar, their sauce is... okay... and so is their cheese and toppings. Their desserts are decent, at least. AND they had a pretty amusing mascot during the 80s! I wish I remembered that when I was making this tier list, because that would've moved it up to C tier, but oh well. C-Tier: KFC: KFC is okay. Their chicken and biscuits are... alright. But that's about it. Their cookies are pretty good, though. Pizza Hut: Another okay restaurant. Their pizza is just... meh, but their desserts are pretty good. They also serve fries, which is kinda neat. Never tried them, though. Papa John's: Pretty much everything I said about Pizza Hut applies here, except their pizza is slightly better. Subway: I feel like I shoud've ranked this a bit higher, but I digress. Their sandwiches are honestly pretty good in my opinion, and their options are probably MILES healthier than most other restaurants listed here, but... their options are pretty limited, so... whatever. Popeye's: This place is pretty similar to KFC, but their fried chicken is a little better IMO. Their seasoned fries are pretty good, though. Chick-Fil-A: At last, the king of the C-tiers... In all honesty, I kinda like Chick-Fil-A, and as far as I'm aware, they're the most popular fast food joint in the US, or at least the south. I think Chick-Fil-A's breakfast options are REALLY good, but their lunch options are kinda meh. Not bad by any means, but... nothing special. Oh well. Can't win 'em all! B-Tier: Braum's: I like this place, but I still think there are better options for burgers or ice cream. Their burgers are pretty good, and their fries aren't bad, either. Their ice cream is REALLY good, and their Lava Cake Sundaes are to DIE for! If you ever want a good sundae... Braum's can hook you up with a Lava Cake Sundae. Tell them I sent ya. Thank me later. Sonic: Another place I like. Their burgers, fries, chicken, and chicken sandwiches are all pretty good, and their slushies and shakes are good, too! The only thing that's really holding this place back is their slow as molasses service, and it's a little pricey. Still pretty good, though. Burger King: I like me some Burger King. Honestly, most burger joints are gonna be high tier, because I LOVE burgers. I haven't eaten here in a while, though, so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but their burgers are VERY good IMO, and their fries are also pretty solid. I haven't really had much here, though, as I've only ordered hamburgers here. But I saw that their getting more options, so that's good. Jack in the Box: I love this place! I've only eaten a few times, but it was overall pretty good. Their burgers and fries are nice, they have a lot of options, and I like the look and design of their restaurants. The only thing that's holding this place back is their lack of locations. There isn't a SINGLE ONE in Arkansas, my home state. But they DO have one in Tulsa, which is only an hour drive away from where I live. A-Tier: Little Caesar's: Now we're getting into the REALLY good stuff. This is easily my favorite pizza joint. Their pizza's really good, and so is their crazy bread. And it's pretty cheap, too! If you ever need fast, good, affordable pizza, Little Caesar's can hook you up. I just wish they had dessert options... Five Guys: A really good burger joint. Their burgers are REALLY good, and their fries are also pretty nice! Last time I checked, they had a lot of soda options, too. Only things keeping it from being the creme de la creme are that I don't think they have any dessert options, and their food is kinda pricey. Don't count me on that, though. Whataburger: What a burger is right! I love this place! (I actually ate my birthday lunch here, lol) Their burgers and fries are REALLY good, and they have a bit more drink options than the average fast food joint. They also have some variety, as they also serve tacos and chicken sandwiches. I just wish they had more dessert options... Taco Bell: One of my personal favorites. Their tacos, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas are all SO good! Not to mention the fact that they have some exclusive Mountain Dew drinks here, so that makes them stand out a lot more. (Even though I'm not a big Mountain Dew guy) The only things that could make it better is if the food was a bit cheaper and they had more dessert options. (I know I've been saying that a lot, but sometimes I want some dessert with my food, y'know?! ) Wendy's: Again, another one of my favorites. Their burgers are pretty good, they have a LOT of drink options, and they have the classic frosties. I was originally gonna put this in B-Tier, (Same with Whataburger, but I moved Whataburger up a tier because their burgers and fries are REALLY good.) because their fries aren't perfect, but I had to put it up a tier because of the whole "Waifu Wendy's" ordeal 2 and a half years ago. How could I not? That was seriously one of the best things I've seen in my life! S-Tier: McDonald's: Hoo, boy... I'm not gonna make a lot of friends with this pick... But yeah, McDonald's is S-tier. McDonald's burgers and fries are pretty dang good, they've had a LOT of options over the years, their service is quick and reliable, AND their food is cheap! Pretty much everything you could ask for is all here at the Golden Arches. The only problem is that their mascot is the Joker. (Let's be honest, Ronald McDonald is secretly the Joker. ) And... that's all she wrote! What do you think? What's your favorite fast food places? Lemme know!
  5. Inspired by the "What supermarket chains are by where you live" So, what fast food restaurant chains are near where you live? For me... McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell, KFC, and Burger King. We have a Chick Fil A and Steak n Shake too but technically they aren't considered "fast food"
  6. I assumed the kitchen at the Hay Burger was in the middle of the restaurant, but later I found that we saw quite a bit of the place and the kitchen wasn't there. Maybe the basement?
  7. What would be a funny way to get kicked out of McDonald's, it would be funny to go in there dressed as the Burger King and give away Burger King food.
  8. As you know restaurants such as MickyDs are becoming more modern and try to advertise their food as much as possible. However, said restaurants are also becoming tryhards at selling it. They always try to make funny commercials, describe it, show it off, and make it look great. Sure there are some places such as Chick-fil-a or Five Guys that don't really do it as much (Either that or they have been and I wasn't paying attention), but over all it just somewhat annoys me. -_- Put those thoughts below.
  9. I thought of making this a big triple-decker poll, but there are so many chains I always forget, especially those places out west that are just, *tch*, WEIRD. So this is how the burger wars shall proceed. I'll just ask you which fast food place has the best so-and-so, you answer each one, and we'll all have some greasy fun. Which place has the best..... 1. Burgers? 2. Fries? 3. Chicken? 4. Salad? 5. Other side items? 6. Service? 7. Overall? 1. On the burgers, gotta go with Wendy's. McD's are okay too. BK's burgers, not so much. They taste low-quality and thrown together. 2. McDonald's. I've never had better from a big chain. Five Guys are good too. Wendy's fries get soggy too fast and BK just can't get them right no matter how many times they try. 3. Hard to say, I don't seek out chicken very much. I like Wendy's nuggets the best out of the main 3. KFC is okay too. 4. I don't eat salad. I just put it in there for folks who do. ^^ 5. Far and away, Wendy's. Chili, baked potatoes, wraps and so much more. 6. See above. I have never been to a bad Wendy's. The employees are genuinely friendly 99% of the time, the drive-thru is the fastest (despite the food all being made fresh, allegedly) and they don't mess up my order. 7. See above once again. When I'm really in the mood for some heart attack food, Wendy's is my favorite overall. Good burgers and everything else, decent fries if you get them home fast enough, good service and superior quality control over the other big 2. Second place is a tie between McDonald's and Sonic.
  10. so one of the things that I've watched on youtube are Carl's Jr's and Hardee's commercials, and I have to say that I really like them, at least, enough to buy burgers! And actually the burgers are very good, it's the best fast food place I've tried this far. It's also very expensive too XD. But I noticed that they use sex to sell their products, they use hot girls (almost all of 'em celebrities), hot burgers (they look so yummy!), and slow motion (always welcome!). I dunno, the formula works to me, plus it's kinda cool to watch a fit and slim pretty girl devouring a massive burger like a pig XD. But, as always, there are people who gets offended by this kind of publicity by stating that they are portraying women as sexual objects, IMO I prefer not to think that (even if it is true) and just limit myself to watch the commercial lol. What's your opinion on this? Also, I seriously would like to see actual people to eat their burgers like these girls XD I would post more videos but I don't know if they would be NSFW for these forums, this is the most "innocent" I've watched.
  11. Mine is Mcdonalds. What is your favorite fast food chain/mascot? Of the mascots i like The king. G'head, poll on fellow bronies!
  12. Well, what's your favorite fast food place? If your favorite isn't on the list, just quote or mention me and tell me the place that you want added.