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Found 31 results

  1. I've just gotten back from my new therapist, I haven't had a therapist since I was 16; I feel amazing. At first I was feeling scared and worried that new job opportunities and people would think I'm crazy or scary but after talking to my therapist she cleared everything up. It's absolutely OK to admit that you have depression or feeling scared/anxious, crying and letting it out felt so amazing. What do you guys think? Do you think therapy is good for anytime you're emotionally upset, or should you be like me and wait till it's almost unbearable then go in? I feel like I should of done this a lot sooner. Also discuss how medical and insurance should offer more options when it comes to getting personal health, some insurance companies refuse to help you with getting proper health, even if it's mental or drug/alcohol abuse. Personally I think it's bullshit, you should be able to say "I need help, I need someone to talk to!" and go get that help without any hassle.
  2. Just wanted to know how all of you are doing today
  3. What is the best and most appropriate definition for love, that is about feelings and not about sex? When people fell in love with each other because of who they are and what do they feel, and not because of their bodies and their "calls for lust". When sex is there only for having child/children.
  4. Heya ^^ Dramatic question warning! I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Namely: why do you choose to live? For me, I'm sticking around because I'm enjoying myself. My goal for the longest while was to understand people (including myself), and since reaching the answers I needed, I'm largely indifferent to things. Apathy was a major enemy of mine some time ago, but now it's a reformed ally. I'm not forcing myself to find some lifelong goal (like forging deep bonds or fighting for a grand cause). Everything has it's limits, and properly so. I certainly won't avoid those things, but they aren't my center anymore. There are far more forms of happiness to explore. Life's fun if you can find ways to make it fun, but death seems pretty inviting otherwise. And in case you were wondering, I'm not suicidal; I just see death as a reasonable choice. Finding work/income and having my own place is the goal now. Somewhere I can build a nice gaming/anime sanctuary to spend my days with whatever/whomever I enjoy. /endmonologue Feel free to throw me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them ^^
  5. Self-explanatory title. Anyways, I have a really bad temper that needs to be kept in check sometimes. For example, if you somehow managed to piss me off, I could end up punching you as hard as I can, without any control of my emotions. If it were not for my kindness and munificence I would be a big time punk, as I was three years ago. Yes, my description sounds mean, but it's unfortunately true.
  6. Simple enough. Do you tell others about them? Or do you just get over them yourself? How do you treat your problems? I never tell anybody about my problems, and when I do I word it wrong so they think I'm overreacting to nothing. that happens A LOT. XD I usually just bury them in my emotions and pretend they don't exist. I want to tell people about them but I feel like I'll annoy them or seem self centered anyways, go right ahead!
  7. For those of you who don't know, I'm an avid writer with not quite enough time on his hands. I've only published one fanfic (the only one that's finished so far), but that was almost a year ago. Last night someone messaged me, desperately wanting to know when I'd be writing again. I thought it a little silly, since I'm nowhere near an expert level, but I told him I was felt very honored that someone appreciated my writing, and that I was planning on publishing something in the next few months. Out of curiosity, I checked the stats for my old fanfic, and I found out that I had 31,000+ views! THIRTY-ONE THOUSAND?!? My natural reaction: I never expected anything like that! So that was my awesome happy moment of the day; what was one of your guy's most awesome feel-good moments?
  8. Hi everypony ! So recently I've noticed that I'm not the kind of person that opens up about his feelings, even to my closer friends I basically hide them ! I personally keep all of my feelings, problems and insecurities inside of me till It becomes too much to handle and really hurts me... So my question is, are you guys open about your feelings/problems to your surroundings? Tell us all ! Brohoof /) [PS: Not seeking any advices or anything !]
  9. The title is really a metaphor. I don't really mean to ask if you wear a heart on your shirt for the record. What I mean by this is, do you express your feelings and emotions honestly or do you bottle them and keep them hidden? For example, say someone says something that you find offensive or insulting or it just plain pisses you off. Would you let them know it and fight back, or would you do nothing and keep your emotions kept inside? Me, I generally try to keep my emotions kept inside. There are a number of things that piss me off or get me worked up, but I don't react. I keep my feelings bottled up and don't really do anything. I do have a few exceptions however. Somethings I am passionate enough about to speak up and contradict someone on. One of those being Fluttershy. Dear Celestia does it rub me the wrong way when people call her sexy... she's beautiful, not sexy. So what about all of you? Are you like me, who tends to keep things inside, or do you make yourself heard?
  10. Well... for past few weeks I was struggling with memories of some troubling events in my life. No matter what I did I was unable to stop thinking about them and this almost drove me insane. I was unable to forget about them and more I try to resist more frequently they come. Until I finally realized the root of my problem. Somehow instead of forgetting about that events my mind was trying to convince myself to find something positive about those memories, maybe to make them less daunting or whatever. I realized that was the main problem, there wasn't anything at all to feel positive about in those memories so there was no way to make them less daunting at all. So, what I did to get rid of them? Nothing at all. I just accepted my dislike/hatred for those events and then I started to feel better. All of the sudden those memories become less painful and I began to feel my sanity recovering once again. So, I figured that instead of trying to find out something positive about a daunting situation, accepting your true feelings about that helps a lot. Please pardon my grammar mistakes if you've seen any.
  11. Whenever I'm feeling lonely or like I don't have anyone to talk to I usually go onto the forums actually. But what if you don't have internet, or being on the forums just makes you feel more alone? That's when I turn to my trusty YouTube playlist! (If your playlist is filled with depressing songs then find a new one). Once I've set up my super affirmative songs (ex. This Is Me by Demi Lavato) then I do whatever I want. Usually I'll dance super crazily... You can draw, you can write, you can color! With a lot of free time on your hands you can do a lot of things. This means you can try new things. Maybe you've never baked cookies before! Or maybe you've never made your bed! This is time for you to do all those things without feeling like a piece of crap because your parents get mad at you for not doing them! Have fun being lonely like me! And don't hesitate to PM me if you are feeling lonely!!
  12. I've never cried like this before. I've never felt like there was someone squeezing my heart so much it hurt and pushing on my lungs so much i couldn't breathe right. I've never cried with audible sobs and gasps for air. My nose has never clogged up and not run. I've never cried like this before; where it feels like the end of the world. I've never cried of a broken heart before this... 11/3/18 But I don't cry like this anymore. I looked at the bright side. I made things better. At the time, it seemed impossible. IT might seem like that for you too, but I encourage you to find the silver lining.
  13. you know that game with the kid and it looks like earthbound and the goat mom waifu and the developer IS TAKING HIS SWEET GOD DAMN TIME FINISHING IT~~
  14. Well aware of the blog being rather negative towards MLP when it first began (subsequently making the show more popular in the process) but I'd like to know what you guys think of the blog.
  15. Hi everyone, So as the title suggests, how do you feel when you re-watch episodes from earlier Seasons of Pony? As we get closer and closer to the release of S6, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and went back and watched some episodes from the very 1st season. I can't believe S1 aired nearly 6 years ago! I baby-sit a kid who is 6 years old and it freaks me out that fans who were born when the show 1st aired are now old enough to start grade school . It amazes me how far we've come from MLP's humble beginnings. I suddenly feel so old whenever I catch a S1 episode on TV. It was a much simpler time back then. The show could not take as many risks as it can now as writers had to abide to Hasbro's E/I (Educational and Informational) standards. Hasbro was testing out the waters with the show and even they weren't sure that it would last this long. Thankfully, E/I was dropped starting with Season 2 allowing for more engaging storytelling . Going back to re-watch Season 1 is like going back to playing Pokemon Red and Blue on the GameBoy after playing Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on the 3DS. Sure it is nostalgic and great fun, but you quickly remember how far we've come since then . Feel free to agree or disagree with my analogy. It's why I rank the later seasons higher than the earlier ones, and can't stand those who say that episodes after a specific season are plain garbage (which is an entirely different discussion that i'll keep separate from this 1 ).
  16. I work at a hardware store, and they recently hired a new coworker (we'll call him Brad). One day, I'm eating my lunch in the break room when Brad walks in. "Hi Brad!" I say politely. Brad stares at me for a second, and then begins to shift his eyes across my body, as if he's inspecting me. A smile creeps across his face. "You're a virgin, aren't you?" he says plainly. "...what kind of a question is that?" I reply. "You don't have to be embarrassed." he says, still grinning from ear to ear. "Even if I was, how could you even tell?" I replied, shifting uncomfortably in my chair. " just have a way about you." he says. "I can almost guarantee you that Ryan is virgin, too." "You barely even know Ryan." "I know enough." Brad says decisively. "I know that he doesn't make eye contact when he talks to me." "So?" "So, he's f*cking whipped. He's got absolutely no game. Trust me, I know the type. Goes home, eats dinner, watches TV, goes to bed. Nothing goin' on in his pants. Unless..." Brad motions towards his left hand, wiggling his fingers back and forth. "Unless little lefty here is putting out." "Whatever." I reply. At this point, I'm feeling ridiculously self-conscious. I mean, everybody masturbates...not just me and Ryan. I'm normal, right? There's nothing wrong with me. I make eye contact with people (mostly). I've had a couple girlfriends. Never really got sexual ever, but--- "You don't believe me, do you?" he says, still grinning. "Trust me, once you get a little'll know what I'm talking about." Brad winks at me, then leaves the break room. My head is spinning. I know that most of you are thinking that Brad is just a gross pervert who's trying to get under my skin, it true that some men are able to identify whether somebody has had sex or not? Is he taking a wild guess, or did he prematurely come to that conclusion based on how friendly I was to him? Does he perceive friendliness as a sign of weakness? Is this some sort of "wolf pack" male initiation ritual that I'm unaware of? Do guys regularly size each other up by suggesting that one of them gets less sex than the other? I've never had somebody talk to me that way, not even in school.
  17. A calm topic, nothing mindblowing But.... i have a burning question Did you ever saw a movie that made you so interested in a certain domain or path , and you took that path with great confidence ? A path like a doctor , or a pilot or a cook, or a writer, or an journalist or anything that made you feel like ``this is me``. BTW ~check the tags ~
  18. sorry I don't know how to pick video on here so here the link I know after I watched this I reminded me of why I am a warrior and what I stand for. I was very hopeful after watching Steven Universe and I cry inside a little. I fight for a better world for my children and so this battle is in my time. I want them to grow up in a world of peace were things that they see in moives are not there day to day real lives(The Dark Knight were it both in real life and movie a terrorist is not killed but locked up cause he might be crazy and he is white).
  19. Hia, everyone! The title pretty much says it all. For me, my parents are quite tolerant of me being a fan of the show and being a part of the fandom. I don't recieive much flack for it, for the most part. But their toleration comes in two different forms. My mom doesn't seem to mind all that much, but she has expressed that she thinks I spend too much time with MLP related things. Even still, she likes my OC art; supported me when I put my first story up on fim-fiction; and I feel comfortable watching and talking about the show around her. Despite this, I know my limits. I already know she wouldn't like the idea of me getting a plushie; even if she doesn't express so openly. While she doesn't necessarily want my brother to watch the show; she never degrades or shames him. Generally, she doesn't say anything about her feelings about it and lets him enjoy it. She did make clear, though, that she doesn't like the idea of him getting a MLP t-shirt. On the other hand, my dad's toleration comes in the form of jokes -- really annoying jokes. For the most part, he won't say anything about it unless me and/or my brother bring it up in his hearing. The jokes -- while annoying -- are quite innocuous and I can easily brush them off. But I know he doesn't approve of us watching the show -- especially with my brother. My irritation mainly comes from when the jokes are being directed at him; they seem to take on a different tone entirely. And you can probably guess why. For this reason, me and my brother don't watch the show when my dad is awake or home from work; and we tend keep talk about it at a minimum when he's in ear-shot. So, how about you all? How do your parent(s)/guardian(s) feel about you watching MLP?
  20. Bunnybright


    What is your favorite summer foods? My favorites are mainly fruit or fruit related, however I do enjoy a good snowball!! I was born and raised in the southern states of the united states. It is usualy very hot in the summer times so having something cold and tasty is always wanted. I don't know what I would have done without the tasty goodness of snowballs. Haver you ever had a snowball? If so what were or are some of your favorite flavors? Mine have been rainbow, silver fox and green apple. I probably have tried others I have liked I just can't recall the names. I have been craving snowballs lately. Have you had any food cravings lately, if so what?
  21. So I've been on this site for about a day. But I've been a Brony for a while now, and now I've found a place where I can talk about it without being ridiculed! So I not only want to talk myself about my thoughts and feelings about being a brony, and Bronydom itself, but rather, discuss OUR thoughts and feelings about it. So, I'd like to start by saying Hi, I'm Thomas (AKA Storm Crasher). Im 15 and in high school and last year, I became a Brony. It started when I was watching ASDF and I liked the short little music at the end of movie 5 and found out that the person who made the song was known as "The Living Tombstone". I checked out his vids but found that he made songs, about ponies. I liked his music but I didn't quite understand it because I knew next to NOTHING about My Little Pony. So that's when it started, I then went on Netflix and watched the first few episodes, then another few, then another few, and so on and so forth. I soon reached the final episode of Season 3, and decided to do a ton of research, finding the Bronies, their art, their music, the fanfiction, parodies, pics, gifs, memes, quotes, clips, song lyrics... just about everything. I even got into pairing! (i.e. AppleDash, SoarinDash, PinkieShy etc.) So I fell in love with everything about My Little Pony... but then... I discovered... clopping... at first I was extremely upset about how the idea even came up that people could possibly make a picture of one of the ponies pleasuring themselves to another pony, or even objects and other creatures. Now over the many months of being on Tumblr and seing this nonsense, I actually don't mind it and think of it nothing more than good art skills... EXCEPT WHEN I SEE APPLEJACK AND HER FAMILY COMITTING INCEST!!! ahem... sorry bout that, applejack's just my fav pony... anyway, my thoughts on everything.... Yes, us Bronies will be ridiculed, hated, and bullied by mainstream society, but as a group... or more even as I like to think... a family, we will eventually all pull through together. Being a Brony really changed how I saw life, and brightened up my mood. I feel this show can do a lot for people if they just gave it a chance... And in all... Honesty... (Applejack joke ;D) I really do think of all of you as my family (even though Ive never met a lot of you) I really love you guys... the moderates, hipsters, musicians, artists, writers and authors, and yes, even the cloppers, you're all awesome. keep calm and brony on my friends. Id really love to get to know you bros! and don't be flutter-shy to respond to this if you have any thoughts or feelings *brohoof*
  22. See Me Feel Me Gnomey, this is a difficult episode for me to express in words, especially since my reaction of the episode is very emotional. Through out the episode I couldn't help but feel something was off, especially once the gnome came into the picture. After that there was so much the felt out of place, the words and actions of those involved, the arguably unclear message that was trying to be presented. Some have said it was a message involving communism vs democracy, yet that alone would not explain my feelings of this episode. The episode feels wrong, the message seems off, it left me feeling uncomfortable... maybe in the morning I can givr more coherent thought on the episode.
  23. I think life is generally cool, but some things take life's coolness up a notch. I'm talking about those moments where everything feels perfect and what ever stresses us out doesn't matter, at least for that brief moment in time. For me its... - Going clubbing: I love the nightlife and going out with friends. I can easily dance the night away, get lost in the music and forget what ever stresses or worries I may have for that brief moment. I've always enjoyed myself whenever I've gone out to clubs and when I leave, I feel this (not drug induced) sense of euphoria for lack of a better word. -Exploring the city I live in and taking pictures: I love walking around and taking pictures and find my city stunningly beautiful. When I'm walking around, I feel like I'm apart of something bigger if that makes sense. There's so much life and stuff to do here. - Drawing, listening to/ playing music and playing sports also can put me into my own little world for a bit. So, what moments make your life 20% cooler ?
  24. We have all had that moment in our lives where we felt very awesome because of something that happened to us or something we did. What I ask is that you share that moment with everyone. I'll go first. A moment in my life where I felt awesome was when I gave my little brother one of the best birthday parties of his life one year. My parents were going to just have a normal birthday party for him. You know, cake, presents, and all that normal stuff. Little did they know that I was saving up as much money as I could by doing odd jobs here and there for my neighbors. Mowing lawns and helping clean their yards. When I saved up enough cash, I surprised my parents and my brother when I asked him if he wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese. He was very excited and hugged me as tight as he could. Needless to say, we had a blast. I felt very proud of myself after that day. I had given him the time of his life and I was sure he would never forget it. So, how about you guys?
  25. Hey guys. So as you can tell, I am really into music. I use music to help when I am sad, or I just listen everyday in general to make me happier. Sometimes when I am sad I listen to sad music to cry-I mean who doesn't want to just let all of their tears out once in a while? Music really helps, especially when your parents are fighting constantly. It gives me the courage and the strength to keep going every single day of my life. If it weren't for music, I may not be on this planet. :') I guess I am just asking what the title says. How DO you use music to help with your feelings, or just everyday things in general? Just curious. And please, share some music that you use everyday with me and everyone else. Wub on! /)