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Found 203 results

  1. Apparently, FIM is going to be removed from Netflix August 16. I discovered while watching it on Netflix.
  2. I may have spoiled the Season 8 finale for myself, but... Is anyone worried that Twilight and the others will be vilified for sending a filly to Tartarus? Edit: Once the finale is officially aired in the U.S. (and other countries it hasn't aired in, yet), someone should ask the writers about this.
  3. How many times have the Mane 6 saved Equestria?
  4. heavens-champion

    The irony of the fandom

    Don't you find it ironic that a show as optimistic as Friendship is Magic has a fandom full of pessimistic people?
  5. If the show does end, will the fandom stop writing fanfiction?
  6. What are your guys top 5 best and worst episode of each season here are mine Season 1 bests 1. The best night ever 2. The cutie mark chronicles 3. Party of one 4. Suited for success 5. Green isint your color Honorable mentions The Sonic rainboom/ winter wrap up/ A bird in a hoof/ Apple buck season/ Dragon shy/ the stare master/ Look before you sleep/ Friendship is magic/ over a barrel The ticket master/ swarm of the century/ Worst 1. Owl well that ends well 2. The show stoppers 3. Griffon on the brush off 4. Boast busters 5. Fall weathered friends Season 2 top 5 best 1. A canterlot wedding 2. Luna esclipsed 3. Hurricane fluttershy 4. The sister hooves social 5. The return of harmony honorable mentions May the best pet win/ Lesson zero/ hearts warming eve/ A friend in deed/ mmmystery on the friendship express/ Read it and weep/ It’s about time/ sweet and elite / putting your hoof down worst 1. The mysterious mare do well 2. Secrets of my excess 3. Dragon quest 4. Baby cakes 5. The cutie pox Season 3 top 5 best 1. Keep calm and Flutter on 2. Magical mystery cure 3. Sleepless in ponyville 4. The crystal empire 5. Wonderbolts academy worst 1. Just for sidekicks 2. Spike at your service 3. One bad apple 4. Games ponies play 5. Too many pinkie pies Season 4 top 5 best 1. Pinkie pride 2. Twilights kingdom 3. Rarity takes manehattan 4. For whom the sweetie belle toils 5. Filli vanilli honorable mentions Flight to the finish/ It ain’t east being breezies/ Bats/ leap of faith maud pie/ Testing testing 123/ Castle mania/ Twilight time/ pinkie apple pie/ princess Twilight sparkle/ daring don’t/ simple ways/ worst 1. Inspiration manifestation 2. Rainbow falls 3. The equestria games 4. Power ponies 5. Somepony to watch over me Season 5 top 5 best 1. Crusaders of the lost marks 2. The cutie remark 3. The cutie map 4. Amending fences 5. The slice of life honorable mentions The mane attraction/ Rarity investigates/ Tank for the memories/ castle sweet castle/ Canterlot boutique/ Do princesses dream of magic sheep/ Scare master/ The one where pinkie pie knows/ Make new friends but keep discord/ Brother hooves social/ Heart breakers/ worst 1. Princess spike 2. What about discord 3. Bloom and gloom 4. Appleloosas most wanted 5. Party pooped Season 6 top 5 best 1. To where and back again 2. No second prances 3. A hearts warming tale 4. Every little thing she does 4. The saddle row and review honorable mentions The crystalling/ The fault in our cutie marks/ The times there are a changeling/ Guanlet of fire/ Top bolt/ Flutter brutter/ The gift of a maud pie/ Viva las pegasus/ Buckball season/ on your marks worst 1. 28 pranks later aka worst episode of the whole series 2. Newbie dash 3. The cart before the ponies 4. Dungeons and discord’s 5. AJ day off Season 7 top 5 best 1. A royal problem 2. The perfect pear 3. Shadow play 4. Fame and misfortune 5. To change a channeling honorable mentions Uncommon bond /Once upon a zeppelin/ Forever filly/ A health of information/ Discordant of harmony/ Fluttershy leans in/ All bottled up/ Rock solid friendship/ It isint the mane thing about you/ celestial advice/ Parential glideance/ Marks and recreation/ campfire tales worst 1. Honest apple 2. Triple threats 3. Not asking for trouble 4. Secrets and pies 5. A flurry of emotions Season 8 top 5 best 1. A matter of principles 2. The parent map 3. The mean 6 4. Horse play 5. Marks for effort honorable mentions Fake it till you make it/ surf and or turf/ School daze/ Grannies gone wild worst 1. Non complete clause 2. The break up breakdown 3. Yakity sax 4. The molt down 5. The maud couple
  7. Title: Rock Solid FriendshipAir Date: April 29, 2017 Written by: Nick ConfaloneSynopsis: When Pinkie Pie learns that Maud might move to Ponyville, she does everything she can to make sure her sister sees that it has more to offer than just rocks.Of course remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on!
  8. Title: A Flurry of EmotionsAir Date: April 22, 2017 Written by: Sammie Crowley and Whitney WettaSynopsis: After planning a jam-packed day, Twilight Sparkle also agrees to babysit her niece, Flurry Heart. But with Flurry Heart along for the ride, Twilight Sparkle struggles to maintain her title as 'The Best Aunt Ever' while keeping Flurry Heart out of trouble!Of course remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on!
  9. I'd like to know which songs are your favorite ones for each main character. Since I'm adding Sunset Shimmer to my list, I'll take Equestria Girls' songs into consideration. My list: - Twilight Sparkle: Love is in Bloom. - Applejack: The Seeds of the Past. - Rarity: Rules of Rarity. - Rainbow Dash: Time to be Awesome. - Fluttershy: So Much More To Me. - Pinkie Pie: Pinkie's Lament. - Starlight Glimmer: Say Goodbye to the Holiday. - Sunset Shimmer: Embrace the Magic. - Mane 8 (All): Flawless. - Mane 8 (Duet): Monday Blues (Sunset and Twilight). - Spike: A Changeling Can Change* I believe this is his only song... - CMC: Light of your Cutie Mark. - Other Character: The Magic Inside (Coloratura).
  10. heavens-champion

    unable to watch School Daze on YouTube

    I've been trying to watch the Season 8 Premiere on YouTube, but most of the videos are blocked. Any videos that aren't blocked are heavily edited, skipping certain segments. Plus, I didn't watch the streams, because I don't like sitting through commentary between commercial breaks. If this has something to do with the leaks from before, is Hasbro doing post-leak damage control again or something?
  11. DreamFluff878

    What's your favorite season so far?

    As I said in my last thread I would to get to know you all. I am on the last few episodes of season 1 and would like to take the opportunity to ask what your favorite season is so far.
  12. Can we spend a third of this massive video debating ONE gag from one episode? Yes.
  13. Justin_Case001


    So, it's a funny thing--I've been a huge Pony fan for years now, and the franchise is extremely important to me, and yet, I find myself dreading most new episodes, as well as the movie. I just...tend to expect the worst these days, and I'm not entirely sure why. The show has proven that it still has the right stuff, but I guess it has been rockier the past couple of seasons, with more ups and downs. A casual observer would think I'm nuts, and ask why the hell I stick around if I dread new episodes. I probably am nuts. It doesn't make much sense, does it? Why continue to be so involved in this if I don't seem to get much enjoyment from it? Well, I still do get an enormous amount of enjoyment from the good episodes. I stick around for the Perfect Pears. That made me cry. I still love these characters and their world so much that I want to stick around, even if I don't enjoy all of it. I also love the community and fan-content aspect. It's a weird thing, and it's probably impossible to explain to someone who doesn't get it. Maybe it only makes sense to an autistic nutcase like me. I almost decided not to see the movie because I was so horrified by the animation change. I'm not going to re-explain my thoughts on that. If you're interested in hearing the details, check out my Stop & Talk blog entry entitled, "Why I Might Not See the Movie". Obviously, I ultimately decided to see it for one simple reason: I had worked very hard to make a highly accurate Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash cosplay to wear to the movie, and I felt I owed it to myself to see that through and wear it. I did, and I enjoyed that part. Onto the actual movie. Alright, usual, my opinion is going to be an extremely unpopular one. When I expressed my thoughts about the animation change, it became horrifying clear to me that I would be all alone in my opinions about the movie. Why should this bother me? Well, I don't know. It shouldn't. I have problems. Honestly, though, I can't help but feel very alone and a bit....well....betrayed by my fellow fans. This entirely on me, of course. It's wrong of me to implicate anyone else like that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and it would be wrong of me to take out my frustration on anyone else for not sharing mine. I still can't help feeling the way I feel, and I'm sorry. I'm also sorry for my harsh opinion, and I'm sorry if it offends or upsets anyone. So, I thought the movie was absolutely horrible. Abysmal. I cannot believe what I just watched. It was unspeakably, shockingly bad. And I feel even more shocked that I seem to be the only one to feel this way. I knew it was going to be bad, but I never knew it was going to be that bad. I cannot find one good thing to say about the movie, and I consider myself to be a very fair reviewer. I actually consider myself one of the more tame and charitable reviewers of the show. There wasn't a single redeeming factor about the movie. Terrible plot, terrible acting, terrible music, and (yes, I still think so) terrible animation. I felt like the movie was a complete insult, a betrayal to everything Pony. It's like they jettisoned everything that made the show great. They just took all of the magic of the show and blew it out the airlock. I know I have a very biased and unpopular view regarding the animation change (they just don't look like our ponies at all), but disregarding that, everything about the movie was still garbage. The story was completely goofy--just one ridiculous, over-the-top, stupid, themed adventure after another, with no real depth or development. The characters felt like overly silly caricatures of themselves, lacking any and all of the dynamic and realistic depth from the show. It was a non-stop string of cringeworthy jokes and stupid gags with one predictable, idiotic song after another. I absolutely abhorred the decision to make the movie essentially a standalone feature, excluding and disregarding most of the lore and continuity from the show. I do, however, understand why they did this. I assume they wanted to make something that someone who's not a fan or follower of the show could watch, and still enjoy. This makes sense from a marketing standpoint, and I guess from a critic standpoint as well. I still hated it. They've made a rich and detailed lore, and it felt like they just threw it away. I predicted that Starlight wouldn't even make an appearance, and I was right. Terrible decision. (Perhaps I missed her in a cameo. I saw Trixie.) I know it needed to be mane 6 focused, but there should have been other characters in there, too. Starlight should have had a scene or two, and the CMC should have a line or two. A least a brief, throwaway line. SOMETHING. I was shocked and appalled that they didn't even show Ponyville or Twilight's castle ONCE. No Boutique, no Sweet Apple Acres, no Sugarcube Corner, nothing. I realize they went for world building, but they should have at least had an exposition scene in Ponyville for Celestia's sake. No mention of Rarity's fashion empire, no mention of Ranbow being a Wonderbolt. (Twilight, why were you looking at Rainbow when you said you had ordered clear skies? That's not her job anymore, remember? She's a Wonderbolt, now!) I know the movie was supposed to be fantasy and adventure focused, but I really think there should have been some effort to at least briefly incorporate the professional lives they've all built. I knew that movie was going to basically jettison the developments and continuity of the show, and...well, I'm not at all happy about it. But worse than all that stuff, the movie just didn't even feel like FIM. It didn't even feel like the same franchise. It was so dopey, and nothing fit in the FIM world. It was just: "let's see how many old Disney movies we can cram in." Seriously, we had Aladdin, Peter Pan, and The Little Mermaid, and, I guess, f*ckin Aristocats or something? Seriously, what the hell was that bipedal, humanoid, smooth talking, like, f*ckin 1920's New York jazz hole cat? What the HELL was that?! He didn't belong in the FIM universe at all. I can't believe they invented all of these new, underdeveloped characters to help stop the villains when they already have an array of fantastic characters with enormous potential to draw from. Instead of alley cat, pirate birds, and sea ponies, why couldn't they have had, oh, I don't know, let's say, Ember lead the dragons to Canterlot, Thorax lead the changelings to Canterlot, Gilda lead the Griffons to Canterlot, maybe even Prince Rutherford lead the yaks to Canterlot, and then they all charge the Storm King? (The dopey, stupid, and completely idiotic Storm King...) Why not give some big screen time to some of the great characters they've developed throughout the show?! Why not further develop these great characters instead of cramming in these weird, Disney-esque idiots? Now, I love Disney, but that doesn't mean you can cram it into FIM and expect it to work. I could go on and on, but there's no point. I'm sure I've lost all readers by now, anyway. I really love Pony, but I cannot express enough how much I hated this movie. I waited so long, and I can't believe that this is what we got. Even my mom was squirming in the theater seat, thinking, "Oh my god, how long is the piece of crap?!" and she's a much more casual and less critical fan than I am. This wasn't Pony. This was an abomination. Absolute trash. I apologize again for my unpopular opinion, and my harshness. I understand how frustrating it can feel when someone hates and dumps on something you love. I don't wish to upset anyone. I'm sure most of you will think I'm completely warped and gone right out of my head. I probably shouldn't have written this. I probably should have observed the old rule of "if you don't have anything nice say, don't say anything at all." My only defense is that, for some reason, it makes me feel mildly better to get my opinion out there, probably because I feel betrayed by the writers and filmmakers, and it's therapeutic to vent. I am entitled to express my opinion, after all. I'm sorry if it's bothers anyone. I guess that about wraps it up. Before I go, I need to do one last thing, and I apologize profusely in advance for this. Please don't take this too seriously, and if you don't agree, please just ignore me and my extremist fringe opinion. I just need to do this. I have to get it out of my system once and for all. *Catches breath*. *Ahem*. Sorry. Uh...sorry. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. This was my first and last word on the movie. I won't subject anyone to any more of my opinions. I'll just go on from here as if the movie doesn't exist. Alrighty, folks; I'll see you later on. Stay pony, my friends. Until next time.
  14. Berry-Bliss-Sundae

    General Is education free in equestria?

    I have had this question since I first saw '' the school for gifted unicorns '' ... I mean, in the series some schools have been seen (the ponyville school, Wonderbolt Academy, the flight school in cloudsdale) but ... these schools will be paid or free(paid by the government) to use for any pony that wants to attend? Obviously the school of unicorns is not free, just to enter you need to pass an admission test Maybe my question is a bit ignorant, but at least in my country public universities are considered "the best in the country" given their high academic level ... private universities usually you pay when you are not able to pass public universities (basically you pay for having a degree) or have a relatively easy career that, besides liking you this career, this career is not taught by the public university. Thanks to this '' lifestyle '' I do not know the educational system in other countries, but I do know that in countries like the United States and England schools, universities and... basically you pay for everything.
  15. Nightfall Gloam

    Creepy Moments in My Little Pony: FiM?

    Hello, everyone! I was thinking about making this topic for a while, and only now decided to do it, but, what are your most creepy moments from this show? For me, personally, that would have to go to the scene where Twilight and the Mane Six lost their cutie marks to Starlight back in season 5, though honestly, I thought the whole idea of The Cutie Map itself was pretty creepy, with the fact that it was about this cult like village in the middle of nowhere, where everyone is expected to be equal, and who knows how long that village must have been around before the Mane Six knew about it... Not to mention what came after the Mane Six lost their cutie marks. Still though, the sounds of Twilight struggling as her cutie mark is peeled off really makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason.
  16. Next up, Pinkie Pie, the prancing party pony people particularly find polarizing. Who should we do next? Let us know!
  17. Now that we've done Daylover's favorite character, it's time for Second Opinion's! Who should we cover next? Let us know!
  18. Daylover and The Second Opinion go back and forth on their Top 5 favorite Applejack episodes. What are your favorites? Who would you like to see next? Let us know!
  19. Rainbow Glitterswirl

    The future of Discord

    With Discord being ineligible to be in the MLP Movie it got me thinking about his future: Have the writers made Discord too powerful for his own future in the universe? With any foe or problem they face, he could ultimately fix it at the snap of his fingers, therefore making him ineligible for battle or fate of equestria episodes. does this mean he’ll be resigned to a background character, with no more stories about him or his powers? If so, what episode themes would you like to see him in? I’d love to see if there’s anyway he, Celestia and Luna could become real friends. OR I’d love to see him use his powers for good in a battle episode that makes sense for him being there.
  20. Prospekt

    The MLP Show Bible

    MLP FiM's original show bible leaked yesterday and I'm not gonna lie, there's some really cool stuff in there. Not sure if I can link to it without violating forum rules because after all it appears to be copyrighted material. But I think it's great stuff if you are interested in Lauren Faust's creative process while developing the show, as well as possibly what could have been if Hasbro hadn't insisted on including less of the adventure stories that Faust wanted. So just in case I can't post a link, here are some highlights: - Lauren Faust predicted that at least some boys would watch the show - Many characters had different names, designs, and cutie marks. For example, "Twilight Twinkle" was colored differently and had a cutie mark resembling the flag of Pakistan. - Twilight and Cheerilee were originally supposed to be very close. - Celestia was supposed to be a queen (this was later changed because Hasbro believed that "queens" in fiction are usually evil). - Unicorns were apparently supposed to hail from the mountains. - There's a lot of concept art of things that never ended up being used, like different outfits on some characters. For example, some outfits include bridles, which have never really appeared in the final show. - The Wonderbolts were originally called the Blue Thunders. - There are some episode synopses, meant to give examples of adventure and relationship stories, respectively. Some of these ideas for episodes are recognizable from Season 1, while some ended up being discarded. - Deer and seaponies were supposed to be canon from the very beginning. It's possible the unused deer episode was the inspiration for one of the comic arcs.
  21. This is a special piece that involves you traveling into the great cyberhall of history and entering the new reformed Cyber World of Equestria. Critique is wanted! Note this is a completed track.
  22. AlexanderThrond

    Episode review: "Discordant Harmony"

    Thanks, Australia. I am generally biased in favour of Discord. The only episode starring him which I didn't at least enjoy a little was season 5's "What About Discord?," and that episode was meant to be unpleasant. A character who can bend the laws of reality to his will gives a lot of room for funny and creative visuals, and the only thing really holding him back is that he's always seemed like an unpleasant person to be around. He's always appeared emotionally immature and somewhat apathetic about how others feel about his actions, and this has made it increasingly unclear to me why the mane six tolerate him. Earlier episodes have usually dealt with this either through Discord claiming to teach someone a lesson, or through having Discord himself learn a lesson, and while "Discordant Harmony" mostly leans towards the former, it also does a better job than any episode before it of making him sympathetic and even likeable. Its need to serve up creative visuals still results in Discord irritating almost every pony in his vicinity, but his intentions in this episode are better than ever, and those visuals are pretty creative and delightful anyway. The visuals do a good job of distracting from the exposition, and the moral is rock solid, making for an all-around enjoyable episode. During a tea party with Fluttershy, Discord suggests that he host their next get-together. However, once he actually begins planning for the party, he struggles to find supplies that are as special (read: surreal) as he would like, and is irritated by ponies expressing surprise that Discord is friends with Fluttershy. Eventually, he figures that all this chaos might not be to Fluttershy's tastes, and removes the nonsense he conjured up in favour of a nice, pleasant setting. "Discordant Harmony" has an unconventional structure which makes a simple description of premise difficult, as the main conflict takes a significant change in the final third of the episode, and before that shifts focus multiple times. For the most part, the episode revolves around Discord attempting to impress Fluttershy, but midway through, Discord's methods shift dramatically, and near the end, his attempts to be "normal" not only underwhelm Fluttershy but also result in him literally beginning to fade out of existence. In the interim, a good percentage of the episode is simply Discord riffing, first on the party goods he's picking up and then on his own party. Thankfully, said riffing is every bit as amusing as Discord always is, and is accompanied by creative imagery like singing teabags, flying kettles, and at several points Discord literally speaking to a clone of himself. That clone is perhaps the highlight of the episode, not only because the banter between the two Discords is hilarious, but also because it demonstrates his surprisingly sympathetic internal monologue. It's no surprise that Discord cares about Fluttershy, but hearing how concerned he is about what she thinks of his tea party does a lot to humanize him. The clone is clearly only telling Discord his own thought process, and more than anything the show's done before, this helps us get into his mind and sympathize with him. It helps that he's not actively antagonizing anyone this time around, but he still demonstrates some emotional immaturity with how he reacts to others, and scenes where he's exasperated that stores don't stock fantastical items are a little awkward even at their funniest. Discord's behaviour here is certainly a step in the right direction, but the show still struggles to make him sympathetic without grounding him. Still, making him sympathetic does a lot to make his place in the show easier to understand. His relationship with Fluttershy is genuinely adorable, and whereas prior episodes have often featured him stretching Fluttershy's patience, here it's nice to see him being considerate of her, and it's every bit as nice to see how fond she is of his chaotic nature. Like the show is sometimes prone to do, it creates unintentional romantic subtext by hitting some notes too hard, but when Fluttershy starts messing up Discord's house in order to save him from fading away, it's genuinely adorable. Starting in season 6, Fluttershy has improved immensely, and as terrible as "Fluttershy Leans In" was, she demonstrates just how much better a character can become when given a wide range of stories. Here, her newfound assertiveness is blended with her long-held compassion better than in any episode since "Flutter Brutter," and not coincidentally this is her best showing since then as well. However, while this episode thankfully breaks from the rest of the season by allowing for extended comedic scenes, it still suffers from an overabundance of exposition. As funky as the visuals are, they're generally accompanied by Discord rambling, and Discord also spends a lot of time explaining his feelings. One plot point is triggered by Pinkie Pie telling him something which could have been a moral in another episode (although it was a red herring), and when Discord starts fading out of existence, Fluttershy explains it and exposits what she must do to make it stop. Discord needing to stay chaotic to exist makes some sense, but it's still something which was made up for this episode and which is dropped on us in expository dialogue, and that's a major contender for this season's worst habit. "Discordant Harmony" also has one of the most satisfying modern touches since "The Saddle Row Review" in the form of Discord going to a supermarket. The show's setting becomes murkier and murkier over time, and each new modern element further dilutes its original simplicity, but at the same time, seeing a supermarket in Ponyville is genuinely refreshing. Just as refreshing is Pinkie's random appearance as a one-scene supporting character, continuing this season's trend of having the main characters just randomly appear around Ponyville. It does a lot to make the show feel more alive, and it complements the season's hyper-focused storytelling. I still wish for more ensemble episodes like we had in the earlier seasons, but I am glad for the consistent acknowledgments that the mane six are still just one part of the Ponyville community. If there's one thing which really holds the episode back for me, it is the climax, which yet again indulges in cliche to embellish an otherwise solid slice-of-life story. After "Rock Solid Friendship," this is the second time that the show awkwardly forced in some excitement to make a somewhat nuanced main conflict much simpler, and here it's even worse than "Rock Solid Friendship," because the episode would have been just fine without it. The (honestly pretty great) moral is that Fluttershy likes Discord for who he is, and that he doesn't need to change to impress her, and this does tie into Discord literally vanishing because he tries to be something he's not, but the episode could easily have reached that conclusion without raising the stakes, and if anything, those stakes make the moral weaker. Instead of staying the same because that makes everyone happier, Discord stays the same because his life literally depends on it. If anything, that fantastical element makes the story a tiny bit harder to relate to, although the moral is still plenty strong even with that barrier. "Discordant Harmony" takes a strong step in the right direction with Discord, making him sympathetic and his relationships understandable without compromising his surreal appeal. Despite its flawed climax and its reliance on exposition, it's a funny, touching, and adorable episode which expands on Discord and Fluttershy's friendship while providing a strong moral in the process, and I hope this becomes a model for other Discord episodes in the future. Imagine him having this level of cameraderie with Twilight rather than tormenting her all the time! "Discordant Harmony" is a very promising evolution of a consistently delightful character, and it does a solid job correcting the biggest problem with his episodes. Three good episodes in a row! Let's hope for more. Score: Entertainment: 8/10 Characters: 9/10 Themes: 8/10 Story: 7/10 Overall: 80/100 You can find more like this at my offsite blog.
  23. LilyBloom

    The mane six

    Would you say that the mane six have favorites within each other? Like one pony likes another pony more than the others? Example: rainbow dash likes pinkie pie better than applejack, twilight, rarity, and fluttershy? Or is there any evidence of favorites?
  24. For example, after I finally admitted to liking FIM, my older sister kind of teased me about it, which I expected. And even through she has accepted that fact, she still questions and wonders why. And her defense in her questioning why people between our age range (if not a bit younger or older) like it, is just seems a bit unusual for us to like a show meant for little girls and if not little boys. So my question to you fellow fans, is this, : Do you get the same questioning and wondering from others, even after you have admitted to liking MLP : FIM?
  25. With a proper trailer showcasing everyone from Emily Blunt to Sia, does the upcoming MLP movie seem any more appealing?