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Found 42 results

  1. For those that haven't heard the city of Fort Mcmurray is being evacuated because of a large fire My question is if your town or city was being evacuated in an hour or less where would you go and what would you take with you
  2. Here, Prince Fang has to choose between two beautiful, powerful princesses: the cool and frigid Whitney, or the fiery and mischievous Audie. Deviantart:
  3. Howdy from the spicy South! I've got a project in life to find a hot sauce for pretty much everything, and sometimes that involves swapping recipes. I just finished a fatalii-mango hot sauce (Sriracha consistency) that is cooling down right now, and I've got a bhut jolokia-pineapple salsa that is the second hottest thing I've ever attempted to eat. Sriracha-lime cupcakes have also been baked, though I seem to be the only one that liked them. Have any good recipes, spicy finds or stories to share?
  4. It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you all that Kyoto Animation or KyoAni, suffered a catastrophic fire earlier today, which claimed the lives of 33 people and inuring 36 others. Police have confirmed that the fire was an act of arson. KyoAni is arguably the best anime producer in the industry today, not only for the high quality of shows like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, K-On and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and movies like A Silent Voice, but also how they pay their employees a salary, rather than on a per frame, piece meal basis like most studios. One of the brightest examples of art and animation, now has to endure such a senseless loss. Some of the most talented writers, animators and artists in the world, have now either died or suffered horrifying injuries. But if we here are known for anything, it's our ability to come together and help. Partner company Sentai filmworks has set up a GoFundMe to help. Please do chip in whatever you can spare. We're all fans of animation here, regardless of the show or what country it came from. Whatever help you can give would be appreciated.
  5. Say, if humans (or a race of humans/mutants) had a mutation that caused their blood to be flammable, how would it affect their society and their daily life (e.g. in ancient, medieval, and modern times)? And how do you think it would affect relations between firebloods and non-firebloods?
  6. Sometimes MLP Forums is good on staff. It does happen. Just not often. Right now? Right now is not one of those times. Currently we're short staff in three sections. Canterlot Roleplay FIM So, what does this mean for prospective applicants? First, let's break down the jerb: A sectional moderator is a volunteer position in which members of the community get a bit more responsibility here on MLP Forums. They proactively report problem threads and posts, move, merge, and retitle, and make sure that ever'thang generally stays within the rules global rules on the forums. They work with global moderators, team leads, and administrators to keep all of the things in tip top shape. Global moderators, team leads, and administrators? What do they do? Most of us (not all, but most) started out as a sectional moderator. From there we were promoted to global. Globals usually also have an area of focus, but also add input on all reports that sectionals send, and carry out the decisions of those reports. Team leads are global moderators that help focus the section, assign tasks if need be, and often will train new and incoming staff. Administrators are broken down by tech (unbreaking the broken) and community. Community admins organize all of the things aforementioned, respond to tickets, work on permissions, do announcements, etc. I've had warnings in the past. Will that affect my chances to become a moderator? It can. We look at many factors when deciding if a member is accepted as a moderator or not. Among them being of course the application, past warning history, age (more on that below), how long you've been a member, and maturity. Age? What?! Whelp, you have to be at least 13 to join the forums, right? We also generally try to make sure that applicants are within a few years of 18, since moderators can often see some pretty disturbing content. While the sectional position isn't necessarily a stepping stone to that purple badge, many sectionals are promoted to global moderator. That said, we don't want a sectional sitting at that level for ages just because we want a full moderator to be 18. Therefore we generally look for applicants to be at least 16. Everything you just said sounds kind of awful. Why would I actually want to be a sectional after everything you've said? To be honest, I've met some of my closest friends through MLP Forums. While they may no longer be moderators, I'm still incredibly close with them. And those who are still, I have an incredible respect for. We have some good times, a lot of laughs, and are generally pretty close. The camaraderie is truly the best part about being a mod. Fine. I'm interested. What's next? Here's the app. Yay! Great! That's done. Now what? Wait. Seriously. We get a lot of apps. We'll do our best to reply to everyone, but some people may slip through the cracks. We will also turn a lot of people down. If you are turned down, don't take it personally. We encourage you if you're still interested to wait a few months and apply again. If you wish to know why you were turned down, feel free to contact an admin and ask. We're friendly enough. We'll stop taking applications when we feel we've gotten enough people, so uh... Apply on. Interested in a section that's not listed as being open? That's cool too, but don't get your hopes up too much, as we super need people for RP, FIM and Canterlot.
  7.'s something a little different. It's a piano cover of Through the Fire and Flames BUT, it's in a Romantic Style, incorperating all of the styles of the various composers of the romantic era. For all you classical buffs out there, see if you can spot all the composer styles I do.
  8. Sweet Pen


    Just a drawing i've done for practice. Isn't perfect, but I tried. Evil Celestia all the way~
  9. So thought I might try some DBZ wallpaper and with my fav cannon: F. Trunks. Took a bit of a simple layout with use of smoke and city brushes with some vector effects and fire and lighting with a glows and blur effect and just trying to give it a lost hope or seeking hope feeling. I thought to try to make Trunks in color yet black and white with a simple light effect seemed to keep in a feeling. The only real color is from the flames burning the city in the skyline along with smoke filling in the air around the flames along with the sun in the background. Did a light oil effect and smudge with a bit of glow effect and neon effect in redoing the flames! Anime/Manga: Dragon Ball Cannon: M. Trunks Layers: 22 Used: Gimp Time: 10 hours Theme: Burning
  10. Description form dA: "I wasn't really too worried about Pinkie (lighting/shading/pose blah blah blah), or the BG, I just wanted to try painting fire. There's gonna be a lot of it in "A Seedy Mare's Tale", so might as well learn now right? I think it looks ok, for my first time ever anyway:p This was just a sketch, so I wasn't trying to make it perfect or anything." Whadda y'all think?
  11. Greetings from sunny Cali-fuck-you! If you were ever under the demented impression that God loves you, a few days in this little slice of Hell will scare you straight. Yup, it wasn't bad enough that we recently redefined the term "dry state." Now, we've got a summer barbecue on our hands to the tune of 3,500 acres of brush that cuts along a major freeway. I live only a short drive away from this fire, and can smell the smoke as I type this. The sickly, grey cloud fills the air above my city. The people on the highway find themselves trapped with no place to go. Some cars have been swallowed in the inferno, others stand workable, but abandoned as their owners attempt to flee the cloud on foot. The Cajon Pass can get backed up for miles on a good day; it is not uncommon for me to sit on that very freeway for two hours just waiting to get through. When one adds an active danger to the equation, the only consolation is that I have yet seen no reports of fatality. This is expected to change. Containment efforts thusfar have been nearly fruitless. The fire is only 5% contained, and is expected to spread even further overnight.
  12. You're in need of something lighting ablaze?! Coooome on, ask me anything, ANYTHING! I can burn anything for you too, dunno why you would need my help burning something but I can if ya want!
  13. Ok so I watched MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks - "My Past is Not Today" and the video and song are just killer to no ends! I love Sunset but the ending me a bit. Seems Shimmer has magic but its not normal, she has wings when calling on this magic and also has a heavy fire like theme. So is maybe with the way the video showing that Shimmer might be our next Alicorn? Can she pull on and do other types of magic outside the Girls? Is it fire magic? Any more ideas?
  14. My grandparents live out on the prairie with nothing around them. The only people around us are family, and other friends of our family. My aunt Diana who lives about 7 miles east of us, had a prairie fire start right buy her house. Luckily the fence that surrounds her house stopped the fire from coming any closer, AND the paint on the fence was fire retardant. The fire then moved west, and eventually jumped the highway, but only made it a mile or so down before authorities were able to contain it. The power went out and we had to start out generator, but the electricity eventually came back on thirty minutes later. tldr; prairie fire out where I live, but made it safe. It was a good thing that the fire got contained. It is dry as hell out here and that would have spread VERY quickly. So that got me thinking. Has anypony here been through something like this? Examples would be... Earthquake Fire Tornado SEVERE Thunderstorm Burglary City Riots Store getting robbed while you were in it... You get the point. Basically things that would (if not soon contained) could have ruined/killed you or others around you. Or something that was just terrifying. I tagged the word epic because I have always wanted to see a tornado. As terrifying as they are, I would like to see one out here on the prairie. As long as I had access to a basement, I would like to see one out in the fields. You can pretty much see for miles out here, so even if it was far away it would be EPIC to see it.
  15. I got this character, but I don't know what I'm going to do with him, Chaos Flame doesn't have a backstory or anything like that yet, but I think I just want him to be an art character, nothing really more...
  16. Well a friend on face book asked me to make her a Sunset Shimmer Wallpaper, making it look like Sun is burning away her past and moving on with her life, so I tired to make that but I feel like its lacking something so a little insight would be welcomed and feed back please!?
  17. Ask my oc's anything and yes interviews for them are accepted just ask me when. Light Fire's page: Pumkin Seeds Halloween Coustume: (This is the only picture of Pumkin Seeds,Please read the description in there) Pumpkin Seeds page:
  18. Pokemon, the games to be specific, one of the best and funnest parts of the games has to be challenging all of the gym leaders to advance more into the game and earn the respective badge to prove you are becoming the new champion of the region! However, I thought it would be nice to know if things went different, like switching the tables around. A great question for today is to ask you guys, if you were a gym leader or one of the elite four, decision is up to you, what would be your main specialty type? And if so, what pokemons would you have ready for those who challenge you? I would so happen to be an elite 4 leader who specializes in Psychic types! A serious, powerful, and very intelligent group of pokemons fits me entirely for battle against anyone. With Gallade, Gardevoir, Metagross, and Malamar as my pokemons! Psychic types FTW!
  19. I guess this is a picture of the phone in question. And in case you haven't heard of it yet, link! Now I'm not going to say I'm not guilty of doing this myself. It was actually probably about last year that I stopped doing this. It stemmed from me being protective of my phone. When I was a teenager, I would want to use my phone later than I should have been. I started putting it under my pillows when my parents would come into my room and check my messages and see how long I was up talking to my girlfriend at the time. If it was after 10 pm, I'd lose the phone. And they could usually tell when I deleted messages to cover it up. Back then, you could put a phone under your pillow and get away with it. My phone (when I was 16) was a Motorola RAZR ve20. At that time, flip phones were kind of the standard phone. Everyone had em. Unless you were rich and you had an iPhone. When I was a teenager, the iPhone was a superpower, but its processor only clocked at 412 MHz. Processors back in the day just didn't get as hot since they weren't clocking so high. These days, the processor in my phone (1.9 GHz) clocks higher than the one in my laptop (1.4 GHz), and the laptop actually uses active cooling! Phones are much more active than they appear. It might look like they're doing nothing while in standby, but they can be doing tons of things at once, which engages the processor. It doesn't help that phones have to use passive cooling (because nobody wants a phone that uses a fan). Just sitting there, a phone doesn't get very hot, but if it's doing something, it's putting off a little heat. Insulate that with your pillow, and that heat will build up over time until...well...this happens. It looks to me like the phone got really hot under the pillow and the battery swelled, causing the fire. Here's the thing: just don't put your phone under your pillow. The things are way too powerful to be doing that anymore. Even if you don't start a fire like this, you can still cause damage to the internals of the phone and shorten its life. And this isn't a common sense thing at this point. She's only thirteen so you can't expect her to know much about the way these things work, but maybe she won't do that anymore.
  20. hell yeah guys, i am drawing the full code3 bronies group so far XD here it is the "founder" (along with FMstorm): Meirno!
  21. What are your favorite Pokemon types? My favorites are Water, Fire, Ice, Psychic, Dragon, Electric, and Dark.
  22. Have a doughnut :3 YAY :muffins: :muffins: Derpy is awesome <3
  23. I've been around for about a year now and I haven't seen many bronies in pubic safety. I've met a couple, and we've become fast friends, but there must be more of us! So I want to know, are there any more current/former/future law enforcement officers, firefighters, or EMTs on the forum?
  24. So I made this today.
  25. I already made a post, but I decided to make a part two. 20,00 acres burned, evacuees arrived at the fairgrounds were I live, there homes were just a mile away from the fire. Here are some pictures that my grandpa took at town and his work, alot of smoke