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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 20 results

  1. Hibiki Kuze

    How fast can you run?

    How fast are you on the ground at full speed? I'm 5'1, but I'm faster than most people! Feel free to post your 40 yard dash time if you like. Speaking of which, I believe mine was a 4.6 the last time I checked.
  2. Zygen

    How fast do you eat?

    A pretty random question, but i felt like making a thread for it. So pretty straightforward simple question, how fast do you eat? Are you a slow eater? Your always near the last to finish eating and people either steal your food while your trying to finish, or rush you? Or do you eat fast and people wonder how all your food is gone in such a small time? Does it depend on the situation? Do you consider yourself of average eating speed? I personally am a kinda slow eater, i normally take my sweet time, unless I have like no time. But generally i'm last to finish, and people are rushing me to finish ;p. Partly i eat slow because I don't wanna choke but yeah. I can eat fast I guess, depending, but not normally. So what about y'all?
  3. So was wondering if anyone here has ever been pulled over by a cop before or have gotten a ticket in any manner while driving? I have not somehow being very lucky in the past 5 years of me driving. Hope I did not just jinx myself o.O!
  4. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    Movies/TV 15th Anniversary of Wheels, Action, and Family.

    I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS AGAIN - DIGITALLY REMASTERED. MY SPEED DREAMS HAVE BEEN AWAKENED. Oh Skyline GTR, Oh Supra, Oh Civic EK, I know you still exist out there, and one day, I will buy one of you and tune the s**t outta you, and drive you 'till the day I die. (and we won't ever forget you, Paul Walker )
  5. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    Mane 6 and Spike character personality and talents - FUN GAME

    Hi bronies and pegasisters, Here's something fun to do. Open up this video (link) and listen carefully to what's being said in it. While you listen, observe the image below. Then rewatch the video, without looking at the image. What pairings between the two can you form?
  6. Anypony can help me find a popular/memorable pony that I can voice? I can talk as high as Coco Pomell and as low as Big Mac, I slur my words and talk really fast, but I can control that. If I want to do high voices I kinda have to create a airy voice, kinda like Flutters. I wanna sneak up behind my friend and be like hello!!! I want them to be like OMG AM I DREAMING!!! But the problem is that she wont recognize Big Mac's voice since he only voiced in 2 episodes, so I don't want to voice him.
  7. FedoraMemes

    Music Nightcore Thread

    This is the thread where we post, rate and discuss Nightcore. I'll start with a remix I made a while back, it's a remix of Eurobeat Brony's Luna (Nightmare Mode) He even commented on it!
  8. ravenwitch

    Fast Pegusi

    So my freind sent me a picture of her oc's custom figurine and she said the wings are big because shes a fast pony. Is this true?
  9. Dusty Soul

    Sonic Rainboom

    So I was thinking about Noah and his ark and Rainbow Dash at the same time and well this is what happened.
  10. deathbycake74

    Opinions on this car?

    I am a fan of muscle/imports but since this is gonna be my first car a 67 stang is out of the question insurance wise so what about something like this: Right now I have the ability to pick uo a 97' civic real cheap and was thinking of something like that or lime green with black rims. Anyother suggestion (rice burner of other) appreciated
  11. Fluttershyfan94

    Slow twitch or fast twitch muscles

    Slow twitch and fast twitch muscles I'm sure many know that there are slow twitch muscles and fast twitch muscles. Muscle type 1 and 2 and then 2a and 2b. If you already know what type, then share if you don't then read! On here: So please read it, Twilight says so. Now for me, I think I'm type 2a, I'm a good sprinter but I also seem to be able to last for a little. Although I can say that I don't fit number 1 perfectly since I do become tired rather quickly. Maybe because of my asthma but I would think it's the muscles too. I don't really have a good example other then that I'm a fast runner but I can last for a long time more of a sprinter. So 2a fits, since it's mix between the two. So what's your muscle type, type 1 slow twitch or type 2 fast twitch.
  12. ~Rule 63~ Lyeco

    A "Favorite" Feature

    I was thinking for the use of the "favorite" feature 1.There should be something like a favorite button on the topics made by uses. We can use this so that we can go that specific topic instantly without going to recently talked about or going to thread by thread to look for it. Especially for users who posted a lot here. 2.I want to also put favorited by admin similar to MM picks in LBP. So people will know that if they're interested to join the specific topic that is loved by the admin. (If possible, favorited by moderator too)
  13. I haven't seen a tv made in the last 2 years that isn't a HD flat screen. I haven't seen a preview for a movie lately that doesn't say it's in 3D. I haven't seen any new phones that aren't smart... I could go on, but I think you get what I'm saying. Is it good, or are we moving too fast?
  14. *480p* for best sound* I have been wanting to make a PMV for a long time now and I got inspired from the Rainbow Dash - Your gonna go far kid PMV on youtube :3. I really like how this one turned out and would like your thoughts and etc on it. P.S. Rarity should have known better to fly close to the sun... as the saying goes
  15. C. Thunder Dash

    Music A Game of Chase

    Here's an epic double-piano piece I created. I made this a while back and thought it would be nice to share. Hope you guys like it! A Game of Chase Bright 'n' Dry.aiff Feedback is welcome See if you can visualize a real game of chase between to people going on while this piece is playing. Also, don't judge a piece by it's name! You'll see why! Appearently, people could not download the file, so here's the link to the soundcloud.
  16. Dusty Soul


    Yeah, Clapping fast. I seem to just clap whenever I get bored so that got me thinking. Who is the fastest clapper on here. Post your fastest clap. (Yes this is pretty dumb, but who really cares.) IMG_0933.MOV
  17. White Crow

    Gaming Burnout 3: Takedown

    Im sure many of you remember this awesome game! If you remember playing this years ago share your memories and more here! They just don't make racing games quite like this !
  18. Dusty Soul

    Kids growing up to fast

    Time for another one of Dusty's society threads... Ok, I was sitting in English and we are talking about a non-fiction essay. The story told about an 8 year old kid discovering the world is a dark and sinister place. I was a little bit sad about that. You know it happens. Kids 3-10 are playing games that deal with war, murder, and sex. They are watching movies that deal with serial killers, rape, and cannibalism. That basically screws the kid up. I know a lot of you will probably say, well all the kids I know watch kids television programs. I just want to make it clear I'm talking kids with ages that range from 3-10. I saw a 6 year old watching SAW. It really makes me sad that the images that will be implanted into there head are what they are going to think of the world. That 6 year old will never have imagination about gumdrops and fairy tales. No. That kid will look at the world and be scared of every one. I know of a 5 year old that watches Family Guy. I know your all thinking "So what?" I ask you this, is that really an appropriate show for a 5 year old to watch. South Park, American Dad, and King of the Hill also fall under the category. Kids that watch shows and movies like that lose their innocents. Those kids will never know of a fantasy world (that every child should have) where everyone is happy. They will only know of racism, murder, and war. I think it's sad. I actually cried in that class today, thinking about it. Yet again I was talking about kids 3-10 so don't think I'm talking about kids 10-17. What do you think about this? Do you think it's better that they lose their innocents right away, or do you think that they should find out by them selves when they're old enough to?
  19. Insane Twilight

    Forza 4 Pony cars V3 FLUTTERSHY yay

    this is fluttershy a toyota that has beaten some fast cars including ferrari, corvette, vipers and others, she is one tuff little car and she wants to use her wing power to her full potential. again sorry about the bad ipod photos.
  20. Chevette

    Buckle up, Fluttershy!

    In this photo edit, we have Fluttershy scared out of her mind in the passenger seat of my car... Now maybe she wouldn't be half as scared if she remembered her seatbelt, live and learn!