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Found 13 results

  1. OK so the Idea of this is that someone would put some lyrics of a well known song, then have other people guess what the song is, then who ever got it right would the same here we go! I'm not a fan of puppeteers but I got a nagging fear someone else is pulling at the strings. What's the song?
  2. Here's another commission I got finished the other day, for Dark Horse. Who's just as pleased with it as I am!
  3. these are some art i did the past few weeks :3
  4. This is a very well known game, where basically the commenter starts off saying one sentence. Then the next person to post adds another sentence building on what the last person said. And over time, these different sentences, which are building off of one another, will create a story! The story will continue until an Admin stops the story. Rules: 1. Keep it clean! I dont want to ban anyone. 2. Dont right something completely random that doesnt build off of what the last commenter said. Its a story, not an abstract painting! 3. Be respectful. 4. Have some fun! 5. Go forth and continue the story! (Someone start us off! I am not good at starting things, lol)
  5. Hey guys! So this picture took me about 2-3 days to do! Yes I did use a base, to me it's like a guide! Of course this base came with horns and closed wings, but as you can see these two ponies are unicorns. I thought the horns that came with the base we're too small, so with the customizing both OC's I drew my own horns. Also the reason why it took me so long was one day I would start working on it, and then leave for another day and so on, you get the idea! This took soo long to finsh. The last day it was done I was up until 6AM. BUT it was so worth it! So in case you're wondering who these OC's are I will explain. The stallion is Crimson Grinn, my OC's husband. The mare is Vanylla Sweetsu who is the wife. Crimson belongs to a very good friend of mine who is on the forums, check him out & his OC! The couple have been married for a year and half now and already have a family. Vanylla is expecting another foal soon (so in the picture I tried to make a bump noticeable! I hope it does X3) they have a son and daughter, one a unicorn, the other an earth pony. If you wanna check them out all links well be here below! Hope you like the picture! Crimson Grinn: Vanylla Sweetsu: @RAGE
  6. Hey guys! So this is a followup of my original "Style and Speed WIP" post. I'd like some honest critiques, thoughts and opinions on it. Oh yes, and I do know the hair is so god damn awful that it's funny.
  7. Hey everyone! Recently, I posted a WIP picture of Audrey Hepburn to see if you could tell who she was. Umm, yeah. None of you could tell. That's okay though, my mum got it instantly, and that was the whole point, it being her present and all... So, yeah. Just thought I'd let you all see how it turned out. (My scanner's a little crappy, my apologies for that). /) EDIT: I'm kinda disappointed I didn't get any comments on this... Is it really that bad? D:
  8. Today I broke one of my cardinal rules for using the internet: "Never make a facebook post about your feelings." And right now I'm breaking another one: "Never make a blog post about real life problems." Over the last year and a half, I've been a semi-active member of this community and had the pleasure of meeting a lot of good people. Some of those people I feel know me a lot better than some of my real life friends... Unfortunately, that's all coming to an end. I've been having a decent year of school, but apparently decent isn't enough. I've been losing sleep over trying to keep my grades up, and it's ended badly for me. I've become more irritable and jumpy, and my grades have suffered since I've started trying as hard as I can to keep myself afloat. At the same time, two of the people I thought were my closest friends have drifted from me so they can spend time with their girlfriends, and the closest friends I still have are someone whose only real interaction with me is playing a game or two when he's not completely swamped with work and someone who's just as smart as me but incredibly annoying. After that it's the person I hang out with occasionally and the two aforementioned friends who I barely talk to due to their girlfriends. This combined stress, along with the lack of my usual outlet in playing games, has led to a further drop in my grades. This has led to my parents deciding I can spend no more than an hour on the computer all day, including doing my calculus homework (it's computer based), which usually takes about an hour on its own, 2-3 hours if it's derivatives. For about a month now this forum has been my only real source of fun and relaxation, and I can't use it anymore. Thanks for bearing with me, I know this is a pathetic thing to rant about when other people have much worse things happening, but this is basically raw emotion. This isn't my "fractalmoon" persona, this is the actual me, and the actual truth. To be honest a lot of you people are more fun to be around than any of my friends, and I'm grateful to all of you for tolerating my sometimes funny, usually annoying, antics. Thanks for having me around, Brent Singh
  9. Soooo...A few days ago i started a topic where people could ask me to draw their OC's so here they are) I will be uploading them next days Here's the first one - ClefDancer for Screw Ball^^ whoops just noticed that i forgot to remove some grey sketch lines(re-did it) if you notice more tell me i get rid of them) here is the second one for WindyRunner(feel free to ask me redoing the goal if you want^^ i just broke my head and could do it better( i can draw ponies and humans but no goals the others are yet to come in the near future) I will notify you in private when yours is finished) whoops just noticed that i forgot to remove some grey sketch lines(re-did it) if you notice more tell me i get rid of them) for people who just walked by - feel free to give me any critisism you can)
  10. I didn't see my post so I just made a new one. Yesterday I had drawn a picture, that is below. And I finally finished it tonight. Tell me what you think. (CLICK) :3 Before: After: (Now the only thing left to do is start the song )
  11. hello everyone. i'm back with another song here, this time an original one, and the first full song i've ever produced in FL Studio. copy-pasta from SoundCloud: "This is as far as I can come with this song. mostly finished, perhaps repetitive melody, but I don't know how to improve it anymore than it is now. It's some standard electronic music with a bit more organic sound to it (some acoustic drum samples, melodies that aren't strictly synth sounds...), i like how it turned out in the end, and I wanted to do more with it, but this is as far as my abilities go that I can do with it. Enjoy." here's the song: enjoy. :3
  12. hey guys, I don't now many of you remember my old thread about my signature, but now I finished it (I didn't took me that long, I'm lazy U_U) what do you guys think?
  13. Ok ponies, after great though, and intense thinking, i have made the decision to leave these forums. Iv'e had enough. Iv'e done my time here, and now i feel its time for me to go. I find most of the user's here bothersome, and i think the fact that not everyone knows me and appreciates me is reason alone for me to leave. This is indeed, my last ditch effort to get attention, and hopefully, ill get enough people to tell me to stay that i can be convinced. As i thought of it more, i get even more frustrated that not everyone agrees with my views and opinions, and they form there own against mine. Its is ridiculous and upsetting. I feel since this is a pony related community, everyone should agree with everyone, and we should live in perfect harmony with one another! No problems, no disagreements. The more i contemplate, the more i want more people to feel bad for me, and want me back. I'm writing this thread so that i can cause drama and get more people to feel bad and pity me. So, in conclusion, im not leaving, but you all need to tell me not to leave because you care about me, the person you've never met and have no idea about. (I felt it necessary to put this little bit at the end. If you didn't notice, this whole thing is a joke, every last bit. I wasn't targeting anyone specifically. I was just putting out how ridiculous the people are who put these "Im leaving, now cry." Threads up. Again, not targeting anyone inparticular, just voicing my opinion in a sort of comedic way. And please, if you plan on leaving, just do it, don't make a thread.)