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Found 47 results

  1. Is anyone else on here a military/uniform history buff? I really like learning about the differences between uniforms and weapons over time and how combat evolved. I actually went to Military History through the Ages last year in Jamestown, Virginia and they had presentations and re-enactors all the way from the Greek Hoplites to modern Special Forces. I've posted some links below:
  2. When this game came out in late 2012 on the PS3, peoples opinions where mixed, but most people said that it was a decent effort. So with the Remastered version being released now at the end of November for the PS4, i kinda though "Why not make a sequel with more characters that are actually known for their Playstation titles?" I mean i never played this game and will certainly pick up the remastered version, but the fact that characters like Big Daddy from Bioshock and Isaac Clarke from Dead Space are in this game, eventhough their games are multiplatform dosen't make sense for me. So i decided to pick my top 10 characters that should be in the next All-Stars game (if there will be one of course) I will only pick Playstation exclusive characters, or that are atleast synonymous with the Playstation brand. Heihachi for example is for me, because eventhough Tekken is Multiplatform now, Tekken got his Fame during the PS1 and PS2 days. So let's begin. Abe (Oddworld Series) Considering that he was one of the earliest Mascots for the Playstation brand, i was shocked that Abe was not considered a playable character in this game. He could slap others in Exodus and he could use a chanting ability, that could maybe be used in this game, like Kirbys copy ability in smash bros. Since Oddworld has made a comeback recently, it would be a good promotion too to include him. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) Considering that our hero Cloud is having fun with the smash bros crew, i thought Sephiroth would be great for this game. He is one of the most iconic bad guys in video games and Final Fantasy VII was pretty much the reason for alot of people to get a PS1 and pushing JRPGs into the mainstream. He could maybe be a bit OP, considering his sword has such a long range, but maybe there is a way to nerf that. Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot series) This is probably the most obvious choice for me in the whole list. While Abe was some sort of a mascot, Crash Bandicoot really was THE mascot for the Playstation brand from the Playstation 1 days and for some even till this day. Not to mention, Crash is able to tornado punch, has a bazooka, can belly splash, etc. So saying that he would be a bad fighter is not an excuse. With the remasters coming this summer, this would give Crash even more boost. Ellie (The last of Us) Since Nathan Drake is already in the game, and Crash Bandicoot is also a request from me, why not finish the triangle of Naughty Dog games? I think Ellie would be the best choice from the last of us, which for some people is one of the best games ever made. She has a knife, molotovs, nail bombs and all those other handy gadgets. She is also immune to spores, so maybe her special could be something like a spore bomb that drains the opponents life away. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Series) Another obvious choice. Lara Croft made it cool to play video games back on the early days of the PS1. She was the first known women in video games who had sexappeal, could kick butt and was incredibly charismatic. Lara could control very agile and of course she has guns and alot of melee attacks. She deserves to be in the sequel. The Prince (Katamari Series) Okay, i must admit. This is not a 100% serious suggestion. But still, Katamari is still a great series and i love the PS2 and PSP titles, which are addictive as hell. I think he could be a joke character, where he uses his Katamari and roles characters up. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2) Considering we're talking about an iconic character from one of the most Iconic Survival horror games ever, needs to get him on the next game. I think Pyramid Head could be like a slow character, but at the same time very powerful and creepy. I think they could also distort the screen like in Silent Hill to confuse the opponent. Sora (Kingdom Hearts series) Kingdom Hearts proved to be Squares biggest franchises on the PS2 (Behind Final Fantasy of course) So Sora has to be in it, since alot of Kingdom Hearts would probably buy the game. He would probably be a generic sword fighter with the keyblade, but maybe you can also use Soras summoning skills to summon some disney characters like Dschinni or SImba, it would be cool. Spyro (Spyro the Dragon Series) While not as obvious as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro was also a famous Platformer on the PS1 and certainly still has a large following of fans (hey @Dark Horse ) With a four legged creature breathing fire, it's a bit hard to figure how he fights. I guess he would move faster thanks to his wings and he would probably have better health by shielding himself with them. I never played the games, but i know they mean alot to certain people. Wander (Shadow of the Colossus) Yeah, i know Wander is another generic Sword fighter, but we need Wander in here, because SotC is a PS2 classic. I mean, Wander killed a bunch of colossy with his sword so wander would be perfect. He could also bring his Horse and charge at his opponents and maybe even summon the colossy on the stage which would be total chaos. This is my list. Have more suggestions? Don't agree with mine? Comment below, let me know.
  3. My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic, is your atypical MLP fighting video game. (I say "atypical" because it's one of the few that are actually GOOD and not run by greedy cooperate business men who actually tempt me into buying into their cheap antics). Personally, I'm not a fan of the fighting genre. Based on opinion and observation, I find the fighting community to be full of toxic competition and many sore losers who are shown to the front door long before a round is over. The games for me are too complex with thousands of mediocre combos and silly statistics that are practically pointless the second you realize spamming buttons works just as well. I have a copy of Fighting is Magic because I found it in the very early entries of Equestria Daily's "news". It still works and runs in its "Tribute Version" which I've discovered to be the most stable version out there (others are filled to the brim with bad OCs, sprites, and terrible animations). But what was I doing with a fighting game? I honestly don't know; I was bored. Nonetheless, I wanted to change things up and hopefully have a good time. Yeah, something like that. Now, at the time I downloaded this game, I was on my original laptop. Desktop 1.0, the "Big Blue"; I've wrote about it many times before (see my "Eulogy"). However, I only played for about 5 minutes before realizing I don't play fighting games and I really should go back to playing Assassin's Creed I or something else to my speed. One (or two) years later, I found myself digging through my external and discovered it had been collecting dust along with Stranded Deep 0.01 and FNAFWorld 1.0. So, for old times sake, I decided to boot it up and give it another shot. Around this time, I was on my second laptop, Desktop 6.0 (Black Chromium), but after a night of falling through floors in Ubisoft's, "Assassin's Creed: Unity", my laptop was exhausted and needed a few days off. Gladly, I gave it; so in turn, I looked to Desktop 4.0 (The Typewriter) for help. The Typewriter has been my essential writing computer for the last year and had been the birthplace of many fanfictions and art alike. The downside, (it used to be called, "the Brick") is that it runs on the horrendous Windows XP and is capped by its extremely under-powered hardware. So I had to find a game (that was still on my external) that was able to run on a pocket calculator. Most of the games I had on me were from the 7th generation of consoles and still don't run quite right on my regular computer, so those were immediately out of the query. FNAFWorld had resolution issues and I really didn't feel like playing Scott Cawthon's, "There is No Pause Button" for the sake of beating it at least a hundred times. That left Fighting is Magic; and, to my surprise, it ran rather nicely on "the fossil" with the exceptions of continuous lag issues and the occasional crash because of its simple stupidity. --- Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition, is probably the only game I know that can be both GOOD and BAD at the same time. It's well made, and that's good; but it's also really punishing and extremely frustrating for the smallest imperfections (and that's bad). The bots in the game are so incredibly hard at first, there is literally no reason to push any further. Like most fighting games (even of this era), once you get trapped in a corner, you might as well give up. Spamming buttons won't break you free and trying to grab the enemy won't do anything (not that it's a feature in Fighting is Magic). I'm seriously still stuck on what to do and I've finally been blessed with finishing the game. Characters are difficult to use and the only well-balanced ponies to choose from is Rainbow Dash. Yeah, there's only one. There's no reason to bother with any of the other characters because they're either next to impossible to master or so incredibly ridiculous that even the bots don't know how to use them (Pinkie Pie). To my understanding, there are unlock-able characters like Derpy and Gilda, but I'm not too keen on replaying the game until my keys fall off. Many of the fighting styles for each character is actually rather similar. Rainbow Dash feels like the first character implemented in the game as she has the most well-rounded move set around. Everypony else feels like some sort of clone that've been tweaked just enough to be unique. Some ponies have to be taken down up close and others have to be kicked around from afar, but they still maintain a similarity that rings throughout the roster. --- Overall, it's a fun little game with a lot of cool little kicks in it to keep it alive. It'd be really nice to see if they still use it for competitive use at BronyCon (although, by now, I'm sure they're using the more recently published, "Them's Fighting Herd" for a more stable experience). If you intend on experiencing this game for yourself, be sure to use a controller or something similar. Pressing Diagonally on a keyboard is difficult in tense situations (you'll probably be spamming keys anyway). Link to the EQD page down below (hopefully it's still up). (^^vv<><>BA) -RealityPublishing EQD Page:
  4. What do you think of Human vs Pony stories? I personally despise most of them. I would rather read a story where humans and ponies are friends, regardless if it's an unrealistic portrayal of humanity or not. At least in said story I am not force fed 'humanity f**K yeah' nor 'pony superior master race'. And killing all ponies or killing all humans etcetera. Often said stories have Princess Celestia turn into a complete monster or the whole of humanity become Nazis. There is no real 'shades of grey' morality in said stories, they are very one sided. Literally, the only story I like with human vs pony is: 'The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum' and nothing else really. No other story tries to balance out the insanity that is this trope.
  5. S P O I L E R S Anyway, last night the first half of the round of 16 (or the Sweet 16). It held the fights for the second and (I'm pretty sure) fourth quadrant. This time there weren't really any upsets for me (besides a really small one that I'll discuss later). Starting with the fourth quadrant, Poison Arrow VS Hypershock. This fight I was hoping Posion Arrow would win (Though I wouldn't be too upset if Hypershock had one). At first it seemed Hypershock would win, since they were pushing and hitting Poison Arrow all around. However, Poison Arrow never stopped, and eventually Hypershock was left unable to move (Also, Poison Arrow for some reason decided to use their drone and useless mini-bot, neither of which did anything). Next up, Bombshell VS Red Devil. If you've read my other Battlebots entries, you'll know I hate Red Devil because they beat Witch Doctor in one shot (Mostly because Witch Doctor made a terrible decision, but still, Red Devil sucks). Anyway, In this fight Bombshell used their vertical spinner and a defensive plate on the front. At the start, they started up their spinner and attacked Red Devil. It was a good hit, but Bombshell's spinner quit working. However, this didn't stop them from going on the offensive. Red Devil didn't seem to have that great of a driver, because they didn't do very much to attack Bombshell and messed themselves up a whole bunch. Bombshell shoved them around the arena into hazards and walls, all without sustaining very many hits. In the end it went to the judges, though they all voted for Bombshell. On a side note, the guest judge this time was Micheal from Vsauce, a very good YouTube channel that I highly recommend checking out. On to the second quadrant! To start, Bronco VS Razorback. This fight didn't involve very much flipping, surprisingly. Razorback went with their drum spinner this match, so Bronco brought in their anti-spinner wedge. Razorback attempted to attack, but was mostly only able to drive over Bronco, who proceeded to basically uppercut it in the jaw. The third time this happened, Razorback flipped of the side of Bronco and landed just right and it's side that it couldn't move. Pretty good fight, though not very much action. Finally, Warhead VS Minotaur. This is the fight that I said I'd had a small upset over. Minotaur won, and I was rotting for Warhead, though I'm okay with Minotaur winning. For this fight Warhead kept their new and improved spinny head thing. Both bots started their weapons up and got them to full speed, then collided. Warhead went spinning around as usual, and Minotaur didn't react much. They attacked each other a few more times, mostly with Warhead running over Minotaur. Then, when Warhead was getting off of Minotaur, Minotaur decapitated Warhead. Warhead's head went spinning around and Minotaur beat Warhead into the wall, where it ended up laying defeated and headless. These fights were great, and next week's should be even better. First off, Tombstone VS Brutus. Brutus hasn't had much action, what with Moebius self destructing and Lockjaw turning into a shoving match. However, this fight should be very exciting. Tombstone is one of the most dangerous robots in the tournament, but it's spinner can be defeated by a sturdy vertical spinner. Next is the fight that I'm most excited for: Nightmare VS BETA. BETA is the only hammer bot I've ever seen that is in any way effective, and Nightmare has proven to be powerful and dangerous. If Nightmare can get to the base of BETA's hammer, things will go south for BETA. The next fight seems like it'll be the least exciting of the bunch: Bite Force VS Chomp. Bite Force's fights aren't the most interesting, and Chomp isn't an interesting bot to watch. However, this is an important fight, and is still watch-worthy. Finally, Mega Tento VS Yeti. I don't think Mega Tento deserved to even get the wildcard postion, and it's very stupid that they somehow scraped a win against Stinger. Yeti has proven to be very dangerous, and not someone to underestimate. They also have the advantage of not being too serious. The people behind Mega Tento are in this to win, while the people behind Yeti are in to have fun. Plus, Yeti can hopefully smash Mega Tento to bits. That's all folks!
  6. Still spoilers, blah blah blah whatever. So yesterday's episode marked the end of the round of 32, and we're now onto the sweet 16. There only two big upsets for me, and two minor ones. To start, Stinger VS Mega Tento. This is the largest upset for me, all because Mega Tento won. Everyone in my family was very surprised, because Stinger practically owned the entire fight. Mega Tento did very little damage and did pretty terrible. Stinger hit them around all over the place, and actually lit them on fire. Somehow the judges decided on Mega Tento, which made me pretty annoyed. The second big upset was Captain Shrederator VS Chomp. I don't think Chomp won in the qualifying round, so I really wanted Cap. Shrederator to beat them. Things started out looking pretty good, but then Chomp got in a few hits and Shrederator started to slow, eventually coming to a stop. Chomp was also having problems. Miraculously, Shrederator was able to start again and attempted to take out Chomp, but one more hit took it down. However, Chomp's next opponent is last year's champion Bite Force. This leads nicely into my first minor upset, which was Bite Force VS The Ringmaster. I liked Ringmaster and was hoping they would win, but Bite Force was the better bot and beat them. However, Bite Force's weapon seems to not be very durable, and could very well be their undoing. The second minor upset was BETA VS Overhaul. Overhaul this year was much more likable, and they did well against Cobalt. However, BETA beat them to death. Now for the two fights I was most happy about. The first was Nightmare VS Icewave. Now, I like both bots, but I really wanted Nightmare to win. They didn't show the complete fight (they just showed the more interesting parts and summarized it), but it was enough. Nightmare and Icewave fought, and Nightmare's giant blade thing quit working. However, the impact took it's toll on Icewave, and it was left unable to move. The second fight I was happy about was Lockjaw VS Brutus. I really don't like Lockjaw or the builder behind it, and Brutus is a very cool bot, so I was happy when they said Brutus won. I would have been a but more annoyed that they didn't show the fight had anything more happened than a shoving match. Finally, the remaining two fights. Let's start with Bombshell VS Cobalt. I like both of these bots and would have liked to see the fight between them. However, the summary was enough ti impress me. Basically, Bombshell is a Swiss Army robot. In their first match they used a pretty ineffective axe hammer. This round, they used an adjustable horizontal spinner. Cobalt has an asymmetrical horizontal spinner. Cobalt's plan was to knock out Bombshell's spinner by facing backwards into them. However, this fit nicely into Bombshell's plan. With Cobalt facing backwards, Bombshell was able to get their blade at the right height and tear apart Cobalt. Anyway, with that, the final fight. Hypershock VS Warrior Clan. This fight was a fun one. Warrior Clan brought their drone, Dragon, and actually had a decent plan for it. However, Hypershock had other plans. The Hypershick team fitted a garden rake onto Hypershock, and literally whacked Dragon out of the air. I didn't expect the rake to actually work, and it was hilarious when it did. After that, Hypershock had Warrior Clan went at it for a bit until Warrior Clan was left unable to move. I'm excited for next weeks fights. In the first quadrant we have Tombstone VS Brutus and Nightmare VS BETA. The Tombstone VS Brutus fight will be interesting because, well, Tombestone. Every fight with Tombstone is interesting, and Brutus actually proposes a threat to them. Nightmare VS BETA will be interesting because Nightmare is a very slim bot, so BETA will have to be crafty in order to win, and if Nightmare can get to the base of the hammer, it's lights out. In quadrant two we have Bronco VS Razorback and Minotaur VS Warhead. Bronco VS Razorback seems interesting since Bronco is, well, Bronco and Razorback has proved to be a very tricky robot. I'm more interested in Minotaur VS Warhead however, because this should prove to be a very interesting fight. Minotaur is very dangerous and hard to beat. However, Warhead has proved to be equally dangerous and very unpredictable. This fight is going to be interesting. In the third quadrant we have Red Devil VS Bombshell and Poison Arrow VS Hypershock. I really want to see Red Devil beat for what they did to Witch Doctor, and Bombshell has proven to be pretty dangerous. The Poison Arrow VS Hypershock fight should also prove interesting. Both are drum spinners, and I don't recall seeing a drum spinner fight another drum spinner. Also, Poison Arrow has a drone, and Hypershock has their rake. I doubt Poison Arrow would use their drone, but people make dumb decisions. Finally, quadrant four. In this quadrant we have Bite Force VS Chomp and Mega Tento VS Yeti. I don't know how Bite Force VS Chomp is going to go, because Bite Force has probably the best driver in the tournament, but their weapon might not hold up. Chomp has also proven to be pretty deadly, but since they constantly fall over, Bite Force may be able to take them out. Then there's Mega Tento VS Yeti. Yeti has shown that it is a very dangerous robot that you shouldn't take lightly, and Mega Tento has shown that it is easily pushed around and can be broken easily. I will be mad and upset if Yeti loses to Mega Tento. Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. Enjoy the rest of your day!
  7. Obviously spoilers, so if you don't want to see spoilers, don't read. So the newest episode just finished and it was great. Plenty of great fights. No upsets for me this time. I was kinda hoping Ghost Raptor would win, but that was just because I happened to like Ghost Raptor more than Razorback. Everything else was either hoped for or expected. Let's start with Escape Velocity VS Tombstone. I expected destruction and I got it. Tombstone absolutely destroyed Escape Velocity in about 45 seconds. Now onto Complete Control VS Warhead. Now, Complete Control is pretty good for a lifter bot. However, Warhead's new head made short work of them. After smashing them the pieces Warhead almost was knocked out, but pulled off a sweet new manuever where it held itself up on it's headpiece. It was pretty cool. Last but not least, SOW VS Poison Arrow. This fight I was rooting for Poison Arrow, and I chose the winning side. Both bots sped up their spinners to full speed and then collided. SOW flew across the arena and was knocked out. It was very cool and impressive, and I can't wait for more.
  8. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've posted on MLPF. I'm here to ask if anyone is interested in an RP my friend is hosting on skype, called MBF (Multiverse Battling Federation). First things first, this is a NON-PONY RP. While you CAN play ponies, most people will be playing characters from many different series. Not even sure if this is the right place to post this - I was active on this forum for about two whole years and yet I still never figured things out. Anyways, you may be wondering, "What is MBF?" Well, dear reader, allow me to explain. MBF is a fighting roleplay, hosted on Skype (so if you're interested, please tell me your skype and I'll add you) where anybody can play any character from any series in existence, so long as they're not ridiculously powerful (though we have exceptions for that as well). So long as nobody else has taken a character and placed them on their 'roster,' you can play said character. It's a romp. We RP fights in all sorts of arenas, from video game maps to completely made-up worlds. Not only will people be fighting with crazy matchups in crazy scenarios, but we usually have announcers and other people participating in different ways. Something to note, here, is that MBF has a heavily wrestling based feel. Fun staged fights and all that jazz. Characters aren't supposed to really have a motivation for fighting each other - while they certainly can, and it makes fights a lot more intense, usually they don't have to. It's really a do anything you want fighting RP. If you're interested, message me and/or reply to this post. PS - I might need to test you a little. Boss's orders!
  9. So, in my last entry I talked about the first episode of the new season of Battlebots. At the bottom I put in my idea for a robot. Here's what I wrote: What I have in mind is a weapon similar to Nightmare's: a giant razor blade. However, rather than having it vertical (or even horizontal), I would have it diagonal. Most bots or pretty well protected on the top or sides (usually both) bot some bots have vulnerabilities that you could only get at with something coming in down and from the side. The problems with this design are that it would have to be heavy enough that it wouldn't almost flip every time it hit something, and the blade would have to be strong enough to survive an impact with a vertical or horizontal spinner which could potentially jam it. The mechanisms would also be hard to align, and there's of course the all important choosing of the name. Outward appearance (like paint job and aesthetic design) are also important. However, if I ever was able to design and build this robot, I feel like it could potentially do very well (note the potentially). That's more about the primary idea and possible problems with it. However, no robot is complete without a good name and design. The design I'm thinking of is that it's made to look as though a large razor blade was launched and stuck into a wall. The design would be simple and provide a way to armor it. Next, of course, is the name. The idea I've got is Trial by Combat. What it has to do with a razor blade in a wall I have no idea, but it sounds awesome. So, that's the idea I've. What would you design it like? What would you name it?
  10. So, Battlebots! If you haven't seen it, it's a show where people build robots to fight. It's really good and they recently rebooted it last year. Since the second season of the reboot is airing (technically) on the 23, I thought I'd better make something for it. This topic is for discussing anything to do with it. I doubt much'll happen with it though. However, anything can happen!
  11. So yeah, i really did a thing here. I took 47 Forum Members, that are either famous or have a good connection with me, plus Kiba, who is a good friend of mine and pretty much made a Hunger Games Simulation with them. Here are the Participants: District 1 Mesme Rize Jeric Eloquence Clever Clover District 2 Dark Horse Spirit Rush Koukatsu Stormfury District 3 Froggit Kyoshi Feld0 Yozer247 District 4 Sby SFyr FlutterstepHD GrayTyphoon District 5 Green Spirit Mentis Soliloquy Mr.Dash PathfinderCS District 6 Meson Bolt Ponylaces Puckersterv Troblems District 7 Nuke87654 Red Laser Sby Special Enemy Temmie District 8 Randimaxis Riganthor TwilightAqua Steel Accord District 9 Unicorncob DenimandVenom Wind Chaser -Nobody- District 10 Wingnut Attack of the Pwns C.B Deae Rising Shine District 11 AURAequine cmarston1 Evil Derpy glitterbomb District 12 Crecious Dark Qiviut Gone Airbourne Kiba Good Luck and may the force be with you...i mean, may the odds be ever in your favor. The Bloodbath: As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds. Stormfury severely injures Mentis Soliloquy, but puts him out of his misery. TwilightAqua breaks Wingnut's nose for a basket of bread. Dark Qiviut runs away from the Cornucopia. FlutterstepHD and Froggit fight for a bag. Froggit gives up and retreats. Steel Accord runs away from the Cornucopia. AURAequine is unable to convince Yozer247 to not kill him. Jeric clutches a first aid kit and runs away. Evil Derpy runs away from the Cornucopia. GrayTyphoon, cmarston1, and Special Enemy Temmie work together to get as many supplies as possible. Deae Rising Shine, Unicorncob, and Kiba work together to get as many supplies as possible. Riganthor finds a backpack full of camping equipment. Mr.Dash and Troblems fight for a bag. Mr.Dash gives up and retreats. Randimaxis runs away from the Cornucopia. Dark Horse and Red Laser fight for a bag. Dark Horse gives up and retreats. Spirit Rush grabs a sword. Green Spirit runs into the cornucopia and hides. Attack of the Pwns grabs a shovel. glitterbomb runs away from the Cornucopia. Kyoshi and Sby fight for a bag. Kyoshi gives up and retreats. Puckersterv takes a spear from inside the cornucopia. Nuke87654 stabs Gone Airbourne with a tree branch. -Nobody- sets an explosive off, killing Feld0, C.B, and Meson Bolt. Eloquence grabs a backpack and retreats. PathfinderCS runs away from the Cornucopia. SFyr snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag. Mesme Rize snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag. Crecious snatches a pair of sais. Ponylaces severely slices Clever Clover with a sword. Sby, Koukatsu, Wind Chaser, and DenimandVenom share everything they gathered before running. Day 1: Green Spirit attacks Eloquence, but she manages to escape. Steel Accord picks flowers. Deae Rising Shine overhears Koukatsu and Ponylaces talking in the distance. DenimandVenom tries to sleep through the entire day. Mesme Rize and Kiba hunt for other tributes. TwilightAqua begs for Randimaxis to kill her. He refuses, keeping TwilightAqua alive. Yozer247 begs for Spirit Rush to kill him. He refuses, keeping Yozer247 alive. Troblems attacks Wind Chaser, but he manages to escape. Jeric is pricked by thorns while picking berries. Attack of the Pwns attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death. FlutterstepHD explores the arena. Froggit throws a knife into Red Laser's head. Puckersterv practices his archery. Crecious catches -Nobody- off guard and kills him. Wingnut makes a wooden spear. Kyoshi travels to higher ground. Sby strangles Nuke87654 after engaging in a fist fight. Evil Derpy is pricked by thorns while picking berries. Dark Qiviut makes a slingshot. glitterbomb falls into a frozen lake and drowns. Stormfury chases Sby. Dark Horse travels to higher ground. cmarston1, Riganthor, Unicorncob, and Mr.Dash raid GrayTyphoon's camp while he is hunting. SFyr makes a slingshot. Special Enemy Temmie poisons PathfinderCS's drink. He drinks it and dies. Fallen Tributes 1: Mentis Soliloquy District 5 AURAequine District 11 Gone Airbourne District 12 Feld0 District 3 C.B District 10 Meson Bolt District 6 Clever Clover District 1 Attack of the Pwns District 10 Red Laser District 7 -Nobody- District 9 Nuke87654 District 7 glitterbomb District 11 PathfinderCS District 5 Night 1: Riganthor loses sight of where he is. Spirit Rush receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. Green Spirit, Crecious, and Unicorncob sleep in shifts. cmarston1 thinks about winning. Dark Qiviut destroys Wingnut's supplies while he is asleep. Sby and Mr.Dash track down and kill SFyr. DenimandVenom, Evil Derpy, and Dark Horse cheerfully sing songs together. FlutterstepHD thinks about winning. Sby passes out from exhaustion. Deae Rising Shine and Koukatsu hold hands. Randimaxis attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful. Jeric lets Eloquence into his shelter. Ponylaces bashes Kiba 's head against a rock several times. Troblems and Steel Accord run into each other and decide to truce for the night. Stormfury is awoken by nightmares. TwilightAqua, Kyoshi, Wind Chaser, and Special Enemy Temmie tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood. Mesme Rize cries himself to sleep. Froggit severely slices GrayTyphoon with a sword. Yozer247 lets Puckersterv into his shelter. Day 2: Dark Qiviut overhears Eloquence and Riganthor talking in the distance. DenimandVenom constructs a shack. Randimaxis unknowingly eats toxic berries. FlutterstepHD fishes. Evil Derpy bashes Spirit Rush's head in with a mace. Jeric diverts Deae Rising Shine's attention and runs away. Kyoshi stalks Green Spirit. Mr.Dash overhears Sby and Puckersterv talking in the distance. Froggit ambushes Unicorncob and kills him. Mesme Rize runs away from TwilightAqua. Crecious steals from Koukatsu while he isn't looking. Troblems sprains her ankle while running away from Special Enemy Temmie. Wind Chaser, Stormfury, Ponylaces, and cmarston1 raid Sby's camp while he is hunting. Wingnut camouflauges himself in the bushes. Steel Accord tends to Yozer247's wounds. Dark Horse tries to spear fish with a trident. Fallen Tributes 2 SFyr District 4 Kiba District 12 GrayTyphoon District 4 Randimaxis District 8 Spirit Rush District 2 Unicorncob District 9 Night 2 Mesme Rize begs for Dark Qiviut to kill him. He reluctantly obliges, killing Mesme Rize. Puckersterv bleeds out due to untreated injuries. DenimandVenom receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. Wind Chaser thinks about home. FlutterstepHD, Deae Rising Shine, Ponylaces, Mr.Dash, and Sby sleep in shifts. Stormfury receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. TwilightAqua and Jeric hold hands. Sby thinks about home. Crecious thinks about home. Green Spirit questions his sanity. Yozer247 cooks his food before putting his fire out. Froggit receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Evil Derpy is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth. Riganthor and Koukatsu huddle for warmth. Kyoshi thinks about home. Dark Horse receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Troblems receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Steel Accord is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth. Wingnut receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Eloquence, cmarston1, and Special Enemy Temmie start fighting, but cmarston1 runs away as Eloquence kills Special Enemy Temmie. Day 3 Stormfury receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Dark Qiviut practices his archery. Deae Rising Shine receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. FlutterstepHD practices her archery. Dark Horse searches for firewood. cmarston1 receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Mr.Dash severely slices Steel Accord with a sword. Jeric fishes. Sby makes a wooden spear. Troblems chases Ponylaces. Sby practices his archery. Evil Derpy makes a wooden spear. Yozer247 receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. DenimandVenom runs away from Wingnut. Kyoshi sprains his ankle while running away from Wind Chaser. Green Spirit receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Crecious, TwilightAqua, Koukatsu, and Riganthor form a suicide pact, killing themselves. Froggit searches for a water source. Eloquence receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Fallen Tributes 3 Mesme Rize District 1 Puckersterv District 6 Special Enemy Temmie District 7 Steel Accord District 8 Crecious District 12 TwilightAqua District 8 Koukatsu District 2 Riganthor District 8 Night 3 Deae Rising Shine stays awake all night. Kyoshi fends Eloquence, FlutterstepHD, and Dark Qiviut away from his fire. Ponylaces ambushes Green Spirit and kills him. Sby, Wind Chaser, and Froggit sleep in shifts. Dark Horse goes to sleep. Yozer247 throws a knife into Jeric's chest. DenimandVenom convinces Stormfury to snuggle with him. Wingnut is awoken by nightmares. Sby cooks his food before putting his fire out. Mr.Dash cooks his food before putting his fire out. cmarston1 and Evil Derpy hold hands. Troblems sees a fire, but stays hidden. Day 4 Deae Rising Shine questions his sanity. Sby explores the arena. Froggit bashes Evil Derpy's head in with a mace. Wind Chaser runs away from Mr.Dash. FlutterstepHD, DenimandVenom, Eloquence, and Dark Qiviut hunt for other tributes. cmarston1 injures himself. Dark Horse runs away from Wingnut. Sby defeats Ponylaces in a fight, but spares his life. Yozer247 practices his archery. Troblems attacks Kyoshi, but he manages to escape. Stormfury discovers a cave. Fallen Tributes 4 Green Spirit District 5 Jeric District 1 Evil Derpy District 11 Night 4 Wingnut bleeds out due to untreated injuries. Eloquence pushes Deae Rising Shine off a cliff during a knife fight. Dark Qiviut looks at the night sky. Dark Horse, Troblems, Froggit, and Sby tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood. Ponylaces tries to treat his infection. Mr.Dash climbs a tree to rest. cmarston1, Sby, and FlutterstepHD sleep in shifts. Stormfury falls into a frozen lake and drowns. DenimandVenom, Yozer247, and Kyoshi start fighting, but Yozer247 runs away as DenimandVenom kills Kyoshi. Wind Chaser receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. The Feast The cornucopia is replenished with food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs from the tributes' families. FlutterstepHD, Troblems, Yozer247, and Froggit team up to grab food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs. Ponylaces dies from an infection. Mr.Dash destroys Eloquence's memoirs out of spite. cmarston1 decides not to go to The Feast. Sby attacks Wind Chaser, but Dark Horse protects him, killing Sby. Dark Qiviut severely slices DenimandVenom with a sword. Sby decides not to go to The Feast. Day 5 Dark Horse constructs a shack. Yozer247 makes a wooden spear. FlutterstepHD chases Troblems. Sby discovers a river. Eloquence stalks Dark Qiviut. Froggit receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Wind Chaser receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Mr.Dash defeats cmarston1 in a fight, but spares his life. Fallen Tributes 5 Wingnut District 10 Deae Rising Shine District 10 Stormfury District 2 Kyoshi District 3 Ponylaces District 6 Sby District 4 DenimandVenom District 9 Night 5 Dark Horse kills Sby with a hatchet. Yozer247, FlutterstepHD, and cmarston1 cheerfully sing songs together. Dark Qiviut tends to his wounds. Mr.Dash and Froggit run into each other and decide to truce for the night. Eloquence thinks about winning. Wind Chaser thinks about winning. Troblems receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor. Day 6 cmarston1 sprains his ankle while running away from Dark Horse. Wind Chaser receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Eloquence decapitates Dark Qiviut with a sword. Froggit receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Yozer247 travels to higher ground. Mr.Dash's trap kills FlutterstepHD. Troblems picks flowers. Fallen Tributes 6 Sby District 7 Dark Qiviut District 12 FlutterstepHD District 4 Night 6 Dark Horse defeats cmarston1 in a fight, but spares his life. Eloquence questions her sanity. Wind Chaser, Yozer247, and Mr.Dash cheerfully sing songs together. Troblems climbs a tree to rest. Froggit passes out from exhaustion. Day 7 Mr.Dash searches for a water source. Troblems silently snaps Froggit's neck. Dark Horse discovers a river. cmarston1, Wind Chaser, Yozer247, and Eloquence hunt for other tributes. Fallen Tributes 7 Froggit District 3 Night 7 Eloquence, Troblems, Wind Chaser, Mr.Dash, and cmarston1 sleep in shifts. Yozer247 climbs a tree to rest. Dark Horse tends to his wounds. Day 8 cmarston1 tries to sleep through the entire day. Yozer247 stalks Troblems. Eloquence searches for a water source. Mr.Dash dies from hypothermia. Dark Horse sprains his ankle while running away from Wind Chaser. Fallen Tributes Mr.Dash District 5 Night 8 cmarston1 poisons Eloquence's drink. She drinks it and dies. Dark Horse kills Yozer247 for his supplies. Troblems is awoken by nightmares. Wind Chaser thinks about home. Day 9 Wind Chaser goes hunting. Troblems dies from thirst. cmarston1 strangles Dark Horse with a rope. Fallen Tributes 9 Eloquence District 1 Yozer247 District 3 Troblems District 6 Dark Horse District 2 Night 9 cmarston1 is unable to convince Wind Chaser to not kill him. The Winner is... Wind Chaser and congratulate the sole survivor.
  12. The Bravest Souls are Those With the Most to Fear (A Them's Fightin' Herds Crossover) The prison on Fœnum is weakening and evil predators are once again on the hunt with more being sure to come as the barrier continues to weaken. The call has gone out to request the peaceful herbivore races of Fœnum to send champions to find the key, and reseal the prison. But Fœnum has a sister world, Equestria. Equestria has chosen to intercede on behalf of their sister planet, and have sent six of their most accomplished champions to help six of the heroes of Fœnum. Due to Formatting issues I am just going to link each FIMFiction chapter as it comes out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1: An Awkward Hello
  13. My OC pony it very skilled in martial arts very similar to Jason Statham (If you've seen any of his movies) He uses his speed to get out of tight situations and has very powerful legs which he can swing/buck with great speed and force. On the ground he can walk really fast and can actually do a flying kick with great ease. His sister of course has similar skills to him, She's lighter of course and has powerful legs and is very agile.
  14. The enemy is coming and want to destroy all you love and treasure. Would you go to Battle with the person above you? If you would, why is that? If you wouldn't, why is that?
  15. Heya y'all! I'd like to show you one of my fanfictions: The Strikers! I need some opinions on it - for example, storyline, fighting scenes, all that kind of stuff. Or, you know, just read it because it's fun! Thank you! ~Civviq Writer
  16. Something's gone terribly wrong. Pinkie and Dashie were just having fun at the shady spot, when an evil spirit came out of the lake and dragged Dash under. When she came back to the surface, she was something different. Something evil. And now Pinkie Pie has to fight her best friend. ...Only, she can't kill her, that's not an option here. She doesn't even really want to fight, but Evil Dash might hurt her, and the rest of her friends, if she doesn't. There's no other choice; Pinkie Pie has to knock some sense into Rainbow Dash for her own good. Once Rainbow is out cold, maybe she can get her some help. Until then, there's no holding back; she's using every trick and power at her disposal to get her friend back. Evil Dash has no qualms about hurting others. There's some hope, though; the spirit knows nothing about Rainbow Dash. It has full control over her body, but no knowledge of any of her tricks, including the Sonic Rainboom. It also knows nothing about Pinkie Pie; something it may come to regret. Can Pinkie bring Dash home?
  17. I have an idea for an episode of MLP:FIM called "Do the Duel". Here's the plot: All the ponies in Ponyville throw Trixie an apology party. But Trixie gets hung and beat up like a pinata and hit in her groin several times. Next, Trixie gets used as the donkey in pin the tail on the donkey. Half of Trixie's cutie mark gets ripped off and everypony gives this to Trixie: "Boo-hoo! Looks like Twit-sie lost what made her special!" "But what's so special about her! She was a dumb fraud anyway!" "That's because she's really a donkey, not a pony!" Then Trixie gets twirled around on the dance floor with a bunch of ribbons and kicked to a table. Finally, Trixie gets force-fed the cake. To wash it down, Trixie is given some punch, but it turns out to be drugged. She passes out and everypony send her floating off to dragon territory. Somepony tells Trixie this while making a rape face: "Have fun with the dragons, the gross and powerless Twit-sie!" Snips and Snails then dash off to save Trixie. But Snips and Snails keep on messing up, slowing them down. At dragon territory, Trixie wakes up and asks if anypony's there. All the teenage dragons from "Dragon Quest" tell her to shut up because no one wants anything to do with her. Trixie tells them to get her back to Equestria if they don't want her around. But the teenage dragons' response? They charge at her. But we finally get an awesome fight in which Trixie manages to win through pure skill even if her horn gets broken in the process. Snips and Snails finally find Trixie and guide her back to Equestria. They tell everypony of the fight. But Trixie is a laughingstock once again, and this time, for losing her horn. Enraged, Trixie calls everypony out for treating her like crap. But even the princesses, the Mane Six, and the CMC view her as an asshole for doing so. Twilight tells Trixie that she was judging everypony and that it's something only Princess Celestia can do. So Trixie gets sent to Magic Kindergarten and gets laughed at by the idiot foals. Tell me what you thought of that by answering the polls.
  18. Topic: Friendship is Worth Fighting for Proverbs 17:17a · “ A friend loves at all times” - In MLP, they mention the Elements of Harmony frequently throughout the series. The Element of Harmony is consists of Laughter (Pinkie Pie), Kindness (Fluttershy), Generosity (Rarity), Loyalty (Rainbow Dash), Honesty (Apple Jack), and Magic (Twilight Sparkle). - In Season 1, Episode 1, we are introduced to the mane 6, (in order of appearance) Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy. They become friends, despite what Twilight expected. The group of friends becomes united and involved in each other’s lives, supporting each other no matter what. (refer to season 1, episode 16 "Sonic Rainboom") 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 · “(4) Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. (5) It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. (6) Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. (7) It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. (8)(a) Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.” In 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, it describes what love is. Then in verse 8a, it says “Love never fails.” - In MLP, Season 2; Episode 1 (The Return of Harmony, Part 2), Discord (Discord is a chimera since he is composed of the body parts of different animals). His head is horse-like; He has a deer antler on the right, a blue goat horn on the left, one long fang, different-sized pupils, a snake tongue, a goat beard, and white bushy eyebrows. He has the right arm of a lion, the left claw of an eagle, the right leg of a lizard, and the left leg of a goat. In addition, he has a bat's right wing, a Pegasus' left wing, a horse's mane, and a dragon-like snake's tail with a white tail tuft. The shape of his body resembles that of a snake.)( , Physical Appearance) finds a way to separate the six friends by making them become the opposite of their element, (i.e. Rainbow Dash’s element is loyalty, thus becomes disloyal, Fluttershy’s element is kindness and becomes unkind and mean). - At first, Twilight temporarily gives up because Discord leaves Twilight's spirit broken and her faith in friendship lost, then Princess Celestia sends all of Twilight's friendship reports back to her. The letters Twilight reads include the ones she wrote in Bridle Gossip, Over a Barrel, and The Cutie Mark Chronicles. These reports ultimately renew Twilight's spirit and faith in friendship ( , Season 2) The friends learn that friendship won’t always be easy, but it is, without a doubt, worth fighting for.
  19. It is a tense moment. The manticore's mouth begins to water in hunger. The chimera, a hulking amalgam of beasts, begins sizing up it's opponent, crouching in anticipation. Out of the brambles and bushes of the Everfree a gargantuan Timberwolf bursts into the scene, separated from his pack. Within moments, these three magical apex predators (who somehow got into a forest clearing all together because of this poster's selfish whim) will engage in a deadly bout for dominance. But only one will survive. (Tl;dr version:) Who will survive, and why?
  20. Facebook (NEW!) | Tumblr | DeviantART | Twitter | Youtube | Website Featuring: Dev Log #1 Super Smash Ponies is a 2D fighting game that combines the gameplay of the Super Smash Bros. Franchise and the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We are hard at work to develop this game, and we'd like to hear community feedback. Every bit helps; the more the merrier! Ready... Set... DISCUSS!
  21. Dragon Ball: Universe Z ~ Thread Hello, Today I need some lovely people to help me with my fan-game for Dragonball Z. I know there are a lot of people here with many talents, and I could really use some.. I need Musicians for Stages. I need Sprite Artists for Character sheets. For Musicians I need somethig like Battle Music for the fighting game to feel hype! For Sprite Artists I need sprite sheets using this base sheet.. If you would like to enter follow these steps..if you don't mind :comeatus: For Musicians Submit a battle theme sample (Like 10-20 sec) If you have other samples link me to it, I would love to hear the work. For Sprite Artists Submit a small sample sprite sheet of the idle stance, walk cycle and attacks from the base above. The character that I need a sample of is her.. you need more info or need something else please PM me or quote this post, bye bye! ~
  22. A few year ago I used to make a video series called WTF: Games You've Never played. Well, after discovering TerrorDrome, I've decided to rebuild my old series and start anew! Here is the first episode of the new WTF series:
  23. Chapter 1 What I could see... honestly, it was likely something from a -really- bad low budget film. Worse than the lake monster horror flicks, or the 'romantic comedy' that used the exact same plot line as five others. I'd learned about the different religions with their gods and goddesses in school, how most of them had certain things they represented or duties they carried out. Of course, I hadn't really taken those things to heart. I mean, sure, they were interesting. But the super natural was something I left to the kids who played computer MMO's and spent hours arguing over whether Thor's hammer could be lifted by another person. Somehow, the universe had conspired to put the de-facto god of cheesy under budget films in front of me. Or was I the one put in front of him? It was better not to think about it. I could already taste copper and the last thing I needed was for my brain to explode. How did I know that would happen? Hell if I know. I guess some of those nerd debates I had listened to rubbed off a little on me. So... I mentioned that he was the God of Shoddy Films. Describing him other than that is hard, mostly because he... or was it a she, kept changing shape. Somehow I got the idea that gender didn't really matter in this case. But if you -have- to imagine it, think of this. Its humanoid. That's probably the only consistent thing about it. It was a god -for- humans, so it had to look vaguely human. At least, that's how I thought of it. Now you've likely seen poorly made horror films before. Take the most poorly acted and ridiculous monster or psycho killer you can summon and through that in there. All of the different 'good' and 'bad' guy stereotypes are mixed in too, as well as their opposites in the female genre. Every bit of hastily applied make-up, rickety monster suit, and half hearted fight scene is shoved in with all the rest. If somehow you could mold that all into one physical form, I'd be interested to see it. This... 'god' however, couldn't seem to get the hang of it. It constantly kept bickering with itself. Not verbally so much as what it looked like. One leg could look like an Elvis Presley impersonator, the sequins and wide pants, the who shi-bang. That look would try to assert itself on the other leg, which looked like the traditional lake monster. The combination was utterly devoid of any common sense. Then the monster leg would throw off the influence of the Elvis leg and counter-attack, all the while fending off the stomache area which was currently the domain of a pot-bellied dark skinned drug dealer. That was essentially how the entire body went about its business, constantly fighting itself in a vain attempt to look like -something- rather than everything. By now you're probably wondering what in sam hell I'm telling you all of this for. That would be a good question, one I don't know the answer to. Are you inside my head? Am I giving a story? Or did any of this ever occur? Gah, sheibe, I can taste copper again. Guess I'd better keep talking before a cranium implosion occurs. Now, I wasn't the only person here. I didn't really count the Movie God as a person though. More like a creepy imitation of a person. There were some other random schmucks like me, who looked like they'd been pulled off the street or from their sleep (which was what had happened to me). That reminded me that I was only in my boxers, not like it made things any stranger though. Then there were the -other- people. 'Other' covered a large amount of verbal territory. Basically it equated to what an average middle class citizen would describe as 'What the frig is that?' I kid you not, there were a couple of characters from the Mortal Kombat series, sitting next to some obscure super hero I'd never heard about. I could tell he was a super hero from the tights and color scheme. There were also some wizards and the like, some of whom were arguing over whose fault it was that they were all here. I spotted Ares, the Greek God of War, sitting next to Mars, his Roman counterpart. That was really weird. I knew there was two of them, but my eyes kept telling me there was only one. They were sitting next to the Movie God on old fold out metal chairs, looking bored out of their minds. There were also werewolves, vampires, ghosts, giants, aliens from other galaxies, and basically everything you could think of. What disturbed me the most were the animated and cartoon characters. I had been really into Scoobie-Doo, Tom and Jerry, and Dexter's Laboratory as a kid. Animation and Cartoons had been a part of my life as far back into the past as I could remember, which was a show called 'Blue's Clues' when I was just past being a newborn. Well, here they all were arrayed before me. Clearly everyone and everything around me knew what was going on, except for me and the other regular humans. Most beings of each type had grouped together, bird of a feather fly together and all that. So, somehow me and the other humans had ended up nearby each other as well. It was pretty clear none of -us- knew where we were, who anybody else was, or how we even got here. Things went on like this for a couple of minutes, with us clustered together and scared witless. Sure, there was plenty of cool stuff to see here, but I was so overloaded with all the new things going on that my brain had shut down for its own safety. Then something came flying out of the air and hit me in the face, knocking me to the ground. Now my brain -had- to start working, else I'd likely be dead, trampled without being noticed. I opened my eyes again, which had been shut tight in the hopes that it would all go away. My first thought pretty much summed up what I saw. 'Pink? What the fu-' Then I was in motion again, being clenched between four limbs and rolled around on the ground like some odd child's game. You'd probably think 'why didn't you resist?' But my brain was already working over time just to make sure that all my body parts were still intact and attached, leaving me little processing power to actually move. I could hear someone or something laughing at the top of... her lungs. Her? Didn't sound like any woman or girl I'd ever met-ohshit! Something, not physical but no less real than my own body, was hauling me off the ground and through the air. The giggling was only getting louder and all I could see was still pink. I think at this point I went insane, or possibly blacked out. Either way, next thing I remember seeing was... more pink. But it wasn't the same pink as before. It was a light shade, softer... more gentle? The frigging giggle was gone... wait. No, it wasn't; but it was being muffled somehow. Something was sitting on top of my chest, making it harder to breath than I would have liked. But nothing else was happening at the moment, so I tried to collect my senses and figure out what was happening. Apparently fate didn't like that answer, so things started to happen again. The pink moved out of the way of my vision. Great... now I could see purple. -Such- a massive improvement. Whatever was sitting on my chest got heavier, then lighter than it was originally. I could hear something really loud going on. It sort of sounded like an announcement over an intercom. But like the blasted giggling it was muffled, so I couldn't make out what was being said. I'm -pretty- sure I started to cry after this. I'm not ashamed to say it, though whether it actually happened or not is sort of vague. If I did, it really would be understandable. The mind is only able to handle so much before it breaks. Thankfully I wasn't quite there yet, but I was pretty close. Only -now- did the universe give mercy, apparently satisfied that I was sufficiently subdued. I -know- I fell asleep a this point, because when my eyes opened again I was somewhere else. That and I felt -a lot- better. Its that feeling you get after a good long rest that concluded a lot of sleepless hours and effort. Regardless of the fact that I hadn't actually done anything yet, it was relieving. I was laying in a bed, not my own, and staring at someone's ceiling. It was pretty typical, a neutral color that wasn't too much of anything. A standard ceiling fan and light combo hung in the middle. I couldn't move, but why that was would be made clear in a moment. I managed to move my head a little bit. I saw Pink. It's almost certain that I freaked out and did something rash, because next thing I knew I was face first into the floor and -boy- did I hurt almost everywhere. Something was standing on top of my back, saying something or another. The ringing in my head made it indiscernable due to the heavy hit I had just gotten. Just as my hearing returned to normal, the pressure on my back lifted. At that point I made the seemingly wise decision to remain mostly still, only moving my head enough to look around. The room was still there, but from the floor's perspective this time. I could see the wall and the bed I'd been sleeping on. It appeared to be of decent quality. I was more interested in the Pink though. I swear by everything truthful, it was loud, it was boisterous, and over all it was Pink. It reminded me of a toy horse my sister had when she was a toddler. That toy had creeped me out. But the... I guess it was a pony, in front of me was different. It was... more warm, inviting. The kind of thing even a grizzled war veteran would want to hug and cuddle. Right this moment the pony was crouched down, looking me in the eyes with its own. They were as big as soup bowls, or maybe pizzas. Yeah, more like large size pizzas. A bit of her poofy mane was dangling in front of her head, tickling my nose. I don't think its physically possible, but it had a grin wider than my head. I'm not sure why I did it, but I stuck my tongue out and licked her nose. As best as I can remember, I was thinking 'is this thing made of candy?' Apparently she wasn't, but it got her moving again. In less than a second flat I was in what I think equates to a full body hug when one does not possess hands or feet. Things stopped happening for a minute, so I was able to relax a little bit. This hug... it was nice, comforting. It was like a body pillow was holding you back and nuzzling you. This went on for... perhaps two minutes, before I was let go again. At this point I realized I had been hugging back. I managed to sit up and lean my back against the bed, looking at the pink pony. It appeared she didn't have the capacity to sit still, because she was already off doing something else, chasing her tail this time. She was talking, but I couldn't understand her. By now, the sheer oddity of a pink equine that -talked- was not as shocking as one might expect. My mind just accepted it and stowed it away for examination later, maybe never. I climbed back up onto the bed and laid down, my head hurting pretty bad. I was about to drift off to sleep, but then the -others- showed up.
  24. So, I'm writing a fanfic and a frequent element of the action will be that my protagonist is a pegasus sword fighter. He uses wing-swords as his primary weapon. Don't worry about the mechanics of that for now. I have something slightly less awkward to work with because the hero's wings or at least somewhat functionally similar to arms in this instance. I also have some novice skill in swordsmanship and quite a bit of academic knowledge on the subject. So how would I best write sword fighting scenes? Should I be technical, describing balance, techniques, and kata? Stylized, going more into The Princess Bride, or Highlander, letting the moves be exaggerated, and the setups for the fight make the scene notable? A mix of both for different scenes perhaps? What's your take on written fight scenes, particularly those that involve close combat weapons?