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Found 24 results

  1. (repost due moving from blog to another) Now, just so you know, I'm not a writer, so don't expect a masterpiece, only thing I do related to writing is RPs, thus next story is written almost like a roleplay. Is there mistakes, grammar or otherwise? probably, will I fix them? probably not, I made this mostly for myself. Story about Magic Potion and his sister meeting for the first time. Characters: Magic Potion "Dialogue" Thinking. Wild Bellflower "Dialogue" "Also dialogue" 'She' "Dialogue" It was calm evening in Everfree forest, Potion was just finishing up his notes for a day when he heard sound of magic and single grunt of frustration from outside. He immediately left his notes and looked out from the only window his house had, and saw a mare who looked oddly similar to him, in fact, she looked just like Potion, light blue coat, blonde short mane, and blue eyes, a perfect clone, except for being a mare. She's stuck outside the barrier, that's not a good sign. Potion had created a magical barrier around his home to keep out a certain pain in a flank, a ghost that had swore to haunt the stallions of his family until end of time, something about his ancestor from little over 300 years ago poisoning her, that aside, said barrier also kept any other magical threat outside it, meaning that this lookalike had something in her she didn't let to show outside. Potion was just going to ignore the mare but then she called for him "Hey, you in the window!" "Do you happen to know somepony called Magic Potion around here?!" and potion froze, that voice, it sounded just like his mother's, he shook his head, impossible, he had to be just imagining it, but the mare continued "I have been searching for a week now, and your house is only house around here!" and only sounded more and more familiar by every word. Potion grunted as he walked to the door, he had to see what this mare had to say, if nothing else, he wanted to know why she looked like him and sounded like his mother. He opened the door and walked face to face with the mare, still staying inside the protective barrier just in case. Now that he had a closer look, Potion noticed few odd details about this mare, first was her broken horn, she seemed to be missing a piece from tip of her horn, not big enough to interfere with her magic usage, but still noticeable chunk. But what quickly took his attention, were the several marks on the mares body, from which one was red and rest were blue, they looked almost like open wounds, but they were shut and like said, blue. "So, what do you want?" Potion's voice was cold, he wasn't known for being the kindest pony around, not that there was too many ponies in the Everfree forest. The mare looked almost stunned when she realized that Potion was who she had been looking for, her voice was now careful but excited "Potion?!" she reached her hoof slowly towards Potion, but it was stopped by the barrier, which made her visibly sad. "Who are you, and what do you want?" the mare pulled her hoof away and spoke with lot less excitement "My name is Wild Bellflower, and I'm your twin sister..." she sighed "...and I assume our parents never talked about me." Potion was shocked, a twin sister? 'She' had mentioned something about a sister, but he had figured it was just one of its usual lies, he didn't want to believe Bellflower, not that he was against the idea of having a sister, but this mare, there was something wrong with her, this could easily be a trap, Potion had quite a list of enemies after all. "No, they haven't, though somepony else has mentioned that being a possibility." he looked Bellflower in the eye "But why would I believe you're her?" "Why would my sister be stopped by a barrier made specially to block threat's?" "What are you hiding?" Bellflower looked heartbroken at Potion's words "T-threat..." "What do you mean?" she was tearing up, but before she could continue, another voice echoed around her.... "It's simple really..." fog started building around Bellflower, only area clear from fog being inside the barrier where Potion was "....Potion has made a barrier to stop me from bothering him by stopping any creatures of powerful magic entering without his permission..." a light blue mare formed from the fog and walked next to Bellflower, pulling her head with her ice cold hooves towards herself until their snouts touched, causing Bellflower to try pull herself away from the mare, unsuccessfully, as her tears froze solid on her cheek from the cold ".....And you....the unwanted failure of the Potion family tree....there's something you're not showing."Bellflower was terrified, and she tried to push the painfully-cold mare away, but her hooves only went through her foggy body and she could feel the frostbites forming as they passed the most outer layer of the mare. "Aright, that's enough." Potion's voice came through and the mare let Bellflower go, who collapsed sitting, holding her painfully-cold snout with her hooves "So you suddenly care about your sister?" Bellflower too looked towards potion with mixture of hearthbroke and fear "So you're saying she is my sister?" the fog had started forming tighter around Bellflower, and it started forming hooves that wrapped their ice-cold form around the blue mare, she tried to get away but this time the barrier blocked her only escape route,"Answer me!" Bellflower pleaded Potion to let her through, she would have cried, but her tears froze before they could formed "Please Potion, I beg you, please..." she went silent for a bit, then new voice came out of her mouth "Get off me!" and wave of magic was sent around her, it caused the ghostly mare and her fog to disappear completely, and it was strong enough to visibly crack the magical barrier around Potion, and to throw him off balance. It took few seconds for Potion to clear regain his balance and thoughts after the blast, he got up and turned towards the direction where Bellflower had been when the wave of magic happened, and to his shock, it was totally different mare who was standing there, in place of Potion's lookalike, there was purple-gray pony with red flaming mane and white glowing eyes, her broken horn was in red flames and her hooves and and body were surrounded by blue flames, and finally, there were the wings, wings of blue flame. She was just standing there, staring at him with blank expression on her face, there was something too familiar about that expression, it was the soulless expression of his father. The magic flames were coming from the wound like marks. Suddenly, Bellflower slammed her hooves against the barrier "Why you do this to me!?" Potion had to back up few steps, he could feel the power from the slam, but that wasn't the only reason, her voice also made Potion feel tightening in his heart , it sounded just like his mother, but with great amount of feeling betrayed mixed in "I have been searching for you since I first heard you existed, and you cast me out?!" "Leave me to sadistic ghost to play with?!" she slammed again, the cracks grew bigger "Is this how you treat family?" "Who am I kidding, Of course it is! That's how father taught you! That's why we were separated in the first place!" she slammed the barrier again, this time with her whole body, it caused the ground next to it to crack, her hostile tone got hint of sadness mixed in "Is it too much to ask to have a family!?" next slam, this time she came through and started walking towards Potion, her horn getting lit with magic, Potion backed up until his house came in the way, he closed his eyes, he found it funny, he had more enemies he could count, yet he would meet his doom in hoofs of his sister, only because he didn't want to listen what she had to say....such a fitting fate..... Suddenly Bellflower let out a scream and Potion opened his eyes, she was back to normal, though she was full on tears "No...that's not me..." she looked Potion into his eyes, and he saw his mother's eyes pleading to him "Please me." The end.
  2. Mobley's Forgotten Tunes Hello and welcome to the title page of what I hope will become my first fic written 1) in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe, and 2) for you ponies I thought I would do this in a blog format as opposed to a thread just so I can keep it neat and tidy, and feedback can be left easily at the end of each section. That's right! Please leave feedback when I get a chance to put stuff up, it's really valuable to me and helps me stay confident in my writing. That reminds me, if anyone would like to proof read, I would be really grateful and would of course reciprocate the service! The story is mainly to complete the story arc that began in my OC's backstory. If you don't know who that is, don't worry, the story will hopefully make that clear eventually. In terms of when it's set, I've only watched up to about halfway through S2, so I can only base Equestria off what I've seen! I hope you guys enjoy the story. Here's a little foreword to get the ball rolling: Strange noises are drifting on the wind from the Everfree forest that only little Apple Bloom can hear. The adventure to finds its source takes her to a place forgotten by the everypony in Equestria...everypony but one.
  3. So, just want some people to talk about Past Sins, the most amazing story I've ever read with some of the brony community. I know for sure that ever since then I've been comparing everything I've been reading with that, and so far nothing's beaten it. The writer's amazing and tells this story like he was actually there. I really appreciate his work and if you HAVEN'T read it, here's the link:
  4. Hello everypony! Here's a fun forum game that I've seen before on other forums. Its called never ending story/fanfic and how it works is you will reply to the person above you only using 3 words (names count as one word) to make a never ending story. But there is a twist. You need to try to keep the story pony related. Rules: 1. Don't get dirty 2. Don't troll 3. Never end the story I'll start.. "One day Rainbow Dash..."
  5. Hello everyone, I recently finished a new fic, it is a look at happiness from the perspective of a newly crowned Twilight Sparkle. If you take the time to read it, I hope you enjoy it, thank you
  6. Hey everyone, I just wanted to shamelessly promote tell you about the new fic I just released. It was inspired by an episode of Frasier, and deals with the theme of happiness, if you read it, I hope you enjoy it
  7. Hi, guys. I just posted the first chapter to my first ever fan fiction to, and would love if I could get some opinions! I really love the story I've made, but I also want to be sure it's told the best way possible. It can be found here. Thanks ahead of time! I hope you guys enjoy it!
  8. I'm working on a fan fic about my 2 OC's who are twins, and I don't really have much so far. About 6 chapters plus a prologue each taking up 1-4 pages, with small-ish font... I suggest you read it before giving suggestions though.
  9. I was navel-gazing and wound up with a weird meta-fic idea I might try. Ever look at the way the world is and just kinda think back to when you were a kid, and that moment when you just woke up from a nightmare? That moment when you you look around at your bedroom and almost cry tears of joy because you know none of it was real? Ever almost wish that would happen now? That you'd wake up and all the horrible things in the world were just horrible creations of your own warped imagination? I know I have, picturing waking up in that old house several blocks away where I f grew up, waking up to the sound of my sister, Shannon, banging on the door wanting gas money, or to wash clothes because her washing machine took a dump. And in school that morning, everyone would be talking about how all had the same nightmare, but in the blur of fear and chaos, the faint, yet vibrant memories of a place called Equestria shined through.
  10. This fanfiction that can be found here is the most random, bizarre fic I have seen. But it looks like it will be rather good too. Looking at the page, what do you think? Is this the most glorious thing ever, or a jumbled piece of crap? I will find out.
  11. In Octavia's Hall>Pony Artwork>Fan fictions, I believe there should be tags categorizing the fan fictions. Like in the roleplay categories, you have SoL, Romance, Adventure, so on and so forth. I believe it would make it easier for people to search for a fan fiction genre that they specifically want to read. I hope this will be added. Thanks! ~Aphrodite
  12. What are your opinions on using the royal we in a fanfic with Luna? Does it seem appropriate, or does it come off as stupid? (Note, this is post-nightmare moon.)
  13. Welcome, dear reader. I hope that these words find in you a seeker of truth, just as the humble writer that places his work now beneath your eyes. My name is Welkin Gazer, and I am a scholar of the history of our beloved Equestria. I have lived traveling to the farthest corners and highest peaks of this world, crossing the roads that lead from horizon to horizon, learning and recording the places, dealings, events and lives from past and present that have given shape to our world and will found the grounds upon where the generations to come shall stand. You see, my dear friend, the past shapes the present as this moment establishes the future. We are subjected to the consequences the happenings that were. To free ourselves from the shackles of a dreaded fate, there is no other way than acknowledge the steps that brought us here. My life has been devoted to build a path for you to walk alongside my words, for these are the records of the stories and legends that dyed the colors of the Equestrian folklore, which have inspired dreams and fed nightmares for entire generations. You may consider the stories that follow these words to be fantasies or fiction, but if you do, dear friend, I’m afraid you would be mistaken. The scars over history are always left behind by some deep wound and just as our flesh history shows without fail the record of those wounds. Through stories, legends, songs, prayers and many more ways, our kind has stored those wounds deep inside our culture. Fueled by the drive of discovering the wounds behind those scars, I crossed the land and gathered the traces left behind such tales, pieces from our past that have dented our lives with their powerful myths. Heroes of bravery without precedent, artifacts of terrible might, lands filled with wonders, creatures of borne from both divine and wicked womb . Our world holds the fabric of legend among its days and nights and it is from here that these stories find their origin. Just as the magnificent dream embodied into flesh and magic that our Empress of the Sun is, the unlimited amount of legends that sprout throughout our world is never ending: as the stars that once were guarded by the mare in the moon, her legend and prophecy is true and waiting to ensue. The secrets of thousand other stories are waiting for souls like yours to find and unveil their wonders. Now as I see how the dusk of my life is drawing nigh, I can tell you, dear reader, that the words that will follow these are the testament of my travels, and the joy of my times. My efforts now rely on you and with them, the hope that they will be able to ignite a spark in your heart that will burn with the flames of discovery, pulling you towards the desire of knowing more. These are my final wishes. These are: The Tales of a Millennium
  14. Is it too far past the holiday season for me to post a Hearth's Warming Eve fic? I just got inspiration to write it not to long ago, and of course I'm inspired right after Christmas. Would it still work out? We don't technically have a date for Hearth's Warming Eve, anyway.
  15. As you may have been able to tell, I have indeed started on this new fic: The Adventures of two best friends. Link: Yeah, It's my first shot at a proper fic, with decent layout, style, and cuteness. Yup, cuteness, from me! ..I'm trying my best, but I've never written anything so nice and friendly before (No, seriously, usually someone gets killed, but no, not this time..) I've already worked out what I'm doing for the next chapter, but any suggestions are welcome. Could do with some useful feedback. Nice as it is; telling me to go to rehab for an 'adventuring addiction' is not that helpful, contrary to popular belief. The next chapter will probably be out on Saturday or Sunday, after that I'll have a huge load of free time, so we can expect a few chapters over the Christmas holidays, (Mainly because we'll be going up to my Relative's place for a while, and he has no Wi-Fi, so I'll just take my Netbook and write!...) Any suggestions, criticalness, cover-art ideas, questions, general randomness, Blueprints for the new secret weapons, etc. are welcome, ....I thought of something to say here, but I've forgotten now.... Thanks in advance for any help, etc.
  16. Well, if you hadn't guessed by the title you must a little dim, I've made some progress with the currently unnamed Fic. I could do with a name, I just can't think of one... Anyway, writing through a block with the help of a friend, I probably made a few mistakes. I just really want to know people's reactions to this really, to know what to do next. The basic plotline from here is: Two filly friends: Myst (earthen..It think..) and Stormy Skies (Pegasus) Go exploring, they get lost in the Everfree, (They live in the Everfree limits, so, easy to do, I guess.) They get pretty scared when the sun starts setting and they're lost. I'm not sure who just yet, but someone will find them and bring them back to Ponyville where they'll live with whoever found them while they try and find ....something...I'm not sure (yet again -_-*) It's a very loose plan, but it'll form up soon once I've gotten back into the swing of things (Half-term...Back to school, woo....) So yeah, any ideas or criticisms (as long as they are constructive) are welcome. Aiming for a cute/very slight dark (nightmare sequences & Everfree)/humor/ slight shipping between non-main characters...Because I can, and I've never written anything like this before (See TFotKoE : It's all dark.) If I missed anything there, tell me. Now, how shall I upload this fic...Methinks in a spoiler? Yes... ^It's a fat spoiler ^-^ Thanks in advance for any help or anything even remotely useful, related or not
  17. Finally uploaded my Doom crossover MLP fic. Hope you guys enjoy it. You should be able to find it here: Also, it would be helpful if someone bumped that topic. It's on the second page :/ You don't have to though.
  18. Here I'm going to introduce a fiction that only me and one of my best friends here seem to like. I honestly think this sadfic deserves its own thread despite the fact that it's not as popular as My Little Dashie, because it is quite sadder in my opinion. (Opinion ) Yours Truly by Thanqol had been featured on EqD and on, so it should give you a good first impression, with about 610 thumbs up and 7 thumbs down. This is indeed a shipping story, but don't let that go to your mind and prevent you from reading it. Well, I'm not going to force you to do anything, but do give it a try. I don't want to spoil too much in case any of you are considering reading this fic, but it gives almost equal roles to all of the characters. Sure, Twi and AJ are the main characters, but all of the other mane six get pretty prominent roles as well. My friend had this fic as his favorite despite the fact that his least fave mane six is Twilight and AJ's third on the list. So...yeah! Do give it a try. I know much of you have not read the fiction, and it should give you an impression of what a great sadfic is like.
  19. So, once upon a blue moon, 3 strapping young lads created the most awesome fan fic of all time. These men were: DylanKLJ, Djenty and Neikos. The fic ( was met with great response. Now, me and Djenty want to do it again, but with more people. We will be starting writing when everyone can, just reply saying if you want in, and we'll send you a link to the document. Hilarity will ensue.
  20. FINALLY! I figured out a title for this thing. Now that THAT'S out of the way, we can begin this. Okay. So what's a Chain Fanfic? A Chain Fanfic is a Fic that isn't just written by one person. It's written by everyone on a forum that wants to add to it. I'll be starting the story, and then it's up to the next person that decides to add to it what happens next. The purpose of this kind of Fic is to see just how creative writers can be. So in a way, it's sort of a game too. Rules: - All character minimum rules apply. Other than that, what you add can be as short or as long as you want it to be (though I wouldn't recommend anything more than a few Word pages at a time). - If you post in this topic, you MUST add something to the story. If you want to make a comment, use an OOC tag. - If you just posted part of the story, you can't post again until at least one other person posts. No editing or deleting your posts allowed, even for spellchecking (with the exception of the instructions on this first post). That's part of the challenge. - Nothing inappropriate. None of that Rule 34 stuff, and no clopping stuff. This is more for the sake of others that might post here and might not like that kind of thing. Violence is allowed, as long as there isn't any excessive gore. - Try to keep the canon characters relatively in character. This almost goes without saying, but every canon character is fair game in this kind of Fic. But try not to make them do something that's completely out of character, UNLESS there is a really good reason for it. - Skill level does NOT matter! Just do your best. I know I'm not the greatest writer on Earth. - Finally, BE CREATIVE! Let's see what you all can do with this. And let's see how long we can make this. So, with all that said, I'll set up a short scenario to get us started. ________ Equestria's Fate The sun was shining brightly over Ponyville. Various Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi could be seen going about their daily routines. One violet colored pony in particular, seemed to be in quite a hurry. This was Twilight Sparkle. And today of all days, was the worst day for her to be late for something. "Why didn't you wake me, Spike?!" Twilight frantically shouted, knowing full well that it was her fault for oversleeping. "I tried to," Spike seemed to submissively say, as if already knowing this was a losing battle. Spike held on for dear life, as Twilight took a sharp turn, skidding and nearly falling over in the process. She continued to race through town, as other ponies could be seen scrambling to get out of her way. "Why did it have to be today?!" Twilight muttered to herself, as she ran clear out of town and toward... ________ Alright, folks. This is where you come in. What is Twilight late for? Where is she going? And what will happen next? Even I don't know the answers to these questions. The fate of Equestria, as well as this Fanfic are in the hands of the next person that posts. So come one and all, and have fun with this.
  21. Hello everypony! I am planning to make a fanfic, I have a good idea, but I don't want to share much, so no one steals it Well for all of you that have already made a fanfic I have a few questions: (I am also going to upload it on if it is good enough... Have a two friends that are going to read through it and I well also spend alot of time reading it through to check if it's good enough...) 1. Can I just write it on Microsoft Office Word (I have the 2007 version)? 2. It will be involving humans too (I am one of the main characters), should I include some personal info or is it better if I just keep it very non-personal? I am sure I had more questions... But they disappeared. Ok, would have been great if you shared some personal experiences as fanfic-writers. Say anything that a new writer like should know.
  22. I'm posting this here, because I need feedback on my first ever fic... Quick note: It might be a little slow in the beginning, and I guess the end of chapter 2 and chapter 3 kind of picks up... Any feedback is great, be it here, or on the site the fics are on! About the story: A mysterious pony wakes up in an even weirder location with no memory. With the help of a certain purple unicorn, he tries to unravel his unclear past, but as he starts to remember he begins to understand that not everything about his past is pleasant. Or could it be just a mirage created by the chaos within him? Overview Chapter 1 - Good morning... Chapter 2 - In My Mind Chapter 3 - The Truth Chapter 4 - Meanwhile... (Working title) Chapter 5? - ???
  23. Just wanted to know if this'd be a good idea for a Fan Fic 3 zebra warriors go to Celestia asking for zecora. She messages Twilight to bring her to Canderlot. she does and she meets the warriors who tell her an unkonwn sickness befalls her native village that makes the zebras there act like zombies the mane 6 decide to accompany their friend and after going to the village they find the zombie zerbras in a jail cell they later find out that zecora's brother has become a powerful witchdoctor and is testing his new zombie dust on the zebras in an attempt to build an undead army for taking over the world. After Zombie fighting shenanigans the confront the witchdoctor and duke it out.
  24. In Equestria gone mad, loving and tolerating is no longer an option. Hi there everypony. I wanted to share the 1st chapter of my first fan fic with you. As you can see in the thread's title, it's about zombies... and ponies... and zombified ponies. There's a bit of gore in the story, but it's not "gore for gore", not Cupcakes style, without disgusting details. Feel warned though. The first chapter isn't that long so I hope everypony can spare a moment to read it and comment. If you see any language mistakes, please let me know - English isn't my native language, but I did my best.