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Found 4 results

  1. hello :3 i hope enjoying my draws, i'm training to get better at this content (I'm learning to do background, so I'll improve on it.) starting with this, my =3
  2. Well...I decided to make an ask thread because I am bored and have nothing better to do... You are also allowed to ask some questions to my friends here... Flame Dancer and his younger sister Fire Sky Star Song Amani (Star's father) Night Lily (Star's Mother) Light Diamond ArrowLeaf White Scar Wind Slicer Ocean Wind Sweet Chirp Rhythm Runner Forest Night Violet Strike (The Snake Pony) Crystal Fire Fiddle Wind Dark Snow Genevieve Kumori Akuma Nox-Hene Dimer Été Lune (Summer) And here is...Thing. It's rather grumpy most of the time...but after a good meal I am sure it will answer your questions. Thing
  3. I have yet another in-class sketch that soon turned into my OC, Shadow Flame. It's a black and white version of my profile picture, but closer up and a black moon background. I hope you like him I'm gonna start parting myself from notebook paper soon and use card paper or computer paper. Leave responses!
  4. I was recently made aware of something that I call my "inner fire" or something that makes me say "I will not live in a world where _____" I belive that people need to learn more about this! if people payed attention to what makes the tick, more things would get done. I have a question.. what makes you angry? what gets you pissed? what is currenly present in this world that you cannot stand. I challenge you to do something about it! if you consider yourself "to young," try anyway. your voice can always be heard. Personally, I cannot stand the chid sex slave industry. and yes, it is a thing, and slavery today is worse then it has ever been in the history of the world. That is why I am majoring in criminal justice, I feel that I can accomplish something worth while if I go into this business. While I am working on that, i am donating to causes such as A21, and IJM. Stay strong, and brony on.