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Found 11 results

  1. Anybody here do daily workout/exercise routines to stay healthy or in shape?
  2. Anyone here like to workout and eat healthy or would like help on where to start with a healthier lifestyle? I am looking for support and motivation for myself or anyone else who needs it! What do you like to do to stay active? What are your favorite healthy foods?
  3. i remember when i first started running regularly i would do 1km and be limping but these days i can run almost indefinitely just before i ran 10km (no pausing 50% max effort then 100% sprint for 100 mtr every 900mtr) and the track covered going over the highest hill for 40km around by the end i was puffed out and sweating but i feel like i could do it again 20 min later its just not doing anything for me any more i used to LOVE waking up the next morning barely able to walk any suggestions?
  4. How often do you exercise, and what exercises do you do? I personally work on cardio, speed and strength as much as possible. I'm young, but my family doesn't really have the best history when it comes to health. I'd like to become healthier, so I exercise. What about you guys?
  5. With summer approaching, that means beaches and pool parties will follow! Ive always been one to be a complete sloth all winter and panic last minute while hitting the gym daily just before summer. Luckily this year, baseball winter training has kept me in relatively good shape all winter and spring. But not good enough to look presentable poolside. So in preparation for this Summer Im trying to do crunches and run everyday. Anybody else in the same boat as me? What are some of your secrets to an effective workout?
  6. So I was just curious if anybody else out there loves going to the gym. Whether it be for lifting, cardio, circuit, etc. I am a personal trainer and gym nut and was just wondering who else enjoys working out. Also if you don't like it but do it maybe I can help motivate you? Hoping to swap motivational material and workouts and such with others! Or if you are looking to start working out maybe I can help? I'm also going to try and post a daily motivator! Something to help inspire you to be great today!
  7. Alright, so I know some of you are bums, and you probably don't know how awesome training is. So for you guys, I gotchu. This is the session I just did, made up in like 10 seconds by me. It's pretty challenging, but also really rewarding. And yeah, some of the people on here are total beasts, and this shouldn't be so bad (but probably worth it). You can modify it if you want, too. (I'll try to answer any questions in this thread, don't be shy) Here it is: 50 Jumping jacks 25 push ups 45 second elbow plank 15 jump squats 15 jump lunges 1:00 plank 25 sit ups 15 reverse crunches (lay on your back, and bring your legs in) 50 jumping jacks 50m walk, 100m jog, 50m sprint x3 No more than 1 and a half minutes of rest in between Not to bad, right? If you're like, "eh" or don't really feel up to it... WWRDD?
  8. just a general thread about fitness and healf if you have any questions on the subject i would be happy to help and im sure other ponys would to . or just general discussion. i got the image from
  9. The " Flutter Style " stance (pictured) mimics the slow wing movements, it is modeled after two different styles of kung-fu and akido, it uses heavy stylized movements as a way to mis-direct and distract your opponent. The " Flutter " is also a perfect defense for those who aren't as physically strong, using agility, theatrics and throws too incapacitate and ware down the opponent as the person using this style doesn't need too use much energy, making use of 1.) your opponents aggression and 2.) physics in order to use their own aggression against them.
  10. It is human nature to be vain. So vain, that humans will harm themselves to get the perfect aesthetics as they possibly could. They will rip their muscles to make them bigger, they will inject chemicals that promise tone abs or bigger glutes. They will risk hernias, blown out discs in their spines all for that perfect shape. I am one of those people. I enjoy the strain on my body. It makes me feel good afterwards. The aching muscles, the inability to get up after you lay in your bed for one minute. In fact, a lot of people enjoy it....too many people. When I go to the gym, I have a list of what I need to do in order to build muscle and stay fit. My list requires me to go into the weight room where all the pompous, arrogant, and self righteous weight lifters are. I hate it, because these muppets think the whole gym revolves around them. There are rules placed ALL over the weight room. Rules such as: Rack your weights when finished(which means put the weights back on the racks instead of leaving them on a bar), use towels when working out(cause no one wants to touch someone else's butt sweat), and dont drop weights(because they bounce and make noise as well as cause damage to the floors). Almost no one follows these rules, which is annoying if you are the only one who does. It's expected of you to follow the rules in this gym since membership costs $400. Despite the high price, riff raff still are able to join. Getting back to my rant, I was looking to use a bar for my deadlifts. It had the exact amount of weight i needed. The only thing was, there was one of these arrogant bodybuilders using it. I decided to use another set of weights until he was done. 10 minutes later the guy leaves and goes to a machine next to the bar that I needed. I decided to take a sip from my sports drink before heading over. As soon as I begin to head over the pillock rushes over to the bar and begins using it again. Miffed, I went back to my previous weights and waited another 10 minutes. The guy repeated himself again. He went to another machine and as soon as it looked like I was going for the bar he would jump over to it and act as if he was using it(which he wasn't. He would to one rep and then look at himself AND me in the mirror). I decided I will skip the bar for today and head home. I get that you need to workout too, but come on you infantile pillock! This isnt your gym, its the member's gym. It's not just this one guy, its all the bodybuilders out there. They have no consideration for the people around them. They are selfish and rude, thinking the world revolves around them. I know these bodybuilders obviously can't handle their testosterone, but can they at least try to act like humans instead of degenerates? I get that burst of testosterone too, but I don't strut around like I own everything. If you're going to workout and be a selfish child, stay home. You are ruining everyone elses time at the gym.
  11. Greetings everypony SimplyRarity at your hooves here. Today's how to do is all about you and your special somepony, and how to win their heart, this is How to Get Your Special Somepony to Like You~♥ Now to start, your special somepony that you admire has all the qualities and desires you would look for in a mare/stallion. Some of these qualities might be: Nice, empathetic, generous, sweet, kind, respectful, handsome/beautiful and get- alongable. If he/she has all these then we can get started. Step 1: Take care of your appearance. In the best of all worlds... this wouldn't matter. But, it does. Mainly, this means hygiene. Guys, that goes for you, too. A little dandruff can take you from That Guy to That Loser in a matter of minutes. Dress well. Find your style. Ladies, don't dress showy, but don't be a nun unless you want to be treated like one. Step 2: Develop Self-confidence. Sometimes the whole modest, talking-yourself-down thing can actually get your guy/girl. But it's a risky game, and it's not healthy, either. So be modest, but when something you're good at comes up, admit you're "okay" or "good" at it, and don't talk yourself down in front of the person you want. Step 3: Have the right Attitude. This depends on the person. If you're shy, act shy, but change it up a little. One special look up from the floor can have someone's attention for the rest of the day. Be nice. I'm not saying you have to be a boy/girl scout, but be sweet and people will want to be around you. Step 4: Don't change all your interests because of your crush's, but, for example, if they mention a band they think you'll like, check it out. Try that store they're so obsessed with. Step 5: Be there for them. Listen to them rant about that teacher you both hate, watch one of their games, surprise them by dropping in on their concerts. Say hi in the halls. Step 6: Be True, Be you! Act like who you are. Don't change your attitude. If you follow these steps your bound to win your special somepony's heart!~♥ ~SimplyRarity