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Found 46 results

  1. Lets say when you feel really down on a rainy day, all of a sudden, a dark figure confronts you and gives you evil powers, you can keep them if you destroy that dark figures worst enemy (the hero of the video game). The game would be platforming or fighting (no RPGs). Questions are: 1.) What would your boss theme be? (can be from any game) 2.) What would your special power or theme be? (ex: ground, wind, control of the undead, speed, ect.) 3.) What would your weakness, blind spot or weak spot be? 4.) What kind of boss battle would you be, what attacks would you have? (ex: like would you be bouncing off the walls, being really cheap and attacking from the distance or have a huge killer attack you charge) 5.) Where would you fight the hero you are tying to beat. I think my abilities or theme would be signal or wave stuff (satellites and wire lines), I would be one of those bosses that try to keep distance (jumping over them and running) then shoot a beam at them then zip into them at top speed (yeah i would be the super cheap one). My weakness would probably be water and my blind spot would be my face maybe (how easy to guess). When I get up close to fight with fists the hero could easily attack me. My stage would be the top of a Las Vegas casino or a huge skyscraper (I like city lights). Although I would NOT be in a zombie game (never really liked them) this boss theme would be good, describe how jealous and angry I can get.
  2. My brother and sister tend to fight quite a lot and, unfortunately, that means that I have to try and stop them if my parents aren't home. This leads to some awkward situations because my brother is older than me and my sister is too stubborn to care. It can be really annoying and frustrating to be the only mature person in the room. I'm not trying to get advice here (I don't find it that problematic, I know how to handle it), but am merely curious: How do you react to two person (that you maybe even know very well) having an argument?
  3. Hello and welcome ponies if all ages!!! this is the all new BATTLETHREAD!!! This thread is created by me is to discuss our,”who would win” fantasy’s! The thread includes different Match Types Classic (Standard gear,no power ups or enhancements. Won via K.O) No holds barred (No rules,won via K.O) Death Match (No Rules,Anything goes. Won via Death) Gunfight (Two opponents are placed in a arena with a weapon of choice. Won via Death) Normal battle (all powers disabled,and no gear,skill only. Won via K.O.) Classuc Duo (Same as classic but with a partner) Death Match Duo (same as Death Match But with a partner. Won via Death/last man standing) Champion Match (a match against the strongest champion. Won by Death or K.O. Once a week) Special Match (Customizable Match by leader) There will be 6 events everyday,from Opening to Main Event. Ill set the events then everyone will debate on who will win in each match,then as I give out the next events,I’ll declare who won in the previous matches. If you like to help me set matches,personal message me! *The contestants can range from books,movies,tv,video games,etc. the matches are cross-genre,from Western to Eastern.* Match 1 Classic Match The Joker vs Leather Face Arena: Beef Slaughterhouse (where burgers are made) Won via K.O Match 2 Duo Death Battle Green Arrow + Bullseye vs Deadshot + Domino Arena: Abandoned Military HQ Won via Death/last man standing Match 3 Special Match USS Odessey (Full crew) vs Starfox (Full crew,no fighters) Arena: uncharted area of space Won via Death Match 4 Special Match Frankenstein (Deathrace) Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal) Punisher Mad Max (Fury Road) Arena: Daytona 500 Won via Race ending/Death Match 5 Normal Match Batman (no gear,coms,etc) vs Neo (no powers,bullet time,etc) Arena: The roof of Empire State Building Won K.O MAIN EVENT The Hulk vs The Preadator Arena: A small city near a lush jungle No holds barred Won via Death/K.O Thats all for Today folks! Tune in at this thread at 10:30 to see the results and new matches! (Remember,no arguing! Just have a friendly debate!)
  4. As some of you might know, i am into fighting games. Some people say that shooters are the most competitive multiplayer games you can find, but for me Fighters just stump them all. So i was wondering, what are your favorite fighting franchises? I took the ones that are the most relevant and some underrated franchises that i consider very good. Don't hang me if i left out a franchise that you might like. I am only human. D: You can also choose more then one franchise you like.
  5. Title says all. Who will win in an unarmed fight? Huh... Nobody's fighting. Someone below, add a filler.
  6. Thinking about the show, and how they're launching a Guardians of harmony toyline revolving around armor/fighting... Isn't Defeating the villains or antagonists in a Straight fight antithetical to how the show operates? Nothing against it, but in EVERY big crisis in the show the villains have NEVER been defeated by just fighting them, but always through a deus ex machina style magical event revolving around Friendship or love. For example, S5's Finale: Chrysalis was defeated by her changelings all Deciding "Screw this I'm going lovebug" and everyone turning into redeemed changelings-- In Canterlot wedding, the mane six fighting the changelings accomplished nothing but it was a Giant love blast from Shining and cadence that defeated them. Tirek? the DBZ fight did nothing, it was the EOH giant rainbow thing that saved the day; Discord, EOH rainbow lasers as well. The closest thing to them having a fight save the day was in Friendship games since it was an actual Fight between Sunset and twilight (even if it did resolve itself with her offering twilight her hand in friendship after the fight was over) and not just a rainbow laser instant win. Heck, the only real "Fight saves the day" ending in a 100% way was power ponies. So we've NEVER had the villains beaten by actually getting into a fight with them (Outside the comics), with it always relying on a relatively non-violent Rainbow instant win or other event. As such, isn't the premise of guardians of harmony, focusing on weapons, armor and getting into nitty gritty fights to fix things against the grain of how the Show's worked till now? Not that I would be opposed to some fights where its the group working together with bonds of friendship giving them the strength to overcome, it just seems, thinking about it, that Such a tactic is counter to how the show's worked for 6 seasons.
  7. Starlight Glimmer’s existance does not negate Sunset Shimmers success or popularity and the same goes the other way. Sunset is not going anywhere and glimmers good fortune is not sunsets misfortune. Constantly pitting the two against each other is getting tiresome and they both have their own speciel place in the franchise. I am a fan of Starlight and i am okay if other people are against her. But don't criticize her, just because your favorite character isn't in the show, because that is just a baseless argument.
  8. Simple little game. Choose which avatar of the above two would win in a fight, and why. Rules: - Please try to leave an explanation as to why your choice won - No explanation is too stupid - Wait for two other posters before you post again (In other words, don't participate when one of the above avatars is yours) There isn't an avatar above this post, so Shining Armor vs. Feld0. Go!
  9. So, what is the final deciding factor in a fight? Agility or power? Why? No, this isn't asking who would win in a fight between the characters of MLP. This is just a general question.
  10. Screw Maywhether vs. Pacquiao, screw Randy Coture vs. Brock Lesnar and screw The Rock vs. John Cena. This is the real battle of the century here. In one corner, we have the man who has brainwashed more people then anyone on the internet and in the other we have someone, that slimed more people then anybody else. Choose your victor...The RIGHT victor.
  11. u choose a magic power to defeet the uper person/pony friendship is magic to and i use it to begin
  12. P-Jay

    OC Brawling

    ok, two people give me an oc, i review them , and give my opinion on who would win in a fight. ill try to post how they would win, too. if you wanna brawl your own oc's thats fine too. so is tag-teams.
  13. I propose a challenge!! Similar to a previous thread I made back in December, I challenge anyone who reads this, to name a fictional character who can beat my own. Who can beat Battler Ushiromiya, the Golden Endless Scorcerer? Rules: no omnipotent/nigh omnipotent characters, other than that, you may use any character in fiction. Give reasons as to why your character would win. You may name up to 5 characters. Oh, and you cannot use Battler himself, or characters from his own verse. Just some friendly advice, by the way, I suggest that, if you wish to have any chance at all of beating him, you should name very, very heavy hitters in fiction. Bring it on. :3 Here's a theme for the battle: Anyone? Come on, you know you want to!!
  14. Hello! So this is just a random thought, but I was wondering has anyone ever animated a fight between Celestia, Luna and Discord? If not it might be an interesting thing to animate.....
  15. Or had he? A true godmodder never gives up in their goal to make everyone rage quit. And this godmodder, who had single-handedly hacked the source code of Minecraft to give himself anything he wanted, was not about to give up! No... He had another plan. A better plan. A plan that would ensure victory for the godmodding cause once and for all... But just then, A rift in time and space appeared! A hand reached through the rift. "Come with me if you want to succeed. Your 'Operator' plan is doomed to fail, but I have a better idea..." He ran through the rift just as it closed, splitting the timeline in two! "Okay, what is your so-called 'Better Idea'? It better be good, because you made me give up my totally AWESOME plan to come with you." The Godmodder said. "Oho, it's much better alright," said the voice. "We are going to troll the most easily trolled group in the multiverse... the bronies." ...And of course, that's where you all come in. Welcome to the (totally not)official sequel to the hit Minecraft Forum thread - Destroy the Godmodder! In this game, you have to destroy the Godmodder, a character whose job is to make everyone in the universe ragequit! As defined by Urban Dictionary, a godmodder is someone whose character is for all purposes, invincible. No attacks or any techniques will work against said character. The godmodder can instantly recover from anything that happens to him/her. Of course, the godmodder can do anything to any other character and the other characters aren't allowed to defend against it. This Godmodder, the most powerful godmodder in existence, has attacked Minecraft before. But this time, the Godmodder owns his own Minecraft server Has traveled to equestria with new found powers, so it will be even harder than the last game! However, there are many things that aid you in your fight. You can choose between fighting against or for the Godmodder! You can also remain neutral. But the end goal remains the same. Destroy the Godmodder, destroy his server, and save the entirety of Minecraft Equestria from destruction! Rules: 1. To damage the Godmodder, you have to use attacks that can't be godmodded. 2. The Curse of Unoriginality prevents anyone from using the same attack twice. 3. You may only post 3 times per "turn". A turn is the time in between my posts responding to all of your actions. I may edit this number later depending on how many of you actually play. 4. Do not double post, or it will not be counted. 5. Don't use spoiler tags, they may mess up the editor. 6. This is NOT A ROLEPLAY. You may make up your own "backstory" but don't expect it to be integrated into the main storyline. 7. In addition to regular attacks, you may summon characters and creatures know as Entities. Depending on how long you charge them up for, the stronger they will be! The format for summoning an entity is "I summon <Insert Entity Here> (1/Whatever you're charging them for) 8. If an entity is killed or defeated, the Curse of Unoriginality prevents it from being summoned again. This doesn't apply to generic summons, for example, a turret or a wall. 9. You can assist other player's charges in your post to increase the charge by 1. 10. You can only have a maximum of 3 charges at a time. Fully made Entities don't count towards this limit. 11. We don't have anything like Alchemy in DTG2. Sorry. Now, let the battle begin! =========================================================================== The Battlefield: The Godmodder [Godmodder] HP: 100:100 =========================================================================== External Links: Destroy the Godmodder 2: Operator! - The current edition of the official Destroy the Godmodder, maintained by Twinbuilder. Destroy the Godmodder - The original, discontinued thread. Destroy the Godmodder: TVTropes Edition - TVTropes' take on a sequel to the DTG Game. TVTropes' page on Destroy the Godmodder - Tropes that are contained in the Destroy the Godmodder series.
  16. This is for bronies and fans who want to bring back Button Mash. i only saw the pilot episode and some ponies never seen one episode. we are gonna do all we can to bring back button mash. doesn't hasbro care that we make these for them!? hasbro... if you are reading this please we want to bring back button mash!JanAnimations made this button mash series for you. then you go and throw it away. keeping this stuff to your self. thats not kind. its not generous. ok it has nothing to do with honesty. its dis-loyal to your fans. this is not something to laugh at either. button mash is something to laugh at. if you think about it... creating fan animations is a way to show our loyalty. fan animations turn people into bronies. by creating fan animation we ares the money at you and you throw it away!? of course this is with all due respect. we are helping you by creating these animations. now its time to decide. let us help you or upset your fans. the choice is yours. of course I'm always gonna be a brony no matter what you choose. but i can't say the same for everyone. please consider. don't you want to give the fans what they want? remember... we make the animations for you hasbro.
  17. The Kill La Kill Squad have five minutes to make up a plan and to read up on Eren. Once that's done, they're dropped inside of Wall Maria(which means the territory is unfamiliar). Eren is pissed because he hasn't had his Snickers and wants to kill them off. The Kill La Kill squad is going for the kill as well, but they can win by exhausting Eren out of Titan form if it comes down to it. Everyone is at their regular current power level Bonus Round: Super Saiyan Ryuko and Flaming Eren are tossed into the mix
  18. For instance, Brony X claims Fluttershy as his waifu. Brony Y does the same thing. Brony X threatens Brony Y to fight. A brawl ensues, with the poor pony fleeing from both bronies. Now replace Brony Y with Flash Sentry, so-called "waifu thief/stealer". The "crime"? Falling in love with Twilight Sparkle ... in a CANON (Canterlot High) setting, althought the shipping itself was not even realized. If I were in Brony Y's shoes, I'd happily surrender my waifu over to my rival, even if she will be shedding fountains of tears for this. Can you help me comprehend on how come bronies aggresively defend their waifus, attacking whoever who "steals" them?
  19. It is a tense moment. The manticore's mouth begins to water in hunger. The chimera, a hulking amalgam of beasts, begins sizing up it's opponent, crouching in anticipation. Out of the brambles and bushes of the Everfree a gargantuan Timberwolf bursts into the scene, separated from his pack. Within moments, these three magical apex predators (who somehow got into a forest clearing all together because of this poster's selfish whim) will engage in a deadly bout for dominance. But only one will survive. (Tl;dr version:) Who will survive, and why?
  20. I watched SillyFillyStudios "Fall of an Empire" today and felt inspired enough to write a tale from Equestria's past. Unlike Fall of an Empire, this one does not end well for our heroes and Celestia is actually useful "Why are we even doing this? The ponies have done naught but shun us, calling us freaks" a night colored alicorn grumbled, blue magic curling around her, creating solid plates of armor around her. Azure metal covered her chest, flanks, forehead, neck, and legs. "Because it is the right thing to do. Besides, how long will it take for the draconequus to bore of his game with them and come after us?" a pale alicorn debated, her own armor forming. Unlike the other's, it was golden. "Tch, I hate it when you are right" the black alicorn smirked at her sibling. The elder responded with a similar grin before the two of them jetted off, the ground breaking underneath them as they took flight. The Earth Pony screamed in pain as her once brown body slowly turned white and soft, bones and muscle breaking apart. She looked up at her tormentor with fear, tears weeping from here eyes. "P-please, stop! I am begging you!" she sobbed as her once strong legs became floppy and squishy. A multi-colored aura surrounded her and brought her up to a grey, goat like face. "Oh? But your cutie mark is some marshmallows, I thought you'd like them" the beast cackled, transforming even more of her body into marshmallow. The mare gagged, crimson liquid pouring out of her mouth as her internal organs began failing. A bit of the blood spattered onto the face of her torturer, causing him to frown. "Now that's just rude, spitting in the face of Discord" Discord snorted, wiping the phlegm off with a handkerchief and clenching his fist. The Earth Pony let out an ear splitting wail of pain as her entire body turned white and soft, a marshmallow. Discord snapped his fingers and his jaw distended like a serpent's, allowing him to gulp down the pony. His neck bulged before the sweet treat melted in his throat. "Hmm, maybe I should melt the next one" Discord muttered pensively, tapping his chin. Suddenly, his ears twitched and he felt a tingle at the back of his head. "Discord senses tingling" the draconequus mumbled, looking out towards the horizon. "Better give them a warm welcome" the spirit grinned, his body disappearing in a flash of light "What is this madness?" Luna sputtered, dodging a particularily persistent cloud of cotton candy that was chasing her. "We're getting closer to his range of influence!" Celestia responded, firing a golden beam of light from her horn and vaporizing the cloud. The elder of the two looked down, her face sorrowful. Ponies below were in a horrible state, some being tortured, others running for their lives. The one constant was discord, everywhere. "He is an unholy abomination of nature" Luna spat, she herself repulsed by the horrors below. "How dare you accuse me of such things? I am not of nature! Check your privilege, you are oppressing me" a mocking voice jeered, seemingly everywhere. "Where?!" Celestia gasped, looking around for the source of the threat. Suddenly, both alicorns felt as if the weight on their bodies had increased ten fold and the two plummeted towards the ground, smashing into the Earth with little reprieve. "Things got heavy there" the voice called and about a meter from the two alicorns stood a freakish beast. He stood 8 feet tall with a mish-mash body of goats, deer, ponies, dragons, gryphons, lions, ducks, crocodiles, and snakes. "Spare us your jokes, trickster" Luna hissed, getting up slowly. It still felt like there were tons on top of her. Discord smirked at their difficulty and snapped his fingers, taking the weight away. "Sorry, I don't think you two got the gravity of the situation? HAHAHAHA, GET IT?! GRAVITY?! HEHEHEH!" Discord cackled madly, falling on his back and rolling like an immature child. "Are you sure this is the one we need to depose? He looks harmless" Luna murmured to Celestia as the more powerful sister got up. "I'm wondering the same thing" Celestia replied, keeping a way eye on the draconequus. Their doubts were shattered when Discord, snapped his fingers, materializing a shaking foal in his hands. "Sorry about that, I just get the giggles" Discord chuckled, causing the poor foal to start crying. Then it began laughing with Discord. The foal laughed and laughed, tears flowing from its eyes as Discord dropped it. "What did you do?!" Celestia snarled, her face contorted and teeth gritted as she glared at Discord. The poor foal continued his cackling, his chest ceasing to rise and fall as he began to lose air. "Laughter is the best medicine" Discord joked darkly in reply, a mad grin present on his face as the foal stopped moving completely. "YOU ARE A MONSTER!" Luna roared, a sword of teal magic forming at her side as she charged Discord. She slashed down with her sword, expecting to cleave the creature in half. There was a crack. Then, her sword shattered, nothing more than a candy cane. Luna looked at the candy cane in horror, stepping back to join Celestia's side. "What is he?" the two sisters said in unison, eyes wide and feeling fear crawl up their bodies. "I am Discord, spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. Now, just to make things fair, I'll let you take a free shot" Discord snickered, creating a target on his chest. "But only one" he cautioned, holding up one claw. "We'll have to use full power" Celestia growled, getting a nod from Luna. A crackling aura surrounded them both, Luna's teal, Celestia's golden. The ground shook as their auras sparked, releasing more power. Discord filed his nails, not even caring about their power-up. "Your act innocent, but you're deadly" Celestia snarled as their power-up finished, shaking the ground itself. "DIE, MONSTER!" the sisters bellowed, putting their horns together and firing two massive beams, one blue and one yellow, coiling each other as they flew towards Discord. "Wh-" Discord started before the beam engulfed him, tearing the ground near him to shreds and flying towards a mountain, where it exploded with a loud crash. The mountain was still intact, but there was a decent hole punched through it. "Huff, huff...heh" Luna chuckled, breathing harder than before. She wasn't completely tired but it was certainly a work out. Luna turned to smile at Celestia, realizing that her elder sister was frowning. "Something's not right" Celestia mumbled before the ground where Discord stood began shifting, pieces of fur and flesh reforming together before their eyes. "I-impossible" Celestia stammered as Discord stood once more, looking murderously angry. "That was not nice" Discord snarled, teleporting behind the two sisters and grabbing them by the skulls. "Not at all!" he hissed, power flowing through his finger tips. The alicorns shrieked in pain as they felt their minds be violated by the spirit "NO!" Luna roared, kicking out and knocking Discord away, freeing them from his grasp. Their bodies had been turning grey, but quickly turned to normal without the chaotic influence. The powerful ponies nodded at each other before charging forward at Discord. Celestia fired a beam of magic at the draconequus, vaporizing his lower body. Discord sneered, merely regrowing his lower half. His sneer dropped as Luna blasted his nape from behind, sending him flying. Discord flipped in mid air and turned his stomach into a parachute, stopping his flight. "Harvest time!" Discord cackled, massive spiked carrots bursting out of the ground to try and impale the alicorns. Celestia flew upward to avoid them while Luna teleported behind Discord once more. This time though, Discord was ready for her. A second face appeared on the back of his head and blasted noxious gas out of the mouth, stopping Luna's assault. Discord flew through the smoke, his neck extending to headbutt Luna and send the pony flying into a tree. Celestia flew in from above, showering Discord with an energy barrage. "BEGONE!" Celestia screamed, sweat running down her body while hundreds of golden beams rained down on Discord. She heard a pop and Discord was suddenly in front of her. "Stop choking around, you'll never beat me" Discord snorted, snapping his fingers and conjuring a vicious python, coiling Celestia's neck. The alicorn choked indeed, falling towards the ground, her armor useless to protect her from being strangled. "Having fun? Speak up" Discord chuckled, lowering his head to Celestia's, seeing her slowly die. His glee was interrupted by a blue beam rocketing past him, killing the python. "NO, SLINKY!" Discord wailed before turning to see a battered Luna challenge him. "You won't hurt her" Luna snarled, covering her body in her blue aura and launching forward, shoulder tackling Discord. The spirit staggered back, eyes red and bulging from rage. Luna created a blue axe and swung it, only or Discord to raise his hand, turn it to metal, and shatter it by blocking it. Celestia attacked from behind, creating a scythe and slashing Discord's arm off. No blood ran from the wound, just multicolored magic reattaching his arm. "You need a hand? Okay!" Discord giggled, his neck twisted at an impossible angle as he did so. He teleported, placing two bags on the alicorns. "Pop goes the weasel!" Discord laughed, snapping his fingers and making the gunpowder bags explode. "Ah, I love me some fireworks" Discord chuckled, letting the smoke clear and smirking when he saw his foes were alive, if incredibly weak. Celestia was covered in burns, having tried to shield Luna. Luna was also hurt, but not as badly. "Good, I don't like breaking my toys so early" Discord grinned maliciously. "Begone fiend!" Celestia growled, somehow managing to muster up an explosion of solar flames below Discord. Discord merely cackled madly, pressurized water shooting out of every pore in his body. Not only were the flames somehow extinguished, it stung Celestia and Luna, shredding their armor and tearing their skin. Then the water stopped and Discord conjured a towel, drying himself off. "H-he's been toying with us the entire time" Luna realized, trying to get up, be strong like her sister. "Bingo! Your prize? You get rid of that tacky alicorn magic" Discord smirked, snapping his fingers. In a flash, Luna and Celestia were the size of a regular pony, their flowing manes gone. "Hehe, what game should I do next?" Discord pondered, scratching his head with his tail. He noticed Celestia, now with a pink mane, try to stand up and fight. "I know, smack around the pathetic wimp!" Discord said, eyes turning dark as he created a baseball bat and smashed her to the ground once more with a sickening crack. "Time for sudden death" he giggled, preparing to do one last swing when Luna jumped in the way, tears in her eyes. "I-i won't let your hurt her" Luna hissed, trying to look intimidating. Discord got rid of his bat and fell over, laughing like the maniac he was. "Hohohoh, as if you could stop me?! But I like a good joke, so tell you what, I'll let you two go! You're too much fun to kill or torture. Gold star!" the spirit babbled, giving them back their flowing manes, size, and power along with slapping a gold star on their chest. "See ya next time" Discord cackled as he snapped his fingers, teleporting the broken and battered demigods back to their castle
  21. My thought when i first saw the MLP:DBZ fight... What was everyone elses thoughts as they watched Gok-I mean Twilight- take on Cel-I mean, Tirek?
  22. If you know battle rules of Pokémon, you know the rules of this thread and its battles to come. Every player has 100 health and one chance to heal. Any player can use 4 and ONLY 4 attacks depending on what weapons they have. Damages are called by me. Players can receive bonuses for success in battle. First gets you feather mail. This makes you resistant to air flying attacks, but not immune. Damage taken from flying moves is reduced by half. Tenth gets you fire mail. Damage from fire and fairy moves is cut in half. Twentieth gets scalemail, water damage is cut in half. Thirtieth gets shadow plate armor, dark and ghost damage are cut in half. Fourtieth gets insulated armor, electric damage is cut. Fiftieth gets metal mail. Damage from plant and water moves is cut. Also, the typing of moves you will be able to use depends on what armor you have. However, you may only use two different moves of that type. No max power until you win 20 battles. Players are only allowed one fighter, themselves. And may hold items such as a muffin or berry. All battle rules updates will be made by me. Thank you for reading this and post here if you wish to fight me. Trains card: Mcminer2011 Battles won:1 Battles lost:0 Moves: Fly Arial ace Quick attack Leer Typing:Flying Post your trainer card with typing depending on what armor you have and a request for battle and I will accept ASAP.
  23. so don't worry this won't take to much of your time but i'm here to ask the opinions on two animation video's i made. they're just loops so you don't have to watch till the end... first is this: a short running cycle nothing special really but then there's this: short jumpkick animation where i practice several movements together. once again a loop so no need to watch to the end but i'd like to know, what do you guys think? any advice? what can i improve on?