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Found 74 results

  1. Since My Hero: One's Justice has been out for about a month. I thought it would be cool to make a discussion for others, who may have the game, or those, who may be interested in said game. I like the cast of characters you get to play from the anime. Even certain dlc characters that are available are interesting to play as. Some characters seem to be overpowered in how they play, but they aren't unbeatable. While there is only one button for combos, I like how the game allows you to extend your combos throughout the fight. Whether it's canceling a button press or adding support sidekicks into the combo. It makes the fighting unique and interesting to make a combo seem stylish. I'm not really a fan of the online system. When playing ranked, you get paired with someone at random instead of finding someone to fight. There's only ranked and player matches. I felt there could have been more options to play online, but I guess it's better than having no game at all. Hopefully, if there's ever a sequel, the creators can fix up the online mode. I'm also surprised they didn't add a lot of music to the game. At most, I believe there is about 3 to 5 songs. I felt there would be different songs, while on a certain stage. However, I guess there may have not been enough time to make different songs for other stages. At any rate, I do like how we get to fight at certain places from the anime. What are your thoughts of the game. Have you enjoyed playing the game, so far? Hopefully, we can have a fun discussion and learn to play and have fun on the video game. I've hard from others that this game is somewhat similar to Pokken Tournament and the Naruto Storm series. Speaking of the game, who are your mains and/or what would your main be in the game. So far, my only main is Kyoka Jiro. I like her style of play and her way of fighting is pretty cool.
  2. Have you ever wanted to play a fighting game like Fighting is Magic, a game with a cast of Original Characters, a game that can't get taken down by Hasbro? Do you want to take your skills ONLINE? DO YOU WANT TO SEE LITTLEPIP IN A FIGHTING GAME? Hi, I'm EmeraldStar04, and I'm the Moveset Designer and Project Manager of MLP:Order/Chaos. This game will use Mugen as a base, and its final version will be a Mugen Full Game, packaged with its main characters, custom health bars, custom menu screens, and custom character select screen preinstalled. However, due to using Mugen as a base, modular open-slot editions WILL be compatible with other mugen characters like Twilight Sparkle, Sonic The Hedgehog, Ryu, Jotaro Kujo, anyone you want. Though of course, you'll have to get your opponent's permission to use such characters in online play. Which means if you don't want to fight Sonic or Megaman or Link, you don't have to! (If only For Glory had that option...) Which ties into my next point: THIS GAME WILL HAVE ONLINE PLAY. If you've ever seen a Smash 4 For Glory montage and thought to yourself "Man, I wish I could make vids like that", now you can! The game's art style? Fighting Is Magic-style vector art. Why? High quality sprites>8-bit-looking sprites. The game's plot: Beings beyond time and space have torn holes in dimensions and timelines, gathering those that catch their eye and pitting them against each other in a Grand Equine World Tournament. When a winner is decided, the losers are sent back to their own worlds and the winner will gain one wish. What will that wish be? Fame? Money? Power? Status? The restoration of a ruined world? Alicorn Ascension? True love? Infinite pizzas? Find out, in MLP:Order/Chaos! Current OC Roster: LittlePip(Fallout Equestira) Emerald Star(Emerald Star's Bizarre Adventure) Nyx(Past sins) (Then again, probably not. This space can easily be taken by a more interesting OC.) -Empty slot- -Empty slot- -Empty slot- Stages: Town(Ponyville, with Fluffle Puff in the background on the right side if FP's artist says ok) Wasteland(Fallout Equestria) Nightmare Castle(Past Sins) (Will be replaced if Nyx is replaced) Las Haygas (Las Pegasus) -Empty Slot- -Empty Slot- -Empty Slot- Crystal Castle(Literally Twilight's castle). End Of The World (Emerald Star's Crazy Adventure) Average stats: Health: 750-1200 (The average mugen character's health is 1000.) Power: 10,000 (Ten bars max for all characters, unless having a power bar limit of 3/1 is part of the character's playstyle) Attack: 100% Defence: 70-105% (Altering Attack alters the damage your attacks deal and Defence alters the damage you take from attacks.) Questions predicted and answered, "Your next line is..." style... "Can my OC be in this?"/"Can this OC I like be in this?" Is there more to your OC than just a randomly-generated name and a generic face? Would your OC have an interesting and enjoyable playstyle that fits the character? Would your OC be fun to play as AND against? If the answer is yes to all or most of these things, post here to show your interest and then send a PM to me named "OC Application: *insert OC Name here*". Set it out like the Smash Ballot applications, including what the OC features in, why you think the character should be in the game, and what you think his/her/its playstyle would be like. Include as much information as possible to ensure the OC is programmed into the game accurately! "Can you make a template thingy where you can make your own OC by choosing attacks and colours and stuff?" No. Mugen has no system for this. I'd need a budget rivalling Smash 4's to make anything approaching that. Though it isn't exactly hard to modify an existing mugen character and make your own OC with custom attacks and animations... So I wouldn't say no to fighting some of those when the game is finished. You heard me, 1v1 me, no items, final destination. I mean, End Of The World. "Do you have permission from Littlepip's creator to use her in this game?" Not yet, which is why we're going to finish work on the menu art and Emerald Star first, so people will take us seriously when we show off demos of the game and ask to use her. But if LP's creator says no, it's fine, because the ammo system I've developed for her will still work on other Fallout Equestria OCs and we've no shortage of those. "What's the smash ballot?" "Can my OC have a Super Saiyan/Giga Bowser/Forme Change/Wario Man-style transformation?" I hope you realize how much time and resources would go into such a thing. Countless additional sprites and animations for running and jumping and all three taking-damage animations, with check codes on each animation to see if the transformation trigger is enabled, ON EVERY SINGLE STATE AND INPUT. It doubles, no, triples the workload and pushes back the game's release date far too much. I'm not saying ABSOLUTELY NOT to this sort of thing, but keep in mind that if you ask for one, it will greatly reduce your chances that your OC gets in. One-off transformations, on the other hand, are fine. Something like "Goku turns super saiyan, fires a massive Kamehameha, then turns back to normal when the super is over" or "My dragon OC Slash becomes huge, punches the ground to cause a giant earthquake, then shrinks back to normal" or "Death Knell enters his Final Dark Form and unleashes a wave of darkness" is fine. So is "For the intro animation, my changeling OC Fickle Fate jumps into the arena and then turns into the pony form she'll be using to fight". And when it comes to weapons, "He pulls our and uses his sword for some attacks and his gun for others, and his super has him pull out and use a massive sword" is ok, "he switches between Holding His Gun mode and Holding His Sword mode" isn't. Same goes for "He switches between armours to have different attacks and animations". "Can my character's fighting style include spells?" Of course! You'll have to specify what spells/what kind of spells, though, since magic is a really open-ended thing. Fire spells, water spells, earth spells, ice spells, metal spells, plant sprlls, air spells, time spells, space spells, love spells, force spells, soul spells, "Fire a giant laser" spells, there are a lot of spells. "When I apply to enter my OC in this game, should I include what I want his Specials and Supers to be?" Yes. Overpowered ones might be altered to preserve game balance, but in the sense that they'll be given an exploitable weakness, not made uninteresting. "Am I allowed to enter OCs a friend made?" If that friend is ok with it, then sure. "Can my character have a 'Transform the enemy' move like the Candy Beam from DBZ or Alessi from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?" Only if it's the kind of transformation where the opponent can't move until you attack them, knocking him/her out of the transformation, or you wait a certain number of seconds until it wears off. NOT something like "My OC uses a magic spell to turn the opponent into a cute filly version of themselves" or "My OC uses magic to turn the opponent into a batpony version of themselves". Making separate transformed sprites for each character would be a MASSIVE undertaking, the kind of undertaking that can only be pulled off when you have a team of professional well-paid animators working around the clock that won't mind spending multiple years working on this game because it's their job and they're paid by the hour. Plus, that kind of move wouldn't even work on characters that don't have "Can be transformed into a young version or a mare version or whatever" programmed into them, making it useless in Any-Character Online Play. "Turn the opponent into candy or a block of ice or a tree or stone or whatever this specific state is coded to be", on the other hand, holds the transformation code and sprite in its own character using custom states, meaning you could even use that on an OC not programmed to be compatible with the move and it'd work perfectly. "Can my OC have Helper Moves? You know, the thing where a character summons another character, who does a move and then runs off, but if you hit that helper character before the move is used, the character can't use the move and has to run off?" Sure! That'd be an awesome Super/Hyper move. But no more than one per character. "Can my OC's Hyper Move summon a friend to help him/her, like the Pokemon Trainer's Triple Finish Final Smash?" Ok. "Can my OC use guns?" If he/she comes from a world with guns, then sure. No broken stuff, though. As funny as it'd be for Twilight's Daughter or someone to just use a human gun on the final boss and kill it, that won't happen. Guns will keep track of ammo and require reloading, and you'll be open during this reload state. "You know the move Poisonpowder from Pokémon? Can my OC have a move like that?" If it's a lv1 Super, then sure. This poison effect code can also work on "Magic curse" spells. "Can my OC be a group of two characters, Ice Climber style?" No. "Can I make a new OC specifically for this game?" That isn't really what this game is about, so this new OC isn't likely to get in... but go ahead if you want to make one anyway, or you don't have any OCs yet, or something. "Can this character have an Instant Kill move?" Only if it's so punishable and impractical at high levels of play that using it is a stylish awesome thing and not a cheap thing. Something like landing a jumping reversing offstage Ganondorf Punch will be ok, a "Input up left down right down A to instakill the helpless opponent" move won't be ok. "Will the game have stages that suck?" No. "Will the game's fanbase decide like half the stages in the game can't be used, so you have to only use the stages they like?" No. "Will there be an Undertale level?" This is a MLP fangame, so probably not. "Can my Undertale OC get in this game?" Probably not, but if it's a really good one, message away. "Will there be a Story Mode?" I have plans for one, but you won't be seeing any massive Metroidvania Brawl-style levels. Think more along the lines of a normal fighting game's story mode, like Tekken or Street Fighter. Personally, I always liked them more. WHAT WE NEED: Stage themes, an opening theme, and a Choose Your Character theme. If you want to be hired as our musician, PM me your tracks and audition. Or, if you only want one of your tracks in this game, PM it to me. If you're a fan of a musician, PM me something you like and where you'd want it to be. The best tracks will be used in the game. Vector Artists. The game's art style will be vector art, in a similar pseudo-3/4 view to Fighting Is Magic. See: If you're a vector artist and you want your work featured in this game, comment in this topic and then send me a PM with four of your best show-accurate vectors, and artwork of Littlepip in the Fighting Is Magic style, to show how well you can draw in that style. To our Vector Artists, we will offer: A cameo role in the background of a stage of your choice, besides End Of The World or Wasteland. (It wouldn't make sense for ponies to be there drinking tea or whatever). And if you have a particularly interesting OC that would be fun to play as and against, they can join the roster! One OC per person. --- Note on controls: Despite the OCs from different fics likely using different mechanics, the game will mainly be a Street Fighter-style system with three attack buttons, a Taunt button, and a Special button. What this move does varies depends on the character. The three attack buttons will be Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks, and combos will depend on the character.
  3. So, you know how you're just playing a fighting game and you use a special move that has a name that makes you lol? Well, though my list is short, here are some weird/funny names of special moves in fighting games with character, special move name and the game it's from Strong Jersey - Capitain Ginyu - DBZ Budokai 3 Saturday Crush - Raditz - DBZ Budokai 2 and 3 Space Opera Symphony - Rufus - Super Street Fighter 4 What are some funny/weird names of special moves in fighting games that you have come across?
  4. So I recently got back into fighting games by playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Killer Instinct again and I thought, "Huh wonder what everyone's favourite fighters are in some of these games" So if you have a favourite fighter in each fighting game you have played who are they? Mine has a theme that you will see heheh. Tekken: In Tekken I like to play as the beasty Alex the boxing raptor and Steve the British boxer, I use Steve more mainly for his super fast paced punches that are hard to escape from once the first hit lands. Mortal Kombat: Reptile. It has always been Reptile, his trickster like play style with acid and being extremely fast compared to the majority of the MK roster is why I like playing him Killer Instinct: Well let's continue the theme and say Riptor is my favourite in KI again she is super fast paced and is a Rushdown character which is even better, plus the design is for sure not an eye sore. Street Fighter: Dudley, another British boxer? Yeah another and even though they are two totally different franchises Dudley just plays like Steve from Tekken which is why I prefer using him and his speed and availability to chain combos. British boxers and reptiles? Yeah why not XD
  5. So, when you play fighting games, which do you prefer to use; a controller or a fightstick? Why? I have always played fighting games with a controller. Personally, fightsticks have always been difficult for me to use. Last year was the first time I actually tried to play fighting games with a stick. Honestly, I think there are pros and cons to both. I don't think one is superior to the other. It just really comes down to the person's own preference.
  6. Fighting games in general are known to have some of the cheapest bosses in video games. So, who do you think the is cheapest final boss in a fighting game is and why?
  7. Fighting is magic is a pretty awesome game I'd have to say, but what if someone just suddenly made an edition with OC's. (I might be doing this sometime as a little fun project with MUGEN, if you think your character should be a character I make for it, send me a PM) Here's the point, if you had to add your OC to a sort of "Fighting is magic: OC edition" what would he or she be like? I have a little form that you could use if you need ideas on how to describe it. You don't need to use it, this is just to help get ideas. Fighting Strategy: (What strategy your character would encourage. Examples: shoto, zoning, rush-down, defensive, juggling ect.) Pros / Cons: (your character's strengths or weaknesses, like good/bad wake-up time, high/low priority, fast/slow speed, ect., Characters NEED weakness, it's more balanced that way!) Specials: (any ideas for special moves. For example: in street fighter you need to do a quarter circle + punch to do a hadouken/fireball move. NOTE: In fighting is magic, since the characters are ponies, they don't have 6 attack buttons, they just have 4: a light, medium and heavy attack (and 1 for magic attacks if you count that), it doesn't have different buttons for punches or kicks because, well, they're ponies. So just remember, ponies only have the directional buttons and 3 attack buttons along with the magic button) Normal Moves: (If you want to go the extra mile you could also add what your OC's normal moves are) Super Combo/Finisher: (your OC's ultimate move! Requires magic energy to use) Taunt: (optional, pretty self explanatory, *insert some Dan joke here*) Music / Stage / Story / Anything else: (what sort of stage would your OC fight in?) Sample: (my OC Lucid!) Have fun!
  8. What are some fighting game franchises you would like to see crossover with each other? In the vein of Street Fighter X Tekken? Not Smash Bros. or Marvel vs. Capcom fests where the rosters consist of characters from various franchises that may or may not be fighting games or fighting game versions of something else. (eg. Pokken Tournament of that fighting game based on Les Miserables . . . . seriously.) For the purposes of the question let's just say the various developers involve figure out a way to make the disparate systems balanced and fair, at least as fair what is acceptable for these days. For me, the first one would be Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat.
  9. So this is going to sound weird, but I've always loved fighting games while simultaneously being A ) not very good at them and B ) being completely divorced from the competitive scene around them. I'm not exactly aching to join and compete but there is a culture and terminology I feel like I'm missing because of this. I hear characters referred to as "rushdown" or "charge." I'm sure I've played with these characters and styles but just never knew what they were called. Could somepony perhaps elucidate these character types, what they describe, and who are one or two examples of each?
  10. Now I was thinking since Cartoon Network had a crossover fighting game, I think the same should happen with Disney. Like a Super Smash Bros. style game with numerous Disney characters. Think about it, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, Winnie the Pooh, Pirates, Fairies, Phineas and Ferb, and numerous other Disney characters fighting each other all in one game. That would be like the ultimate Disney game. Considering there have been many Disney crossovers it's possible a Disney fighting game could happen. There have been crossovers like House of Mouse, Kingdom Hearts, Disney Infinity, and so much more. I think that kind of game would sell like hotcakes. And they could throw in bonus characters like Star Wars, Marvel, and Sora as well and some collectible figures as well. What do you think of a potential Disney fighting game?
  11. So with the trailers for the next installment of one of the best fighting games of all time coming out, I've had Street Fighter on the brain. Anyone who does martial arts in real life knows that weapons feature heavily in many styles, some more than others. While there have been some characters in the franchise that either make use of or are sometimes depicted packing, Vega most notably with his claw but also Eagle (escrima sticks), Fei Long (nunchaku), Viper (taser gloves/jet shoes), Rolento (quarterstaff and grenades), and more; but for the most part the characters eschew weapons. For the most part I like this creative decision as the fighting styles are just as distinct and stylized, armed or empty handed. Or I can ignore someone going into combat against Vega is NOT going to look like a slasher movie victim because of the comic book-esque nature of the franchise. Just for fun though, what are some weapons you think your favorite Street Fighter characters would use if they decided to go into a fight with some teeth? Be it based in their actual martial art style or just something you think the character would choose to use. To start: T. Hawk: Tomohawks. (Hey "Tomohawk" T. Hawk? Wonder if that was intentional. Yes I know his first name is "Thunder." . . . Which only brings to mind another Native American fighting game character . . .) Dhalsim: Urumi and shield Makoto: Katana (not trying to stereotype just that A ) Street Fighter has always used national identity to inform character and B ) she's old school and the heir to an old school.) Zangief: Hammer and axe combo. (Again, not stereotyping, but Zangief IS a patriot after all.)
  12. Really happy to see a new Pokémon game with different gameplay. I always wanted to see a 3D manual fighting style game. What do you think about it? Do you want to see this kind of battle system back in the official games?
  13. It felt weird drawing a unicorn in a style other that the MLP one... even if I had my own style for the MLP ponies :v
  14. For those of you who don't know, the Mane Six (People behind Fighting is Magic prior to Hasbro's C&D) got together with Lauren Faust to make a spiritual successor. The new game features 6-7 playable characters, a story, a interactive lobby, and much more that's all on their inddiegogo. Here's the link: Here's to hoping they make that goal because I'm excited. Are you guys? I really liked Fighting is Magic, and with the funding and time their planning to put into it this looks like it's gunna be great. I hope it pans out.
  15. In case you are unfamiliar with the story behind this game: So far, it appears that the characters are mostly re-skins of the My Little Pony fighters we had seen so far: Applejack is now Arizona the cow, Rarity is Velvet the deer, and Pinkie Pie is Paprika the Alpaca. There is also a mysterious unicorn who will probably be the new Twilight Sparkle. The game will have a dynamic music system: each stage has its own theme song, but the instruments that play the melody will change depending on which characters are fighting and who is winning. A kickstarter will start on September the 21st. So prepare yourself to throw money at your screen!
  16. Talking about all things Skullgirls! Which includes: finding friends to fight with, talking about about the characters, showing art and all things related to the Skullgirls! Have fun! (P.S. My favorite character is Squigly!)
  17. Hello Everypony and welcome to UPFT ! Today your favorite ponies will go into teams of 3 to take on each other in the most exciting contest in MLP history ! You just select a team in order to participate . Here are the tens established so far . Team unicorns rule ( Twilight , Rarity and Sunset Shimmer ) Team Wild West ( Applejack , Big Mac and Breburn ) Team princess ( Candace Celestia and Luna ) Team insanity ( Cheese Sandwitch , Pinkie Pie and Discord ) Team wonderbolts ( Thunderlane Spitfire and Soarin ) Tearm ego trip ( Rainbow Dash , Trixie and Lightening Dust )@ Team anger issues ( Fluttershy , Iron Will and Gilda ) Team fire breather ( Spike, Garble and the dragon from dragonshy ) Team darkness ( King Sombra , queen Chrysalis and Tirek ) Team misunderstood ( Sweetie Belle , Babs Seed and Silver Spoon Team troublemaker ( Apllebloom , Diamond Tiara and Scootaloo. Team Waifu stealer ( Flash Sentry , Shineing Armor and Blueblood Alright guys select your teams ! Mine is team ego trip ( ego trip is best team lol )
  18. OK, so I was playing Virtua Fighter on the computer today using an Emulator, and when I was playing against Lion, annoying as he is, he seemed to be waiting for me to blunder, so here is the question, how does Fighting Game AI work? Do Fighting Games as early as 1994 have Neural Network systems? Do they have Blunder Detection systems? Apparently in Fighting Game AI a Blunder is called an Outlier, but modern Chess Machines have a Blunder Detection system that can detect wherever a player has blundered, and when a player blunders, they look for a fork or something in the opening and use it as an advantage. So how does Fighting Game AI work? Are there different types? What is the most common type?
  19. So I was scouring the internet as usual, and I just happened across some interesting news. There's another Dissidia Final Fantasy in the works. Right now, there's only plans for it to be released in Japanese arcades, but I'm not so secretly hoping for console port plus a localization, naturally. Anyway, they showed that it will have 3v3 combat and of course the graphics are much better when you're not working with a psp. Here's the trailer they released: Dissidia has always been that series that I felt could do so much more on a bigger screen and it looks like they're finally taking that step. For those of you which have never heard of Dissidia ( a quick and dirty explanation of the previous games) Well, there you have it, a Dissidia topic. A topic where we can talk about how much we love pummeling Final Fantasy characters with other Final Fantasy characters and how the music alone blows Super Smash Bros. out of the water.
  20. With Mortal Kombat X coming soon, I thought it'd be appropriate to start a new topic to celebrate it! So, here's the question: Have changed you're favorite character? Have you originally stuck with one character, but after playing newer games in the series, found a new favorite? For example, when I was a kid, I loved playing as Reptile in Deadly Alliance. I loved dinosaurs and stuff, so naturally he was the perfect fit for me. Over time, though, I began to gravitate towards Scorpion. I loved his backstory, his design, his spear attack, and of course the famous phrase "Get Over Here!" Now Scorpion is my go-to character. I always pick him in MK9 and MK vs DCU, and that trend will likely continue when MKX releases.
  21. Just thought I'd ask since the developers were forced to make it into something non-MLP related to keep from getting sued. If you had to make this game, with Hasbro not giving a damn like they shouldn't have, what things would you have done that were different? I remember seeing some gameplay videos, and it didn't look bad considering it was never completed. But at the same time, I didn't quite agree with some of the movesets they gave to the Mane 6. Maybe I'm not the only one. They probably had other things planned that I wouldn't have agreed with either. That said, these would have been my first suggestions. - No alternate versions of existing characters. Meaning, no Power Ponies, no Rainbow Powered Ponies, no Flutterbat, no Pinkamena, no Chrysalis disguised as Cadence, no Trixie with the Alicorn Amulet, not even Nightmare Moon. This has always been a pet peeve of mine because they just take up space in fighting games. Having more than one Ryu or Akuma never made sense to me in Street Fighter, so why should there be multiple versions of the same pony? I want variety. - No comeback mechanics. The stream monsters can hype them up all they want, but I do not want to be rewarded with a move that takes off 50% by getting my ass kicked. That's just stupid. If I'm down to a mere pixel of health left, it's my fault I got there. I should work harder and EARN my comebacks. - No universal mechanics. Most modern fighting games will have some gimmick for the whole cast to share for the sake of being unique. The problem with this is it typically makes the characters themselves less unique. They all begin to rely on these gimmicks rather than own inherent strengths. If it's not conducive to variety, it's got to go. Now for the roster. I'm gonna make a list of 26 characters, and for each one, I'll compare them to a character from another game that would be a good match for their playstyle. - Twilight: a balanced character that can switch between "spell book" modes to access different movesets, like Amaterasu from Marvel vs. Capcom 3. - Rainbow Dash: aggressive, speedy, combo-centric character with a dive kick, like Yun from Street Fighter 3. - Pinkie Pie: standard projectile/uppercut character with a few random twists, like Ryu and Ken mixed with Tessa from Red Earth. - Applejack: aggressive character with strong melee and long-ranged "lasso" moves, like Omega Red from X-Men: Children of the Atom. - Fluttershy: she was already an assist-based character, which I really liked a lot. She's pretty much Captain Commando from Marvel vs. Capcom, who just happens to have Angel doing all of her basic attacks. - Rarity: charge based character with a projectile and anti-air attack, like Guile. - Big Mac: charge character with an emphasis on mixups and punching power, like Balrog. - Zecora: status-based character that can leech off your health or super meter with a curse, or handicap you with a Poison Joke effect, like Spinal from Killer Instinct mixed with Anakaris from Darkstalkers. - Spitfire: speedy character with charge moves, and a focus on mixups, like Vega. - Maud Pie: static character with slow walk speed, but a powerful multi-hitting melee attack, and fast charge attacks. Like Honda from Street Fighter, but with a surprise "rock throw" super move. - Daring Do: a highly mobile character with a focus on mixups and runaway, like Rolento from Street Fighter Alpha/Final Fight. - Cadence: hybrid character with a teleport and more defensive spells such as shields, speed gain and healing. Like a combination of Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown and Spiral from X-Men: Children of the Atom. - Shining Armor: hybrid character with a standard projectile and running attacks, but a wide range of stat boosts to enhance existing moves, like Silver Samurai from X-Men: Children of the Atom. - Sunset Shimmer: hybrid character with a projectile and charge attacks, and an Aegis Reflector-style trap as her ace in the hole, like Urien from Street Fighter 3. - Derpy: A complex character with moves representing clumsy mannerisms and freak accidents, which ultimately build up to some outlandish "Lv. 3" super move, like Phoenix Wright from Marvel vs. Capcom 3. - Cheese Sandwich: character with random elements tacked onto special moves, like Faust from Guilty Gear. - Trixie: projectile character with a heavy emphasis on hidden traps with Snips and Snails, like Hol Horse from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. - Lightning Dust: speedy and aggressive character with tornados for anti-air and mix up potential, like a combination of Wolverine and Jin Saotome from Marvel vs. Capcom. - Gilda: Melee character that can deal a ton of damage with moves that mix up from consecutive attacks, like Street Fighter X Tekken's version of Bryan Fury. - Snowflake/Bulk Biceps: big standard grappler, like Zangief. - Iron Will: huge powerhouse with high damage and super armor, like Juggernaut from Marvel Super Heroes. - Luna: projectile-based character that focuses on keepaway, like Doctor Doom from Marvel Super Heroes. - Celestia: projectile-based character that focuses on setting up long and damaging spells, like Donovan from Darkstalkers. - Chrysalis: character with long-ranged normals, and changeling helpers that can be used for projectiles and traps, like Capcom vs. SNK 2's version of Chang Koehan. - Discord: pure keepaway character with projectile-based normals, and some reality warping super moves, like Blackheart mixed with Thanos from Marvel Super Heroes. - Tirek: hybrid character with decent long-ranged mixups, but really damaging melee and a teleport, like a combination of Dhalsim and Yamazaki from King of Fighters. I'm sure there are a lot of background ponies people would want to see, but since they've been given no development in the show to provide a good basis for individual movesets, I can't squeeze them in. Sorry. : ( EDIT: FINALLY! Figured out how to edit thread titles!
  22. Facebook (NEW!) | Tumblr | DeviantART | Twitter | Youtube | Website Featuring: Dev Log #1 Super Smash Ponies is a 2D fighting game that combines the gameplay of the Super Smash Bros. Franchise and the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We are hard at work to develop this game, and we'd like to hear community feedback. Every bit helps; the more the merrier! Ready... Set... DISCUSS!
  23. Now I'm sure everypony who considers themselves a gamer has played a fighting game at least once. Myself, I love them. However, not for the usual reason of the intense high-tier play. I'm not good enough for that. No I love them for the wild and colorful characters they bring together and what setups are used to unite them all. Street Fighter has cloak and dagger espionage hidden under the veneer of a global fighting tournament. Bloody Roar has a conflict between a baseline human and superhuman offshoot. What about you guys? What fighting game has the best characters and scenario for them to square off? (Note: This is for stand alone fighting games. Crossover fighters like Dissidia and Smash Bros. or fighting adaptations like Injustice or Fighting is Magic don't count.)
  24. So I sometimes review games, I'm a brony, this an mlp forum, yeah I'll have to tackle this. So you all know about Fighting is Magic's cease and desist last year? Well it turns out people went and finished the game and released it. So I am here to talk about the game. For starters the music and graphics are pretty good actually. They seem to fit each area and the graphics don't seem bad considering it's fan made. It is also fun and ironic to have your favorite ponies from the show about friendship beating the crap out of each other for no reason. Seriously why are they doing that anyway? Could it be the work of Discord? Each move seems to fit the characters well. Pinkie can shoot a party cannon, Rainbow Dash can shot storm clouds at you, Twilight uses magic, Applejack has a lasso, etc. Now lets talk about what a lot of people seem to have problems with when playing, the AI difficulty. Maybe it's because I barely have any experience with these types of fighting games (I was more into smash brothers as a kid, a completely different fighting game style) but these AIs are way too overpowered. Seriously, you're lucky if you can get a hit. I can make it passed the first fight in story mode but not the second fight. A difficulty setting or a training mode would be nice. It would also be nice to include AIs in versus mode where you can set their difficulties to your playing level. Also, trying to perform a combo is near impossible. You have to try so many button combinations, it's confusing even when playing on a controller. Then again, a controller is still easier than the actual keyboard. So basically, If you're more of a casual gamer like me, I wouldn't recommend story mode at all unless you really wanna challenge yourself. I would recommend you to play versus mode with your brony friend if you want more of a fun factor. However story mode might be a fun ride if you're experienced with the Street Fighter style fighting. But alas, I'm not. I've only played one Street Fighter game, on a 3ds demo in a Game Stop for like 5 minutes. Overall, the game is a decent game that could use some tweaking. Then again, this is fan made so you can't expect it to be perfect. It just needs to be polished out is all. Final score: 7/10
  25. all you have to do is look at the avatar above you, then decide who will win! pretty simple!