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Found 54 results

  1. Personally one of my most deepest and darkest fears is of not being able to succeed in life. I often have nightmares about getting expelled from school because of this, because I want to study mathematics and eventually teach it. What about your fears?
  2. Do you have any fears that you probably should have gotten over by now?
  3. One of my large phobias I had until just a few months ago were spiders and arachnids. I used to be so terrified of them that even the smallest ones made me run and hide in another room. Let's not even talk about the larger ones. Not too long ago, I decided to learn more about them. I eventually decided to pick up some harmless arachnids that I was freaked out by, harvestmen/daddy longlegs: These things scared me the most where I live, and are pretty big, but harmless. I managed to pick one up, and I learned that they weren't that scary at all; they were cute. Pretty much I got over my arachnophobia, and love spiders, often looking at them or holding them. How has anyone else gotten over a phobia?
  4. Yeah this probably seems really weird to have as a phobia, but I have a phobia of mayonnaise, ever since I was young I always hated it and refused to touch it. It just looks so disgusting and horrible Anyone else strongly dislike it?
  5. Fear. Fear is a natural (and healthy) emotion that we feel whenever we think we're in some form of danger. Unfortunately, some fears have a way of evolving into a phobia; an anxiety disorder in which you develop an irrational and persistent fear of an object or situation. ... But let me stop talking about this like it's an essay. Since all of us have our fears, i was wondering if any of you guys and gals have any phobias. I should make it clear, though; I'm speaking specifically of phobias; not a mild fear. If you've spoken to me enough here, than you probably know what my phobia is: Lilapsophobia. I;E, the irrational fear of tornadoes and hurricanes. I'll just give you my brief story about this. I'll be honest; I never liked storms when I was very young, and I would definitely say I was afraid of them. I wouldn't call it a phobia back then, though, due to the fact that it was basically just a childhood fear of mine. I won't lie; I don't mind thunderstorms too much now... or at least, I would be saying that. While I'm not afraid of standard thunderstorms anymore, my fear of them seemed to evolved somehow. Instead of me being afraid of thunderstorms, now I'm afraid of what they can become. This is the point where I discuss how this affects my life... There is not a single day in summer that I'm not anticipating the absolute worst case scenario. Not. One. It could be a sunny day without a single cloud in the sky, and I would still be thinking about what might happen later. Not only this, but it has significantly affected how I travel during summertime. I'm always paranoid about leaving my house, to the point where I pretty much never go anywhere in summer. The storms aren't the only reason I strongly dislike summer (bugs, heat, noise...), but it's one of the aspects that contributes the most. In short, summertime is an absolutely miserable experience for me, thanks to my lilapsophobia. I know how stupid this is to, but I just can't control it! Every single damn time a thunderstorm rolls through, my heart starts racing for the first few minutes, I start listening to my music louder, I'm not as wiling to speak to people... it's just a mess. Granted, I'll usually calm down within 10 minutes (unless it's a severe storm), but that doesn't stop the cycle from repeating. Oh, and don't even get me started on how I act when there's an actual tornado watch (or worse, warning) issued. Anyways... with my little tirade out of the way, do you suffer from any Phobias? If so, what is it of, and how does it affect your life? Thanks in advance for any responses!
  6. I've always wondered peoples opinions on this. Personally, I don't fear dying. We all have our time, and I won't fear it when mine comes. Also, I wasn't sure where this topic would go, so I put in general discussion.
  7. I have an irrational fear towards peanut butter. I dont know why, but I do (ask Hayze). What about you? What do you guys fear?
  8. A close friend of mine recently learned that she has trypophobia, a fear of holes in an irregular pattern, such as strawberries, beehives, or anthills. It got me thinking if i have any fears, as i thought i didn't. For some reason i never attributed my jitteriness around insects as a fear, but it really is a borderline phobia. Some of the worst are moths, they are like the ugly cousins of butterflies, except they also flap in your face and headbutt your lamp. I am way better with insects that don't fly, and i even like bees. While ill be slurring swears every which way if a moth is fluttering around me while in a group of friends, if that moth is switched out with a bee, ill just be chillin as i watch all of my friends flee out of the room. What about your guys' fears or phobias?
  9. Are you afraid of needles? How are you with getting blood drawn and recieving injections? I am personally a huge baby when it comes to this. I sometimes faint whilst getting blood taken, which is referred to as vasovagal syncope.
  10. Do you have fear or use to have fear of clowns ? and why they scare you ? yes I use to have fear of clown when I was a kid but I conquer it but they continue to weird me out I think they are from another word they are not natural
  11. hi guys! lily here with another god-awful excuse of a thread. i was just talking to my roomie, beth, and she said my fear is really weird... ready for it?... care bears yes, that tv show that is somewhat similar to the best show in the world. why you ask? because when i was little, i loved the show, so when i missed an ep i would watch it online. one day i watched a weird video and suddenly zombies came and killed all the care bears. it was a screamer, and i know that, but the thought actually makes me shiver. whenever i see a pic of them i get a panic attack and start to hyperventilate until someone gets rid of it. i'm also scared of going to the toilet block at school alone, but thats a loooooooong story, well, not really, i just dont wanna tell you because i WILL cry so... you can tell me: 1) what is your opinion of my fear? im actually curious to hear what you think 2) what is YOUR weirdest fear? 3) why do you have that fear? do you know?
  12. I fear of plenty of things. I could explain them in a lot of detail but I think I'll just make a list of what I fear MOST. Here goes: War - War is something I've feared for years. Especially nuclear war. Hearing about it just makes my skin crawl. I actually planned an escape route out of the country if it were to happen. Disease Outbreak - I have a bit of a paranoia with germs. When I hear about outbreaks of things like Ebola, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease and ect. my paranoia goes overboard! Murder - I live in a relatively safe place. Still, there are a few sketchy people that pop up around here. I'm afraid one of them will pull out a gun/knife and try to kill me. Car crashes - I usually take the bus to places but sometimes my family members offer to drive me. I fear one day some drunk on the road will kill us. Death it's self - I fear the Reaper more than anything. Life is precious. It's something you can't get back.
  13. Hello. I decided to write this little fanfic because of the episode "Applebuck Season". In it, Applejack is staying up all night bucking apples so she is sleepy and mishears ingredients, which leads to some muffins being made that give some background ponies food poisoning. They're all fine now, but I imagined what if after getting better, Lyra becomes afraid to eat muffins again because she's worried she'll get food poisoning again? Then, I came up with this. It's mostly dialogue, and very short, but it's my first attempt at MLP fanfic. One morning, Lyra was prancing down the streets of Ponyville. She thought she'd stop for breakfast at Sugarcube Corner. When she got there, Bon Bon was sitting at a table, eating a muffin. "Hey, Lyra!" said Bon Bob, "want some of my muffin?". " thanks," said Lyra, backing away hesitantly. "What?!" said Bon Bon, "that's not like you, Lyra! Normally, you barely leave any for me!" Lyra giggled. She was used to teasing like this from her best friend. "Well, the thing is, I'm scared," she said. "Scared?! Why in Equestria would you be scared of muffins?!" said Bon Bon. "Well, remember a few days ago when we ate those muffins and got sick? Pinkie Pie herself said that they weren't baked goods, but rather baked bads. I don't want to get sick again!". "Ly, it was a fluke!" said Bon Bon, "Pinkie said that she will always check the ingredients before making the muffins, and besides, they tasted terrible. We would've spat them out but we were afraid of being rude. But I say that if you don't like it, just spit it out." Just then, Pinkie Pie bounded over. "What's going on, you two wacky mares?" she said. "It's Lyra," said Bon Bon, "she's worried that the Baked Bads incident will happen again so she doesn't want to eat a muffin." "Don't worry, Lyra," said Pinkie Pie, "I now have a policy against having ponies who are sleepy help make the cakes, I check to see what they put and discard any muffins with yucky ingredients." She said this all in one breath, lay her head on her front hooves at the word "sleepy", and made a silly disgusted face at the word, "yucky". By this time, Bon Bon had finished her muffin, so Pinkie Pie ran out and got Lyra another muffin. She set down the muffin and said, as though Lyra was a stubborn foal, "Come on, Lyra-Wyra, just one bite!" Lyra leaned over the muffin and drooled, but she still looked hesitant. Then, Pinkie Pie burst into song, singing very quickly to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: "Lyra should eat the muffin. 'Cause it's very nice and sweet. She's always liked my muffins. And I'll make sure they're good to eat. Bon Bon ate hers and she's fine. Lyra will like hers, I bet. And if she eats the muffin, She'll be very happy yet!" With each lyric, Lyra's eyes and mouth opened wider and wider and she leaned in closer to the muffin, eventually taking one little bite. It tasted so good that she instantly forgot about being scared and scarfed down the whole thing. "Atta filly, Lyra," said Bon Bon. Lyra gave a satisfied smile and hoof-bumped Bon Bon, the two went on their merry way, and Lyra was never afraid to eat a muffin again.
  14. SPOILERS AHEAD After watching "All Bottled Up" and "A Flurry of Emotions", I have a new theory. Emotions are the center of unicorn magic. Here is my proof: Starlight Glimmer has had a rough past, and is still hurting on the inside. When Trixie started to annoy Starlight, anger started to build up. Starlight unconsciously conjured her thoughts in the form of magic, which caused the red blob of anger, comprising of all her bad and angry thoughts about Trixie. Because so many thoughts were being built up and the fact that it took a lot of energy to conjure these angry blobs, eventually, Starlight tired herself out. Anger, as an emotion uses up a lot of energy, and when an angry person peaks out, the cool down stage begins, which takes quite a while (the case with Starlight). On the other hand, Flurry Heart, when scared binds herself in a magic bubble, away from others. We see this happen when Twilight got mad at her for wandering away in the hospital. Flurry had never seen this side of Twilight. Her fear caused her magic to shift into something that would make her withdraw and/or protect herself from the scary pony. At that moment, she saw Twilight as a scary bear. On a more positive note, Princess Cadence, being the Princess of Love is a great example. Whenever she comes across a situation where ponies are disagreeing and hating on each other, the thoughts of restoration and love come to her mind, which then produces a restoration/love spell. This is clearly seen when she clears Shining Armor of Chrysalis's spell. Thoughts?
  15. Why do people hate cowards?I didnt choose and i dont want to be scared of everything,when im scared i usually get: ''Dont be such a coward,really . or ''You dont have to be scared of every single thing!'' That makes me feel bad about myself ,i dont show it to the whole world(complaining,whining,doubting,slowing and other stuff) so it cant annoy others,but other people notice it and get bullied a lot of it. i get panic attacks inside and i have a lot of intense fear,thats the worst part.Why do people hate cowards?
  16. Hello everypony. Earlier I was working on a fanfic where an OC villain used all of the Mane 6's fears against them, when it occured to me that I had no idea what the villain could do to Rarity. So...what exactly IS Rarity's worst fear? For example-- All of the Mane 6 (but especially Twilight) would be afraid of losing each other. Twilight's "good student with OCD" mindset makes her deathly afraid of failure. Rainbow Dash, with her huge ego, I would guess is very afraid of being embarassed, especially in front of the Wonderbolts. Fluttershy is afraid of (besides everything) probably something similar to Rainbow, where she is embarassed and EVERYPONY is watching. Pinkie and Applejack I'm not too sure about, but I think Applejack would fear for her family's safety and Pinkie is legit not afraid of anything. What would Rarity be afraid of?? I mean something that's a deeper, more complex fear than like, "getting dirty" or something.
  17. Hey every pony, I was just thinking... What is the scariest movie that you've ever seen? And which genre do you find most spine chilling? Don't be afraid. Come, stay and chat a while. I don't know a single soul who doesn't enjoy a good fear flick every now and then... Or is that just me? Do you like stalker killers, masked slashers, monsters of science fiction, supernatural thrillers. Personally, around the Halloween season... I love them all. From the cheesy to the horribly cheesy. I especially like them so bad it's good films. I recently saw Sharknado 3 on Netflix. I thought at one time. "Okay, flying sharks is one thing but a share in space now that's just stupid. Seriously there's a still shot maybe cover photo the hero in a space suit against a huge shark in space. Geez.
  18. So this amazing dumb shit named Rick Tyler had a brilliant idea: Erect a billboard that states, verbatim and no way around it, "Make America White Again." And that wasn't the worst thing about it. The worst thing about it was his justification for the billboard. About a safer, whiter America that hearkens back to the, oh, 1950's or so. Where racism was kind of, well, okay; commonplace, expected, and overt. I feel as though that's the direction we're headed nowadays: "Make racism OK again." Though what his billboard ACTUALLY said was this: "I'm afraid of people who aren't white; let's huddle in close and be afraid together." I understand people are afraid, but this is classic scapegoat territory. Don't just throw the supposedly guilty party under the bus; throw EVERYONE under the same damn bus. It's not as though white people ever commit violent crimes; that's crazy-talk. The people that are openly supporting fuckheads like Tyler need to do everyone a favor: Just outright SAY that you're racist. Even the likes of hate groups are willing to do that. Don't support someone like Tyler then turn around, hem and haw, and make excuses. Just say, "I'm racist, and I support a racist in the upcoming election." Stop bullshitting; you're wasting everyone's time.
  19. As the title says, everypony has fears, but what are the main 6 afraid of? For Twilight, I think what she fears the most is not living up to other pony expectations. She needs to do everything perfectly to the point where she would do anything and everything to make ponies accept her. For Applejack, it's pretty similar to Twilight but it goes towards her pride and her family (including her friends). She's pretty stubborn and she won't admit being a failure that easily. but to be honest, I don't know that I could call it 'fear' of her or so to speak. For Fluttershy, this one is tough, she fears mostly everything but I think the fear of her, is fear of facing the problems. She always hides when everything went south. For Rainbow Dash, it's easy. She afraid of losing, not even a small thing. She's afraid to lose yet she gets nervous every time she had to do something big. For Pinkie Pie, her fear of losing friends is noticeable throughout the show. She desperately trying to get everyone attention and also pay her attention to everypony equally. She's sad when her friends didn't like Maud yet she didn't have the heart to tell them. Even though it was pretty obvious. :okiedokielokie: For Rarity, she's pretty hard to think of. She might be afraid of losing her chance to go big. She did mention a lot that she dreams of being important. I'm not sure at all. These are my thoughts, what about yours?
  20. Hi there Feather Hooves again, So I started thinking (dangerous nowadays) about rainbow dash. Has anyone noticed how she doesn't like to be on the ground (she naps on clouds and in the trees. She even lives on a cloud, as well as when twilight was trying to help her study she couldn't sit still because she wasn't flying) Then an idea hit me, what if she at one point had the same issue as scootaloo and she couldn't fly. (Of course one day she figures out how to fly and joined the speedster flight school) but it caused this fear that if she stayed on the ground she'd forget how to fly or wouldn't be able to anymore. . . ideas or comments? Thanks! Feather Hooves
  21. I have a few phobias myself, but I want to know what you guys' phobias are. I have Ophidiophobia, for example. Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes. If you also have that particular one, then join the revolution. If you don't, tell me which ones you do have. ~Cerby
  22. Um, wow, hello. It's been a while.. So, I recently had an absolutely HORRID nightmare.. And I'm wondering, what is the worst nightmare you've ever had? I have two. The one I had last night. My grandfather and I were walking home after my Girlscouts meeting was over. (I don't take girlscouts anymore though, I stopped when I was around 7 or 8.) Since the meeting house is not even a mile from my house, we walked home. I saw Slender Man in some nearby woods, and yelled, "Peepa, look!" But he ignored me. We continued walking and in between two houses, there he was again, and he killed my grandfather. I screamed and ran home in tears and told my mom and my big brother. Then, often, I'd hear ringing and static in my ears and see Slender Man watching me. What was so scary, is how real the dream felt... This next one is a dream I had when I was about 6 or 7. So, I had this kind of space helmet on, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't take it off. It was hard to breathe and see and I started crying and people were laughing at me. I felt so helpless. So, what are your worst nightmares? I'd love to know!
  23. "Courage is looking fear right in the eye and saying, 'Get the hell out of my way, I got better things to do." - Unknown
  24. "Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay. Right now, today, we are still alive, and our bodies are working marvelously. Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky. Our ears can still hear the voices of our loved ones." - Thich Nhat Hanh
  25. So please post here what you fear most. For Example:Spider. Do not post here what is most afraid or what you like. Thanks!!