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Found 15 results

  1. Hello darlings. Finally, the powers that be at Poniverse have decided to take this community in the fashionable turn that has been just way too long coming. I know everypony has been desperately pining for the day when the most fabulous pony has taken over our, shall we say, quaint group of ne'er-do-wells. Finally, the horrible wait is over, and I, very proudly I must add, hereby present: Rarity Forums: Chic Couture, Fabulosity, and Generosity for all! Oh my, what a perfect time to present my line of personalized handkerchiefs, embroidered by hoof, imported from the finest silk of Saddle Arabia, to my adoring public? I believe these are the happiest tears that any mare has dared to tear. Have fun at your new home, darlings. EDIT (2017-04-02): It was fun playing Rarity for a day, I hope you all had a fun April Fools
  2. Not that you guys would really care, but I just wanted to spread the news on here. He truly did deserve that Oscar for his outstanding role in The Revenant (even though I admittedly have not seen it yet (shhhhhh )).
  3. tried drawing all morning....i have only produced this out of five attempts.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of this post if yah don't want to see gobbilly goop. So yeah, finally got to this a week after I originally intended to <_<. For those who don't know, I was suspended from the forums around 2 weeks ago after I got furious at this competition to the point I was starting to get insulting. Anyways, it hit me hard since the forums is practically mah 2nd home and I'm so used to being on it so much. During the suspension, I decided I would show mah love for this place in the form of a drawing; of course, I needed to make a long paragraph first, saying how much I love this place. Anyways, lemme just say, that this forum has probably the nicest people I've ever met, and I like everyone here. Yes, even some of the more angry ones like Hylian and the negative ones like Kirino are still people I enjoy to be around. I guess I just like people. A lot of these people are also very fun to talk to, and are generally easier to talk to than most people I know IRL. To be honest, I have no friends IRL that I actually talk to out of school, so you guys are pretty much most of mah friends. SPEAKING of friends, I made two of mah bestest friends ever here; Clarity (Unfortunately left) and Lightning Fluttershy. Clarity was the first person in a while I actually considered a true best friend, and it wouldn't have started if she wasn't such a big AJ fan like me . Hell, I even developed romantic feelings for her for quite a while, that's how good we got along (It's been faltering a bit lately, but that's aside the point). Of course, I can't have her since she's the "GF" of mah other bestie, LF (JK, you can have her, brosepher). Despite the jealousy that I almost always had on LF, even before he "proposed" to Clari, I liked him, and while I liked him a ton later on, it actually wasn't until mah suspension that I realized how much of a best friend he is. TBH, with all the recent events, I WOULD consider him to be bigger friend than Clari (No offense Clari, but he's technically a more supportive and, well, friendly friend to be around :/ ), but the fact that Clari was just this person I got so so so so so close to makes her higher on the list . Then there are other cool people like DashForever, Urdie, RD92, Haven, Delzepp, Dimitri, Stellafera, letterONE, RKA, and so on . Not to mention I'm way more talkative and open here. I feel comfortable sharing some secrets (Biggest one the ponies, durr) that I would not dare to tell people IRL because they're not as open minded and nice as you guys. Hell, even the mods, who I sometimes don't get along with, are a'okay in mah books. Anyways, to show mah true love of this forum, here's a nice picture to go along with this, hence why it's in the Pony Art category . And here's the clearer version. Man, mah sign sucks :c. I should've added more "flare" and "pazazz" to it . So yeah, I hope y'all like it :3
  5. Was browsing (stalking) Discovery's updated news in corperate news, chased a few links to following pound puppies and transformer(pound puppies will air 27feb for new episode) , Found that IMDB had updated MLP FIM with a April showing for 5.1 unfortunatly no hard date in Apr. link below.
  6. The Batmare awoke in a dark alley way,she trotted forward when a small card caught her eye...a joker playing card! She picked it up and a thought went through her head, "The colt's hoof-prints will be on the card...that is assuming he left it here.". She dashed off into the night,heading toward The Flash manor. The dark knight saw arrived finally at the cave that led down to the secret cavern beneath The Flash manor. "What has you in a hurry master Flash?" said Sun's butler "No time to explain!" she replied. The Caped Crusader deposited the card in a small slot in a massive computer screen,a few moments later the screen showed a mug shot of J.Capier (Colt caper)...the stallions grinning features matched that of the sick-clown,but also of a devilishly evil colt...the same one who murdered Sun's parents years ago! The Batmare teeth began to grind with hatred, she ran off into the Goatham streets. She arrived in the town square. She stared upward at the clock tower...she noticed a colt at the top of the tower prancing around and shouting inaudibly. She broke into a sprint up the clock tower stairs. Arriving in at the top,sweating and panting she hid behind a post listening to the colt talk to one of his hench-colts. "And once the gas is released over the city the foals shall laugh with delight before there lives are ended...thanks to moi!" the colt cried with wicked glee! Batmare lurched forward and raised the end of her cloak,creating the figure of a bat over the two evildoers! "What the Tartus!?! Ah...the filly-foiler!" the colt said,he turned and raised a pistol at the caped crusader. She dove at the colt,knocking him to the ground. A hench-colt stalked toward her with a knife,the Batmare heard his hoof-steps and kicked back knocking the colt out! Colt caper lurched forward onto a balcony that had a large ray-gun -esque device. Batmare ran at him and pinned him against the railing " are evil!" she cried "Thank you!" the colt replied,Batmare punched him in the face then said "You killed my are evil!" Batmare grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up and pushed him over the railing...he fell with a sickening thud and gasped...the coughed up a bit of blood the died... Next: Beware the Batmare! hope you enjoyed please comment!
  7. So we've all seen the final episodes of season four by now (if you haven't then run now this may have spoilers) ,but I am wondering if anyone else notices all of the mythology in it? lets me enplane during the very end we have twilight having her new home and powers given to her by a box right? well what if we say the box was a rock and everything that twilight got was from a sword (the power she and her friends got) does this ring any bells? I think next season will have a lot of influence from the tale of Arthur Pendragon King of knights and lord of Britain before it was taken by the Saxons. I mean the sighs are there we already got a round table and her knights as well as a mission for her and a new castle of sorts right? not to forget Olympian hell with its guardian had a role in this as well. So what do you all think? are we going to see more of our fare Twilight Pendragon and maybe this gods of old? damn well called Arthur Alexander and now I feel like an idiot
  8. Hello Bronies! I saw the news that funko figures of Twilight and Trixe is announced! If you don't know. Funko made different figures of MLP. And currently this is one of the vinyl series collectibles. They made collectible figures of Derpy, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Vinyl Scratch and more. So what do you think
  9. It's like they're perfect for each other. Harmonic X Harmonic is now Official
  10. I was wondering what everypony thinks of this: So yeah, the CEO has stepped down. What does everyone think of this? I was pretty happy myself.
  11. How do you expect this seasons Finaly to be? Do you want it to be two episodes or just one? Do you want it to be peaceful or with a villain. Also wich one do you like more Premieres or finallys so far?
  12. It is official, I have finally begun composing pony-related music. This is my first creation inspired by the My Little Pony universe. It was inspired by Nightmare Moon/Luna and her transformation. I envisioned this song playing during Luna's change into Nightmare Moon and Celestia banishing her. I will likely be making all my pony related songs piano-focused, as this is a live recording of me playing the song. I am very happy with how it turned out, but some of the mistakes are a little upsetting. I will likely go back later to re-record it and fix those mistakes another time, but until then, this is the song. Enjoy! Now I am actually looking for someone willing to draw cover art for my songs/creations, as I suck at drawing ponies. Thus I would love to find someone willing to do it for me. I wouldn't be asking much, just something simple based on the song. If you're interested please contact me!
  13. Finally, after weeks of prepertion and editing and shrinking down and blah, blah, blah... MY GUIDE HAS BEEN PRINTED OUT!!! Ok, so it's not MY guide, per se... I just got all of the information I could off of and edited it into a nice little document, put a cover page and a few pages of tables of contents, and printed it out. Took 54 pages... but hey, now I can start my tulpa! I just wanted to get all of the info on paper so I could read it without a computer in my face. I plan on starting my tulpa tonight, if I can find the time. Wish me luck! Also, for those of you who want to see pics of my guide that I printed out, I'll try and post pics.
  14. it's here. the largest, hardest, most epic collaboration project between brony musicians: it's finally out: - 45 tracks, by brony musicians well-known and less known, as well as several newcomers in here too. - 17 bonus items. i haven't downloaded it all, yet, but i can only tell that iit won't disappoint. - the hardest of brony music in existence. hard-hitting collaborating fusions between electronic and metal styles is sure to be found in here. all for free. download the most epic compilation of brony music now over here. for the Balloon Party, has finally arrived!
  15. My mom finally found out about my brony-ness, and her reaction was supprisingly supportive. She just asked me ''Is that picture on your desktop a pony?'' And I said yes, she then responded, ''Because yesterday on TV they were complementing the show'' and then I told her ''You should watch it, it's actually really good.'' Then she said back ''I will! It probably is good''