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Found 12 results

  1. I was thinking about opening this thread with a boring thesis statement on the way society has developed gender-based advantages and disadvantages, but in this case I think the title says it all. As a man, I think women have the upper hand, especially in the romance department. Assuming heterosexuality, it seems like the pressure is always on the guy to ask permission to advance a relationship, be it a dance invitation or a marriage proposal. And even though women now have equal employment opportunity, it's generally assumed that we should pay for dates. I have to admit, though, performing acts of chivalry feels undeniably sweet. What do you think?
  2. Expanding on the recent theme of the last several entries... I've been meaning to tackle this issue for years, and am just now getting around to it. If you're a gamer, and a regular denizen of the various interwebs, then you've probably heard the name Anita Sarkeesian at some point. (In fact, you're probably sick of hearing that name.) I'm not sure how relevant this issue still is, or if it's drifted away from the spotlight, but for some time, Sarkeesian was making quite a bit of noise about sexism and the misrepresentation of women in video games. If you're unfamiliar with Sarkeesian, it will probably only take about one minute of watching her content on youtube to know all you need to. In short, she seems to believe that if a man finds a woman physically, sexually attractive, in any context, under any circumstances, then it's sexist and wrong. (Perhaps a little bit of an unfair generalization of her, but it doesn't seem too far from the mark.) She makes quite a lot of displeased noise about women being depicted as sexual objects in games, and offered as rewards and such. Now, I happen to agree that there is indeed some problems with sexism in video games, but the solution is not what Sarkeesian would propose. (If Sarkeesian got her way, she'd probably just destroy any hint of sex appeal in games.) Let's be blunt and get straight to the point. Let's talk "bikini" armor, or "sexy" armor. Let's talk about this: Is it wrong to have scantily clad women in fantasy games? Or other games? (Mostly fantasy games.) Is it wrong to prominently display sexuality and sex appeal this way? Is it wrong to have women wear a ludicrously impractical metal bikini for armor? If you've read my previous blog entry, you can probably guess that my answer to all of these questions is a resounding no. It's not wrong. I'm one of the most sex positive people you'll ever meet, and a huge proponent of a healthy celebration of sexuality and sex appeal, and beauty in general. This may sound shallow to some, but I don't see it that way. It's just another wonderful aspect of life to enjoy. An appreciation for this part of life doesn't automatically mean an unhealthy objectification of people. In fact, I submit that appreciating and enjoying sexual beauty, and sexually objectifying people are mutually exclusive. I can enjoy beauty and still look at people (or even video game characters) as complex individuals. Back to the bikini armor--Anita Sarkeesian makes the assertion over and over again that such things are not armor. Well, no sh*t P.I. Rarity. Who said it was? Of course these revealing swimsuit outfits aren't going to protect characters in battle. It's a GAME. It doesn't have to be realistic. Why can't we have some sexy outfits if we want 'em? What's the harm in that? Is is really so evil? Well, according to Sarkeesian, you bet your sweet patootie it is. (Oh, whoops. Shouldn't have said patootie. That's evil and sexist, too.) And Sarkeesian's answer to the question, "what's the harm?" is that is will create a society full of men who don't know how to respect women. We're gonna be a horde of Dothraki, that's what it is. Well, it's not true. And I'm going to give the same response I do when it comes to children with respect to NSFW internet content: just comes down to parenting. Watch what your kids are playing, teach them properly, demonstrate how to treat women in real life, both by your words and by example, and don't let your children play mature games until they demonstrate mature behavior. Don't blame your problems on games, and don't expect the ESRB to do your job for you, and definitely, (and I can't stress this one enough), definitely don't take away my goddamn sexy games because you don't like 'em!! I love me some sexy games, and I love me some sexy characters, and I don't see anything wrong with that. I respect women, just as I respect all people, I don't mistreat real women, and I don't objectify them, and yet I still enjoy a scantily clad fantasy game character, a phenomenon that Sarkeesian would probably deem impossible. So, I stated that there is a problem. And here it is: The problem is that we often have sexualized female characters in revealing outfits, but their male counterparts are always these giant tanks wearing so much armor that they look more like a vehicle from Mad Max: Fury Road. This is a double standard, and it's unfair. (Unless you actually have a valid, story based reason for it.) So, what's the solution? Well, it's not to cover up all of the females, as Sarkeesian would like. It's....*drumroll*....yup, you guess it! Let's show some skin on the males! Offer equally revealing, equally sexualized male variants. I'm arguing for equality, but not equality by censorship. I argue for equal celebration of sexual beauty. Depending on the game, it could also make sense to offer "real", practical armor and "sexy" armor for each sex, and let players choose what they want. Now, revealing armor and sexy outfits don't have a place in every game. It all depends on the game. I don't want revealing, silly armor for my Spartans in Halo. Some games are serious business, and it would ruin the story to have impractical garbs. Skyrim was another game that made the right choice to have practical armor. But Final Fantasy games?! Kingdoms of Amalur?! Heck YEAH! Sexy all the way! Just offer both for players who want it, and offer the same types of outfits for male characters. Now, if it seems like this idea wouldn't fly, I'd like to take a moment to point out this: I mean, these guys are in armored bikini briefs, for Celestia's sake. They're heavily sexualized. Now, maybe it was actually more practical for them to be able to move, but the point is that we just need more options like this for male characters in games. But too often, we see the armored bikini goddess, as in that first picture, and the male tank, as in the second. Just, y'know, take a lesson from 300. It's not rocket science. God of War did it. Have realistic attire in games that warrant it, have sexy attire when applicable, offer both when feasible, and offer equally revealing outfits for males. Incidentally, I'd like to place Warframe on a pedestal for managing to simultaneously be the most equal, least sexist, and (in my opinion) sexiest game ever made. It is possible.
  3. Me and my friend were having a discussion on whether or not this is sexist. If a female does something good, you say things like "Awesome job, girl" or "You go, girl". If a female does something bad, it's things like "Lady, how dare you?" or "Stupid woman". My friend is arguing that this is a construct of patriarchy and that it is infantilizing and trivializing women's deeds while adding responsbility to errors. I think that she is looking too far into it. What do you guys think?
  4. Go visit this webpage and you will understand why every man should be a feminist. Girls and women need to understand that their body is their body, and no one has a right to do what ever they want with it.
  5. When Equestria Girls was first released into the public, some feminists condemned the movie for its stereotypical high school premise being a bad influence to its target audience of young girls. Say, if the makers decided to make EqG more "feminist" (to cater to those critics, and also to appeal to the "SJW"s of Tumblr and the like), how do you think the humanised ponies would be different?
  6. Welcome to the FEMINIST CLUB! [Pro-Feminist Discussion Thread] This thread endorses and encourages this definition of "feminist:" feminist (n): a person who advocates for social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men. [fan art source] PLEASE READ: THIS THREAD DOES NOT ENDORSE IDEAS OF FEMALE SUPERIORITY OVER MALES, NOR DOES IT ENDORSE THE EXCLUSION OF TRANS WOMEN. If you join the discussion, it will automatically be assumed that you also are here to promote EQUALITY. I actively discourage people from writing long posts clarifying that they don't believe in so-called "radical feminism" because it is already understood that the widely-accepted definition of feminism does not promote female domination or transphobia in any way, shape, or form. Thank you! Also, respect this message from the admin team: Purpose The purpose of this thread is to provide a forum specifically for feminist (or feminist supporters, if you prefer not to label yourself) to discuss feminism in a positive way. I've found that being pro-feminist in the MLP fandom can, ironically, be an alienating and discouraging experience. It's getting increasingly difficult to bring up sensitive issues related to gender equality without people getting very defensive or angry. For these reasons, I've found myself wanting to discuss feminism is relation to my life or in relation to My Little Pony, but felt there was no safe place for me to do so. I thought to myself, "I can't be the only person who feels this way!" Therefore, I thought creating a thread specifically for people searching for other feminist-minded fans would be beneficial and healthy for the fandom at large. [fan art source] Rules IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU READ THESE RULES BEFORE POSTING. Adhere to the following rules while participating in this discussion thread: - Please only post here if you are a feminist or a feminist supporter. This thread ISN'T in the debate pit for a reason. The people in this thread aren't here to debate anti-feminists, we're here to calmly discuss feminist-related issues without getting attacked in any way. If you'd like to debate feminists rather than support feminists, post here instead. - Please ensure all content is germane to feminism in some way. It can be about how feminism affects your life IRL or about feminism in MLP - just make sure you're on topic and that your posts are feminist-positive. - Do not spam. - Please keep discussion respectful and mature at all times. - Be sure to have fun and make some friends :3 [fan art source] What to Discuss If you want to post to the thread but are unsure about what to post, feel free to answer these prompts (Note that you are in no way limited to the below suggestions, however!): - When and why did you become a feminist? - Why do you think feminism is still relevant to today's world? - What is difficult about being a feminist in general? - How do you think feminism gets treated in the MLP fandom? - How does MLP support your feminist values? - How do people react when you say you're a feminist? - What is awesome about being a feminist? - How has feminism affected you personally? - What is a current feminist issue that has come up in the news that you'd like to discuss? - What are some good feminist quotes, graphics, or articles? [fan art source] Happy Posting!
  7. Is anyone tired of people complaining about movies where the main character is a girl and calling it 'feminazi SWJ propaganda'?
  8. Source: SJW as related to religious naivete and charity scams, and how to solve it.
  9. First the Smarty Pants thing. I'm okay with that the most, as it didn't start off as a meme. But then it started to get annoying when it became popular in the fandom. But it isn't the most popular, so I'll leave this one alone for now. Then the Alicorn Princess thing, this is the mane thing, It's seriously annoying, and I mean really freaking annoying when they call him a Princess. And guess what? It became canon. In Do Princessess Dream Of Magic Sheep?. Yes, I know it was in a dream, but still. I'm mostly okay with him dressing up as a female. But again, it carries on this Big Mac being the centre of feminine stuff. Why always Big Mac...? The Alicorn Princess things annoys me most, because: 1.Using a term for the opposite gender solely for humour. 2.Why is it fine for a character to be an Alicorn in fanon, but then when Alicorn Twilight becomes canon, World War 8 happens, 3.Why would is he even portrayed like that? Don't use that "It's funny" cliche. Random does not mean funny. I could basically say Human Fluttershy is a commander in the North Korean army and it would be the same thing. So what are youe thoughts on it?
  10. Please know while reading the following that I love-love-love Felicia as much as anybody. But, it is possible, even crucial, to be critical of the things we enjoy, and to love something while acknowledging it's problems. With that in mind, I'm about 100 pages into her memoir. I'm thoroughly enjoying the book. It's a fun read, full of personality and weirdness and passion. But a few things that she says in the prologue continue to bother me. Take the following line: "I opened my mouth to tell the kid that princess dresses reinforce sexual stereotypes." or the even worse: "This isn't a typical lady memoir. I appreciate my beauty sleep too much to have crazy 'one night in Cabo' stories. I don't have emo ex-boyfriends to gossip about. And I haven't been on any quirky drug trips that ended in profound self-realizations." And, for different reasons, "Always...assume the worst, then your never disappointed." Was anybody else bothered by these throwaway lines? Does it change your opinions of her at all?
  11. From the first few episodes of MLP:FiM I've noticed a distinct difference in how jobs and placement in society are assigned to male and female ponies. And yes, I understand this is a show marketed towards girls, so naturally the female characters should have a more prominent role. As a feminist myself, however, I believe in gender equality, and that female supremacy is not actually a good thing. In MLP: FiM males seem to be put down and held back over and over again. Small disclaimer: I don't take the show seriously enough that this actually bothers me, for me MLP is a way to unwind and get in touch with my inner child. But as a female brony, I am very curious about what you men have to say about this and what effect it has (if any) on your opinion of the show. Let's look at some examples: Big Mac - barely speaks, manual labor only Flim and Flam - practically villans, sleazy con men that get what they deserve Snip and Snails - uncoordinated, easily manipulated, blissfully unaware of their own failures Prince Blueblood - high status, but he's a jerk Shining Armor - probably the strongest male character in the show, but always secondary to Cadence. His primary role is loving, supporting, and being saved by her. Spike - forced to stay a baby because his female friends/providers/captors (we don't even know how they got his egg in the first place) would rather he remain obedient and manageable instead of completing a natural life cycle It was brought to my attention that Spike was growing because of his greed, not purely by nature, making this point moot. Unless anyone has a theory on where his egg came from. Finally my favorite: "Over a Barrel" Season 1 Episode 21 - in the first few seconds we see four male ponies pulling a train carrying the Mane 6. (I have looked for more train-pulling scenes, this seems to be the only one. ) I wouldn't be bothered by any of this if the females were given the same treatment. Even the females that are easy to dislike (Trixie, Glinda, Diamond Tiara, etc) all have a decent amount of strength and prestige, and they only clash with, or are defeated by, other females. Also all small-time service jobs in the show are dominated by males from taxi-pulling to waiting tables. This is especially discouraging because it reinforces the negative stigma of those jobs having lesser value along with female supremacy. One more side question: According to the Brony Study, a very high percentage of male Bronies value traditional gender roles. Despite that, why does a female-dominated society appeal to you? I hope I'm not raising any sensitive topics, I love MLP and I love all of you. If I'm being honest, one of the main reasons I love the Brony movement is because of how fabulously unique it is. I just want to get inside your heads!
  12. I have had the flu and a fever the last two weeks and only just heard about the horrible gang rape in Ohio and watched the leaked Anonymous video. It's sad but I have heard stories exactly like this growing up, girls telling each other these stories as warnings, then in college. The video really got me thinking though, as well as this article a colleague posted on Facebook. One of the biggest reasons that bronys are made to feel ashamed of themselves is for the same reason this atrocity happened. In the video, one boy begins really trying to get the main kid on camera to stop making jokes about the passed-out drunk girl that is currently being raped outside (although why isn't he doing anything to actually stop the rape? Whatever, another story). The linked article points out that not only did he have NO empathy for the girl, but why should we have to ask questions like, "What if it was your daughter, or your sister?" to begin with? The article states "The idea that a woman would need a reminder on how to empathize with someone–as well as way of mentally replacing the object of empathy with someone else who is more personally valued to them–seems slightly ludicrous. " Yes, it is, isn't it? I hear bronies complain about stereotypes on this board but I'm beginning to think it actually is a really big deal for men to be so ashamed and so hateful of the "feminine" and "girly". Empathy is, in our society, very much directed as a woman's job. But if Bronies can accept that it is a male's responsibility to be empathetic as well, then you do deserve more support. (The sexism still is still against women and you are being punished for being in their territory where segregation is supposed to be upheld, because I guess we are dirty or something). The joking and fear about all that is supposed to be in a women's realm is so much more hateful than the casual observer realizes, because we are all so numbed to our everyday-lives. It's one thing to say, "Ignore what they say, they're just haters, Don't let it bother you, etc" -but when we see these atrocities and wonder why...Well do you still wonder why? These little annoying comments people make about you are really symptoms of a much bigger issue and problem, and it is important to talk about and work through with society. They really hate women. They don't even care about other people in general because empathy is designated a womanly trait. Now I'm too angry to even finish this post because of all the rage suppressed during watching that video!