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Found 2 results

  1. Quite a simple one. If you went to sleep and woke up the next morning feeling different, would you rather look in the mirror to see that you have wings or fins? Me? I'd rather have fins. I'm pretty scared of heights and I'd probably be useless at flying, but fins would be something I could use well. What about you? P.S. Of course, you can have neither, if you'd rather stay 'normal'.
  2. Unicorn~ Unicorn Ponies~ Unicorn Marines, like average ponies, have one magic-wielding horn. However, webbing from this horn connects it to many fins that make it's way up along the pony's back from it's hip to it's forehead directly up the middle. When in use, the magic is more concentrated and visible, resulting in an almost fire-like appearance. When using their abilities, the eyes of unicorn Marines also release magic, which generally flows off of the corners of their eyes. Unicorn Marines only specialize in one element (ice, water, fire, lightning, shadow, etc..), becoming a master of the subject. Unicorn Marines pose a unique adaption, because their hair is unable to sprout the way it does with average ponies. Instead, their hair tends to develop in more interesting manners and forms around their fins. Pegasus Ponies~ Pegasus Marines don't actually have wings. Instead, they have somewhat dragon-like webbed fins that extend from their shoulder blades and mimic the appearance of traditional wings. They're generally the fastest swimmers around, using their "wings" to propel themselves through the water. When on land, they are unable to fly, but are capable of gliding and hovering above ground if desired. Their legs, while still more muscular and longer than that of average ponies, are somewhat weak, but still stronger than that of the general pegasi ponies because their bones aren't completely hollow. Rather than folding their wings, the fins just overlap over one another, and the webbing corresponds. Earth Ponies~ Earth pony Marines often have the strongest legs. They generally keep to the depths of the ocean or lakes, and take up most of the duties concerning agriculture and much of the duties involving animals. In retrospect, they are very similar to average earth ponies, aside from the the addition of webbed fins and their obvious multi-colored coats. When on land, their leg strength makes them exemplary runners. Alicorn Ponies~ Alicorn Marines are incredibly rare, and sport features from all 3 of the different Marine types. They are incredibly tall, and are known to be somewhat more expressive than the average Marine, due to the fact that, over time, alicorn Marines can develop facial fins as well, which typically close and open based upon their mood. Marines as a whole~ All Marines sport webbed, immobile fins. Generally, these fins only sprout from the hind hooves, but on occasion can be seen on the front hooves and even the ears or flank. Marines have incredibly thin fur, and tend to be more colorful than average ponies as a result because their skin can be seen through their coats where the fluff is shortest. Their skin tones can range from the normal pink or grey, to more exotic colors such as orange or blue. On rare occasions, they can have up to three body colors, if the skin underneath is spotted in any way. Marines are normally somewhat taller and sleeker than average ponies, but come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, on rare occasions, they have even been known to be shorter than their earthly counterparts. Female marines are known to be somewhat taller than males, and have designs that generally sprout from their bottom eyelash (swirls, teardrops, anything really). Males, on the other hand, have a bulkier build and wider bodies, as well as somewhat broader faces and the addition of naturally colored hooves. Marines do not have hair. What appears to be hair is actually just thin external gill fragments that allows them to breath under water with ease, Marines that do not have large amounts of "hair" (or have no "hair" at all) tend to have gills to either side of their throats (male) or beneath the rib cage (female). Marines are unable to stay out of water for long amounts of time, because their skin is incredibly delicate and will dry out after a while. The webbing of their fins is incredibly thick and is not see-through, it can be basically any color. During rituals, such as weddings or traditional events, the Marines generally paint their fur and fins with the colors and patterns of native fish. There are both fresh water and sea water Marines. Marines are capable of interacting in different biomes, but can become sick if kept in the wrong water type for too long. Fins can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are two-toned. Marines towards other species~ Marines and Ponies can generally get along fairly well, but tend to clash with other species such as griffins due to rivalries over hunting grounds. Marines are entirely omnivorous, and generally tend to prefer fish over seaweed (they have fangs that are visible when the mouth is opened). Since Ponies are herbivores, this has never really been a problem. Marines and Ponies can, in fact, breed, and their offspring have a 50% chance of being a Marine or a Pony. This is the same with any other species that is capable of breeding with others. Getting your own Marine OC~ You must apply for your OC with a full-detail explanation of your character. Rules~ * You can only CREATE 1 Marine OC, all other OCs must be adopted. * Only Admins are allowed to create designs for adoption or create multiple OCs. * If you would like to breed your Marine, please contact an admin. * You may NOT create or own an alicorn Marine. * You MUST credit me for the creation of the species. * You MUST join the group before creating or adopting a Marine. * You MUST link back to the group whenever you create artwork of any form including a Marine. * DO NOT STEAL Group~ Link~ PLEASE REMEMBER TO JOIN BEFORE CREATING OR ADOPTING A MARINE Marine Ponies © NEKROMANTIAFOX NOTE: My scanner like...really hates me some of the colors might be dulled and the transitions might be messed up.