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Found 62 results

  1. Here's my Daring Do fiction, "Jumaneji: The End of the Rainbow Serpent." I'm going to spit it in pages since it's pretty long. Page 1: Page 2: Page 3: Page 4: Page 5: Page 6: Page 7: Page 8: Page 9: Page 10: Extra:
  2. Have any of you felt like you had feelings for characters you knew that weren't real? If so, don't be shy to share you feelings during the week of Valentines.
  3. Whats this, Unmerry made a topic. No, it cannot be. It shouldn't be. It mustn't be. I isn't be...wait that doesn't work. Well, I should make at least one topic at some point, eh. So, it might as well be one to kill some time and be fun. There been alot of raging at twilicorn, "I'm brony but I'm not a brony", derpy hooves, politics and various other topics and talks that I think I should contribute a little something to make the atmosphere a little less tense. Now. Basically this is a thread where you pick out a fictional character that you think resembles you or at least resembles qualities that you admire or relate too very well. The character can be from MLP, anime, cartoons, obscure movies or comics-WHATEVER, as long as they are fictional. You may use up to 3 characters if you so chose but bonus points if you can find one character that you would want to stick with that describes you or at least strongly relates to you in some way, the reasons you pick them can be deep and dear to you or around basic trivialities like you both enjoying cold baths and hating the smell of perfume. There is no word requirement. Pictures and videos are encouraged of your character to give us an example of who they are but you can keep it bare basic. Hell, if you feel you can say what you need in a line or two, go for it. I shall go first: My character that I think resembles me and the qualities I relate would have to be Arakune: Arakune: Arakune or rather Carmine, is an blob of unknown super natural liquid that hosts itself to the bodies of a thousands insects both foreign and strange to the known and mundane, it also utilizes them as a defense and in fact display the ability to control them if he can magically curse his enemies. Capable of total morphic abilities to the point hardening and softening along with the gift of teleportation and producing extra skeletal limbs out of nothing. Originally a scientist working under a genius and gifted master he became obsessed with the azure and his fixation on it led him to crossing the boundry-the after life- the result is that his body and mind have totally eroded. Arakune insanity knows very little bounds to the point that his memory has been shattered, forgetting face and names or places and when he recalls them it is common for him to forget important facts to it later. His obsession of the Azure has totally eaten his focus along with his random mood swings of mania and he expresses his release by screams and laughter mostly. Marginally unable to communicate due to Word salading-where insanity cause incoherent speech patterns- to a point that it literally slices chunks out of his words although unlike word salading he clearly understands the word he is using and is using them in correct order...though he still makes little sense. "Mister unmerry. Why would you make a crazy blob your choice?"-random audience member. I tell you why. We both are something that should of eroded away years ago due to our own vices, those who are effected with sethir tend to just melt away but Arakune moves about and master his condition, the fact he can even retain some sort of worldly presence is a triumph. Like Arakune, I am haunted by my personal demons, most of them are of my making and some are cobbled from my sins which is once again me by proxy. I shift moods alot and lash out at other because I forget who my friends are, just as arakune forgets those who care about him even when staring him in the face. Arakune reminds me what I could be if I lose myself and he shows me what I AM when I fall into bad patterns...albeit a much more extreme version. But he is determined, insanity conjured or not its that kind of determination that will get you places even when every one else-as they do to arakune in blazblue- is telling each other and you that you are rotten, a lost cause or a worthless pile of trash despite relationships. Arakune exhibits traits in a way I want, granted those are few but they are there. He also exhibit traits I must accept and avoid or I am no better than him in a lot of ways. -wer both really hard and press ourselves to get something, rushing and not looking to see what it does to us. -we both laugh alot constantly to let loose steam. -We both set our betters against us rather than admitting their skill and learning from them (especially when I meet artist that are younger than me but are miles better....which is alot because I'm a generic artist at best although I only do this when I'm at my worst) -We both get really paranoid and get convinced everyone around us is there to cause some sort of harm emotional or otherwise at times. -We both see things we probably shouldn't, sometimes we wish we hadn't and it changes us...he reminds me that I shouldn't let it change me into what he has become. He reminds me that I can't let it turn me into a monster and if it does that I must continue on with my life and make the best out of what I am none the less, even if it seem hopeless to do so. Arakune is sort of a post me, the next step of a failed me in a way but that doesn't change the fact him and I are more alike than I would appreciate to admit. Arakune is my only submission, I won't be using my 3 max.
  4. Have you ever had 2 characters from any kind of fiction that you ship together and were hoping they would become a couple someday but didn't end up happening or ended sinking for some reason? (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU NEVER SEEN THE ENDING TO "BLEACH"!!!) I was so disappointed that Ichigo Kurosaki never got with Rukia Kuchiki, and instead Ichigo with Orihime Inoue, and Rukia got with Renji Abarai. That made me very upset, since I was a Ichigo and Rukia shipper.
  5. So i was wondering to myself,”Why is anime so popular,yet so weird and cringey? Just as cringey as the Emoji Movie (ok i overdid that one).” Me personally i hate anime with a passion. But i like Dragon Ball and Halo legends. Im not trying to be a jerk nor judgemental i just want to know after all that weird and perverted junk Japan puts in the cartoons,whats so good about it? Also anime is for both children and adults, i just don’t understand how its so popular. please dont get mad or triggered,i just want to know why its so popular!
  6. (In advance, sorry if my English isn't so good. I just wanted to write something. I don't know what went wrong.) Memories from Another World Do you remember? This cool afternoon we spent? We walked in the woods, fallen leaves under our steps. Sky was shiny, hand in hand we wandered freely. I swore I saw a deer between flowered trees. "Impossible" you said, a bit amused. Well you were right, I thought. Do you remember? This great evening we knew? With friends we watched a movie (it was awesome). Then we headed to a restaurant, they wanted to celebrate. It was your birthday, laughs and congratulations echoed in the room. I swore I saw wonderful candles on the cake, changing colors every second. "It would be super cool if true" you said, dreaming of it. Well you were right, I thought. Do you remember? This lovely night we shared? We said goodbye to each other, we left. I parked my car, turned off the radio. For a moment, we gazed at the sparkling roof. Stars were so magnificent, we could make out the Milky Way. I swore I saw a shooting star, it was so fast and brief. "That would be so wonderful" you said, making a wish. Well you were right, I thought. Do you remember? Those impossible times we lived? 'Cause you don't exist, you're still a dream. Yet I know you're somewhere, you're dreaming too. We hope, even if it's hard to believe. Boundaries are so high, time and space won't help us. I swore I saw your smile, I don't know anything more beautiful. "I saw yours too, a very sincere one" you said with confidence. Well I think... You are right.
  7. The two examples of "fictional races who are born with random hair and skin colors" that I know of are "Equestria Girls" and "Doug". Other than these, most fictional races with odd-colored bodies tend to only have the same inherited colors (or range of colors), for their respective race or species (e.g. Twileks have green or peach skin, Yondu has the blue skin of his race, instead of being born with another color). Do you know any other work of fiction, with races (especially humanoid) born with skin and hair of random colours?
  8. I wrote this one up in a few sections at a time. It was the first story I have completed in the past 7 years so my writing skills are rough as you will see. The basic plot is that one perspective is based off of an American NG member who finds himself on the front line of a new war. The second perspective is from a German paratrooper who drops into America behind enemy lines. I had more planned for this story but I am struggling with setting up the characters properly, something which I really hope to improve upon if I continue or start any other stories. I like the premise of this one but I'm not sure how I can make the characters any better because right now they are very generic and unknown. I know there are issues with this one but any feedback is appreciated since it would be nice to get a rough idea of were I'm at before I continue with this or start on something new. Anyways, without further adue, here it is: “Everybody up! Now! This is not a drill!” What was going on? 4:30 in the morning? Something really big must be happening if the sergeant wanted us up at this hour. “Listen up! The 554th infantry regiment has reported some hostile warships off the coast by section 42 of the Atlantic wall. You all know what this means.” “You sure sergeant?” Somebody in the back of the barracks spoke up. “They said the same thing last July and nothing happened. Probably just some U-boats trying to give the citizens a fright.” “I don’t care what you think!” The Sargent barked back. “I have my orders and you have yours! We can get down to the wall in 20 minutes and we can find out what the issue is. I want everybody in this room on the trucks and ready to go in 5 minutes!” “Yes sir!” I quickly slipped on my tattered “uniform” which was no more than a worn out coat with my division insignia patched to it. It was always best to get to the rifle rack first. I quickly scanned over the dates stamped into the top of the barrels of the M1903 Springfield rifles. 1943, 1944, 1938, 1935 … there we go, 1917! I quickly looked it over for damage but it looked good. It was always a relief when I found an old rifle in good shape since I had heard stories of soldiers who lost half their jaw from firing one of the hastily made Springfields from 1944 or 45. Within 4 minutes everybody was loaded up on the half wooden M44 troop transporter. It was a primitive vehicle which was little more than a long pickup truck with a wooden back covered with a cloth sheet. Our column was escorted by a half track equipped with a few .50 calibre machine gun for shooting down aircraft just in case some German planes tried to attack. The ride up to the Atlantic wall was never fun. The road was just some gravel laid down a one way road which went through a forest. The truck shook so violently that it was impossible to hear anything, the only way to communicate was with hand gestures. At about the fifteen minute mark of the trip to the wall something caught my eye. Flashes coming from the wall. Big flashes. Some of them were so bright that they lit up most of the sky for almost a whole second. “Oh well.” I thought to myself. “Probably just an oil tanker that got hit off the coast again. Nothing to worry about.” However, the flashed continued without any sign of stopping or slowing down. This really started to worry me now. Was a whole convoy of oil tankers hit by a U-boat pack? It seemed unlikely that the US Navy would let the German’s do that kind of damage. Suddenly, there was a massive explosion just ahead of the convoy. “PANZER!” Somebody yelled. Our truck slammed on its breaks but slid into the back of the now flaming halftrack. “Everybody out now!” WHAM! Before I could move the transport behind us slammed into the back of our transport and reduced the last 2 seats to splinters. Without thinking, I pulled the bayonet of my rifle and slashed open the side of the cloth covering. I rolled out of the hole as fast as I could. A split second later machine gun fire coming from the other side of the road tore through the flimsy wooden side of the transport. In a moment of panic I dropped my bayonet and left my rifle on the road as I sprinted into the dark forest. It had all happened so fast. No time to think over the situation or what to do about it. I just ran. That’s all I could do. Run. I could still see the trees and the sky light up every once and a while from the flashes coming from the wall. The ground sometimes grumbled when some of the bigger flashes when off and lit up the sky. I never even considered looking back or trying to head for the wall. I just needed to get as far away as possible, that’s all the mattered. I felt exhausted but I just kept on going even though I felt like I might collapse at any moment. “Not today!” I told myself. “I may die someday but not today!” After what seemed like hours, I found an end to the dark forest which lead into an empty wheat field. The sun was starting to come up now and I noticed a farm house off to the side of the field. There was no automobile in the driveway or a power line leading to the house for that matter. The place must have been abandoned after the crash of ‘29. I ran up to the front door which was knocked down and entered the house. The furniture was torn up and rotten, windows were smashed and glass littered the floor. Definitely abandoned. I headed down to the dark basement and sat in one of the corners away from the light. I would be safe down here for now. I tried to think of what to do next. I had just abandoned my unit and everybody I had trained with over the past three weeks might be dead. Panzers out here? How could that even be possible? How did could Germans get past our fleet? Somebody in high command must of really messed up if they let a whole invasion fleet through! It could have just been a test too though. Maybe some U-boats dropped off some troops as a scouting mission. After thinking about the situation for another few hours, I heard the sound of heavy trucks off in the distance. It slowly got louder and louder. I ran upstairs and looked out of one of the smashed windows. I could see a column of troop transports heading up the road. M44s! One of them was had its side badly damaged and shot up with bullet holes. I recognized the licence number on the side of one of the trucks. They were from my unit! The trucks passed by the house and turned off to another side road. However, one of the trucks kept on going for a while further. I had not realized that just a few hundred yards ahead there was an airfield. On the field were a bunch of wrecked aircraft and a burnt out radar station. The place looked completely abandoned and I could not see any operational aircraft or vehicles on the field. The truck stopped by one of the buildings and a bunch of troops jumped out the back if it. They were all carrying rifles and quickly spread out to search the buildings. I understood what happened to the men who deserted from the National Guard. They were usually lined up in front of a firing squad and shot as traitors. However, I could not stand the thought of running away like I coward. Maybe if I handed myself in they would let it slide. I started to walk towards the field with my hands behind my head. “Patterson!” Somebody had noticed me walking over. “What on earth are you doing? I thought you were a dead man!” I walked closer and explained to him what had happened. “You deserted in middle of combat eh? Well, lucky for you the Sargent was with the rest of the column which went to the hospital. I’ll just tell him that you were with us the whole time. If somebody says they saw you run for it then just tell them that they were mistaken. For the love of god though, NEVER do that again!” “Thanks Wilson. I never thought I would see you guys again.” I replied back. “Don’t let your guard down kid. Things are about to get a whole lot worse.” Wilson walked me to one of the buildings. “What’s the situation?” He called out. “The power lines are gone. Communications are all dead.” Somebody called out from the building. “Damn. We will just have to pray that Sarge gets us some support.” “Support for what?” I snapped back. “The Sarge said that in the case of an invasion, our primary objective is to deny the enemy a beach head. Our secondary is to deny them access to any airfields, so that’s what we are going to do.” I suddenly felt light headed. “Take this kid, you’re going to need it.” Wilson handed me a Springfield rifle. “How the hell are 22 of us supposed to hold down an entire airfield? This is nuts! They have tanks for crying out loud!” “Shut up kid! Moral is already low, we don’t need defeatists in our ranks as well. All they have are some light tanks. We took out the one that ambushed us in one shot with a Bazooka, there is nothing to worry about.” Wilson snapped back. We all took up defensive positions across the airfield. Me, Wilson and Private Frank occupied the top level of the control tower. The sun was just coming up and heavy gunfire continued off in the distance. Suddenly we heard the whine of an aircraft in the distance which was coming over from the east. “Incoming! Everybody take cover!” The aircraft appeared to be smoking and flying lower and lower as it approached. Somebody yelled out “Hold your fire! It’s a friendly!” When the plane came closer, I recognised the aircraft. It was a Spitfire MK V, the standard fighter for the USAAF. The plane skidded to a halt on the far side of the airfield and we ran over to put the fire out. The pilot jumped out and blasted the engine with a fire extinguisher. “Wonderful! Lets see if he knows anything about the situation.” Wilson said to himself as he walked over to the aircraft. “Private Wilson, Nation Guard” Wilson introduced himself. “How many of you are here?” The pilot snapped back. “22.” “Well shoot! 22 men assigned to defend an airfield? Where has everybody else gone? If we give up another airfield then we might lose air superiority!” “I understand the situation but I was hoping you could shed some light on the situation.” “Bad. Now get me a rifle because we are not giving up this position until every one of us is dead! Understand?” Everybody got back into position and we just waited. Wilson, who just came back after a discussion with the pilot came upstairs and sat down. “Did you get anything out of him?” Frank asked. “Yea, he sure wasn’t kidding when he said the situation was bad. There were 57 aircraft stationed here this morning. Now look at this place, it’s like a ghost town. He says that he’s the only one who made it back in one piece. He told me that the Germans have jets over the east. They tried to engage the jets but it was a slaughter.” Suddenly we heard a branch snapping coming from the woods. Wilson put his finger over his mouth and gestured towards the woods. I set my rifle up on a table with a clear view out the window and set the sights to 200m. A shadow emerged from the woods but I could make out the curved sides of the helmet as well as the camouflage design. German! He was carrying a short rifle with a scope and a long magazine at the bottom. I held my breath and waited for Wilson to give the order to fire. The soldier off in the distance waved his arm over and soon a group of about 8 more shadows emerged from the woods. One of them stayed behind and the others started to quickly walk in the direction of the airfield. “Wait for them to get closer.” Wilson whispered “I don’t think they notice us yet and they think the place is deserted.” CRACK! I heard a rifle shot come from far behind me. “Open fire!” I fired at one of the soldiers off in the distance and one of them threw his arms up in the air before collapsing onto the floor. I was not sure if it was my shot that hit him or somebody else’s but it was the first time I had shot at a live human being. All of the soldiers split up and hit the ground. I pulled the bolt back on my rifle as fast as I could and lined up for another shot. Crack! I gave little thought to aiming as my hands were shaking far too much. I just tried to fire my rifle as fast as I could. One of the soldiers in the field must have noticed the flash from my rifle and fired wildly at the window. Bullets zoomed past me and hit the window frame as well as the ceiling. I ducked down as dust from the ceiling fell down around me. The rifle fire continued outside but the automatic fire from the field died down quickly. I kept my head down until the fire stopped, I did not want to risk being shot at again. When the fire stopped I heard Wilson yell out “Keep your eyes peeled! Frank, go out to the field and get those weapons. We are going to need all the guns we can get our hands on and I can guarantee that those rifles are better than anything we have.” The airfield was dead quiet after the shootout, nobody talked or moved. The only thing that could be heard was the occasional bird song and Frank trudging through the grass. We had been told that any injuries or casualties must be reported to the highest officer at once so having nobody talk back was probably a good thing. Viewpoint 2: “2 minutes to the drop point! Commence preparation procedures at once!” I got up out of my thin metal seat and the rest of the squad fallowed suit. An airmen waited at all 4 doors on the 4 engine aircraft with their fingers clenched on the release for the doors. It was early in the morning and the sun had not even risen yet. I gave my parachute a quick check and made sure all my equipment was secured properly. I learnt from my other 2 drops that it was always a good idea to hold on to something so that the flak bursts would not knock me over. However, this time there was no flak and I had not noticed any enemy aircraft. “30 seconds!” Everybody moved closer to the doors on the aircraft, I was the third person behind the door on the back left of the aircraft. “10 seconds! Prepare doors!” The men on the doors pulled the lever up and yanked the metal doors open. A red light appeared over the door. “5 seconds! 4. 3. 2. 1. Commence drop!” The light turned to green and a buzzer sounded. All at once, soldiers started to jump out from the doors. Within seconds I was out of the aircraft and plummeting down from the dark sky. It was hard to see what was going on down below but the country side was dark. I did not notice any sign ground fire or civilian lights. The tension during the initial fall was almost unbearable. At any second I could be hit by ground fire or I could land on enemy troops. There would be nothing I could do to save myself if any of these situations occurred and that is what bothered me the most. At a few thousand meters I pulled my chute which caught the wind and caused a rapid decline in speed. Once my speed stabilized I undid the strap which was holding my rifle around my waist and got it ready. I took the safety off and scanned the ground for any signs of movement. However, I dropped into a dense forest and it appeared as if nobody noticed me. I landed in a small oak tree which snagged the parachute. I pulled out my knife and slashed the straps off. Luckily I was only a few meters off the forest floor so I was unharmed when I hit the ground which was always a major relief. I quickly looked around the surrounding area for movement or signs of light but noticed nothing. I readied my rifle and checked my compass then began to head north. My objective was to secure a small civilian airfield which was being used for the military. I continued on through the forest for what felt like half an hour. Eventually I heard a sound coming from behind one of the trees. I readied my rifle and carefully moved closer. Suddenly I heard somebody yell out towards me in German and then in English “Identify yourself at once!” I called back “Private Wilhelm Hansen, 7th Fallscrimjager.” “Approach at once!” I lowered my rifle and walked over to the voice. I stepped into a small clearing and noticed 5 other paratroopers standing next to a tree. “Excellent!” One of them shouted out. “Now that we have Wilhelm with us we shall be unstoppable!” “What is the situation?” I asked. “Did you see the drop conditions? We caught them off guard! No flack, no fighters and no reports of enemies on the ground so far. I have not seen such an easy invasion since Denmark!” “I understand the landing conditions were good but we must capture that airfield.” I replied back. “Do you have any idea were other troops may have landed? The 10 of us don’t have a hope of doing much right now.” “I say we head on over to that airfield and see if anybody’s home. If we manage to get that field then we will all be given Iron Crosses!” The other paratroopers seemed enthusiastic about the idea so I said nothing in protest. Besides, if we noticed any enemy troops we could just turn back and look for other troops if things looked bad. The 10 of us set off through the dark forest. We just used the compass for navigation but after about 20 minutes we noticed a propeller driven fighter flying at low altitude heading in the direction of the airfield. “Well at least we know we are going in the right direction now.” One of the soldiers commented. After our group continued on for another few minutes, we discovered the edge of the forest. “Hans! Go and check out that field up ahead, it could be the clearing for the airfield after all.” One of the soldier instructed. Hans moved to the edge of the forest and scanned the area with a pair of binoculars. Hans soon moved back towards us and said the airfield was just up ahead and that nobody was home! It seems too good to be true, just like most of the events of today. “Then what are we waiting for.” The same soldier asked enthusiastically. “Let’s go a get our crosses men!” “Hold on a minute.” I spoke out. “It could be a trap for all we know.” “All right then Wilhelm. Why don’t you hang back and provide covering fire if things go bad all right?” I let the nine paratroopers head out into the field. Hans went out first and called the others out after him. I lay still on the ground and scanned the building for any signs of movement. I looked over at the radar station and watched as an American soldier scampered behind the mangled equipment on the roof. I focused all my attention on the radar station in case he popped out again, I did not bother to look anywhere else on base in fear that the soldier might try to fire at my fellow paratroopers. Suddenly, I heard a rifle shot coming from the hanger and right after somebody screamed a command in English and the perimeter lit up with rifle fire from almost every direction. I looked over at the radar station and took aim but the riflemen stopped firing after a few seconds. I held my self back from firing since I did not want to give away my location. I looked over at the field and just glanced at the bodies of my fellow paratroopers strewn across the empty field. It was too late to do anything now.
  9. Sometimes I enjoy writing stories, especially making own my own mythologies, even though I am a Christian myself. One of my own myths, for some of my fictional stories' backgrounds, goes like this: "Once upon a time, God creates a man and a woman, and places each of them on the opposite ends of an island. Both of them start off knowing nothing, not even of their creator, but they eventually learn to create their own clothes and language(s), and survive on their own. They meet each other one day. Both of them thought that they were the only human in existence, although they sometimes imagined other humans and beings as they felt lonely, until they noticed each other. Each of them thought that the other is a strange animal that looks somewhat like them ... " Do you think that either: both the man and the woman would be fascinated at each other, and would even fall in love and reproduce? the man would hunt the woman as though she were an animal (or vice versa)? something else?
  10. The mystery novel I mentioned a while back is finally on its way to being written. I managed to finish my other project, "Dear Friends", and it's allowed me to think of other things. So! Without further ado, I present the first ever teaser for my upcoming fimfiction novel: "NoteWorthy" It'll probably come around in early 2017, so keep an eye out! -RealityPublishing
  11. So for the 97.38% of you who don't know, I'm a FimFiction writer and lately, I've been running short on inspiration. I've got a couple ideas, but one really stuck to me. I've already got a planned release coming out in October and I was wondering if I could get one more story in by the end of the Summer Season. The fiction (novel) that I'm writing is a mystery/action-style story that'll probably span a couple of installments depending on how well received it is. (I'll post a teaser image in a follow-up discussion). I've got a sample here: "I staggered back, watching sparks fly through the air like an Equestrian holiday. Ponies dressed in deep red ducked in the nightly shadows, waiting for the right time to strike. Their shouts called to me, addressing me as though a victim of their plot, which... well, I was. Large crates of a ship's cargo littered the loading bay as crashing fires whizzed overhead. I put one hoof in front of the other, lowering my head as I slowly dragging myself along the concrete decks. Vaguely, I could hear each one shout in the late night's shower; everypony was against me. Fire ruptured from one of the many nearby oil tanks, launching me back with a gust of merciless force as I now hung from the edge of the dock, my hind legs dangling just three hooves above the ocean's grasp. The sounds of heavy trotting echoed around me, quickly closing in as I carefully weighed my options, "I have to get out of here; I have to tell her..." The papers in my dying hooves grew damp as the rain wept upon them. They were everything I needed to finish this... to finish... them." The excerpt doesn't quite highlight the "mystery" aspect of the story, but it'll be in there; I promise. So... would you read it?
  12. I am an ex-Christian. When I was a Christian I was engaged by wanting to avoid going to hell in any way I could so I did research and eventually found out it was false, but my point is I'm not ignorant on religion. I also grew up with some final fantasy, and it was incredibly engaging and confusing but motivating and sorta inspiring. But yesterday I recognized more similarity between fiction and religion. Namely the Abrahamic religion is so popular its essentially a no contest, and that means its doing something right other religions are not. Final Fantasy was a best seller so it too was doing something right, and recently I was looking up theory sorta final fantasy videos then I realized, the greater the cost to not adventure in Final Fantasy, is the greater the motivator to adventure. I realized religion is similar, the threat of eternal hell, an apocalypse, muddled history and conflicting messages. Jenova of ff7 was also confusing, being controlled through Sephiroth to take on his form, and you are actually chasing Jenova the majority of the time. And yes Jenova sounds alot like Jehova. But then how about mentioning the epic of Gilgamesh and Gilgamesh's role in the final fantasy world. Anyways. I come to the accurate conclusion that the greater the cost, the more willingness to be invested. And what greater cost is there really? This could be incredibly useful for fictional writing. If we look to tv shows their stakes are high if they are popular. Or at least are acted as if they are high. Like it could be a lower stake but presented more dramatically or meaningfully. Its due to value, you threaten everything a person is or can have, then it motivates them to charge ahead. But what motivation is it? In a story that is popular its the force behind communicating about it like a fanboy, discussing it after because you feel motivated by it. Sort of like those who understand the risk and consequence of hell better who are Christian tend to try educating themselves more to see what is the way to ensure heaven over hell (and then the bible says only 144,000 can go to heaven lol and being the logical person you are you realize the odds are basically extremely low so you need to find out even more and cannot rely on assuming your god has your back. Eventually there are things in the bible that contradict reality and itself enough so one day a flood of realization occurs after one new fact then you are like desensitized briefly cathartic and numb and can't think due to being stunned, that it was really so obviously fake in hind-sight.) So anyways, sorry but this is a blog I'm allowed to get personal. Anyways I think its a great theory for story writing, even if its basic in a way. Its basically like saying certain shows or forms of media or stories thrill us due to the subconscious risk we associate with it, and because it motivates us it seems fun. But something feels off about it, that's where final fantasy throws in a Sephiroth being a loony so you feel off right when you should, it seems more natural even. There is a saying about logical studies that is something like, if you are confused it means you heard something that doesn't match up with what you currently believe. Religious bypass that with faith to ensure their long term confusion and doubt are buffered against. But another thing they have in common is mystery and limited information. The only source of information in the story you get is through the conflict, like in religion. It sorta sets up a batman and joker complex, you rely on the enemy for something. It might even be similar to Stockholm syndrome. And thing is, with so many other religions, or at the time the idea of heaven and hell were made Christianity wasn't entirely in power, so what do they do is make you feel important because you don't feel empowered. Its your source of power, this psychologically forces your new neurons and brain expenditure to be filtered through that first. Its a type of conditioning. Its exactly like gratitude to a hero. You want to see if you can support their cause. And the heaven vs hell thing applies even more because if you are a minority in the world you can be tricked into thinking you are the one of the few elite. This is an appeal to egotism, just like playing hero in a story is an appeal to egotism. Just like being a martyr can be satisfactory because it still says you were important and persecuted and if anything is a confirmation bias proving you were better than them. Its a really anti-social mindset if you look at it in one way. 'Them'. This just means psychologically speaking your neurons associate pain with 'them' which increases aggressive and antisocial attitudes. This is why in the bible it says the world is evil, that's why in ff7 the world is practically run by shinra. It makes you hate reality, doubt humanity irrationally. You vs the world. That's what fervor is. And I recognize fanboying is rather similar. They can defend their fandom to the death and are eternally hyped. Heroes in stories are tremendously popular, and also an aspect of alot of modern and pre-modern religions. Like Celtic religions had alot of bloodshed and battles and heroism, then there was complex plot for Rome and Greece religions because of how many mixed cultures it was. Even final fantasy is western due to Japan practicing a combination of religions including some Christianity Shintoism Buddhism and I forget the fourth. And there is a game theory on how ff is anti-organized-religion but pro spiritual, and I can def see that just look at half the stuff Aerith says then Shinra is a corrupt organization in power. Look at the history of the catholic church, its literally impossible the rulers actually believed what they were saying, AND they had more information which implies they knew a god didn't exist the whole time which is why they feel free to be hypocrites at the top levels. Because they both know more, and decide that means god isn't real, and continue telling you to believe, and they built the Vatican off of their greed and to this day are eating til they are fat. They aren't monk-like or humble, they are disgusting and the most popular organized religion of the world yet. And they force others to submit to fear more often because they are more aware of how one can feel low, to be forced to serve through them. Like showing submission in their churches asking to be forgived in their churches already psychologically causes an inferiority complex similar to master slave relationships. Please god forgive me [or eternal torture] please don't [send me to hell] I'm sorry for everything [you deserve pity, feel graced I will allow you to be forgiven then serve me more in the future due to gratitude that I won't eternally torture you today]. Then in final fantasy 7 you feel powerless and such. At one point Sephiroth gives you a materia by throwing it at you with force and then your character can barely stand up (Cloud) then you take the materia after anyways. And Sephiroth is motivated by being the chosen one (just like in Christianity you are the chosen line of people, reminds me of the teacher's pet sorta deal). Idk I guess I said it all already and am half rambling due to lack of feeling like a strong conclusion occurred. Post your thoughts below.
  13. Hi, Idk if this is the right place for this but I'm planning to type my first fan fic which will be about a post-apocalyptic Equestia (I know what you're thinking and this won't be anything like Fallout Equestria (I haven't even read that fanfic so I couldn't be able to rip it off neither)). It's not from the fic itself, but it is just a little scenario I made up for it that may or may not be part of the fan fic. ______________________________________________________________________________ The Little White Unicorn ventures further to the border of the ruined city. Along the way he hears the sounds of trash and debris rustling around slightly. The unicorn stopped as soon as the noise reached his ears, he leans his head towards the noise to listen closer. After a few seconds he hears growling amongst the rustling, this causes the unicorn to be unsettled. As instinct began to take some control of, he finds the closest thing to defend himself with. The only thing he finds that he could pick up without problem is a piece of 2x4 that was broken lengthwise. The Little Unicorn slowly sneaks up towards the noise that lead him to the other side of a wall. He peaks his head out from the side to find three grey hound-like creatures digging through a pile of debris that was only a few feet away from the destroyed wall he hid behind. Luckily, none of them was facing in his general direction and didn’t notice him, allowing him to be able to listen on their conversation. “So hungry...” whimpered the smaller of the hound creatures. “Ah quit ‘cher whining and keep looking, there’sh gotta be somethin’ around this heap that we could shnack on!”, Complained the second largest of the three. Just then the largest of the hounds began sniffing the air, “‘Cha shmell somethin’?”, Asked the second largest hound. “Food?!”, asked the smallest with excitement. The largest of the three begins to start barking fiercely yet lightly as he pointed towards the wall that the unicorn was hiding behind. The largest jumps from the debris heap and begins racing towards the wall. With very little time on his hooves, the unicorn prepared his piece of 2x4 as the largest hound darted towards where he was standing. “GO FIND HIM, DARWIN!”, cried out the smallest hound as he began to go after his friend with the second largest tagging right behind him. The pattering sounds of the largest hound’s paws drew closer and closer, with the unicorn tightening his magical grip on the piece of wood as the noise drew closer. Before he knew it the hound leaped at the end of the wall where he was standing and without thinking, he swung the 2x4 directly at the beast as hard as he could. There was a loud “CRRRRACK!” and an even louder “YELP” that stopped the other two on their tracks. “...Dahwin?...”, called out the the larger hound as the two stood there petrified to see their friend just lying there lifeless half-way behind the destroyed wall. The unicorn saw what he did, and began to move away from Darwin’s body. Within a few seconds, the two hounds built up the courage to approach the body of their friend to see the scared little unicorn standing on the other end of the wall with half of the broken piece of wood still clutched in his magical grip. The unicorn was now the one that was petrified as he saw the two hounds staring at him and the motionless body of their fellow beast lying before them for what to him felt like forever. The smaller dog whimpers as he backs away in sorrow for his fallen comrade. “YOU KIHLED DAHWIN!!” Cried out the second largest as he charged at the unicorn in rage. Fear overtook the unicorn as the second largest sprinted at him, and with his instinct he swung what was left of the 2x4 as hard as he could at the second largest dog. “SSMACK!!!” went the short piece of wood as it collided with the dog’s cheek. The impact sends the dog’s head to fly right into the wall, causing him to fall down just as lifeless as Darwin was. As soon as the smallest of the three saw his other friend fall down from the strike, terror began to force his paws to run as fast as he could away from the unicorn. The unicorn takes a moment to look down as both of the motionless hound-like creatures, and began to collapse against the wall as the merciful blanket of relief begins to fall down upon him. _____________________________________
  14. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I wasn't sure if it was just for posting, or if discussion counts. Anyway, this thread is to discuss your favorite fanfictions, genres of fanfiction, authors, etc. For me, there have been a bunch that I would call my favorites, but if I had to pick one, it would be "Today, Tomorrow, and Forever". It was one of the first fanfictions I read, and it brought me close to tears. It is a sad Derpy and Dinky story. I try many different genres, but rarely read Grimdark. I also like Conversion Bureau stories and any story by Ciroton.
  15. Hi guys? Are you a brony or a pegasister who is interested in adventurous MLP fictions? Here are two of my works in fimfiction that you may get interested in: Link to the Flutter Wolf Link to the Twilight Wolf: TIP: I recommend you to read Flutter Wolf first because Twilight Wolf is like the second book of Flutter Wolf. Also since Twilight Wolf is still on work in progress, there are only three chapters written yet! Enjoy!
  16. Prologue “The world is cruel, despite those wanting to improve our land; they never do so fairly; you see power can change a lot about ones perspective on life. Once you are high enough in social rank to look below at the common, do we think that their lives mean less than our own wants and expectations. This land is vast with terrain diverse; not much is known, only a selected few scrolls reveal details of the wilderness. Civilisations living in distant cities and villages should be thankful.Humble simpler lives they have, no hierarchy to control them. All which keeps them in order is willingness to help their own pony-kin. They truly are foolish; I guess no matter how we live we face injustice. Unicorns like I, are regal with fantastical powers beyond any common Pegasus or earth pony. We collectively can move celestial bodies; we control the rise and fall of day and night. We keep the land in balance of nature which in turn means balance to our lands. This empire I rule over watches over and protect the night and rest in the day. I must say the night is truly unknown in its beauty, so many things which are not known or understood. The stars navigate the sky opening all new ideas and development of knowledge. Knowledge in my eyes needs to be sought-after. The night is powerful granting me and my ponies of the Luna Empire the gift of this now called dark magic. Dark magic is what allows our top unicorns and I to collectively lift and drop the stars and the moon as transitioning from day to night. Like regular light magic can cause events and spells to be cast as well as levitation, however dark magic requires less effort and results of casting are much grander. Currently this new magic is being studied by me and a few council members. It appears that dark magic has life within it, which makes it very powerful to wield.” “My brother land, the Solar Nation does not wish to understand to night as they have deemed it as un- important as they control the day. I feel they are fearful of the potential power the night could have over them, well it’s not a surprise. The Solar Nation runs on very strict control and the use of lower races to fulfil their duties and less important roles. The Luna Empire is the one whom are truly proud, only unicorns live here. Soon the Solar Nation will learn the power and the unknown fears of the night! They will learn the power that I, Lillium possess within …” Chapter 1 The sun was high, clouds minimal the warmth of the sun radiated down on his back. A white coated, yellow maned Pegasus flew through the skies within the Solar Nation. He broke and slew down to observe the town below his hooves; Unicorns walking through the town in elegant attire, buying, selling and doing daily routines. It appeared normal but Dawnbringer knew of the dark underbelly of the nation and he was going to meet it. The Pegasus flew towards a grey castle then through a window and landed gently into a cold stone hallway. He began to walk slowly with only the sound of metal hooves hitting stone and the glint of gold and silver artefacts. He cautiously wondered until he found a gold plated double door with to armoured unicorn guards. The guard were covered in bronze they were indistinguishable, their eyes glared towards Dawnbringer. “Who wishes to see the Lord Aquarius? State your business Pegasus.” Said a guard. Then a voice came from inside the throne room. “Guards! Let him in.” The voice was deep and echoed through the hallway. The door was then opened and Dawnbringer entered the throne room still treading carefully. “My lord the lunar empire has not sent a message in over 6 days. What action do you want my flight army to take?” spoke Dawn Bringer. His eye failed to look at the lord. Lord Aquarius sat on his throne the light shined behind him showing little to his character. He sat and pondered what to do about the situation; he saw Dawnbringer’s fear and relished in it. But then his mind went to more important matters. “Hmm it’s unlike Lilium to be this unresponsive. The moon hasn’t risen in over 6 days; it’s taking longer than it should. They can’t be struggling; they are doing this to spite me! I must take charge of her; her and her philosophies are making the empire non-cooperative! How dare she!” The anger flowed from Aquarius; the strong unicorn stood up from his throne chair and stared directly at Dawnbringer with a merciless look. Aquarius knew he had Dawn bringer and his army under his hoof. “Dawnbringer do you understand how important loyalty is to me and this great nation?”. Dawnbringer felt a cold sensation run down his neck. He dropped his head. “Yes Lord Aquarius. I understand”. Aquarius rose slowly but stoically towards the nervous Pegasus commander. “Dawn Bringer I know your Pegasus troops are strong. You and your troops make a great addition to my unicorn forces”. Dawn bringer looked up to Aquarius somewhat calmer feeling than before, with a sigh of relief “th thank you my lord”. Aquarius looked towards the Pegasus again then proceeded to walk around his grand throne room occasionally picking up artefacts and studying them; he spoke softly. “This nation is founded on trust as you know, and the thought of protection and safety to all whom live within it.” Aquarius then looked back to Dawnbringer and snarled angrily “If anyone within or outside this kingdom disobeys the laws founded by the Solar Nation they will be executed or maimed.” Dawn bringer appeared shocked and distressed; he took a few steps away from the lord. Aquarius then calmed and smiled subtly. “No need to worry you and i both know that the traitors from this nation are all gone”. Aquarius trotted over to a stone table with paper and quill and began to write a message addressed to the Lunar Empire. The lord requested the message to be personally delivered to Lilium by Dawn bringer. Aquarius walked to Dawnbringer and looked at him dead in the eyes. “We have come a long way haven’t we?” stated Aquarius. Dawn bringer took the scroll from the lord quickly to escape his growing wrath. Dawnbringer trotted out the throne room and jumped out a wide window and flew towards the land of the Luna Empire. Dawnbringer felt sickened by leaving his troops; families and friends behind him. Them in the hooves of the Solar Nation, but he had to leave to protect their lives. Aquarius waited until the air became silent. He left his throne room and walk towards a stairwell leading to the lower levels of the castle. His armour was made of thick gold coloured metal which fitted around his robust navy body, neck and head. The shimmer formed from the sun reflecting of his armour matched hues of his mane and tail; blonde but almost white. He made his way down the stairs calmly until he had encounter to the lowest level of the castle; of where Dawnbringer’s troops were kept within stone walls and metal framework. He walked passed them all and spoke addressing them all at once. Only the sound of his breath and hoof steps echoed through the large chamber. “Dawn bringer has left you for the time being. I don’t think you would like to leave this nation would you?” The chamber was silent. Aquarius continued. “I feel now you are becoming one with this nation you need to be branded with our own emblem… it’s a painful process but I assure you the mark giving to you is a mark of greatness and power.” Aquarius then left the chamber of sadden and concerned pegasi. Returning to his private room he laid down upon a large gold decretive lounge, he sighed quietly to himself. He then looked toward his flank and stared at his cutie mark. “If only I could remember my true mark.” A tear rolled down from his eye and streamed down his face, he thought to himself “No, childish things need to be put aside. I am the last of Solar royalty; I need to be… strong.” He looked back at his surroundings and the open window caught his attention. “Why can’t I go back to a more innocent time, a time where I was happy? No, even back then there were hardships. When I was named by the oracles was the day I disappointed my father.” Dawn bringer flew through the sky quickly. The wind glided around his body; it felt a bit more calming. Dawn bringer mind began to wonder as he watch as the terrain moved past him. “Destiny can often be unclear and unfair cant it. I was unaware of my name’s meaning till later years but I’d wish I had known back then. How can I bear the name of Dawn bringer if I don’t possess magic to raise the sun?” Dawn bringer soared down to take a break from his long flight. He landed down in a dirty but sandy terrain. He was uncertain on what time of day it was supposed to be as the sun had been up for days. The light hit the sand reflecting a light yellow flare. He was reminded of Aquarius; “You use to be so innocent Aquarius, we played and laughed together away from our families, I knew we shouldn’t have but... The only thing I wish I could change was are titles. For you to be blessed with the name of dawn bringer to fulfil the royal monarchy. Maybe then you would be proud of yourself.” Dawn bringer began to rest on the hot sand, occasionally moving his wings along; the tips of his primary feather across the sand making deep lines. His eyes began to dip from exhaustion, he checked his surroundings to see if there was anything coming his way. There was nothing but sand and some small plantations. He began to fall into a deep slumber…. Please give feedback on this =) thanks
  17. So, at the moment Frying Pan Studios is looking for some editors to edit stories. My current editor is having a hard time being able to do his work so, I'm looking for some volunteers. If you want to be an editor, then message me and we'll get you started! Here is a link to one of the stories that have been done!
  18. Greetings to whoever happens to stumble by into this topic. I'm Mr. Storyteller, but on FIMFiction, I'm known as the JimDavis23. First off, if you're reading this, then I'd like to thank you for your time. Second, what is this about you may ask? Well, I'm currently working on an audio book of a fanfic I found on FIMFiction about a year ago called 'The Youth in the Garden'. You can find the link below this paragraph. Link: Now, I've been planning to do a reading of this story ever since September of 2014. During that time, I was in contact with the author of the story in order to learn about some history from the story and get him to write a blog to ask for VAs. So far, I have no luck on getting any voice actors to send in their auditions yet. Perhaps it is because I have not set a deadline for the auditions yet. Still, his blog did help me get a few people who want to be involved in the voice acting. The only problem is that I haven't found someone who can do a Fluttershy impression. I've asked a few VAs on Youtube if they can help me out, but it seems they aren't able to. So, I came up with an idea to do a sort of teaser trailer of the reading to try and hopefully get more voice actors into joining up and set up a deadline for auditions. If you happen to have a good Fluttershy impression, along with a good mic, would you be so kind in helping me provide just a few voices for the teaser trailer I'm working on? Here is the link to the teaser (Fluttershy's lines are highlighted). Link: If you're also interested in auditioning for Fluttershy in the actual reading, feel free to page me either here or on my FIMFiction. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post.
  19. Hello, everypony! I'm looking for some skilled editors for Frying Pan Studios. GeekySonic an editor. He is great at what he does but, we do need more editors so we can get more done at once. If you think you have the skill needed, then message me and I will give you a test!
  20. If I get enough positive feedback, I may consider writing an entire novel or novella out of this. I don't want to give too much away but this the prologue of a sci-fi story that I've been working on for over two years. Let me know what you think. From Here to Eternity(Prologue) The Sun was beautiful. It was always beautiful. It was timeless and ageless. Even after an incomprehensible passing of centuries and millenniums, even after what seemed like an eternity of eternities, the Sun remained. If God had chosen to have a daughter, it would of certainly have been the Sun. The Sun was the eternal spring of life and its scorching flames have been erupting from its molten and seemingly immortal pool of super-heated gases since the beginning of the book of time. This glorious ball of passionate fire and light had existed before the very worlds it gave birth to. It was destined to be the center, a core of origin, the symbol of a beginning. It was one of the many genuinely burning bright marbles dropped intently by God into the sea of utter darkness, for the grand purpose of giving meaning to the blanket of void and despair. As a result, the first and the foremost greatest gift to ever have been given was given, and that was: the gift of life. Nothing in existence can ever hold as much as a profoundness of meaning as the very essence of Life itself. And no kind of life could have ever been any more grateful for having the opportunity to exist and enjoy the delight of this privilege as much as humanity. From the earliest points in ancient history, humans had always valued and praised the Sun for its everlasting warmth. Some saw it as a divine deity, others saw it as a lively world of its own; many legends and folklore stories sprung out of these various uncertainties. Spiritualists and philosophers had pondered endlessly on the Sun's integrity and origin for many centuries. This lead to many romanticized theories and ideologies, which continued on until the rise of scientific advancements and early astronomy came about. Despite the death of these legends and deism of the sun, her beauty and mystery continued to kindle the amazement and wondrous inspiration of astronomers and cosmologists alike for numerous generations. The more that they had learned, the more they discovered, and the more uncountable monumental discoveries they had made, which momentarily lead them to believe that they knew all there was to know, the more that they had discovered how little they knew. The Sun had inspired the world. Not only had her warmth granted life to the human race, but her presence in the blue lit daytime sky was always a great timeless blessing to the hearts, minds, and souls. The Sun was a beacon of hope for mankind, their one and only candle that never ceased to burn out, and their sole provider of life within the endless and formless ocean of darkness. She had always prevented their fate in the ice from befalling them and She had always reassured them that the long eerie nights would come to an end. Her beautiful brilliance and rays of life had forever inspired a wholeness of beauty, romance and hope for humanity. She had spurred a sense of happiness in the artistic minds and passionate hearts of naturalists, writers, and philosophers of culture, art, and literature all throughout history. And most of all, the Sun was the beautiful and timeless symbol of the beginning of day. At Sunrise, the world smiled. At Sunset, the world mourned. The Sun's eternal presence and ceaseless existence had been one of the very reasons the human race had lived and thrived for so vastly long. And just as the Sun was timeless and seemingly eternal, so were the worlds that revolved around her, and all the life that her warmth had allowed to exist. In some unique perspective, one could argue that the Sun had ultimately been the grand source of time for humanity. The history of mankind wouldn't have been possible without her. Life would have never began. She had selflessly granted them such a longevity of time that went far beyond any comprehension, beyond all expectations. Nonetheless, even through all that time, this common memory of the sun had never changed: At Sunrise, the world smiled. At Sunset, the world mourned.
  21. Hello everypony, Today I want to present My Little Fiction Corner (click) to you. Since organizing many stories in a forum is troublesome, I put them into gdocs. The link above leads you to the main navigation site. I do hope that everything is linked correctly, however if you should encounter an error please don't hesitate to let me know (best via pm). Stories can be commented (via the gdoc comment function) in own documents that you can find on the according fiction's navigation site, however discussion on this thread is welcome too. My Little Fiction Corner features all stories I have written so far (two will get another review before I launch them) and will continuously get updated with new stories. The main focus currently is on TwiDash (shipping), however upcoming stories won't feature that anymore but cover a lot of other genres (as a sequel to the Daring Do adventure trilogy, two dark stories, and more slice of life of our favorite ponies). Whenever I make an update, I'll post according information in this thread. Editorial help always is appreciated. Have fun
  22. EDIT: fixed 'ransom' typo From the readme: First, install Droidscript from an Android app store. Open the spk file. From there, you can make a shortcut to directly run You Are SO Random from the home screen. This repo contains the Javascript source code, but it will be available already, should you wish to add features to the random search besides minimum word count. At the start, you will have the chance to log in to your account. Then can you shelve your serendipitous stories for further fanatical feasting or dutiful downloading! Cheers, Sideburn Etic _____________________________________________ Changelings are nothing more than oxytocin-powered 3D printers.
  23. If you saw my post from previously, which contained an excerpt to my story of Crossten, then... good! And if you did see it, then you know that I see this site as a good place to post ideas or earn fellow people's insights on your creations! Yes? Well, I don't really see how exactly to create an introduction for this, but for a long time, I had ideas that I was never able to reveal and show to the world. "Why not use somewhere else on the internet?" Because everybody (PONY.) on the internet are very... Not sure exactly where I am going with this. This is turning into a modern writing excerpt of Poe's stories. Well, you just stay along as I go... Just gonna say it now, you may bore yourself from this... (Insert Dramatic Division Here) Do you believe that there are an infinite number of universes? It is an arguable theory; I, myself, do not believe in it, but I believe it is the most appealing and fascinating topic I ever came across, so to the point that my stories are based upon such a theory! (Despite religious inserts) If there are infinite universes, then there are infinite possibilities! So there are a, well, infinite amount of universes like ours that can be different by only one little thread of hair! Or maybe some are ultimately different in such magical, chaotic ways that we can't imagine! Such a theory, such a theory, indeed... but, think about it: if this theory was proven to be true, and some sort of universal traveling mechanism was created to allow you to visit any universe you choose, which would mean simply describing where you would like to go... 1)MLP Universe [Just gonna put it there now] 2)Things that you have always dreamt of, such wonderful world's designed for your pleasure... It is, unfortunately, not true, this theory; if it was, there would easily have been people... or things (or Ponies, yeah, yeah)... from their universe able to travel here. Sad and devastating, indeed, but probably for the best. But, that long, bizarre explanation can be put aside... I want to tell you about my ideas! *Play Drum roll* According to what I explained, if there would be infinite universes, then there would be many, many people (or THINGS, I know) traveling between universes, back and forth. In my idea, there would be a set of special, unique universes, that would have no similar copies. They would be called the "Special Set;" our universe would be in that set! Along with ours, there is one other universe that is turned in such a direction in which it is ruled by religion and magic! A LOT of Magic, though. Three types, mainly, including Standard Nature Magic, which is the common use of regular humans; Daemon Magic, which is the Dark use of energy to suppress a force of duress and pain; and Angel Power, the most powerful form of Magic formed through the wrath of God! <I am just gonna stop it right here for now, I will come back to edit in the rest of everything...>
  24. Hopefully I am posting this in the correct place and it is not breaking any rules. I just like to pass these opportunities along as I stumble on them - I have some friends that are writers/artists that sporadically submit work to anthologies for publication. This is specifically for any writers that are 18 or younger that would like an opportunity to have their work published in a book. Full details on their website:!submissions/ck8y Submission Deadline: March 15th, 2015 There is more information posted on their website, so please make sure to check it out for the full guidelines on how to submit. I'm not associated with this publisher at all, so I cannot answer any technical questions. I just thought I would pass this along, because I remember at 16 I would have killed for an opportunity to get published.
  25. Personally, I'd like to see more of World War I, the American frontier in the early 19th century, and the British Raj, just to name a few. What are yours, if any?