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Found 67 results

  1. If our protagonist Twilight Sparkle was married to the cool and spicy Flash Sentry, what would your initial reaction be, and why would you like/dislike it?
  2. Okay, I get it, he was a jerk during RR, but he was under the sirens' spell! Why do people hate him so much? I personally think Flash is cute
  3. Bet you heard about "Equestria Girls"?Any fans of Flash Sentry x Twilight Sparkle? Well if you are.... Welcome to the FlashLight fan club! yay... And yes there are other names you can say for this ship:TwiFlash, LightSentry, FlashLight. Many of you FlashLight lovers are able join this club if you are interested! However there are going to be some rules for this fan club so read carefully. **RULES** -No spamming posts -Please do not post any hate or post about what shipping is better(ex: "blank X Twilight is better than this!") -You may post fan content( fan vids, fan art, etc.) as long as it's appropriate. Despite this being a pairing fan club, you got to remember there is a younger fanbase as well so please keep the posts in a light-shipping manner.(A pic of them kissing is fine, as long as it's not anything wrong or inappropriate) -Whether you are doing it or not,if I catch you are doing anything unnecessary here I will have to respectfully tell you to stop. -And if you don't like the shipping..? Then please leave this group. -Support this pairing if you want! -Be nice to everyone on this forum! -Oh--and all rules of MLPforums still apply. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Have fun!
  4. I know Human Twilight likes Timber Spruce & all,but does anybody think Flash Sentry has truly given up on his crush for Princess Twilight after Sunset's pep talk & instead focus on getting back with her? And if Sunset is trying to get back with him,but he still misses PT? Also,is EG Sunset the same one appearing in The Movie or is EG is not canon at all? Sorry for the questions,just trying to wrap my head around the idea Flash x Twilight is dead
  5. This was just a quick Fanfiction that I did involving the so-called Waifu thief Flash Sentry, along with Twilight, Rarity and Discord. Why is Rarity twiterpated over Flash Sentry?
  6. This is a Source Filmmaker video that I did involving Flash Sentry as the Heart and Hooves Waifu Thief. Little does he realize, someone wants to make him his Husbando
  7. In Equestria Girls, there is a certain character that a lot of people in the fandom seem to not like. That character is Flash Sentry. The main crush of Twilight Sparkle in both the pony world and the human world of Equestria, this particular character seems to be known as "filler", or a character that is just there with no purpose. I, however, disagree with this. Flash is not filler. I just think he needs more screen time in the films and/or shorts. Yes, Twilight may seem to have another crush in Timber Spruce (TimberLight), but Flash and Twilight go WAY back before that. I mean, who else's car in the films (or maybe shorts) looks like a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro? This may mean that Flash's family is rich, but rich people are spoiled, arrogant, big-egoed people in my eyes (no offense to Rainbow Dash). This is NOT the case with Flash. He is a nice person who cares about Twilight a lot. And since Twilight is the mANE character in MLP: FiM (pun intended), anypony (or anybody) that has a crush on her should be seen as a good character. Yet, still, people still don't like him. They still see him as "filler". Why? Why is this the case? To me, he seems like one of Equestria Girls' major characters, along with the Main 7 (or the HuMANE 6). The HuMANE 6 sure get a lot of screen time, so why not Flash? By comparison, Bulk Biceps is a minor character in both series, yet it seems like even HE gets more screen time. Maybe the writers don't want Flash to interact with Twilight as much, because of the fear of shipping, which a lot of little girls would not understand unless they asked their parents. That would not be a good thing. And what if Twilight and Flash even KISSED? That would be even WORSE, leading for parents to possibly sue Hasbro for showing something like that. Maybe that's why he doesn't get that much time. So my final take on Flash is that he should NOT be hated. What reasons are there to hate him? In fact, hate is a strong word, so maybe a less harmful world could be used. What do you think about the character of Flash Sentry? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading! acknapp18
  8. Well, we know that the legendary heroes from Legends of Magic pony comics will appear in the show, and that includes Flash Magnus. What's uncanny about him, is the overall similarities with everyone's favorite waifu thief: Flash Sentry. The similarities are plenty: Coat, the first name, race, chivalry, and military background. Considering that Flash is hardly getting any spotlight in EG, and his pony self's last appearance was back in season 4 finale. It may have to do wit the hate he used to receive, but I think it's time to give him a break and a time to shine don't you think . Maybe in Uncommon Bond where he may get his spotlight
  9. So I decided to redraw this bust shot of flash sentry I did 4 years ago. Colored pencils on the old one, crayons on the new one.
  10. Back in 2015, I've done the Equestria Girls mane six (Including Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry) dressed up as an un-cared-for Pokemon character of the day. These were drawn off of screencaps from the first two Equestria Girls movies.
  11. Hii welcome to the flash + twilight sparkle shipping fan clubb all mlp forums rules apply here:)
  12. So when Flash was first introduced into the fandom he was met with complete hatred and scorn, why? Because he ended up being Twi’s love interest, so everyone started treating him like the cancer of the fandom that needed to die a horrible death because he’s “bland”, “cliche”, a "waifu stealer" and “has no character”. Well if one re-watches the movie, it can be argued that Flash DOES have several character traits that make for an interesting personality, and this topic is for bringing them to light! Let’s begin shall we? Flash… …presumably taught Sunset how to play guitar considering no one else getting close to her during her bully phase. Flash has a sense of justice as he went to clear Twilight’s name when Sunset framed her. And considering that he used to be Sunset’s boyfriend, that means he memorized and knows exactly how she operates. He also dumped Sunset despite everyone in the school being afraid of her so he clearly wasn’t afraid of a bully or at the very least knows how to spot a bad influence. However he also tried to at least start over with her later as friends, showing that he doesn’t hold grudges. Didn’t seem to care about peer pressure considering the way he danced with Twilight. Was mature enough to moves on from his relationship with Twilight due to the complications of it. He’s a gentleman, a bit of a music nerd and a clutz. He has a few character flaws like him not being able to cook (if Friendship Games is any indication), and having a bit of an ego when it comes to his music (Banner Day is a good example of that) to the point of naming the band after himself (Flash Drive)… not unlike Rainbow Dash. He’s apparently good friends with Sandlewood, Micro Chips, Lyra, and Bonbon, or at least on good enough terms to be partnered up with them. Was considered smart/talented/athletic enough to be picked for the Friendship Games. If he’s a Royal Guard in the pony world, that could be carried over to his human counterpart in the form of him wanting to be a police officer. Does he just put on a serious front when on duty, or play music as a hobby while off-duty? There also has been a colt named Popfly (or First Base, depending on who you ask)with a similar mane and coat color who’s been seen in a few episodes Could he be Flash’s younger brother? We’ve given Derpy a daughter on the same bases so why not? Keep in mind, a good chunk of those facts are taken from the movies themselves, the only ones that are in head-canon territory are the Police Officer & little brother ideas. It may not be much, but we’ve done a lot more with much less. Granted, those last part are speculation at best but you get what I’m saying, these are several facts about his character that can be used to make him interesting, all simply because I explored ALL possibilities for his character, not just the ones I WANTED to. Let me ask you Flash-haters this: Why is it we can make a Derpy’s animation error and her saying "muffins" and make her a clutz who’s obsessed over the food… …make Lyra a human-obsessed conspiracy theorist based on how she sits… …take a DJ with a two-second cameo and make her a party animal who’s dating that one mare from the Gala episode… …make Berry Punch an alcoholic based on her drinking directly from a punch bowl… …make Scootaloo an orphan simply because we don’t see her parents and Rainbow Dash a lesbian with a cider addiction… …and yet giving one character some interesting personality traits based on his scenes in the movies is somehow impossible? Even if the writers didn’t do much for him, that doesn’t make him a lost cause that no good can come out of. As Bronies we’ve been nitpicking small aspects of several characters and giving them their own personalities since the show started, so to whine about Flash being bland is not only lazy, but also hypocritical. Heck we add aspects and traits to main characters like Rainbow Dash, Luna, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle. Everyone assumes that Scoots is an orphan, Sweetie Belle is Button Mash’s special somepony, Luna is a binge gamer, and Rainbow Dash is a lesbian with a cider addiction. If we can nitpick and speculate about various characters in the franchise and give them their own personality or add onto their character then Flash is no exception. Him being "bland" is just a petty excuse used by lazy hypocrites who are too stubborn to be imaginative when it comes to this character. "Oh but he's a walking "nice guy" cliche that's not even interesting!" Cliche does not define one's entire personality, heck the mane six are all walking cliches when you think about it. Discounting a personality trait or event just because it’s cliche is just another sign of laziness. Oh, and one last thing that proves that Flash-haters are all just a bunch of hypocrites: If Flash had been introduced as a female, no one would've CARED, if anything they'd be singing a different tune and shipping them like everyone else because "OMG GIRL-ON-GIRL IS SO HAWT!!" Bottom-Line: Flash-hate is pointless, hypocritical, and just plain STUPID. So, what are your thoughts? Any ideas, facts, or aspects that can be used to make him interesting?
  13. Anyone find the Flash Sentry stole your waifu sub meme annoying? It's not even funny or witty, it's just plain annoying and stupid. One, as far as I know women/females (at least from a more logical universe in the multiverse) are not Robots. They aren't going to just dump who they love for this random guy. Two, if waifus and multiverse exists, then everyone in the entire multiverse has stolen your waifu. Including even Doctor Zoidberg and the robot Bender. Which also means there's many universes where he/she or it hasn't stolen your wife. Now, I hope that clears some of this stuff up.
  14. To me, it seems like now it is impossible for Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry to ever become a couple, because the Twilight Sparkle that had a crush on Flash Sentry was a different Twilight Sparkle from a different dimension. And the Twilight Sparkle in his dimension is not interested in him at all and is interested in someone else (who is Timber Spruce). And the Twilight Sparkle from the pony dimension isn't interested in the pony version of Flash Sentry at all, and it could never work out between the Flash Sentry from the human dimension and the Twilight Sparkle from the pony dimension for obvious reasons. So I'm pretty sure that a lot of people who used to ship Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry together are not shipping them together anymore, since now it's almost completely impossible for Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry to ever become a couple. To be honest I hate FlashLight and I am glad that the ship seems like it's dying out.
  15. Skip to 19:23 for some Flash info!
  16. I know Flash Sentry became a love interest for twilight, in Equestria Girls, both in and out of the human world. Is it just me that wonders why we haven't seen him in the main show? Why do you guys think that is?
  17. Hey everypony, I got a little time off work so I guess I can answer any questions you have for me. A little bit about me, I am a royal guard for Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor... And I am an orange pegasis with blue hair and a long way to go in life! So... ya if you guys have any questions just ask!
  18. Better start doing a topic on My Little Pony topic. There been people who like Equestria Girls, there been people who hate. The character who got the most hate was Flasn Sentry, who Twilight gotten a crush on and I thought fan hating the Archies comic Sonic and Sally paring was worse. The main reason bronies are hating on Flash is because he pair with Twilight and they want to pair their gary sue OCs with her. I find this Flash hate to be ridiculous, what wrong with Twilight having a crush on Flash and what wrong with he being on the series. It not like he was in love with Twilight in Equestria Girls, he just wanted to help Twilight. I get that bronies like Twilight Sparkle, I also like her as well, but not too much and don't want to pair her with a OC's character. Why would they want to pair their OC with her, why do they fall in her with Twilight, and why would Twilight like their OCs, she have to know them. Back to Flash Sentry, I really want to know about his character, his strength and weakness. I do want to see him in season five. What are your thoughts ?
  19. For those of you who have Garry's Mod or Source Filmmaker, I'm announcing the Kick the Sentry Collab. It's similar to the Kick the Blueblood collab, except that it's Flash Sentry that you get to give the big bad boot to. This video has details on what you need to do. And as a little bonus, here is my first entry into my little collab, featuring Megatron from the Transformers(Voiced by yours truly) Now if you need the Model file, go to for more information.
  20. Few Bronies actually like Brad Flash Sentry. He seems like a very contrived figure made to be a romantic interest and only a romantic interest, having zero personality or redeeming qualities about him outside of his stereotypical cool guy trope. But. How would we all have felt if back in 2013, Twilight kept bumping into, and appearing to have the hots for, a female Flash Sentry? First off, how would the fan base react to an eluded to female on female mutual attraction, (TV-G rating aside)? And second, would Flash being female make her a more accepted character? And would her flaws be overlooked in light of one of very few homosexual relationships, or even hints of one, in a kids movie?
  21. On the left is a drawing I did a while ago that took me quite some time. On the right is a quick pen doodle that took a few minutes. enjoy!
  22. FILLIES, AND GENTLECOLTS, PRESENTING, THE LAST SHORT OUT OF THE LEAKED SPANISH ONES, FEATURING FLASHY AND FRIENDS Note: If what they said about there will be shorts until the movie release, and this is the last short out of the four leaked in Spanish, we're getting to unknown lands with the upcoming shorts
  23. Flash Sentry the star of the newest Equestria Girls: Friendship Games short? Oh, this I have to see To subscribe: