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Found 10 results

  1. I have created this thread for those who are seeking advice on anything Technical in their life. Need help fixing a computer issue? Need advice on a new PC build? Can't choose between a battery only electronic car or a hybrid car? Need help fixing that ipod? Ask it all here! If I can't help you, then someone here sure will! My background and expertise I offer... Bachelors of Science MBA (Masters of Businesses Administration) with the concentration of Information Systems. (Bah Long name.) COMPTIA A+ Certified COMPTIA Network + Certified COMPTIA Security + Certified Anyone can join in and help out as well, So what Technical issues are you having today?
  2. So I've become aware that people like to see my first ever fanfiction published. The thing is, it's almost ancient as I began writing it back in season one. I don't think it's entirely unsalvageable but I'm not sure what to change and what to keep or if to change it all. Here's the synopsis: "The Conversion Bureau is a time of great change. Good change. Technology has revolutionized the way humanity lives. Princess Luna has returned from her century of exile. The joining of two worlds has begun and Equestria has established good relations with the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, and Japan. But even good change brings it's share of problems. The Red Magic Plague is sweeping across the globe, infecting thousands. Attacks by the Human Liberation Front occur more and more frequently; varying in tactics and seemingly without connection. Despite these problems, a new movement has begun. Above and beyond those who ponified for survival; there are those who have taken it with gusto. Musicians, artists, scientists, warriors. The best of humanity with all the magic of Equestria at their hooftips. What would this new brotherhood do for both their worlds? Find out through the eyes of one." To specify, the story is a self insert fanfic and that kind of starts where the changes begin. My original ponysona was a pegasus, now it's who you see in the avatar window. Action junkie and real life martial artist that I am, I do plan to write myself into some fight scenes. Nothing beyond or even par to what we see on the show, I assure you I want to avoid Gary Stu qualities. However this does bring up the first question. -Do I keep my original OC who fights with a more Western fighting style with an emphasis on sword play. (Held along the wings.) Or do I re-write with my new OC who fights with the more Kung-Fu inspired styled that I practice in real life? The second biggest connection is that I originally had many big name bronies show up as actual characters. This was to intentionally draw parallels between the brony phenomenon and the Conversion Bureau culture in the story's world(s). On a second draft I replaced them with original characters meant to embody brony archetypes rather then specific big names. -Should I keep the original characters or use the OCs of real people? (Maybe a mix of both?) Lastly, and this is kind of the big one. I sort of need to decide where the creative vision for this story is going. I have this one idea for a world hopping epic where my motley crew of friends fight bad guys across both worlds. On the other end I have a more small scale idea where it focuses on the conflict of my brother, who rejects ponification and is hostile to Equestria, and myself. -Which of the above sounds better, could I possibly balance both?
  3. Title says most of it. Are there any alternatives that work with flash things? If not, could someone please help me figure out what's wrong? It's really dumb, and it's been happening for a few weeks now (I believe).
  4. I watched this when I was a little past the age demographic. Pretty much I was trying to comb the world's lore out of the parts I didn't like, not realizing it was "DragonRiders of Pern for little girls." Warning: some parts have potential, some parts are decent for a doll cartoon, some parts look like an executive kept screaming "make it girlier" after its level hit eleven, and there are some parts are pure WTF. The parts that are pure WTF are connected to random magical effects. Sheep that suddenly look like punk rockers or the comedic relief turning into elvis impersonators. That, and there are random technological and modern elements in a fantasy, instead of balancing for more non-fantasy elements. Some parts looks like the scriptwriters were getting drunk and didn't go back to re-write the particularly blacked-out sections. I have a thing against puns, but I'm seeing a lot of just lazy scripwriting. I think the show could be edited down and fan-dubbed to make it less painful. The girly-fashion-pink girl wouldn't be so annoying if they weren't using her clothing obsession to pad for time. Some parts that need to be examined: There is a team of girls and a team of boys. It looks like when they work together, it's because they need that many people. The boys are lesser because they're secondary characters, not because they are boys. Episode 6 does have the boys captured, but it seems like they only needed the girls to save them because the boys were surprised while the girls were warned. Otherwise they look like equals except for gender-identity personality and way of approaching problems. I hope that further study doesn't reveal emasculation or a stupid case of distress from either team. I don't think there is much shipping-bait, or at least they seem as romantically interested as eleven-year olds.
  5. Okay, so Jedi gave me a Doctor Whooves vinyl figurine as a Valentine/anniversary gift yesterday, but its tail broke! I tried fixing it back on with this "all-purpose" adhesive my stepdad gave me, but it wouldn't stay... Now I'm sad because I'm afraid my little sister is going to lose the tail (she is only two years old and doesn't understand the concept of "this is a look-at thing, not a toy," but I have to share a room with her, and she always gets my stuff and plays with it) if I don't find a good way to permanently fix it. D: Does anyone know of a way to permanently stick vinyl together that will dry relatively quickly and not make a mess? Where can I buy such an adhesive, and how much does it generally cost?
  6. What would you guys have done differently with G3.5? How could you have made it better? "Not having it exist" isn't an answer.
  7. I just got my laptop back from a computer place, and the hard drive has been replaced! AWESOME. The only downside, which I don't care too much about, is I have to reinstall Steam and iTunes. Now I will see how this turns out!
  8. I haz a problem. I sent an email to Hasbro, asking them a question about copyright and stuff. Doesn't really matter what it was about. What matters is what I got back. It was an automatic email that said, and I quote: "Your request for assistance cannot be accepted because your email address is not registered with an existing account." I don't understand this, cuz my email works for other people. Just when I emailed Hasbro, it won't take it. I used my email app on my ipod. I have yahoo. Anything else needed to know? I don't know. But do you know why this happened and how to fix it maybe? I would really appreciate it, cuz I can't do a project I need to get done until I can get approval first. this was the email I sent to (please don't spam them just cuz I posted it here)
  9. I have just started playing Minecraft in a long time. I think I have gotten slightly obsessed with it again. I can't stop playing it, even at midnight. I think I might need some help to stop playing XP
  10. I'm sorry, I just had to make a separate topic for this.