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Found 21 results

  1. My first post was I believe 20 hello, hello, hello, how low?What was yours?
  2. So here's some Doctor Who Poems that I just started working on not too long ago. Each day will be a new topic on our Whovian Universe. I will also be setting up a request shop for Whovian ponies, though it will take some time on requests... considering I don't know everything about The Doctor. So if you will, here's one I just finished called The Eye of Annihilation. Through the one eye of such destructive creatures, they see death. With no emotion, they are feared. With no mercy, they kill without the shedding of the opponent's tear. As they never stop to see their prey, As they take their last breath, For they have no soul, they kill as they may. Their favorite word is a word that in the eye of such creatures who will annihilate, No soul will ever forget the word of such evil murder..."Exterminate!"
  3. I would like for you guys to check out my first ever drawing of a pony fan art of my personal oc RootedWisdom.If you like it, I would appreciate the compliments. And if you don't, just know that this is my first time, and I don't need the bullcrap. So have fun!
  4. This is my first drawing on the pc. It's dedicated to people who can't draw like me Cheers chaps
  5. This is my first ever serious attempt at drawing digitally. The pony that you're seeing above is my OC, Treble Sketch Link to deviantART and Tumblr post. I also post my art on Inkbunny as well, but I wouldn't link it there for reasons. I'm open to all kinds of criticism and comments, my ears are always open
  6. Hi! ^^ So, I've recently taken an interest in drawing pony fan art, and I'm at the bottom of the barrel. I mean, I literally just started drawing last night (ponies, anyways!) I finally got a chance today to put all my practice together and try to put a little something on paper. ^^ The video that helped me learn (or at least helped me get started) was on YouTube, by the Everfree Network. A great piece of advice they gave me, was to do my best, and seek guidance and advise from more experienced artists. I'd really like to start drawing the good stuff, but of course, it will take time and practice. So, here's what I've drawn already. ^^ A few comments of my own on this real quick: I know the front legs look a little bit stubby, and the back legs look a little weird. Just remember, this is my first time and I'm just now learning how to do this stuff. ^^" The mane...I know, it looks terrible. ^^" Just felt like I had to throw something on there so she wouldn't be bald. ^^" Tips, compliments, and advice would all be appreciated. ^^" Like I said, I am very new at this, and I know it may look like crud, that's why I come to experienced artists who can hopefully (please?) give me some advice on what I should do. ^^" I don't know how to ink this, or really what it means. Really, all I can do is draw. ^^" I may smack this on Photoshop later and see if I can pretty it up. So, that's it! ^^ I'll probably keep updating this topic with drawings until I feel I'm good enough to put this stuff on Deviant Art. ^^" Oh, and another thing, if you see kind of a little fade drawing behind the pony, that's just a different drawing behind. ^^" Thanks!
  7. Here is a work in progress drawing of the Mane 6 Equestria Girls in the Saints Row IV promo image style. Yes - I know the scale is completely off and the facial expressions are not what I wanted, but this is the first time I've ever even drawn an Equestrian Girl; I just over complicated the art piece by adding five more xD. I hope to get better and improve my drawing skills before adding any colour and a context. I'm also thinking of adding Spike and Vinyl Scratch and maybe some other characters.
  8. So I was messing around in GIMP, when I suddenly had a good idea. I re-coloured a lot of things and messed around with some layers and out popped this. It's my first attempt at making any sort of artwork in a digital application, so tell me what you guys think! :3 *WARNING* it's a pretty big image...
  9. Let me start by saying that I have been going to cons long beforeI was a brony, with my first convention being the San Diego Comic-Con 2000 when I was about 6. All i can say was that it was the greatest thing a six year old could ever experience, since then i have been to numerous cons. However, i hadn't been to BronyCon until January 2012 (the one at hotel Pennsylvania NYC). However, i found that most of the cosplays were awkward... there were a few really good ones though. Anyway, i want to know how your first Con experience was, pony related or not.
  10. Just wanted to share the first ever video that I have made. It has bad quality of song because I was using my laptop's internal microphone and that's all I have at the moment. Anyways, here's the link: Feel free to leave a like and subscribe if you liked it and whatnot. Who knows... maybe in the future I'll do gameplays and whatnot. Anyway, enough with the rambling. Enjoy.
  11. So I drew this griffon for a DTA (draw to adopt) contest on dA. And I thought drawing ponies was hard... I'd appreciate a critique. How can I improve? This is my first time drawing a griffon, so... Yeah... And yes, that is my watermark.
  12. Ok, I am going to my first Con ever in my life (MLP-MSP), and have been digging around the internet and this forum to try to find a concise or at least clearer topic as to how to prepare for a convention of really any kind. I am fairly eccentric, but my social skills have been quite dulled over the past few years because I went from fairly large high school (over 2000 students) to a teeny tiny town of about 130 whom I rarely converse with at all. I am not very in tune with the hustle and bustle of cities and people and really feel like my adulthood is still something I am growing into (I'm 23 and married, but yet I ordered my first pizza delivery last year as a small but IMO a significant example. Registering for the hotel for MLP-MSP is actually the first time I've ever booked a hotel room too). So as far as MLP-MSP goes, I am super excited, yet quite terrified at the same time. I won't back down because I've been waiting 6 months (I registered and got everything set up back in January), but I worry my fears and stress may get to me. So, if anything, I want this to be like "How to Pony Con; for Noobs" Post anything you think would be valuable for those who are planning to go to their first Con (I am sure I'm not the only one with such fears). Anything you wish you had brought, how much money would be wise to start off with that isn't part of the registration and hotel booking, how to find like-minded fans, what to be prepared for, and really anything else you have learned and wish to have others know so that they can all enjoy themselves and have fun to the utmost! To me, this Con will be a stepping stone in my life to whole different world. I've never met another brony IRL, and I've always wanted to go an anime Con but never did because anime is such a vast medium with diverse genres that it's too overwhelming. But a Brony Convention....MLP is a huge part of my life now, and due the miniscule amounts of media I consume, MLP is pretty much everything that isn't anime. MLP is the first thing I've ever been a fan of, and I just want to make the most of it without my anxiety and ill-feelings get in the way.
  13. I made this just now, It was for this video I made promoting a game. It's my first time writing any sort of poem, how do you like it? Poem Video
  14. I want my first fanfic to have this premise and want to know if it has been done already or if its a good idea. plot: Twilight is at her entrance exam at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. As we all know, Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom caused Twilight to have a magical surge and hatched her dragon egg with flying colors. But thats not all she does. At her feet is a creature she does not recognize, along with Celestia, and are at a loss for what young Twilight has brought. Turns out it is an orphaned boy she brought forth through space and time. With no knowledge of how to send him back, Twilight sees it as her responsibility to take him in along with her baby dragon. The two grow up next to each other and the boy has a family that wants him, and Twilight gains a second brother. From there, the fic will take place from the show and we see how he adapts to a world not his own. Basically I want to do a human in equestrian, alternate universe, and maybe anthro. Don't see a lot of those. I need to know if this is a good idea and/of if its been done before.
  15. I finished watching Series 1 and 2, and I am happy to know this exists, and also happy to finally watch it! I love his (the Doctor) attitude, he always seems to know what to do no matter what the situation. I love the way he talks and acts towards others. One minute he is mad, the next he is as calm as ever. It's hilarious. As for the companion(s), they are awesome. They get to travel with the Doctor and have some fun adventures through space and time. ...I am jealous. The TARDIS on the other hand as cool looking! I love the blue box look. This is what makes it different from other spaceships: it actually looks like something human-made! The episodes are of quality and seem to follow everything accurately (according to my past classes in high school)! Everything about this is awesome! Plus, good writing! I really don't know what else to say, others could probably explain it better than I can!
  16. My first fanfiction,It's a crossover of the Hunger Games and My little pony. I want reviews on it,what your opinion is so far.Your predictions,etc. (P.S) Be brutal when you review
  17. This is my first fan releated music made for MLP:FiM. When I woke up today, I decided, I would work on a song that has been postponed for a while now. So first, I started putting the drums together. After an hour or two a tune just hit me and I instantly thought it would go well with the lyrics I wrote yesterday, so I switched over to that project instead. After a few beats were done the tune just went berserk, so I threw everything that came to mind at it, and I ended up with a totaly different third track, that was based around that one simple, tiny tune, that hijacked my day I found a really good art, that would go well with it, and asked for premission to use it for a youtube upload, but I'm still waiting for the answer. I will try and update, when/if it's up over there, but I don't know if it will work, since I can't even attach a simple link, because the forum just won't allow me... So, enjoy~ Edit: Yay, it works! The picture I used was made by InTheStardust Here deviantart accout is over here: Go and see her other stuff too Orange Riff - First Flight.mp3
  18. Thank all of you how decided to check out my first pony drawing. I haven't ever really drawn anything. Literally. I am pretty good at circles though. This is my first try and the general idea I have for my OC, Tobium fission. His Cutie mark is a beaker or or vial. He is a chemist. At least an insane one. If you can, I would love some feed back!
  19. It's nearing 12 and I'm falling asleep, before I hop into bed and watch videos until 2 am on my tablet, why not draw pinkie pie (a pony) for the first time, after all I been wanting to for a long time but never got the chance to do so. Took about 5 minutes, so much erasing and retrying, don't really know if the erasings were needed though CRITICISM IS WELCOME I understand it is a little bit blurry, I forgot to focus it My result looks ok I guess, I could've done better I suppose, but I'm happy with what I got
  20. Well then I've finally finished my very first full-on attempt at pony art. I'm fairly pleased with her, especially considering how much effort I put into her. Though, I procrastinated a whole lot, I started this drawing on May 13th making it almost a month now since I officially began this piece of art. I would really like to try out perspective and especially shading the next time I try my hand at art. Lighting and shading really brings art to life and I would love it if I were to begin practicing it effectively soon. Facial expressions are something I'm also looking forward to getting practice in, I tried my best to make her expressive as possible to give the picture meaning. So, here's la Couturière, the Element of Generosity, the fabulous, the beautiful, Rarity! and with that, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! It would be great if I could get some criticism for improvement, for I really need it! Thank you!