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Found 33 results

  1. I made this post for two reasons, 1. Just to see the community favorites 2. To find a good show to behold Favorite Anime- FMA, Trigun, Angel Beats, Soul Eater Favorite Manga- D. Grey Man, Fruits Basket, Death Note
  2. For me it is a spotted hyena, we share the same laugh
  3. It was hard but.. "Rarity takes Manehatten"! Know why?: -A Rarity episode! Cuz' season 3 did a great job with THAT. -Good music. -Nice plot. -Good lesson. -A magical experience.
  4. LilyBloom

    The mane six

    Would you say that the mane six have favorites within each other? Like one pony likes another pony more than the others? Example: rainbow dash likes pinkie pie better than applejack, twilight, rarity, and fluttershy? Or is there any evidence of favorites?
  5. Would you say that the mane six have favorites within each other? Like one pony likes another pony more than the others? Example: rainbow dash likes pinkie pie better than applejack, twilight, rarity, and fluttershy? Or is there any evidence of favorites?
  6. MissShiningStar

    Favorite Broadway Musical?

    What is your favorite musical on Broadway, if you've seen one??? My faves are: - Grease - Hairspray - Legally Blonde: The Musical - Singin' in the Rain - Thoroughly Modern Millie What can I say? I'm a patron of the arts!
  7. Well, it's almost the end of the year, and it's time to decide what was the best movie you've seen. Now, before I write what I want to write, (and so mods don't lock this thread for being blog-oriented), if you don't want to read my experiences, answer me this in the thread: What was the best movie you've seen this year? Alright, so, I'll number the movies I've seen for better tracking (by order of which I saw them): 1) 21 Jump Street 2) Madagascar 3 3) The Dictator 4) That's My Boy 5) Ted 6) Wreck-It Ralph And now, spoiler free, my experiences with the movies: 1) 21 Jump Street - Okay, so from my previous experiences with Jona Hill in Superbad, I didn't think much positive of this movie before watching it, but boy was I wrong to think like that. It was hilarious, much better than Superbad, and frankley one of the best comedies I've seen. It had some great moments, it made me laugh, and it was a great movie. One more thing to note on this, it was a comedy through-and-through, and it didn't turn full-on action movie half-way, which seemed to have become a trend ever since Kickass, I greatly appreciated that, and it got a thumbs-up from my side. 2) Madagascar 3 - I've been a fan of Madagascar ever since the first movie, the first is still my favourite classic to this day (I was 6 or 7 when I first saw it), and when I saw the trailer for the 3rd movie, I was really excited. And then when I watched it, it blew me away; Greatly because of the charcaters, largely because of the visual effects, and somewhat because of nostalgia. Every single character in the movie was memerable and interesting. The visual effects were downright amazing, honestly better than I've ever seen up until that movie, and obviously nostalgia because I loved and still love the series It was a great addition, and a wonderful closure to the series. 3) The Dictator - Now, I know Sasha Bron Cohen, I've seen his work and I loved Borat, and I knew he does best when he does reallity. Sadly, The Dictator was completely direceted, which in itself isn't a bad thing, but a little disappointing. However, it was still a great movie, and I really liked it, I just felt like it wasn't his best. 4) That's My Boy - Ahhh, Adam Sandler, how you make me proud to be Jewish. No really, it was a good movie, and the fact that Andy Semberg had a main role was really a good starting point. It was hilarious, but then agian most Adam Sandler movies have that wacky sense to them, like anything could happen at any given moment, and Adam is waiting to just jump on it. So basically, it's my kind of humor. Suprisingly though, it had some very strong emotional moments, which I did not expect, and it added a lot to the plot. Surely, not his best movie, but a funny one nonetheless. 5) Ted - Okay so, I'm not a big fan of Family Guy, I am however, a big fan of American Dad, which is an important distinction to make here; American Dad is a lot more wackier than Family Guy, and it seems that Seth McFarlane really shines in wack comedies, more so than the everyday comedy (not that Family doesn't have wacky moments, but American Dad is more aimed towards it). So with a plot such as a magical Teddy Bear becoming some sort-of washed out 30-something guy, it really makes it easier for Seth to work on. And it shows, it was overall a really good and funny movie, and I hope that guy makes more movies in the future. 6) Wreck-It Ralph - So this is the reason I started this thread in the first place, to talk about Wreck-It Ralph. I saw it two days ago, and holy shit was it amazing. First off, as most of you, no, all of you know, it's about video game characters, and that gains huge affection from me, as it does with everybody else. There wasn't one moment in the movie that I didn't like, every single second of that movie was filled with incredibleness that would overwhelm a floating 12 legged dinosaur with banana-shooting laser eyelashes. Sorry where was I? oh, the plot; Okay so I'm not going to spoil anything, but it might reveal something so I'm putting it in a spoiler tag: It's my new favourite movie, (freakishly large) hands down. Best movie of 2012, and the best movie I've seen, in my opinion. So, those are all the movies I've seen, and once agian, what was the best movie of 2012?
  8. Does your family traditionally drink one of these over the others? Do you prefer something different? What are you sipping by the fireplace? If other, please specify
  9. kanwe yest

    Music 5 - 10 favorite musicians

    Name 5 - 10 of your favorite musicians/bands. my list(not in order) 1. Limp Bizkit 2. Big L 3. Marilyn Manson 4. Nas 5. Gang Starr 6. Hopsin 7. Papa Roach 8. Mobb Deep 9. Tech N9ne 10. D12
  10. Hello all. I've been thinking about villains in gaming a lot recently thanks to the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta featuring one of the most well known villains of all time; Darth Vader. Though less of an antagonist in that game, he's still a force to be reckoned with. So, i was wondering what everyone's favorite villains in gaming are! (why is optional ) My personal favorite is The High Prophet of Truth from Halo 2 and 3, mainly due to the fact that he isn't some hulking brute, and he isn't some super genius, he is simply an overzealous nut in command of the most powerful military in the galaxy. In a one on one fight with the Master Chief or Arbiter, Truth is guaranteed to lose, but Truth isn't fighting a one on one fight. Anyways, I'd like to hear from some other people about their personal fave villain, so feel free to post yours below! <3
  11. Alphys Hedge

    Music Favorite Vocaloid?

    I didn't see a thread like this so...yeah. Like the title says, what's your favorite vocaloid? Mine personally is Kagamine Len and Rin. EDIT: And here is my favorite Kagamine Rin song ): Also, let me know your favorite song by that vocaloid is! If your favorite vocaloid is not listed in the poll above, let me know and I'll be sure to add it!
  12. SixShooterOutlaw

    Rainbow Rocks Who is the best Siren?

    Who is the best Siren? Vote in the poll and tell us why in the comments!
  13. As the title states, what is your favorite hero? (Heroes are listed here, and items are here.) ------- I think my favorite has to be Nature's Prophet. There's just so many ways you can play him. (personal preferences and wall of text here) You can play him as a pusher, buying a Shadow Blade, a Necrobook (and then leveling it up), maybe even a Desolator for the minus armor on towers or maybe a Mjollnir, Assault Cuirass or a Moon Shard (thank god for new items) to just push down towers and other buildings in seconds, leaving more room for your team or helping to win the game. You can also play him as a carry, maybe rushing a Hand Of Midas, getting some attack speed from Mjollnir or Assault Cuirass (but AC is more late game-ish) or just getting some early damage with either Desolator, Monkey King Bar, Daedalus, or Orchid Malevolence. Don't forget your Black King Bar as you'll probably get targeted by spells. You can even play him as ganker, getting an early Dagon or Solar Crest, then later on you can get Ethereal Blade (you can combine with Dagon for massive damage) or Scythe Of Vyse to disable a target of choice. He's really a hero that is quite variable and can really play any role due to his Sprout and Teleport abilities allowing him to set up kills and ganks, his Teleport (again), Nature's Call and Wrath of Nature allow him to push very fast all around the map, and pretty much all of his abilities can help him to carry his team quite well. ------- What's your favorite?
  14. This is the classic game with a little twist. Traditionally, you pick 3 items to bring with you. I want to know what 3 episodes of MLP you'd bring with you. These 3 episodes will have to sustain you for the rest of your life, so pick ones you won't get tired of! 2-part episodes may count as one I'll start: Slice of Life, Inspiration Manifestation, The Crystal Empire pt. 1 & 2
  15. Megachangeling12

    Movies/TV Favorite non pony characters ?

    What are your favorite non MLP characters . I love the following Shenzi , Banzai and Ed the lion King Bloo fosters home for imaginary friends Venom spider man Shenzi banzai and Ed the lion king Agent orange Stewie griffin family guy Plankton spongebob Mung daal chowder Eddy Ed edd and eddy Finally the best for last ... Cartman from South Park What are yours ?
  16. So.. what's your favorite scary movie? Wait-wait-wait, there's something wrong here. Oh, never mind. Yeah, let's get to it. Which horror game (if you've played some) has gotten you really .. really .. really .. SCARED!? Perhaps if I gave you an example of how scared some people can get, here's a video: (If you wanna jump to the funneh steph, then it's around 1:30.)
  17. DND

    Color Opinions

    Being an artist, i'd hate to live my life without color. Now out of the list, tell us what your favorite color is, and how other colors are viewed by you. Fill out your opinion about each of these simplistic colors below! Pink: Red: Orange: Yellow: Green: Blue: Purple: Brown: Gray: White: Black: My opinions:

    Idea: notifications of favourites

    There should be notifications of your favorite songs that play on any of the stations connected to Ponyville live.
  19. To be honest you guys, I'm just curious as to what you guys feel are YOUR favorite things about the show! For example my favorite things about the show are, the art style, and Rainbow Dash.
  20. Gone Airbourne

    Music Favorite Rise Against songs?

    Not sure how many here like Rise Against but in the past two years their music has grown on me so much. I have bought all their albums and I can always listen to a song by theirs to help me if I am going through something. Their lyrics in their songs are so meaningful and just out of any band I know... their lyrics hit home with me. I love all their songs especially their earlier work from The Unraveling, Revolutions Per Minute & Siren Song of the Counterculture My top 10 songs by them would have to be these. 1.) Everchanging- The Unraveling 2.) Six Ways Till Sunday - The Unraveling 3.) Black Masks & Gasoline - Revolutions Per Minute 4.) Like the Angel - Revolutions Per Minute 5.) Give It All - Siren Song of the Counterculture 6.) Swing Life Away - Siren Song of the Counterculture 7.) The Good Left Undone - The Sufferer & the Witness 8.) Injection/Survive - The Sufferer & the Witness 9.) This is Letting Go/Lanterns - Endgame 10.)Tragedy + Time - The Black Market Everchanging is my all time favorite song by them the lyrics in this song are absolutely amazing. I can listen to this song and it covers so much truth in so many different areas. In this "everchanging life" this is always going to be something to come your way and no matter what it maybe you have to be ready for whatever life throws at you. Each day you never know what will take place so you just have to be ready for the absolute unexpected. Every year things come new to your life and we learn new things. This song is one of my all time favorite songs ever though <3 Rise Against is a wonderful band and this quote by them I respect greatly. "How we survive makes who we are"
  21. Twilight S7

    Favorite moments from MLP?

    What are your favorite moments in MLP FiM? Mine is when Twilight uses the four princesses power to fight Tirek.
  22. Fanglore

    It's Pizza Time

    I don't know about you but i LOVE Pizza and i have one place that (to me anyway) dose Pizza right. Its a family owned Pizza joint called Bits & Pizzas. Yes i Honestly think its the best Pizza in the world Mmmm don't that look like a tasty Pizza to you? Well enough about my Pizza. I wanna hear about your Pizza. So where do you go when you just have to get a Pizza? What is you favorite type of Pizza? also if you have any pictures of you favorite Pizza i would love to see it. yes i know i have said Pizza thirteen time now.
  23. So, something that may not be thought of often nowadays, are things that we as a player collect during our journey through a particular game. Now, when you hear collectible, you usually think hidden things that are difficult to find and are a prime reason for the birth of walkthroughs. However, for this, I am counting ALL things that we nab in games. Whether it be the collectibles I just mentioned, the coins in Mario, the Materia in FF7, the gems in Aladdin, this could be anything like that. So with that established, what are some of YOUR favorite things to get in video games? Me personally, one of my favorite has always been the bananas from Donkey Kong country. Perhaps it is just me being a primate but there was always something deeply satisfying to me about collecting those things and all they did was give you free lives. No points, no high scores, just lives. Yet it still makes me want to grab them when playing through that marvelous game. What about you, dear reader?
  24. Crimson Loyalty Dash

    a simple question with multiple answers

    who are your two favorite ponies that go hand in hand err... hoof in hoof persay XD. basically two ponies that have similar traits, characteristics or otherwise do similar things. after picking two ponies that are in your mind find the reason why they both are similar. I will start. My two favorite ponies for this question: vinyl scratch and rainbow dash. their similarities: level of swagger and general awesomeness now to make it 20 times more difficult -_- of the two you chose which is better? answer by saying how or how you could/ couldn't decide... try to be creative in how you answer. how I would answer this question: I cant decide!!! this is such a painful decision... I hate questions like this one because... well let me put it this way: trying to decide who is better, rainbow dash or vinyl scratch, is like asking who would win in a fight an old, battle experienced chuck Norris or an young battle experienced chuck Norris. it is impossible to decide because I love RD and VS equally as much so I cannot completely answer this question I just love them both to much . who did you choose, reason why/ similarities and how would you answer the question? answer in the comments below, I don't judge but I am interested to know what is on everypony's mind/ what is their opinion
  25. Battle of teh ponies! There's a ton of dominatrix on who should be best pony, but most importantly who deserves to be well loved. (In other words, a bigger fan club!) :3 I am "best pony biased", so my favorite changes A LOT. To make it fair, I think everypony deserves a spare chance. lol So forums, how about you? Who deserves to have a bigger fanbase?