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Found 9 results

  1. So I recently got back into fighting games by playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Killer Instinct again and I thought, "Huh wonder what everyone's favourite fighters are in some of these games" So if you have a favourite fighter in each fighting game you have played who are they? Mine has a theme that you will see heheh. Tekken: In Tekken I like to play as the beasty Alex the boxing raptor and Steve the British boxer, I use Steve more mainly for his super fast paced punches that are hard to escape from once the first hit lands. Mortal Kombat: Reptile. It has always been Reptile, his trickster like play style with acid and being extremely fast compared to the majority of the MK roster is why I like playing him Killer Instinct: Well let's continue the theme and say Riptor is my favourite in KI again she is super fast paced and is a Rushdown character which is even better, plus the design is for sure not an eye sore. Street Fighter: Dudley, another British boxer? Yeah another and even though they are two totally different franchises Dudley just plays like Steve from Tekken which is why I prefer using him and his speed and availability to chain combos. British boxers and reptiles? Yeah why not XD
  2. the newest addition to the RP hope you enjoy please comment and critique this one is for Petrus
  3. ~Sole~

    New OC art

    It's been quite a while since I've drawn any OC art, and it's been even longer since I've drawn a pony. But now that I made a new OC recently, I thought I'd make some art of him for his character page. His name is Ronin, and he's a samurai without a master so... A ronin... Heh. Anywho, What do you guys think? Ps.- I used references for the sword, but I can't find the artist to credit :/
  4. I know it's been a pretty long time since I've really drawn anything, but I just thought I'd kinda remodel sole (my main oc) and make him look more unique. And for all of you one piece fans out there, that hat might look familiar. I did this on purpose to reference one of my favorite heroes. Anywho, tell me what you guys think! Also, it's in pencil, but his fur color is supposed to be black. (Constructive criticism only please.)
  5. A man, a fighter, a survivor. This man was running. Running from a powerful enemy. Running for a long time. Just when he almost succumbed to his pursuer, his is rescued, though by what he does not know. At first he thinks he's dead, though he is not in any afterlife he has heard of before, though, he is... Somewhere else. There are things there. Ponies, they call themselves. They demand an explanation out of his presence, of who, what he is, why he is there. He sighs. He sits down and tells them to get comfortable. He has a story to tell.
  6. Hello, everybody!! I am going to create a project called Pony Fighter the game will have Destop Ponies as the sprites. The characters will be the.... Mane 6 Vinyl Scratch Octavia Lyra Luna Celestia I need people to post Desktop Ponies here (I could only find some) The game will be started on 5/1/2013. The game's soundtracks will be 8-bit themes and if you can make that PM me on the forums. The game's sprites will be Desktop Ponies (As said post them here) The game's Levels will be made soon. Thats it!! .
  7. So I was looking through youtube and found THE BEST GAME of 2012. Basically a very glitchy lego fighting game, and don't worry if you don't understand the guys in the video, it will most likely make you laugh anyway. Download: This game has been popular with Finnish commentators mostly, can we make it spread?
  8. Holy shit... Vega... I'VE RUINED YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I was trying to use a Street Fighter alpha 3 vega as reference, and this is how it ends up. *sigh* I feel bad for this art now.
  9. (For the topic prefix, I had no clue what to put, considering it is like a mix of a few of em and none of em at all. So I just put down writing I suppose. Also this is Pony related, so I don't think this goes in the Beyond Ponyville section either.) (Many of you may find this TL:DR) Hello there everypony. I just wanted to spill my thoughts out of some day dreams I've have whenever I play my house or trance music whenever I do play it in my life. Ever since I became a brony in mid-January, I've gotten to know more of the Mane 6's character, personality, and whatnot. Usually, I have had just random day dreams about em, as I'm sure most, if not all, have had before. But when I play my house or trance music on my iPhone, I look at the name of it and I imagine if the song played currently gave some sort of power. Giving some background, I wanted to make a homebrew (think original class) for Dungeons and Dragons. It involved the character being a sort of Music Mage, where his/her songs buffed him/the party and/or debuffed enemy. It didn't give the character a fighting style, but merely complimented it. Back to ponies, that idea leaked into my day dreams and I thought: "What if the Mane 6 could use this sort of power. Now some of you might think why would I have ponies fight? Well, I had planned it so they wouldn't kill, but in the least, disable. And by disable, I just mean something along the lines of to bring unconscious. It is fighting, but more or less restricted fighting. There were times where I'd imagine some big and/or tough enemy and they would have to go all out to take it out. Oh, and I'm there too in order to "cast" the abilities. Because we all want to be a part of their adventures, right? A lot of the house and trance tracks I have can be general or specific. Some are to be solely used by a certain pony, some are for two or three, and others are for the entire party. I kinda imagined it in the sense of Kingdom Hearts where you would have guest party members at certain points, so I imagined Octavia and DJ PON3 (Vinyl Scratch) joining up and using their song (Hybrid - Finished Symphony) in order to combat an enemy. I'm just listing two examples of each genre (considering my house and trance library consist of over 300 songs...) that I can remember off the top of my head and describe who its for, what the abilities and effects are, and all that stuff. (When running through this I put in too much links to YouTube, so only the first one is listed, just to match up with the times I put. For the rest, please search for them! They're great songs!) ~~~~~ Rainbow Dash's "Theme" (Armin van Buuren ft. Ferry Corsten - Brute) [House Music] http-~~-// Generally, the song is supposed to only work for Dash. The song from the get-go speeds up Dash to a speed that she normally doesn't travel at. The song can be used for both combat and as a performance, for example, something she could have used in the Best Young Fliers Competition, but unfair for races and I strongly discourage the RD in my head from doing. A note though is that at around 5:11 in the song, Dash needs to climb altitude for what's to come. At 5:25, her wings magically disappear and she will go into a state of free fall. During this time, time seems to slow down, but at the same time, it doesn't. (It's weird in my head, I suppose.) At 5:50, her wings come back, but they're the size of Princess Celestia and she automatically moves at Sonic Rainboom Speed. But between 5:25 and 5:50, those can be Rainbow Dash's longest 25 seconds ever. At around 7:00, her wings return to normal and she decelerates to her normal speed. In terms of combat, she is extremely evasive and can confuse the target, but still provide damage. In terms of competitions, she can dazzle the crowd with the speed and agility that the song provides. Celestia and Luna "Co-op Team-up" OR Party using the power of Celestia and/or Luna (Above & Beyond ft. Richard Bedford - Sun and Moon (Marcus Schossow Remix)) [Trance Music] This song I thought of Celestia and Luna coming out at one point (not like a summon in KH) and pretty much being boss. They pretty much move quickly, attack fast and hard, and use either light or dark attacks for Celestia and Luna, respectively. Alternatively, the song could be used on the party and they would be able to use their powers. The time of day actually depends as well. If it is daytime, they get Celestia's powers. Nighttime equals Luna's. If it is either sunrise or sunset, they will get both powers, but if it is sunrise, then they get a "regular Luna buff" but a "lesser Celestia buff". The vice versa applies to sunset. I have it that way and not the other way around because sunrise means it still is dark and the light is just beginning. Same for sunset, but the other way around. Me and Another Pony (DJ Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System - I Will Be Here (Original Mix)) [House Music] This song's power is actually based on how much of a relationship/friendship I am with the certain Mane 6 pony. If the relationship is strong and tight, then me and the other pony will get stronger in their sense. Pinkie and Applejack will be physically stronger. Rarity and Twilight will be magically stronger. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy will fly faster. Even with those basics, they get their own special buffs. Generally this isn't some song I could use early on our adventure if my relationship with any of the ponies isn't strong enough, where another song could fair much better. Another thing is that this song places me as a defender of the pony. Taking into account the lyrics of the song: "You know when the moment comes, to be strong, show resistance and that is what we're led to believe... When the big world falls apart, and you think 'That the feeling will linger', you need somewhere to start. I Will Be Here.", it more or less places me to make sure that nothing will happen to the specified pony and that I truly care for her. I am her shield and defender. It also mimics outside of combat when I would need to build on their relationships by expressing that "I will be here" for you whenever you're down and need help. Me and the Mane 6 (Lemon & Einar K ft. Paul Johannessen - Everlasting (Original Mix)) [Trance Music] This song could be one of the "last resort" songs in my library. If for whatever reason that the entire Mane 6 is down, and I'm the only one standing, I can activate the song. The song slowly heals the Mane 6 and they all start floating around me. A sort of bubble shield appears all around them, except me. Wherever I move, they move. They have increased defense to prevent them from getting downed and constant hp recovery. As for me, I don't have anything else to back me up. It is pretty much all me at this point. The song only aids in recovering those downed. If for whatever reason a shield breaks, the song automatically switches me and the other pony. I take the hit and the other pony is safe. The other ponies can attack in their shields, but they at least need me to send them out and they return as soon as they have finished their attack. This is one of the more risky songs, along with last resort, because if I am downed at whatever point, the shields disappear and the healing stops at whatever point they were at. ~~~~~ I haven't really had some sort of story going along with these songs. It's more or less when a song comes up in my iPhone, the battle just starts. It's like a dream: you don't know how it started, you just seem to be right in the middle of it (taking something from Inception. =P). Anyway, that's all I have to say for this. If you're curious about this, please ask questions and I'll be happy to answer! If you're wondering about what I had as the "theme" for each of the Mane 6 members, including mine, here they are, with tiny reasons as to why, but I won't list the specifics. Twilight Sparkle P.O.S. - Gravity [Trance Music] The name to me suggested that her magic became amplified to such a degree that there was such a pressure around her. I pictured that there were stars around her with this gravity around her. It kinda makes Twilight happy because she feels this enormous magical power that, ultimately, will want to make her study and practice magic more. Rarity Dezza - Allure (Original Mix) [House Music] There was a point where I thought what Rarity's might be, but after searching the definition of allure, the power to attract, I knew this was hers. The song goes will with her, in my opinion. Applejack Johan Gielen - Physical Overdrive [Trance Music] Applejack is a strong character in MLP, so I thought that the name, Physical Overdrive, went well with her strength. Not much to say about this actually. Pinkie Pie Fonzerelli - Moonlight Party 2011 (Original Born Again Mix) [House Music] It's Pinkie Pie. Why would her theme NOT be about partying? Fluttershy Alex M.O.R.P.H ft. Sylvia Tosun - An Angel's Love [Trance Music] Fluttershy's Theme just represent her love and nonviolence (in my day dreams, Flutts is the one that attacked the least, if not at all). Considering that she is the element of kindness, and how the song relates to angels (maybe even referring to her pet bunny, Angel?), this fits well. The vocals in this song are also beautiful, and I imagine Fluttershy singing them herself at times. Rainbow Dash Armin van Buuren ft. Ferry Corsten - Brute [House Music] (Listed above) Dash's theme was the first one I had thought of. I don't say that she is a brute, according to the name of the song, it's just that for an odd reason, I just imagined Dash's wings magically improving and disappearing and then becoming big and moving at Sonic Rainboom Speed. It just fit well in my head. Anyway, thanks for reading and again, if you have any questions, please ask!